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are out of the way, will the EU start pursuing a common defence


policy? Join me on BBC Two. We can reveal brand new commuter


trains costing hundreds of millions of pounds are destined to end up


unused sitting in sidings. As we reported on Monday,


First Group and MTR will take over Part of the deal includes


an order for 90 new trains which would replace others


which are themselves so new, they haven't


even been delivered yet. Our transport correspondent Paul


Clifton has this exclusive report. Next month, the first


one will enter service, Onboard, the latest technology,


and lots of space to ease overcrowding on some of the region's


most congested routes. The cost - ?200 million,


for 150 carriages. They will carry 8000


extra commuters each day. First MTR takes over


South West Trains in August. And it has decided it


doesn't want them. It has rejected the new trains


before the German factory Two years from now, they will be


replaced with yet more new trains. And First MTR doesn't want


these trains either. The suburban carriages are right


in the middle of a full So too are the trains


which currently run to Reading. They were refurbished


only last year. And yet, at the same time,


these 30-year-old trains will be brought out


of storage and dusted down So why are hundreds of brand


new and newly refurbished carriages, worth hundreds of millions


of pounds, simply being thrown away? They are specially built


for Southern England's They are currently, I'm told,


destined to sit in sidings. The cost of new trains has tumbled


since the last contracts New manufacturers are competing


for orders and production lines have been set up but it's mainly


because the cost of That knocks hundreds


of thousands of pounds off It makes a new train


cheaper even than one It's a bit like walking


into a car showroom and being offered a brand


new vehicle from the factory for less money than the identical


demonstrator that is already sitting The bottom line - I'm told


by several industry sources that hundreds of millions of pounds


of investment in passenger trains for this region


will simply go to waste. No-one will talk about this


on camera, because the new contract is still inside the ten-day


cooling-off period The Department for Transport told us


that although it specified the service it wants,


it is up to First MTR, the operator, Two people had a lucky escape


after a plane crashed People living nearby reported seeing


the single-engined aircraft, believed to be a Piper ditch just


yards from the shore. Its occupants managed to swim


to safety and didn't People within the plane have swum


ashore and thankfully appear to have very minor injuries


and in are just shock. The accounts of witnesses


who have seen the incident, there is a suggestion the plane has


lost power and the pilot has glided 150 people were told


to leave their homes after a lorry began leaking highly explosive


gas in Berkshire. Homes were evacuated in Hermitage


after a lorry carrying liquid petroleum gas


developed a fault. Firefighters and police cleared


the area and residents were sent They've since been


allowed back home. There are no reports


of any injuries. I was walking down Faircross Road


and I saw a tanker, the gas tanker and it was squirting out


gas from the right-hand side of it towards


the side of the road and there was


police and fire engines surrounding it, so we walked down the shop


and then police told us it was a gas leak so everyone got evacuated


and then we got moved off. Two people had a lucky escape


after a plane crashed Tanks have been massing at Marchwood


near Southampton throughout the day. They'll join 800 troops


heading to Estonia. Among those playing a leading role


in the Nato operation are 120 soldiers from the Wiltshire based


5th Battalion, The Rifles. The Defence Secretary said


they would deter "Russian aggression" as tensions increase


in the Baltic states. This is the Army's heavy


metal on the move. Ready to head east on the biggest


deployment of its kind The guys started at


8:30am this morning. The guys will get on overnight


and it should be be This really is a case


of back to the future. After decades of the Army's vehicles


being in sand camouflage for operations in Iraq


and Afghanistan, they are now back in green once more,


and once again facing the old enemy. Moscow's annexation of Crimea three


years ago this month heralded a rapid cooling in relations


between East and West. It also set nerves on edge


in the Baltic states. These pictures of those the Army


trains against on Salisbury Plain, with Russian tanks used in war


games, make clear where If these scenes today


impress, there'll be no complaints from those who've


ordered this deployment. This is about supporting Nato


deterrence, and for us, we can do that just


by being in the country. The main thing we are trying


to achieve here is reassurance of Nato allies and understand really


at the ground level, for the Rifleman, how he is supposed


to work alongside an Estonian soldier or a French soldier


or a Dane. With that in mind, the Rifles will


be spending eight months in Estonia. Their Warrior vehicles aren't


carrying the extra armour usually fitted for combat zones,


but the message And if there ever comes a time that


extra protection is needed, A major section of the M4


will be closed It's part of a series of works


planned over the next few weekends between Junction 12 and 13,


but some locals say they've only just found out and it


will cause major disruption. Sean Killick is live


near Cieveley for us tonight. Good evening. At the moment it's


typically still quite busy on the M4 but this time tomorrow there will be


no car lights along here, no rumble of vehicles, the only noise you will


hear will be maintenance vehicles because the M4 will be closed in


both directions between junction 12 and junction 13, from Friday night


at 9pm until 6am on Monday morning, but many local people have


complained about this. They accept that work needs to be done but they


say there is a football match this weekend between Reading and Leeds


united with thousands of fans coming down, and they say there has been a


lack of advance warning which is a charge we put two highways England.


We have written to a lot of local residents and businesses


and are conducting interviews like these to raise the profile


and if anyone wants more information they can subscribe to get updates


on our website and that way they will be aware of the future


closures we have planned for May and onwards.


The closure is for maintenance work on two bridges over local roads.


There are also to further weekend closures planned and they have just


had the dates amended, they will now start on Friday May the 5th and


Friday May the 12th. Tom, back to you.


People in Andover campaigning to prevent the closure


of their swimming pool have lost their battle.


At a planning meeting this evening councillors voted to grant planning


permission for a new Leisure Centre to be built on the site


It means people will have to travel to Romsey


The council says it hopes to have a temporary pool


That's how it's looking so far tonight. We're back tomorrow with


bulletins from 6am. But now here's a Lexus. It's been a lovely day. Yes,


the warmest day of the year so far but tonight it stays mild, though a


chance of patchy rain at times, mainly light but we could have the


odd moderate bursts and temperatures could drop to eight or nine Celsius


in the countryside, so very cloudy start to tomorrow, winds will be


light, freezer along the south coast and we will see showers moved north


but eventually the sun will appear in the afternoon and showers will


ease. Temperatures will reach a height of 15 Celsius but in


sheltered spots of the countryside we could see highs of 16. Further


rain is possible tomorrow night, low pressure takes charge of our weather


for the start of the weekend so making the fair and stable and we


may have some thunderstorms on Saturday, a mixture of pale in there


as well, but sunny spells between the showers on Saturday. The showers


could be slow-moving and could be done for us in places. Sunday is


much better sunny time of year. The chance of a shower


on Saturday. Sunday will be dry. Hello, it will cool off over the


next few days but that's not unusual, given how warm it was


today. This was London. We just had the warmest March day since 2012, 20


two Celsius in the Sunnis skies in the south-east. It was much warmer


than recently in north-eastern Scotland, but in between we had a


zone of outbreaks of rain. It's pretty wet in south-west Scotland


and North West England at the moment. This was the scene earlier,


with rainy skies. There's more rain to come overnight. We could see a


few splashes running eastwards into England, but most of the wet weather


is further west. We will see heavy rain arriving in Northern Ireland.


Further training north-west England and also for Scotland. -- further


rain. It will stay very mild for the time of year. Tomorrow, there may be


a little early sunshine for East Anglia and the south-east, but we


have a zone of cloud and showery bits of rain to run eastwards


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