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Good evening and welcome to South Today.


Hope and solidarity - Muslims in Berkshire join other


faiths to show their rejection of terrorism two weeks


There for the taking - the South's shopkeepers being ruined


Why this woman's sounding off about cinema chains and the lack


It was a show of quiet dignity and of solidarity with the victims


of the London terror attack two weeks ago.


While Westminster paused for today's service of hope and reconciliation,


members of the Muslim community here in the South gathered


with people from all faiths as a mark of respect


and to demonstrate their absolute rejection of terrorism.


Joe Campbell was at the event in Newbury.


They marched largely in silence, but the message was loud and clear.


We are Muslim, but we are British Muslim and we live in this


country and we live by their rules and regulations of the land.


It is nice to have a chance to meet everybody...


This event may have been organised by Newbury's Muslim community,


but they've made plain it was open to all.


People came from all sections of the towm.


By us coming out this way and being vocal about it,


that we are united, we condemn the act of violence


and we pray and our thoughts are with the victims' families


and loved ones, is the message we want to send out to counter those


other narratives that are in the media and other places.


We pray today for all those caught up in the Westminster attack,


for the families, friends and colleagues of Kurt Cochrane,


Leslie Rhodes, Aysha Frade and PC Keith Palmer.


Outside the Town Hall, Muslim and Christian prayers,


with flowers from those of all faiths and none.


If the intention of the attack two weeks ago in Westminster


was to divide communities, the clear objective of today's


march has been to show that here in Newbury,


We, in this community, a community that is changing,


that is getting more different groups coming to live here,


that we are determined to understand, to be one community


And then, two weeks to the minute, a time to remember.


The crowd hushed, but speaking with one voice.


The current terror threat in the UK is rated as Severe ,


which means an attack is highly likely.


Earlier, I spoke to our Home Affairs correspondent Peter Cooke,


who had been to an event in Guildford today about


The head of MI6 has said that the scale of the terrorist


Security services have disrupted 13 terrorist plots since 2013.


Now, there are 500 ongoing investigations at the moment,


which result in arrests on an almost daily basis.


The intelligence community are becoming increasingly reliant


on the public to help identify individuals they may


And, Peter, what was the focus of today's event?


Well, more than 100 people from Guildford's business community


were given a workshop about how they could prevent a future attack


and also what they should do if one happened.


You don't know where it is going to happen.


It doesn't have to be an iconic location.


So, the idea it is just to teach our businesses to learn,


Now, the South-East's counterterrorism unit has run


hundreds of similar events in recent years and they see it as a key tool


He offers a friendly service at the heart of his community,


but one Bournemouth shop owner says he has thought about giving it


all up after theft and vandalism cost him almost ?7,000


The Association of Convenience Stores says across the UK crime


cost the sector over ?230 million last year.


The most commonly stolen items were alcohol,


There were also over 9,000 violent incidents against staff


This disagreement is over the cost of a pack of beer.


The customer leaves, but not before smashing the shop door.


On this occasion, he did come back days later to apologise,


but for this shop owner, he still has to clear up the mess.


In another case, his cameras captured this woman putting a can


The impact is really, I mean, something I can't really digest


because maybe that money I would have put for my holiday


or my clothes or put back into the store to make more money.


It's just, like, fixing the criminal damage is like binning the money.


21-year-old Charlie tells me he has recently had to leave his job


in a convenience store in Southampton because of


I was seeing people coming in with giant bags, putting


in Persil and coffee and meat and wine and just shoving it


in their bag and then they take the fake basket,


they leave it by the door and walk out.


To try to keep themselves safe, convenience stores around


the country are spending around ?4,000 per year fitting CCTV,


security doors, bollards and even employing security guards.


But this does not always lead to a prosecution and the body that


represents shop owners in the UK says that more than half


of its members say there is a lack of consistency from the police.


When you've got something like a shop theft that is under


?200, that is often dealt with just by a fine or a caution or, in some


The National Police Chief's Council says police always investigate


crimes against local businesses and urges shop owners to continuing


He says he has thought about giving it all up, but it is his loyal


Linda Dean is a film buff but because she's deaf,


sometimes the first time she can see a new release is when it comes out


Not every film is shown with subtitles in the cinema


and you can wait for weeks if they are.


I'd like to be relaxed about my social life and go


spontaneously where I want to go, when I feel comfortable,


without having to think, oh, I have to go and watch it on that


day at that time - and if I don't go, I'm going to miss it.


And I must say, some of that time I've actually been to the cinema


at Basingstoke or other locations and I've been told there


is a subtitle showing and actually, it's not subtitled, so I've


travelled all that way for nothing and that's even more disappointing.


There's no point in me having a choice, there's no equality.


So, I do feel like I'm discriminated against.


Linda is in Newbury with her friend Victoria to see what films


There are just a handful on with subtitles this week,


No one from Vue Cinemas was available for interview


but a spokeswoman did tell us that, "We follow the industry


best practice approach to subtitled screening,


with two performances every week, alongside Mini Mornings,


which are subtitled, and the second Sunday


Could these glasses, shown here at Sony's headquarters


here in Basingstoke, be the answer?


They project subtitles onto lenses, meaning deaf people can watch any


film without having subtitles appear on the screen.


Similar technology is already in use in the US and Australia.


The UK Cinema Association is working hard with us on technical solutions.


Glasses, so-called 'invisible technology', where the subtitles


are only visible to the person wearing glasses, are a really


Can you imagine the first cinema chain that operated


Until things change, Linda and some of the other


11 million other people with some form of hearing loss, have


Football now and Match of the Day is coming up straight


after this programme, so if you don't want to know


the Southampton and Bournemouth results, you know what to do!


Two late goals for Saints saw them claim victory


Nathan Redmond had levelled the scores in the first half


Maya Yoshida and James Ward-Prowse added to the goal tally late on.


Meanwhile, Bournemouth held Liverpool to a 2-2 draw


Benik Afobe gave The Cherries an early lead, but Coutinho


and Origi came back for the Reds and it looked like the home side


But Josh King found the net for The Cherries in the 87th minute.


They are now unbeaten in their last five games.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here with our regional weather forecast is Sarah Farmer.


A glorious day today, and should be more good weather to come. Tonight,


temperatures down to seven or 8 degrees, quite a contrast compared


to last night. If there is a clear spell, temperatures could fall even


further. First thing tomorrow morning, I find him bright day.


There will be a bit more cloud in the picture than today, but some


bricks as well. In the sunshine, temperatures could creep up at bit


beyond the 13 degrees high that most will see. Into the evening, a fair


amount of cloud but there will be bricks here and there. A quiet, dry


night ahead leading into Friday. Friday looks like another fine day.


You will be unlucky if you capture shower. Much of the region enjoying


bright, sunny spells and temperatures up to 12 or 13. Looking


ahead to the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday looking to have good


sunshine weekend and we could see the low 20s


by Sunday. Here is Darren with the national weather.


Hello. The weather has been a big news in North America across the


Masters in Augusta, for the first time the par-3 competition was


abandoned, the storms moving away and sunshine windy for a while.


Temperatures about 17, which is on a par with what we had today in the


south-east of Wales, blue skies around here. That's from one of our


weather watchers. More sunshine over the next few days. Little or no rain


once again, it's looking dry and as we get more sunshine, especially in


England and Wales this weekend, it will be warming up. In stark


contrast with what we are seeing at the moment, dhil chilly out there


where we have clearer


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