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I'm Tom Hepworth, you're watching South Today.


Honouring the victims of the Shoreham air crash,


designs for a permanent memorial are made public


a company building houses in a warehouse is set


More than 2,000 words over six pages that can best be


summed up as "Dear EU, We're leaving."


The official letter triggering Article 50 was hand


Nine months on from the referendum vote, the issue is still


Our reporter James Ingham has spent the day in Winchester


and Portsmouth, where the referendum showed opinions to be


The Union flag flying proudly over Gosport,


a town that wants to sever ties with Europe.


I voted Brexit and I hope it will all


go well with no trouble from these Remainer 's.


The owner of this cafe voted out for one reason.


I don't mind the ones here that are working putting their


money into the system, you do get some that


I'm not convinced people have thought


about the implications of any of it beyond,


I don't like foreigners and


Have they considered that a divided Europe


I think we should welcome people but the


moment there are problems with that individual, then they should be


treated harshly and removed from the country and our borders are too


Many in Winchester will need a little spring cheer today.


Whatever way people voted we have to get behind it, there will be


implications but no point fighting against it.


Most of it is from Europe. The back are you worried about free trading?


Naturally. Not really. Europe has become


rather bureaucratic and We need to rediscover our


identity as a country rather than Europeans


because we have a lot of history and a lot


to The fact there are many issues to


sort out as the Brexit process begins. The script feels so strongly


about it they have had a rally. They want the right to protect EU workers


and students here. They want them to have the right to remain and not be


used as bargaining chips. There are a lot of people who would rather see


far fewer immigrants in the country. This is one of many thorny issues


that the Prime Minister will have to grapple with.


The first proposals for a permanent memorial to the victims


of the Shoreham aircrash have been revealed.


The idea was conceived after the bridge of flowers became


such a poignant commemoration to those who died.


The proposals contain some surprises, it will actually involve


five separate memorials and the winning design


almost didn't get chosen at all as Joe Campbell reports.


The Shoreham tragedy brought an immediate response,


the emotions of shock, sympathy and grief manifested


in this impromptu memorial on a nearby bridge.


What's planned now is a more lasting symbol, the artworks along


the riverbank providing a place for contemplation and tribute to


The listed bridge, home to an official memorial today,


cannot be altered but once more it's at the centre of things.


It's planned to have an arch made of 11 separate archways,


each representing a victim, and you will look through it


across the river to where the crash site was and there will be 11 stars


lit up day and night over the other side which you will see looking


through the other archway and they're to represent


The new plan with its 11 illuminated stars standing roughly


round about here as a memorial to those who died that day was not


on the original short list, but while there was a clear


favourite, when it was put to the families of those


who lost their lives, the response to it was at best


lacklustre, so they went back to the drawing board and have now


opted for this scheme which failed to meet the original


The rethink seemed to meet with approval from those


It's going to strike a chord with the town.


That's nice, it's quite a nice way to remember everyone.


This almost points to the spot, I suppose, it heads


Installing the memorial will have to wait for flood defences


It's widely recognised as the UK's leading centre


But Mary Hare School in Newbury has a problem,


its primary and secondary school sites operate from buildings,


It wants to build a new primary school which will cost millions.


And, as Allen Sinclair reports, it'll have to raise


Deaf children from up and down the country are boarders here


with the ?51,000 pound annual fee paid by their home council.


It means that, unlike schools run by their local education authority,


Anything it wants to do, any improvements it wants to make,


Moving the primary school four miles across town to the secondary school


We're already looking at various architects' plans and finding these


things cost a lot of money and it will mean a big fundraising push.


The school has thought outside the box to make


The Arlington Arts Centre is a space for the pupils during school time,


but outside those hours, it's a business, making money


back for the school - money that in recent years has


helped fund new accommodation blocks for the older children,


and recently a refurbished and much improved swimming pool.


In the water we don't have any of our hearing aids or cochlears in,


so it's hard to lip-read, whereas now we can lip-read


The pool also brings in money - hired out to the wider community.


But it's perhaps here where the school's lateral


Mary Hare set up its own hearing aid repair shop 15 years ago.


But it's now fixing hearing aids sent in from


Another stand-alone business set up by and for the school,


uses state of the art technology and 3D printers to manufacture


the individually moulded earpieces for tens of thousands


Half of the profits made by these spin-off companies are ploughed


My predecessors recognised that there was a real need


for schools like ours to diversify if they were to survive


and we always have plenty of good things we want to spend more money


on for the sake of the children's education.


There's a long road yet before the new primary school is even


granted planning permission but the hope is to open by 2010.


And this school has proven time and again that where there's


A company which builds modular, or prefabricated homes


in West Sussex has announced it'll create more than 150


new jobs after signing a multi-million pound contract.


It comes after Southampton City Council revealed plans for a similar


factory on the former Ford site as a solution to the housing crisis.


At first glance it looks like any other building


site across the South, but these homes are being


The modular units are built in here, then decorated and fitted out


on-site too before being transported to anywhere in the UK.


The company has recently moved from London to West Sussex


The numbers of staff are increasing monthly now.


We've gone from a workforce of about 45, we're in excess


of 100 now, it will be 150 in a couple of months.


The company has won a ?250 million contract for student


These 110 units will go to Nottingham.


Modular units can be fitted together to create a variety of different


style properties up to 25 storeys high, including houses or hotels.


Among the new staff are many trainees and apprentices.


As I'm kind of working with the finance and admin


department mainly, I'm learning all the different areas,


so I work with lots of great people that teach me all sorts of things.


I put everything I have learned from college into practice,


It's a fledging business so it will only go up,


I'm in the window fitting department.


We need to train people up in the skills that are required


This is not like laying bricks and the older forms


of construction which have been around for centuries.


Proponents believe prefabricated homes offer a cheaper


and quicker solution to Britain's housing problems.


The two-bedroom show home on side would cost ?130,000


However, they still need land on which to be placed,


and face the traditional matter of requiring planning permission.


Here's Alexis Green with your regional weather forecast.


It is looking warmer. Tomorrow may be the warmest day of the year so


far with a potential highs of 19 Celsius. It will be quite cloudy


overnight tonight with our picks of rain at times. The rain could turn


heavier during the second part of the night, with temperatures mild.


It will be a cloudy and quite agree start the day tomorrow. Some Arabic


sibling towards the north. Sunny skies following that. The sunshine


may be quite hazy at times, with medium and high level cloud feeding


into the afternoon. In some cases, highs of 18, possibly up to 19


Celsius. The warmest of the temperatures expected around


Berkshire and Surrey. Temperatures could reach highs of 80 Celsius as


well. The winds will be fairly light. Drawing up milder air from


Spain. Through the cause of tomorrow evening, further outbreaks of rain


arriving from the west. Gale beat courtesy of this cold front moving


from west to east. Showers through the morning, brightening up through


the afternoon and we will see some sunshine with the later winds. As we


look ahead to the rest of the week, sunny spells.


far. The outlook for the next few days, temperatures coming down a bit


but staying decent for this time of year. Here is Darren Bett with the


national weather. The warm air coming up on a


southerly breeze all the way from Iberia and across France into


England and Wales. To achieve the high temperatures we need to get


into some of this dryer air and sunshine. Even with the cloud today,


17 degrees. Not just about the temperatures, let's not forget there


is some rain around as well. Quite wet in Pembrokeshire for much of the


day. More rain overnight tonight, some rain and drizzle in northern


and western areas. Wetter weather moving northwards across Scotland.


Some rain in the south-west, shuffling towards the Midlands.


Overnight, a lot of cloud around. It is going to be very mild indeed for


the time of year, 11-12 in many parts of the country. This is an


sunshine beginning to creep into the south-east early in the morning.


This rain will get pushed northwards across Wales, north-west England,


into Scotland and most of the


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