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Hello and welcome. The top stories this evening, claims that patients


on the Isle of Wight are at risk of harm while staff are overworked. And


apart from the possibility of rain tonight and tomorrow, this week will


be mainly dry and settled. Patients being cared for by the NHS


on the Isle of Wight are at risk of harm,


according to the country's top health inspector, who has


recommended that the whole trust be placed


in special measures. The Care Quality Commission is due


to publish the findings Our health correspondent


David Fenton reports. Patient at risk of harm, staff


dissolution of them believed, They have got to get rid of these


ridiculously expensive It is an insult to anyone


with a brain when they start talking about how


they have brought in so-and-so for two days a month


and they were being It represents St Mary's


Hospital perfectly. 140,000 people relying


on the island's health service. It is hard not to think


they have been let down. Mental health care was


a particular problem. There has been a lack


of trust all the way round. As anybody, you want


to be listened to. Unfortunately, there


are times when you don't get listened to and it


is those times when you don't


that you are looking This is a difficult time


for a trust with the whole leadership from the board


down getting a slating. Today, the acting chief executive


apologised and said: Things need to change


here and they will. How soon and in what way


we will know next week. A court's heard how a six-year-old


Weymouth girl woke her parents to tell them there was a man


in her bed. It's claimed the intruder has


sexually assaulted her. The child's stepfather


initially thought she'd Moments later, he discovered the man


asleep in the girl's room. Jervaise Kevin Jones, who's 25,


denies sexual assault. The prosecution told the jury


here at Bournemouth Crown Court that Jervaise Jones broke


into her house in Weymouth He then went upstairs where


he allegedly sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl


who was asleep in bed. Giving evidence by video


link the girl said she could not remember some


of the details of what had happened. The defence barrister asked who had


taken off her pyjamas. Asked if the man had


assaulted her, she replied, yes. Mr Robinson said, the man said


he was just asleep in your bed. The jury was told that


after the alleged assault the girl went into the room of her parents


and said there was a man in her bed and explained


to her mother what he had done. The girl's stepfather then


discovered Jervaise Jones asleep in the girl's bed naked


from the waist down. The police were called


and Jervaise Jones was arrested. Jervaise Jones has pleaded not


guilty to sexually assaulting a child and he denies trespassing


with intent to commit The trial is expected


to last three days. A group of MEPS from across Europe


have written a letter calling for the release of EU citizens


with dual Iranian nationality who are currently


being detained in Iran. Hampshire-based mother


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested a year ago today


and is now serving a five-year prison sentence, after being accused


of plotting to topple Her family maintain she's innocent


and yesterday they held It is 365 days since she was


detained while trying to leave for home at the end of a visit to see


her parents. The first week or so of understanding what was going on and


where she was what horrible. We went public a month later and we never


thought we would still be here, a full year. The family of Nazanin


want people to tie ribbons to trees like this along with thinking about


how to spend one day freedom. But the Radcliffes feel more could


Nazanin's case. I want to scream at Nazanin's case. I want to scream at


the Government and say talking is not enough, it is not working.


Foreign Office has it The Foreign Office says it continues


to reassert strong concerns about duel British-Iranian prisoners


in Iran at the highest levels In the meantime, Nazanin's family


in the UK hope their yellow ribbons can help cut through the legal red


tape and see her returned home. Our reporter Anjana Gadgil


has followed this story Anjana, how likely is it that


Nazanin will be released before We know Theresa May has raised her


case with the Iranian president. And the Foreign Office Minister


and Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood has met


with the families. But as we just heard, the family


want to publicise the case but it's not clear how


that plays in Iran. Ms Zaghari Ratcliffe


appealed her sentence in January - it was rejected partly


on the basis that her husband was a spy - the Iranians


said that was how he'd But at least she knows her family


are fighting for her release Her conditions have


also slightly improved. She's no longer in solitary


confinement, is allowed a monthly call to the UK and to see her young


daughter Gabriella, who's living with her


grandparents in Tehran. The Southern Railway dispute


took a new twist today, when members of Aslef ignored


the advice of their own union leaders, and rejected a deal aimed


at ending the long-running disagreement over the role


of onboard supervisor. Members voted 372 votes


to 346 against a deal. Aslef had hoped to persuade


its members that it had struck an acceptable compromise


with the train operator with the two sides agreeing that


Trains would normally carry a second Exceptions would be when an on board


supervisor becomes ill at short notice, for example,


or arrives late on duty. It's the second time in two months


that a deal has been rejected. A separate strike by the RMT union


will take place this Saturday. Earlier I spoke to our


Transport Correspondent Paul Clifton and asked him if further industrial


action by Aslef members was likely. I don't think so, not more strikes


among drivers anyway. The union will go back to the company for more


talks. Southern called the decision hugely disappointing, both sides


thought they had a deal, both sides have lost face here. Meanwhile a


much longer dispute involving the RMT union continues. Conductors will


take a 32nd day of strike action on Sunday. Southern managers to run 90%


of services on strike days so many passengers may not even notice.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here with our regional weather forecast is Alexis.


The mist and fog that lingered in many places this morning and through


much of the day along the coast has made a return already and it will


become quite dense during the first part of the night. But lift into low


cloud. This week we are looking a patchy rain tomorrow and also


tonight. Lots of dry weather on offer, and increasing UV levels as


we head through the course of the week. Tonight it will be turning


misty and murky already, some outbreaks of rain are a possibility


and temperatures will fall away in the countryside to around six


Celsius. Tomorrow is a complete contrast from today, we will have


more cloud and there will be outbreaks of mainly light and patchy


rain at times. Brighter conditions the further west you are and


temperatures could reach 14 Celsius. Today we saw a high of 16 Celsius so


tomorrow in the rain it will feel cooler. Tomorrow night the rain will


disappear and we could have a touch of frost in the countryside. It will


be a fresh start Wednesday with temperatures tomorrow night is


falling to around five Celsius. Wednesday starts with a blue skies


overhead note, cloud building in, but all in all it should stay mainly


dry, maybe the odd isolated shower the further north and west you are.


Temperatures could reach 12 Celsius, and temperatures for the rest of the


week could be very similar. We are expecting settled conditions, the


centre of this high pressure starts to pull away towards France by the


weekend but we still hold onto the settled conditions, the rain more


likely to the north and Scotland. On Friday, cloud building during the


course of the day and the weekend will stay settled as well.


Temperatures on Friday will reach 11 Celsius. Things can


is remaining settled. It will feel fairly warm and


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