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The top stories tonight. One year after it started, we reveal the


southern dispute has cost ?341 million.


-- the Southern. Their mother died because she was a smoker and now


these girls are setting up a campaign to get people to quit.


And Maiden, It's been 12 months of strikes


and major disruption for passengers. And today talks aimed at resolving


the long-running dispute between the RMT Union


and Southern Railway have been It's over the introduction


of driver-only-operated trains. The BBC has estimated that the


disruption is considered to have cost the South East economy ?341


million. Tomorrow union members will be


demonstrating outside Parliament to mark a year


since the Southern strike began. It remains one of the UK's most


protracted industrial disputes. And tomorrow an anniversary that


nobody will be celebrating. Not being able to collect my


children out of school. Having to get other people to get


them at the last minute, sometimes not getting home


until nine, ten o'clock at night, leaving at six o'clock


in the morning, it has been awful. I am self-employed so I have


probably lost out of thousands, basically, because I haven't been


able to get to work. It hasn't got any better, really,


until very recently, so, yeah, it has been life-changing


for a lot of people. Not since the miners'


strike has an industrial dispute rumbled on for so long,


so why has it proved so intractable? Professor Richard Scase is an expert


in industrial relations. I think behind the scenes,


rather like in the miners' strike of 30 years ago,


the government is trying to force management to take


a pretty tough line, and in this case, with the franchise


arrangements of Southern rail, the government has quite a strong


hand to play with management in being tough with the unions,


so it is a very intractable, At the heart of the dispute,


the introduction of driver-only-operated trains


and the changes to the roles and responsibilities


of drivers and conductors. It was April the 26th last year that


RMT conductors on Southern On December the 13th the train


drivers' union Aslef began the first of six days of action


by their members. Today, 364 days on,


and still no resolution So, as an unwelcome anniversary


dawns, still no end in sight. Let's go live to Worthing


station and speak to our Sean, many commuters


going through there will be We were hearing their commuters


badly affected. One says he feels he has aged five years in the last


year. 51,000 services have been fully or partially cancelled in the


last year. This is the worst industrial dispute in nearly a


quarter of a century. Because the company is paid by the government,


the taxpayer foot the bill for lost their revenue, now totalling ?38


million. The Conservative MP


for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie, has announced he's standing down


from Parliament at Mr Tyrie, who is 60,


has been the MP there for 20 years, and says he will remain deeply


committed to public service, and hopes he is young enough


to contribute in other ways Two young sisters whose mother died


from cancer caused by smoking Isabelle and Grace feature


in a new film made by Portsmouth City Council


called Smoking And Me. It'll be used to encourage


people to give up. James Ingham has been


to meet the girls. It is a note that my mum


left me before she died. "I am so sorry for leaving


you while you are so young. I would give anything to stay


and see you grow up. Five is no age to be


left without a mum." Paula Hutton was just 45


when she died from cancer. Her daughters Issy and Grace


were seven and five. They were having a barbecue


and they were all sitting at the table, laughing and eating


and stuff, and we were That is the main


memory I have of her. It's kind of...think


more happily about it, like how she is probably more happy


now than when she was alive. Issy and Grace talk about their loss


in a hard-hitting film. I woke up and I saw that


her hospital bed wasn't Issy hopes by sharing


what happened to her mum, I would say they should probably


at least try to stop, if they do start, and if you haven't


started then I don't I would hope they would think twice


about the families obviously and the consequences


of smoking and cancer. Portsmouth City Council's made


the film to try to reduce More people smoke here -


and more die as a result - It would be amazing if she was still


here but I still have a grandad who is now like a mum to me so that


makes me feel better. But Granddad has a lung condition,


also brought on by smoking, that limits his ability to join


in family fun. He's given up now, but warns others


who haven't what they could lose. You will not be able


to enjoy the things you did and ultimately you won't be able


to enjoy your life, if you are taken prematurely,


so, yeah, don't do it. "Please don't be too


angry, and I know that Read this and know that I see


the joy you bring and the total Football, and Premier League leaders


Chelsea edged closer to the title with victory over Southampton


at Stamford Bridge tonight. This fine header in stoppage time


from former Chelsea player Ryan Bertrand gave Saints


a second goal. But it wasn't enough


to get them a victory over the Blues, who had already


got four past the post. Final score at Stamford Bridge,


Chelsea 4, Southampton 2. second ball, this is no good for us.


We played against a good team and some amazing players.


They made history as the first all-female crew to sail in


The achievement made the yacht Maiden and her skipper,


But Maiden fell on hard times and was discovered


But she's to have a new lease of life.


Today the boat arrived back in Southampton,


where she'll undergo a full restoration, as Steve


27 years after sailing into the history books on board


Maiden, Tracy Edwards and some of her crew were reunited


with the famous yacht that helped them to change so many perceptions.


They were the very first all-female crew to complete


They had been written off as no-hopers before the race had


even begun but nine months later they were receiving a heroine's


As we were doing the race, people did come round,


a few people who said, "They'll never do it,"


they came to me and said, "Proved wrong, I admit it."


..will present Tracy with her prize for coming


Only in England could this happen, great maritime nation.


For everyone on board, it was a life-changing experience.


Well, it was the ultimate challenge at the time, wasn't it?


Everybody said no, and all of us were built with that


funny little button, that every time you pressed no


After passing through many hands over the years,


the yacht was found abandoned in the Seychelles.


The plan now is to carry out a bow-to-stern renovation,


and then she'll be used by the Maiden Factor


project to promote girls' education around the world.


I thought we could use Maiden to fundraise for them and to promote


girls' education, and when we do our three-year world tour,


after a year's restoration, as you can see, that is


It was backing from the Jordanian royal family that got Maiden


and her crew onto the start line for the Round the World Race just


over a quarter of a century ago - and now they're supporting


We were a bit of a fairy tale to some extent and this


is still the fairy tale but the next chapter, and it is a great one.


Thank you for your company. Reports of sleep in places tonight.


We have had quite a few winter really showers through the course of


the day, still one or two at large but it looks like for the most part


tonight is dry, but cold and frosty as the temperatures take a tumble


down to two or three in towns and cities, rural spots close to


freezing. A chilly but bright start tomorrow, some good sunny skies to


get the day going, but the cloud bubbling up and more showers


arriving a bit earlier than they did today. They could be on the heavy


side with some thunder, hail, sleep. Brisk northerly winds and if you


dodge the showers some sunny spells and temperatures could creep up to


11 or 12. We start Thursday on a bright and crisp note, chilly to


start, but a weather front gradually sinking southwards, some fragmented


rain and the cloud thickening, but this is the start of milder


conditions, so less cool through Thursday. By the end of the week we


expect further bright spells on Friday and Saturday, staying largely


dry. Good evening. Another cold night


lies ahead after what was a chilly day for swathes of the UK. This is


the Highlands of Scotland. 25th of April and lying snow. Even snow


further south, temporary accumulations in Staffordshire. Just


down the road in Dudley, it was sunny spells and rain showers. A


real mixed


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