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Good evening from South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


It's been a day of triumph, ecstacy and celebration


for thousands of football fans across the South.


Portsmouth has confirmed promotion to League 1 and Brighton has


clinched promotion to the Premier League.


These were the Seagull fans pouring out of the Amex Stadium after they'd


Huddersfield, their only remaining rival, failed to win their match.


That means Brighton and Hove Albion are promoted to the top flight


of English football for the first time in 34 years.


The youngsters will remember this for the rest of the lives. We were


now when the premiership. I am as excited as anybody. I have to have


that little bit of sensibility, as such, because we have another big


game on Friday, which we were able to win would be the ultimate, not


only promotion but would see us winning the Championship, and has


got to be the target. Meanwhile, in League 2,


Portsmouth have secured promotion to League 1 by beating


Notts County 3-1. 4366 Poppy fans made the journey in


expectation and hope and they were awarded with the promotion, Pompey's


thirst for 14 years, and none day thirst for 14 years, and none day


for the supporters of the club who have had difficult moments over


recent years. But it looking good this afternoon. For those guys who


helped by this club, Sabres club, but the club back on the map, it is


am so of everybody involved. I feel am so of everybody involved. I feel


really emotional about it. Tired, happy, emotional, all of the


emotions I can think of. Could not have made any better. Great feeling.


the night here in Nottingham among the night here in Nottingham among


players, supporters and those who had to dig deep into their pockets


and invest all the time and effort required to the club. Pompey back in


League 1 and starting to make steps to where they belong in the football


world. Well, elsewhere in the Championship,


Reading beat Rotherham 2-1. In League 1, Oxford


beat Port Vale 2-0. And Swindon were beaten


1-0 by Walsall. Two people have walked away


unharmed after the aircraft they were in crashed into a field


in North East Hampshire Emergency services were called just


before half past five It's understood the light


aircraft had taken off from Blackbushe airport when it


ran into difficulties. Farnborough's Air Accident


Investigations branch Police have named a 22-year-old man


who died in a motorbike crash Kane Morgan was killed in the crash


on Matheson Road in Lordshill. His family said he was a fun-loving


free spirit and died It's 50 years since


Sir Francis Chichester became a record-breaker,


single-handedly He was celebrated as a sailing hero


and his boat, Gipsy Moth lV, became the most famous yacht


in the world. Now, in this special anniversary


year, Gipsy Moth is preparing for a new adventure,


as Briony Leyland reports. At the age of 65, Sir Francis


Chichester took on the world. His achievement in sailing


single-handedly around the globe with just one stop


caused a sensation. Half a century later,


his record-breaking yacht, Gipsy Moth IV, on show


at Buckler's Hard on the Beaulieu River,


where he prepared for the voyage - her presence prompting


proud memories. Around the world solo. Everyone


takes it for granted now, but this was a big thing in the 60s. He has


got everything in there he needs. This is his original paraffin


heater. A lot of heat comes out of this.


Restored 12 years ago, Gipsy Moth repeated her


Now looked after by a charitable trust, she's still offering


sailing opportunities, but her next mission


She is going round Britain this year, so we will start on the day he


arrived back in Plymouth and heading clockwise around the UK so people


will have a chance to see her sale. Sir Francis, who died in 1972,


said he took on the challenge 50 years on, that sense


of adventure is still proving Over the last few hours, skies have


started to clear and eventually, a lot of the cloud will have broken


up. For many of us, it will be rather chilly and one or two spots


of rural spots could get close to freezing. A cold frosty start the


day, a dry day tomorrow, was lunch and then we have seen over the


weather cloud building that light weather cloud building that light


winds, temperatures doing well, one of two spots could hit 1415 degrees.


week. By day, sunshine, but by week. By day, sunshine, but by


night, cold and frosty.


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