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Horse riders in Berkshire who were the victims of a vicious


dog attack are calling on the government to review the law.


The attack on two horses and their riders left one


of the animals needing six and a half hours of surgery.


And its owner says she's shocked that the police say no


Anna Bunton still has nightmares about the attack.


Her horse Mo's injuries were so severe,


to stop the bleeding and carefully stitch her back together again.


The dog which attacked them was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier


As soon as it started biting, it just turned into a wild animal and


it was jumping for the jugular. It took off with the dog still biting


at the back legs and then the dog that my leg and hung on for quite a


long time and all I remember was just seeing its face lunging at us


at every conceivable angle. I wasn't aware of those injuries until I had


walked away and could see the blood on her.


The dog's owner eventually managed to get the dog off,


but then let it go again and it went for Lauren Colwell's


She had a massive cut on her leg. The vet shaved the area and said it


was a lot worse than it looked because of the possession. If it had


been another half an inch we could be looking at having to get her put


down. In a statement Thames Valley Police said officers investigated


the incident and it was established no criminal incident had occurred.


The incident was resolved at the satisfaction of the owner of the dog


and of the horse. They are far from satisfied. They have started a


parliamentary petition for the law to be reviewed. I just want there to


be a re-evaluation of the laws. It was in a public place, the animal


was injured and humans were injured and the owner allowed to walk away


without punishment. Physical wounds are healing that Anna hasn't found


the courage to take habit of the yard for a ride.


An inquest jury has concluded that neglect contributed to the suicide


of a 22-year-old man in Winchester prison.


Daryl Hargrave, who had a history of mental health issues,


was found hanged in his cell in July 2015.


The inquest heard that he had been on remand for six days.


The jury found there was a failure to provide treatment for psychosis


and a decision not to put him on constant supervision also


We feel that the jury couldn't have done any more. They have said it all


in one word, neglect. What do you hope will be the legacy? We pray


that his death all we can ask is that lessons are learned and for the


present, more training. Two fire stations in Berkshire may


have to close as the Fire Authority looks to save almost two


and a half million pounds by 2020. Fire stations at Pangbourne


and Wargrave have been A decision will be


made later this month. Conductors on Southern Rail


are preparing to walk out from midnight -


as part of the on-going dispute over Members of the RMT Union


moved their latest strike to tomorrow to accommodate talks


with the operator - Southern says it will provide


"almost its entire normal A crackdown on taxi drivers


who are rude, turn up late or look scruffy is gathering pace


across the region. Next month, Mid Sussex District


Council will become the latest authority to introduce a penalty


points system for cabbies And if a driver accumulates 12


penalty points they could Steve Humphrey has been looking


at this and joins me now. Steve, this is a very clear


message to taxi drivers? Yes, these new penalty points


systems apply to both taxi drivers and drivers


of private hire vehicles. Mid Sussex District Council says


it's a good way of closely monitoring the behaviour and conduct


of drivers - For instance, drivers


with dirty or scruffy cars Those who go the long way


round to boost the fare And those who turn away a customer


without a good excuse could get Any driver who accumulates 12


points within two years We've been talking to


cabbies in Haywards Heath. I think it is a good idea but a few


things are strict, you cannot have food and said, a bottle of water,


what are you going to do? I keep my car clean and tidy like most of the


guys do. I can't see why the council want to award you points. My car is


always clean anyway. They don't pay me enough to drive over the limit! I


just think it is crazy. What has Mid-Sussex Council said


about its new penalty points system? Well, the council wants to make sure


taxis and private hire vehicles are It also says the system


will highlight repeat offenders. It is something others


councils have introduced - including Reading and East


Hampshire, and Portsmouth has had Football and Brighton overtook


Newcastle at the top of the Championship tonight


after a 2-1 win away at QPR. Brighton had two goals disallowed


before Tomer Hemed put Glenn Murray Four minutes later Sebastien


Pocognoli scored this free kick. QPR pulled one back -


but Albion are now one step closer That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow evening


at 6:45 and there's more Newsnight will be starting


shortly on BBC Two but now Alexis Green is here


with our regional weather forecast. Good evening. A lovely day for most


and we saw a high of 18 Celsius and tomorrow could be warmer. Turning


chilly with mist and fog patches developing in the early hours and


maybe the odd pockets of frost. We could see the temperature falls to


one Celsius. Mist and fog could and once it does we will have blue skies


above. It could be higher than today reaching a high of 20. It will feel


cooler along the coast with the slight breeze from the south-east


but the temperature will do well in line and it could be warmer still


through Thursday with the temperature reaching a high of 21,


so the weekend will be dry and settled with high, warm


temperatures, but cooler into next week.


Monday, and north-westerly wind will drag in more cloud and temperatures


will be down by 8-9 . Hello, my advice would be to make


the most of the weather this weekend, if you can. Because there


will be a good day love sunshine on offer and it will continue to warm


up as well. This picture was taken in Cumbria, at Workington, later in


the afternoon. We got the sunshine eventually in northern England but


it's in the Northwest we have the lowest temperatures at the moment.


Under clear skies, it's turning quite chilly. There's


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