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I'm Tom Hepworth, you're watching South Today,


to the victims of the Westminster terror attack.


A whole lot of work, the councils struggling to patch up


and catch up with a backlog of potholes, want to know


A chill on the breeze over the next couple of days but a promising


weekend. Your full forecast coming up shortly.


Flags have been flying at half mast today, in tribute


to the victims of yesterday's attack at Westminster.


Searches have been carried out in Brighton and the region's police


forces are reviewing security arrangements.


The Prime Minister has praised the efforts of Bournemouth East MP


Tobias Ellwood for his actions in trying to save the life


Across the South, tributes have been paid to those who died


or were injured in yesterday's attack, with flags at half-mast


at civic buildings, including here at the Guildhall in Portsmouth.


Police forces have paid their respects to PC Keith Palmer


This was the minute's silence at Surrey police


Officers at Sussex police headquarters also stood


And there has been praise for those who tried to help at the scene,


including Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood.


The Prime Minister in the Commons reflecting on the fact that


Mr Ellwood's brother Jonathan was killed during a terrorist


Not only did he show huge professionalism in putting his past


training to the use and the hope that he had of rescuing the life


of PC Keith Palmer, but of course, it was in the middle of a terrorist


attack, and our right honourable friend is somebody who knows


the trauma and tragedy of losing somebody in a terrorist attack.


Tobias Ellwood had tried to save the life of PC Keith Palmer.


He gave him CPR and tried to stem the flow of blood from his wounds.


Tony Davies, a former soldier and now a boxing coach,


I was shouting, weak pulse, he's got a weak pulse!


Meanwhile, officers investigating the attack have


carried out searches or arrests at locations, including ones


And forces across the South say they are reviewing security


arrangements in light of this attack.


The condition of the region's roads is getting worse.


If your car has been damaged going over a giant


pothole this winter, perhaps to you that's


But new figures came out today which detail just how many


Earlier I asked our transport correspondent


We're on one of the main roads into Southampton.


Right in the path of students cycling from the university.


At the end of winter here it can feel like driving


Claims against councils for damage are at record levels.


The weather has done its worst but the Councils


Well, today we've learned how far behind they are falling.


The Department for Transport published a list for the percentage


of roads where maintenance should be considered, for each


Twenty percent of local roads, one in five, needs repair.


Ten years ago, the figure was much lower: 13 percent.


Now this might come as a surprise to people who live here,


but Wiltshire is the opposite end of the spectrum.


Just one in six of their roads are listed as needing repair.


In between comes Surrey, West Sussex, and Dorset.


Paul, what sort of roads are we talking about here?


We're talking about roads maintained by local councils, Tom,


not the national routes run by the Highways Agency.


So urban streets, country lanes, the local roads that


As council budgets get squeezed, and funding from central government


falls, the road maintenance industry has been warning for years


Next week an industry survey will again show the backlog runs


to ?12 billion, with thousands of miles likely


Councils say the gap between the money they need,


and the cost of keeping roads up to a reasonable standard,


Two men managed to break into Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower


and parachute from the top of the one hundred


The activity is known as Base jumping and the police say


the pair put themselves in considerable danger.


Anjana Gadgil is live in Portsmouth tonight,


On the 9th of March at 9.15 - two men forced their way


into the Spinnaker Tower behind me and base jumped off it it -


that means they jumped off and used either a parachute or a wingsuit


to slow themselves down as they reached the ground.


Hampshire Police are trying to trace the two -


you can see CCTV images here as they climbed the 570


The tower is 170 metres tall - with the viewing deck at 110 metres.


The police say the men put themselves in significant danger


and would like to speak to anyone who recognises them.


Base jumping is an extreme sport and has grown


hugely in popularity - here you can see


the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2014.


And there has been an incident here before -


back in 2005 just before the tower was opened.


It's clearly highly dangerous but it isn't illegal -


but causing damage to gain access to a property is and that's


The funeral has taken place of a man from Chichester who died fighting


Ryan Lock died in December during a gunfight.


He'd travelled to the country last year to fight the so-called


It's thought he may have taken his own life to avoid being captured.


Friends and family gathered yesterday for a private service.


A government minister has been asked to decide if nine local councils


It would save millions of pounds, but would getting rid


of local councillors make decisions less, well...


Our Political Editor Peter Henley reports.


Olive bottling in deepest Dorset. Olives Et Al have their production


Buying the best olives from around the world


and exporting globally, too, but they rely on local councils


Getting a decision can take too long, they say, and as a result,


the county's businesses aren't prospering as they should be.


It's trying to find the right mouth, the right person to speak to.


And inevitably, when you have spoken to one, you have to speak


And I think this whole idea about trying to streamline the local


authorities into just two will simplify that beyond belief.


From Sturminster Newton to the world, the olives bottled


here travel down in Dorset's superhighway, the A35.


And according to the leader of Dorset Council, reducing nine


councils to two will really help keep the wheels of the


Surveys have shown that in general, people quite like decisions


That's what we're seeing with Brexit.


But in a modern, increasingly complicated world, it's


one way of saving money and providing simplicity.


Three councils are against the merger and the Christchurch MP


Christopher Chope has been urging the Secretary of State not


Can we have an early debate on how to prevent ineffective and wasteful


councils seeking to seize by compulsion the assets and powers


of their financially sound neighbours.


He's talking about this man, the council leader in Bournemouth.


The criticism is that overturning years of history to form one


new super council in the urban east of Dorset will lead


I think with the right councillors doing the job that they are elected


to do and being accountable to local residents, it's the local residents


The mayors' portraits tell the story of changing local


We'll find out soon whether the government wants that


Peter Henley, BBC South today, Bournemouth.


Football and Portsmouth's Chief Executive has said fans should be


cautiously optimistic after it was confirmed Pompey


were entering formal talks to sell the club to the former Disney boss


Tonight, we can reveal that the US investment firm Inner Circle sports


are advising him on the deal, they've previously acted on sales


of other English clubs including Liverpool.


That's the latest thanks for being there.


We'll be back with bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning


but now Sarah Farmer's here with your weather forecast.


We have quite a breezy night ahead of us. Much of a region stays dry


overnight with quite a lot of cloud overhead, but there is an exception,


coastal areas seeing outbreaks of rain. Blustery conditions, gales


along the coast. This easterly breeze will cross the region, taking


the chill off some no frost tomorrow morning but still a chilly start.


Cloud around first time and some dampness but gradually brightness


developing, one to sunny spells possible in the afternoon.


Temperatures will peak 11 or 12 degrees but with the easterly wind,


this will take the edge off the temperatures. For the weekend, a


settled team, high pressure in charge. On Saturday, it will remain


fine and the winds will ease down. A pleasant day for Saturday. Let's


look at the summary, cloudy skies but brightness at times tomorrow.


Saturday will be the brighter weather continue into the second


part of the weekend. 1415 degrees. Still quite breezy. Here's Thomas


with the national picture.


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