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Hello and welcome to the programme. Trump. Here on BBC One, it's


Hello and welcome to the programme. The top stories... A woman has been


arrested after this fire in a high-rise block of flats. A top


tourist attraction or in poor taste? The replica Titanic causing waves.


And from 24 Celsius yesterday to a cooler 15 Celsius today. I will have


the rest of the week byes-mac weather for you shortly. -- I will


have the rest of the week byes-mac weather.


Police are questioning a woman on suspicion of arson after a fire


at a high-rise block of flats in Southampton yesterday evening.


The fire at Redbridge Towers completely destroyed


No-one was seriously injured and firefighters managed


to prevent the blaze spreading to neighbouring flats.


Fanned by the wind, the blaze on the 12th floor


of Redbridge Towers in Southampton took hold quickly, just before


When I came out, there was flames coming out


of the windows, paper coming out, glass smashed everywhere.


When the windows went out, it went boom.


The woman living in the flat where the fire broke out fled


50 firefighters were sent from Southampton,


A lot of people were panicking, trying to get out of the building


while our firefighters will try to get in.


They were looking to make an attack both internally,


using breathing apparatus, but also making an attack


externally, using our aerial ladder platform.


Fire crews managed to stop the blaze spreading


Other than smoke inhalation, there were no injuries.


This morning, a joint investigation team from fire


Tonight, a 28-year-old woman from Southampton has been charged


with "arson with intent to endanger life".


As the fire crews on the ground were acutely aware, it's just days


since the seventh anniversary of the blaze at another Southampton


tower block, Shirley Towers, which claimed the lives


of firefighters Alan Bannon and Jim Shears.


With the advent of the tragic incident at Shirley Towers,


this was always going to tug at some heartstrings in Southampton.


Also with the crews here, certainly the Southampton crews,


it really does strike a chord with them.


So they are always going to be nervous of an incident like this,


but they are well-trained, very, very professional,


That was Briony Leyland with that report.


Well, our reporter, James Ingham, is with me now.


James, thankfully, no-one was hurt yesterday, but the fire does bring


back memories of the fatal fire at Shirley Towers?


In fact, firefighters from the station that Jim Shears


and Alan Bannon worked at were called to this latest fire.


Some of those attending yesterday would have been


Alan Bannon's sister Lin has today posted on Twitter another call


for all tower blocks to be fitted with sprinklers.


That was suggested by the coroner at the men's inquests.


In Southampton, that will be done in some but not all towers.


The City Council is fitting them to three blocks which have layouts


like Shirley Towers, where flats extend


This complex layout made it harder to bring the Shirley


Just over ?1 million was allocated for that work more than two years


ago and work was due to have begun in autumn 2015, but we've learnt


today that only preparatory has taken place with installation


One expert I've spoken to this evening says


Our hope would be that eventually, all the blocks would be sprinklered.


And I do know that other councils around the country,


such as in Tyneside, London, East Sussex,


Leeds and areas like that, are retrofitting sprinklers


into their high-rise blocks as and when they are able to do so.


The council says all its flats are designed to contain


a fire within its walls, adding, "It must be stressed that


all of the buildings are safe at the moment,


and this is about making them even safer."


It gets a lot of advice from Hampshire Fire


and Rescue Service, which told us, "We will continue to work closely


with Southampton City Council on the retrospective changes


to its buildings and give our full support to their significant


Yesterday's fireball again focus minds on this issue as the council


begins its improvement works. -- yesterday's fire will again focus


minds. A project to create a full-size


replica of the Titanic at a theme park in China has upset relatives


of those on board the doomed liner. Its Chinese backer was at a meeting


of the British Titanic Society in Southampton this weekend to try


and convince them otherwise. But as the ship remains a grave


at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, some believe Titanic II


is in poor taste. Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton reports. 105 years after it sank


during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York,


work is well under way. The replica will be complete


in two years' time. It will become a static tourist


attraction on a river in south-west China,


700 miles from the sea. The Chinese have come


to the British Titanic Society's TRANSLATION: Yes, Chinese people


are very interested in this project and the Titanic,


especially in terms I am doing everything


in my power to make this thing look like the original,


so we are going to hopefully use Jean Legg's father was


an 18-year-old steward on board Those sights and sounds stayed


with him until the end of his days. I think if he knew this


was being replicated, I think he would be turning


in his grave. But a former captain of both QE2


and Queen Mary 2 approves. What is special to me


about the Titanic replica is this will help to perpetuate the memory


of those who lost their lives. The Chinese are fascinated


with the Titanic story. Eight Chinese passengers


travelled in steerage. Their story will now become


a tourist attraction It's an illness which is


on the increase among students and teenagers,


yet medical experts say awareness A vaccine is freely available


to all school leavers but last year in the South,


fewer than a third took it up. One woman from Hampshire,


who was left severely disabled after contracting a rare strain


of meningitis, is now urging other Jemma developed meningitis halfway


through her law degree. She spent a year in hospital


and lost her independence. I was in an induced coma for three


weeks while the swelling went down. I was on a ventilator


for three and a half months. I pretty much had to learn


to do everything again, from moving my limbs,


speaking, talking, eating... All of those things you learn when


you are little, I had to relearn. In the three years since


she was diagnosed, a vaccine has There are five different strains


of bacterial meningitis, Meningitis B is the most


widely recognised - babies are immunised against it


from eight weeks. But meningitis W is the most


common among teenagers, In Dorset, Hampshire


and the Isle of Wight, cases of meningitis W increased


from 22 six years ago The total number of people who died


rose from five to at least But fewer than a third of young


people leaving school have been immunised,


despite the dangers. Parents are really scared


of meningitis, they know all about it and bring children


to hospital really quickly. But we know that young people,


teenagers and college students, They often come to hospital later


because they just think they have The best way to not get meningitis


is to be vaccinated. People say to me, well,


I am fit and healthy, I don't think it is going to happen


to me, but I was exactly the same. I was fit and healthy,


there was no reason why I got it, I was just the unlucky one that


did get it. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Now for our regional


weather forecast. Yes, good deal of sunshine this week


and dry weather as well. The weather for the week ahead is mainly dry


this week, patchy rain at times but it will be quite light. During the


rest of the week, temperatures are average. Over the Easter weekend,


well, a little dry weather as well. Overnight tonight, under clearing


skies, temperatures in the countryside could fall as low as two


Mac Celsius. These are values in towns and cities. We could have


patchy frost first thing tomorrow. Chilly start, especially in the


countryside but lots of sunshine. Very much like today," was up


through the day. Particularly the further north and east you are.


Elsewhere, sunny conditions, temperatures reaching a high of 13


or 14 Celsius, very similar to what today's temperatures were. There


will be a breeze tomorrow and it will continue tomorrow night. Patchy


cloud arrives in the early hours of Wednesday morning. That is all the


change from Wednesday, it will be Claudio during their course of the


day. Temperatures overnight at seven or eight. Quite a bit of cloud on


Wednesday, brighter spells here and there. It will be quite easy and we


could see a mix of mainly white rain with a weather front moving


southwards across the region. Temperatures on Wednesday upturn in


12 or 13. Thursday, more sunshine, mainly dry, winds are lighter.


Thursday is a mirror image to Friday because you will see a lot of dry


weather on Friday, brighter spells here and there, temperatures


reaching a high of 12-13 C. Later on Friday, mainly after dark, there


could be patchy rain. That will push in through Friday evening and


overnight into Saturday. Saturday, we could have the odd scattered


shower with a lot of dry weather as well. Over the bank holiday weekend,


Good Friday, mainly dry, showers on Saturday, dry on Easter Day and


Easter Monday. Good evening. Let's cut to the chase


the first big holiday weekend of the year is on the horizon and if you


consider last weekend as a taster for the summer, this weekend is not


looking too bad. It will be a bit cooler, temperatures this week and


closer to where they should be at this time of the year thanks to the


north-west breed and the reason for that, if we look at the jet stream,


coming across the Atlantic pushing from north to south -- north-west


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