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A violent attack on a group of gay women by up to 30 men.


They claim police didn't do enough to help.


Have you anything to say to the staff and patients?


You should feel ashamed - the judge's verdict


after a hospice manager steals money from the most vulnerable.


And an Arctic blast gives us a cool feel for the next couple of days. I


will have the weather later. Punched in the face so hard one


of them lost seven teeth. Bruised internal organs,


dislocated knees and shoulders. Injuries sustained by a group


of young gay women on a night out in Portsmouth in what's believed


to have been a violent Today, there was concern


and bitterness among some of the victims that the police


were not doing enough Bruises, black eyes,


teeth knocked out. In total, five women were hurt


as they made their way home along They were repeatedly punched


and kicked by a group The woman whose teeth were knocked


out is amongst the victims Before I even got to turn round,


I was hit and in that hit, I remember I could feel something


had moved in my mouth, but at that point, I didn't


know it was my teeth. I was just crying and


screaming frantically. The victims think the men


who attacked them were Polish and believe they were targeted


because they are lesbians. They say they are upset


with the way Hampshire Police I don't think they


handled it well at all. We were telling the police


who assaulted people and they were letting


them go in taxis. Neither witnesses got


called to give statements. There was 20 to 30 men involved,


I don't understand how only They didn't even come over


and check if I was OK. We had no photos taken


of the injuries. I've been groped and grabbed


as well as the other girls. We should have had


a female officer there. Hampshire Police say an ambulance


was requested by officers as soon as they arrived at the scene


in Kingston Road. The police have also


revealed that four men - one from Portsmouth and three


from London - were arrested They have been released but remain


under investigation. Hampshire Police declined an


invitation to be interviewed and said they could not comment on the


details as it would prejudice a future court case. They have said...


Recent Government figures show that the number of recorded


There were just over 7,000 such crimes in the past year


At the same time, research by one gay charity showed that half


of those who reported hate crime said they did not feel


Earlier, I spoke to Benjamin Butterwortth who is a reporter


for the gay newspaper, Pink News.


He's also been a victim of hate crime and reported it to the police.


He told me incidents like the one in Portsmouth are not uncommon.


Four in five LGBT people say they have experienced a hate crime at


some point in their lives. That could be anything from someone


shouting an insult at them in the street, right through to the tragic


aggressive insult we have seen in this incident. What is more


concerning is how many of those people don't report it. It is


thought the majority of LGBT people who experienced hate crime don't


follow it up and tell the police. We have seen with these ladies in


particular they were upset with how they were treated by the police.


Other issues with police training? One of the key things we find is


that about 40% of cases, the LGBT people feel the police and the


authorities who they dealt with were not properly trained in LGBT issues.


That can be anything from asking people to prove they are LGBT in an


unreasonable way, making assumptions about people that make them feel


uncomfortable, and that is one of the biggest issues. A whole number,


about a quarter of people who have reported a hate crime before said


they wouldn't feel comfortable doing it again. I do think police forces


have to do -- look at carefully how they provide training for this


issue. You deserve to feel shameful


for what you have done - the words of a crown court judge


today as he sentenced a hospice finance manager


for stealing thousands of pounds Simon Plummer was given an 18-month


suspended sentence and ordered to do 300 hours of unpaid work for taking


the money from Oakhaven He used it to fund building work


on his own house in Sway. He was trusted to take care


of the money at a place What do you say to the staff


and patients at the hospice? But Simon Plummer abused his


position to steal more than ?13,000. Southampton Crown Court heard that


between November 2015 and August 2016, Mr Plummer had diverted cash


and cheque donations from being paid Instead, he used the money to cover


the cost of building materials The fraud was uncovered


when the building company Travis Perkins began sending


invoices to the hospice. After an internal inquiry,


Mr Plummer was dismissed from Oakhaven and the police


were informed. In court, he pleaded guilty to fraud


by abuse of position. Taking that into account,


Judge Francis Burrell gave Mr Plummer an 18-month suspended


sentence and told him... No-one from Oakhaven


wanted to appear on camera "This has been a very sad


and difficult period for us "We have in place a strong set


of financial procedures "so the public and all our


supporters can be assured that "fundraised income and donations


are safe and secure." And maintaining that goodwill


from the public is crucial. Mr Plummer has written


to staff at the hospice expressing his remorse,


but declined to comment It's been described as a ticking


time bomb inside our care system. A new report published


by Healthwatch in West Berkshire reveals the failure of many councils


to put adequate plans in place to look after vulnerable people


with learning difficulties when their carers can no


longer look after them. As Nikki Mitchell reports,


many parents are terrified about what will happen


to their children, Severe autism means Nathanial


is more like a two-year-old He's a big baby and he's lovely,


but we've had a toddler for 18 years But what about the next 18 years


and the 18 years after that? Our social care system has neither


the time or the money to plan for what should happen when parents


and carers can care no longer. If I suddenly had to go


into hospital long-term or God We need an action committee


formed of key professionals, the voluntary sector,


the parents and carers, to actually look at potential


solutions, and who knows, perhaps This is a national problem,


it's not just West Berkshire. The plain fact is that there


is less accommodation than the number of people


we would like to provide for it. And, therefore, perhaps we do


step in rather later than some The distress, for me,


would be acute, not knowing where he was, was he


safe, was he happy? Finally from me, in football,


Brighton must wait to see if their promotion to


the Premier League They needed Newcastle


to lose to Preston tonight, Nevertheless, Brighton can still win


the title this weekend. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. The weather for the week ahead, we


have some Arctic air coming our way for the next couple of days and then


we see a bit of a turn, back to the milder conditions. In the meantime,


one or two wintry showers. Tonight, clear skies overhead and with the


cool air mass, temperatures will tumble down to freezing in most


spots, a touch below in rural areas. Widespread frost tomorrow morning


but had brightness, sunny skies through the cause in the morning,


the cloud bubbling up and one or two showers as well. The temperatures


could nudge up to 11 or 12 degrees. Through the latter part of tomorrow


afternoon, the Shah was built in intensity and in number. Winter


greens -- through the evening and overnight period, they tend to ease


away and once again clearing skies and temperatures around freezing.


Into Wednesday, a frosty start, again some brightness to get the day


going but the showers start to shop earlier in the day. Once more, the


risk of sleet and hail and thunder in the mix and where we see the


showers, the winds pick up as well. Feeling cool as the showers pass


through. Thursday, we will see a bit of a change, milder conditions on


the way, the fund is sinking southwards, that will bring more


cloud and outbreaks of rain. A cloudy pig show on Friday. One odd


to showers. Looking ahead to next weekend we stick with a cloudy


theme. We could still see one or two spells of rain.


course, there'll be the threat of some rain. More with the national


forecast now. Good evening. It's been turning


colder from the north so far today. It's been cold enough for


significant snow in northern Scotland. This was mid afternoon.


More recently it's been blowing around over the tops of the


mountains. Snow in April not necessarily unusual but it's usually


unwelcome. The colder air coming in behind the front which clears


towards the near continent, opening the floodgates to this Coldstream of


air all the way from the


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