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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening - I'm David Allard with the news in the south.


It's an NHS Trust in trouble - and today its chief executive quit.


Karen Baker is standing down as leader of the Isle


of Wight NHS Trust - two weeks after concern


was raised it could be put into special measures -


and just days before the Care Quality Commission


The Trust says Ms Baker won't be getting a severance payment.


Earlier I asked our health correspondent David Fenton


Well, it's clearly about the report that's due out in 12 days' time.


She has seen it, I haven't, but I can tell you it's


In fact, I think the Trust is going to get a bit of a slating.


The CQC criticises hospitals and Trusts all the time and the chief


When they do resign, that is where the leadership


Now, we don't know if that's what the CQC are saying


but Karen Baker seemed to allude to that in her resignation letter


when she talked about the Trust needing a new pair of eyes to look


What does this say about the state of health services on the island?


Things have been pretty bad for a while here, actually.


Back in December 2016, mental health services


Then in January 2017, operations were cancelled from this


hospital and many patients moved to the mainland.


Just this March, an Improvement Director was put in to help


We've been on the island today talking to patients


about what they think of the services.


I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety and borderline


I have a complete and utter total lack of confidence.


I know that there are problems everywhere in the NHS,


but I think that they do a marvellous job.


I can't criticise it at all, not for me and not for my family.


I wouldn't choose to go to St Mary's.


When I've been to the hospital, all the staff have been amazing.


And the children's ward is just so lovely.


I just think the staff are amazing. It's just the funding, maybe.


One of the strange things about the island is that


all of the health services here - the ambulance, the hospital,


emergency department, mental health, community care -


And the CQC has been in to look at every one of those areas.


I think there could be something like 13 different reports coming out


but I think it's going to be mental health services that they are really


looking closely at and that come in for the most criticism.


David Fenton in Newport, thank you very much.


The pilot of a plane that ditched into the sea off Sussex yesterday


says the engine cut out at an altitude of about 400 feet.


Ian Perry swam to shore with his passenger, after the light


aircraft came down shortly after take-off from


Insurance assessors have been examining the plane today.


A quarter of children are falling behind in their first year


at school, because nurseries don't have enough qualified teachers.


That's according to a study by Save the Children,


who are calling on the Government to ensure all nurseries have


qualified early years staff. But while parents welcome the idea -


they're also concerned they'll be the ones to pay for it.


Love, laughter and learning - that's the ethos behind


The activities here are supported by qualified teachers to get


a good start in key areas like maths and English.


But a new report by Save the Children has revealed that


generally, struggling toddlers aren't getting


As a result, one in four is falling behind in the first year of school.


I think it's very important for all our staff to


have an underpinning knowledge of children's development


so that they can tune in to children, but I think


they need to have a holistic approach.


What's most important for children is for them to have warm,


affirming relationships with their carers and teachers.


A quarter of parents surveyed said they were worried their child would


Half were concerned about sending their child to nursery


without a qualified teacher and three quarters believed


it was the government's responsibility to ensure


there were teachers in all nurseries.


But that would require a major recruitment drive to find another


3,200 nursery teachers across our region.


The shortage is being blamed on the fact nurseries are already


struggling with recruitment costs and other funding pressures,


so those likely to foot the bill are the parents.


I think they're highly qualified as it is and they take really good


I've got two children in nursery at the moment.


But I do pay a lot of money, so if we have more qualified people


in nursery settings, would that put up the price


and would I be happy to pay for it? I'm not sure.


Dr Jo Blanden from Portsmouth recently published a study that


found children with access to teachers only performed slightly


Our point is that they're really quite small -


the effects you find in these types of studies compared to the other


kinds of differences between children, say,


between rich and poor children. These effects are very small.


When it comes to learning, all the studies conclude


that the early years are the most important and that everyone involved


When you've got a job you love, it's hard to give it up.


Which is why 93-year-old hairdresser Kathleen Privett from Portsmouth


has put off that moment - until today.


After an incredible 72 years in the family salon,


Kathleen's finally hanging up her scissors.


It isn't just like ordinary business, if someone comes


in and buys something and goes out, it's a much more personal


contact than that. I shall miss it.


And of course we wish Kathleen a long and happy retirement.


Now Sam's here with the weather - do you still fancy forecasting at 93?


I call that Executive youth! April arrives tomorrow and we did some


traditional April fair. Some cloudy skies and showers as we go through


tonight. Over the coming hours, we will CDs showers moving in from the


south west. Some places remaining dry but under the cloudy skies, damp


conditions and eight Celsius. Tomorrow, we keep those showers but


also some bright spells and the showers will become more widespread


as we go through the day. They could be heavy and there could be some


thunder and hail. In the brightness, 14 Celsius is the top temperature.


Sunday, high pressure building so a more settled day and some good sunny


spells. It will feel pleasant. Looking ahead to the start of the


week, high pressure with us for Monday, sunny spells to enjoy.


Coming next, the national weather forecast.


Hello. There the weekend is here and Sunday looks like being the better


day of the two. We're going to start the weekend, a new month, with


sunshine and April showers. Those fade away overnight. Saturday night


could be chilly. It points to a fine day on Sunday. This picture was


taken by a weather watcher to end the day in Dundee. This one


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