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Theresa May visits one of the South's last


Labour constituencies in a Tory charm-offensive.


An inconvenient truth - millionaire homes everywhere


And sailing into view - the largest ship to ever visit


It's one of the last patches of red in the south of England.


But Theresa May wants to turn it blue.


And today the Prime Minister came to the Labour constituency


The seat has been held by Labour's Alan Whitehead since 1997.


He currently has a majority of a little less than 4,000.


It's number 44 on the list of target seats the Conservatives


Our political editor, Peter Henley, attempted to catch up with Mrs May


A knock at the door and look who is here, the Prime Minister.


Theresa May did not spend long in Warwick Road.


And mostly talked to loyal Conservatives.


But she kept a promise she had made at Prime Minister's Questions.


She will find those schools in despair...


Southampton Labour MP Alan Whitehead challenged her to visit a school


where parents had volunteered to clean toilets to save money.


It is perfectly possible I might find myself in Southampton.


At some houses, she went in for a chat but didn't stop long.


The Prime Minister is talking to people


She doesn't want to talk to us, she says today is not


the day for interviews with the regional press.


There has been criticism of the Conservative campaign for not


You never know what is going to happen in Warwick Road.


As genuine as you can be in front of the cameras.


A long way to drive for ten minutes' chat.


The visit was carefully stage-managed, limited to one street


in Southampton with access to the Conservative leader


But we sent our own cameras out after the event to get


reaction to the visit on Warwick Road, in Shirley.


It was clear not everyone wanted to chat to the Prime Minister


David Bryan filmed Theresa May inside knocking at his front


But as he said on Twitter, he was too scared to answer.


She asked if we would be supporting her, which obviously we will.


And mentioned some of the things which are of interest to us such


as supporting small business, looking after landlords.


And you are welcome to as well, to meet my father who wasn't able


He has always voted Conservative and after this visit,


She is a wonderful lady and we had a nice little chat.


We have had the Speaker of the House come here


before in this road, Dr Horace King, years ago.


But the first time for a Prime Minister.


This street was carefully selected, but in different parts


of the constituency, there may be different views.


And even here the Prime Minister had questions to answer.


There seems to be no access to speak to her.


There's lots of questions, things I'd like to discuss with her.


No. Why is that?


Because I fundamentally do not agree with Conservative policy.


Well, the Prime Minister said was probable she would visit


Southampton and she did today, spending just under 30 minutes


door knocking on houses here in Warwick Road on the city.


Historically, this constituency has been Labour for the past 20 years.


Theresa May's visit shows that she wants to change it


from red to blue in next month's general election.


And following on from South Today earlier this evening,


we would like to make it clear that pooled pictures and interviews


about political visits are arranged between broadcasters


There's been a fifth arrest in the investigation into the murder


Mr Hedger was killed on April 30th at his home in Ringwood.


He died as a consequence of gunshot wounds.


A 45-year-old man from Poole has been arrested


on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.


Three other men have been charged with murder and a woman has been


A man who takes toys to children in Syria spoke


to volunteers and charity workers tonight in Portsmouth.


Rami Adham, also known as the Toy Smuggler, carries dolls,


puppets and teddy bears across the Syrian border


The event was hosted by the charity Don't Hate Donate which raises money


for supplies to help people in Syria.


It was my first trip, 2012, when I...


After I had done my humanitarian aid delivery, I took out these toys,


And I have never done anything in my life that has brought me more


joy than having these moments and giving these toys to these kids.


There is still death and suffering on a daily basis,


so it is really important that even when the media goes quiet and it


seems that the people in Syria are having a break,


that we realise, no, people are still completely,


100% reliant on the food and medical aid that we provide.


With its blue flag beach, luxury homes and stunning views,


Sandbanks is often seen as the jewel in the crown of the south coast.


But it risks losing that reputation after the council closed public


toilets used by people taking the the ferry across Poole Harbour.


Residents say some people are now relieving themselves in gardens.


I wanted to use the loo just before I get on the ferry


because on the other side, we've got a long walk.


But the toilets seem to be currently unavailable.


Well, last month, this toilet block was closed


The nearest public loos now are half-a-mile back up the road.


The closure has also had an unpleasant knock-on


for the people who live in this exclusive enclave.


We get people coming in and urinating in our garden.


And also in Midway Path, which leads to the sea opposite.


The council press office sent us this statement.


But that will take time, and as many people told me,


David Allard, BBC South Today, Sandbanks.


It's the biggest container ship to ever dock in the UK.


One of the largest ships in the world.


The MOL Triumph arrived in Southampton this afternoon.


If you laid every container on the vessel, end to end,


they would stretch from the South Coast to London.


Let's talk to James Ingham, who's in Marchwood.


Yes, we have got a really great view of the ship from just across


Southampton Water. It is an impressive sight. The MOL Triumph is


400 metres long, nearly 60 metres wide. Let me step aside for one


moment while you look at some of those 20,000 containers being


unloaded here. They have come across from Asia on this, her first trip to


northern Europe. The Triumph was briefly the largest container ship


in the world. But now a larger one has just been delivered to South


Korea. Despite her size, the Triumph is more efficient than Bill 's --


boats built just five years ago. It even has special paint that reduces


friction in the water. As you build bigger ships,


they burn more fuel, But per container, because you are


carrying more containers, the carbon footprint of the ship


is actually going down James Comey a lot of interest in


lots of people have come to see this lots of people have come to see this


ship arriving. We took this footage from on-board. We have speeded it


up. It shows the way that she came alongside effortlessly. The ship


will stay here until the weekend before going to Hamburg and then


back to Asia. It is crewed by just back to Asia. It is crewed by just


20 people. Just 20 people on that huge ship. Southampton Airport says


it has been a really proud day to have this ship alongside here. --


Southampton port. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Here with our regional weather


forecast is Alexis Green. We were worried about some rain


tonight. There are some fund? -- thunder? Yes, but the rain is now


starting It is quite a muggy and Marty start


to the day tomorrow. Low cloud and mist in some places first thing. If


the amount of cloud in general tomorrow. There will be breaks


of scattered showers. The showers of scattered showers. The showers


could be heavy and even thundery, particularly tomorrow afternoon.


Temperatures reaching highs of 16, 17 and maybe 18 Celsius in prolonged


periods of sunshine. The showers will eventually ease tomorrow night.


There could be some showers around on Saturday, although it is a dry


bay. We expect sunny spells, the odd isolated shower. This weather front


Saturday night and will clear Saturday night and will clear


prospering on Sunday morning. In the cold front, the air ahead of it will


be slightly milder and the air ahead of it will be slightly fresher. In


the rest of the week, Clyde in general tomorrow, brighter spells


with the risk of thunderstorms. Saturday is mainly dry with the risk


of the odd shower and Sunday We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not Now the weather.


, yes a humid dead. We have had photographs of the


Now, humid air is coming in hyped. This cloud will be spreading


northwards bringing rain and showers. More cloud will head our


way. Yes, more rain to come across the south-east over night tonight.


The south-west will have rumble of thunders and wetter weather


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