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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


The top stories this evening: All eyes on June the 8th -


Seven weeks of campaigning from MP's who want to keep their seats


Will a stab collection finally make an elected Prime Minister?


Plus the disappearing act of the coach company that's taken


bookings but left customers like these swimmers high and dry.


And a good deal of dry weather this week with some sunshine and the


weather for the week ahead shortly. In tonight's programme,


reaction from the South to this morning's announcement


from the Prime Minister, Teresa May. We will be voting in


a General Election on June the 8th. It follows the vote for Brexit


which split the South, And we face seven weeks


of campaigning from MPs who want to keep their seats


in southern constituencies. Our political editor, Peter Henley,


has spent the day in the prime Across the South -


as at Westminster - The call for a snap election has


been the only conversation for commuters. They set off to work this


morning completely unaware of the prospect of seven weeks of


campaigning. Across the South -


as at Westminster - news of the snap election came


as a surprise. I just have that on the news, I was


absolutely staggered. I can't really see the reason why. She's only just


got in. I think it's a good thing. After the Brexit thing, people don't


have a chance to have their say. And here in Theresa May's own safe


seat of Maidenhead the local conservative group had no idea


it was coming. I didn't know what to expect and I


just thought, it's got to be serious because Prime ministers don't make


announcements from the steps of number ten unless they are serious.


And other Berkshire MPs agree it's the right move.


It's very important to have that strong backing in parliament to make


sure gales can't be turned down at the last minute and make sure the


Prime Minister's hand isn't forced at any stage of the negotiation. She


has to be any strong position to make sure we get the best Britain.


However, a former Reading MP - this time a Labour one -


thinks the hastily called vote could backfire.


ID Tech no appetite out there for a snap general election. We've just


come through a very divisive referendum. This is a con job,


political opportunism by the Conservative Party, and I think it


could come back to bite them. Labour will be hoping


to pick up votes in Reading where they run the council -


but first they need candidates - neither of the town's


two seats has one yet. And the Liberal Democrats will have


to get moving to select a candidate in Eastleigh,


where in 2015 they lost their seat Nationally, the Lib Dems are banking


on bagging Remain voters to secure This we have a big debate about


whether we're in the single market are not and that matters for jobs


and investment particularly in places that have strong


manufacturing sector base. That is why we need more liberal Democrats


in Parliament fighting the case for a sensible future for this country.


The Lib Dems are confident they can mobilise Eastleigh's voters,


despite constituents here voting to leave the EU.


It's possible today's announcement may not be the only surprise


Theresa May may think she has long fitted labour and it'll be a


divisive business but one thing we may get from this is clarity over


Brexit. Each party will have to nail colours to the mast and we will have


a better idea of what they are looking for.


Two men from Dorset have been sent to prison for filming themselves


having sex with a teenage girl, and then publishing


24-year-old Connor Hayes from Bournemouth and William Wright,


who's also 24, from Bovington, have been jailed for two years


for the offence which dates back to November 2015.


The pair have also been handed a Sexual Harm Prevention


A Hampshire swimming club claims it's been left high and dry


by a coach company that appears to have gone into liquidation.


Victory Travel in Portchester has disappeared after taking


bookings and then failing to provide transport.


These young athletes from Havant Waterlooville Swimming Club


are destined for a three-day intensive swimming session that


Just days ago, the coach operator, Victory Travel,


suddenly disappeared, leaving them ?500 out


of pocket, and no way of getting to Crystal Palace.


Then we found out at the last minute, no reply.


Obviously, this left us a bit in the lurch.


It's unprofessional, and when you've got kids' wishes


and dreams and goals here, I think they should have stepped up


Not having on-course training will effect us badly,


because it's part of our important schedule, because that is


the pool we race in, and it will impact us massively.


After lots of ringing around and another coach bill,


Pete's Airlink Minibus has stepped in as a last-minute replacement


Just one of many clients who claim they've been left stranded.


We've come along to the registered address here in Portchester,


The firm that shares the building says the company has closed down,


and that we're not the first people to come looking for the director


We've made a number of attempts to contact Paul Donald,


but tonight our calls and e-mails remain unanswered.


And the company's website hasn't been operational


Hampshire Trading Standards is urging anyone affected to contact


the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.


The celebrations continue in Portsmouth and Brighton this


evening after both football teams clinched promotion at the same time.


For Brighton, it means elevation to the biggest league in the world.


For Portsmouth, promotion may be only the first step back


to the Premier League, but it was just


And for both sets of supporters, it's a well-deserved


reward for refusing to let their respective clubs die.


Here's Our Sports Editor Tony Husband.


at Brighton, they flopped onto the pitch at 5pm yesterday. Promotion


inevitable after the latest win but when they are rivals Huddersfield


only drew two hours later, promotion was confirmed. Cue another party.


Testament really to what the players have given and achieved all season,


and also at this stage of the season, to put the run together that


we have at this stage of the season is incredibly difficult. That said,


we had in the premiership now, Arent we? We have struggled long and hard


and I don't think we ever thought and I don't think we ever thought


we'd see the day. We have lost generations of fans along the way


and a lot of tears were shed yesterday by supporters who had


loved ones that hadn't seen the dream becomes reality. Brighton's


resurgence is echoed along the coast, 5000 Portsmouth fans


celebrated League 2 promotion. It means the road back from football


oblivion has started for a club saved by its bands four years ago,


almost bankrupt in 2010. Ironically they have choice again, to accept or


reject the investment of billionaire reject the investment of billionaire


ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner. It is for the fans and that the decide to


hand it on to Michael Eisner it will be with everyone's best wishes and


for him to carry us on to where we deserve to beat. The fans are on the


right road for now. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Here with our regional


weather forecast is Alexis. It's getting colder, almost time for


the thermals! We are expecting frost in places. The week as a whole, it


will be mainly dry, one North two isolated showers but not a lot of


rain to talk of an bird will be some bright and sunny spells. Clear skies


and light winds overnight mean the temperature will follow a rapidly to


-4 in the countryside, usual cold spots. Elsewhere, laws of the- five


and the winds will be like tomorrow as well. Through the day, after a


frost the amnesty starting places, lots of sunshine although the


sunshine will come hazy through the course of the afternoon with high


and medium cloud filling in. The temperature reaching a high of 13 in


any sheltered spots and these are places with a slight breeze. The


breeze could be slightly stronger for the Isle of Wight and the south


coast. The cloud will increase tomorrow night with one North two


clear spells but also the chance of patchy, light rain at times and the


temperature tomorrow night not as low as to make, down to 6-7,


slightly lower in the countryside. Thursday we see a good deal of


cloud, one or two brighter spells and maybe a frosty start and some


showers but not a lot of rain to talk all. The mainly dry day with


the temperature reaching a high of 11-12 and they went fairly light, so


the cloud may be quite stubborn to break in a few places. Through


Friday we are expecting high pressure to be not too far away from


us so through Friday it will be warm to start the day, the chance of some


showers from this cold front moving south words and the air behind built


on a lot cooler just in time for the weekend. The weekend not dissimilar


from the weekend just The weather hasn't been too dramatic


of late. That is not say it's not without problems. One


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