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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Anjana Gadgil.


The top stories this evening: No more going on a term time holiday -


the ramifications as an Isle of Wight


father loses his case at the Supreme Court.


anguish, as the man who climbed into his daughter's bed is found not


And veterans reunited as one of the most terrifying weapons


of the Second World War goes on display in Dorset.


It's a case with ramifications for parents across the country.


Isle of Wight father, Jon Platt, lost his legal challenge


today against a fine for taking his daughter on an


The Supreme Court ruled against Mr Platt, who had won


earlier legal battles against what started as a ?60 fine.


in a case brought by the Isle of Wight Council.


It means, after two years, the case will now be returned


The Isle of Wight has long been on the map as a holiday destination


but in the last two years, it is the foreign holiday plans


of one island family which have hit the headlines.


In 2015, Jon Platt refused to pay a fine for taking his daughter


to Florida during term time, winning his case at the Magistrates


and High Court, arguing despite the holiday her overall


attendance was regular, as required by the law.


I looked at the legislation and it said children must attend frequently


and I made the decision that my child had done.


And the one decision I made was not to pay that penalty notice


and I was taken to court and everything that's happened


His company normally handles PPI claims but since the publicity over


the case they have had hundreds of cases from parents


Crowdfunded money has successfully been used to challenge fines


for term time holidays around the country.


I was shocked at how many people it has affected.


And the situations people are in where they are being refused


time off for their children and the reasons to me seem


Now the process of overturning fines has been stopped in its tracks.


The Supreme Court ruled today regular attendance means


in accordance with school rules, meaning a good overall


attendance is not a defence for unauthorised absence.


Jon Platt said it was a shocking decision.


The issue is no longer, if it ever was, about turn time holiday.


It is the state taking the right of parents away when it


comes to making decisions about their children.


You cannot take your child away from school without permission.


You can't say it is all right if you attend 95%


Take a child away from school for a day and you risk


The council said the judge provided clarity for what constitutes regular


It was echoed by the Department for Education, saying that it


But on the island there is much support for the local father


The prices that tourist companies charge you for taking kids on school


As long as you're not doing it every week, take them,


There should be a certain amount of time that parents are allowed


Jon Platt must go back to the Magistrates Court.


If convicted he faces a ?1000 fine and a criminal record.


Teaching unions applauded the Supreme Court's decision -


one local member told us the focus now has to be on making holidays


And speaking a few hours after the verdict, Jon Platt said


he stood by his decision to take his daughter out of school.


Taking your children on a family holiday correlates positively


If every absence had the same negative impact


on children's education, that would justify never taking,


the school never taking them to a museum or a library.


All absences are not the same, and the impact that they have


on children's attainment is not the same.


And family holidays, the DfE research shows,


children with up to 20 days' absence do better than children with none.


It's an average 60% price rise in holidays during school holidays.


This is really where we think the focus of this


To regulate the holiday companies and put something in place


Because it's punishing working families trying


to take their children on what are very valuable holidays.


A man who broke into a house in Weymouth and climbed into bed


with a six-year-old girl has been found not guilty of sexually


Jervaise Kevin Jones was asleep in the bed when police arrived.


He maintained throughout that he had not interfered with the girl.


The case centred on the events that took place early one morning


in a terraced house in Weymouth last October.


In court there was no dispute that the 26-year-old


Jervaise Kevin Jones had broken into a house and got


The question at the heart of the trial was whether he had


Today, after deliberating for almost four hours the jury found him not


guilty of sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13 and not


guilty of trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence.


For legal reasons the girl and her family cannot be identified.


Her father spoke to us after hearing the not guilty verdict.


His words are spoken by a BBC journalist.


It's something we're feeling very deeply.


It's not something that's going to go away.


The court was told police found Jervaise Jones asleep


and naked from the waist down when they arrived at the house.


He had been out drinking in Weymouth and said he had no recollection


The jury heard he had a series of previous convictions for theft,


Defence barrister Nick Robinson said Mr Jones had not committed any


He told the jury it was remarkable that none of Mr Jones's DNA


Next Monday, in a separate and unrelated case, he is due to be


sentenced for drug offences and an assault


One person has been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking


and six men have been arrested on suspicion of being illegal


entrants following an incident on the M27 in Hampshire.


Police were called to junction two near Cadnam at 6:20 tonight.


It was one of the most terrifying weapons of the Second World War.


And today an exhibition opened in Dorset featuring


the German Tiger Tank and the people who manned them.


To mark the event, four veterans from that conflict,


two German and two British, had an extraordinary meeting.


It is wonderful we can meet like this 70 years afterwards.


The men here today know the Tiger Tank inside and out.


He drove one with the seventh Panzer division.


Ernest fought against them after D-Day.


When we heard it on the radio, there was a Tiger around,


TRANSLATION: It was a very impressive tank.


Much more advanced than other designs.


It was the bees knees when it came to technology.


Such was the fear of the Tiger in Dorset,


Britain developed a special version of the American Sherman tank,


squeezing in an extra powerful British gun into the turret.


Ken helped to accrue one of the so-called Sherman Fireflys.


I was in action when one of the Fireflys knocked out three


The man in the Tiger Tank was still in danger.


TRANSLATION: Even in a Tiger you always had fear for your life.


Those who said they were not frightened were lying.


For these men, who knew it on the battlefield,


It was a secret guilt of those who had been in the front line


and therefore knew that when a man was surrendering, you were probably


responsible for doing to his comrades what he had been


TRANSLATION: It is a shame we could not have this


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


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