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Nominations have closed, and a picture's now emerged


of apparent deals and decisions across a number of our


It's clear many people won't have the choice of supporting


the party they voted for last time around.


Strategic deals, Progressive alliances and pacts. It may be an


election more notable for who isn't standing rather than who is. You get


any number of seats partly to avoid clashing with Tories who strongly


support Brexit. These three all want face a Ukip challenge and one party


supporter from the new Forest has switched seats to take on a


conservative who boarded to remain. It is about strategic options and


not letting the remainder is getting through the back door, so we Brexit


MPs and the houses of parliament but most of all we want three or four


elite guardians of Brexit. The majority of voters in Dorset wanted


to leave the EU yet in the Hall of Dorset there is only one Ukip


candidate. None of these constituencies will see a purple


rosette at the door. These seven seats clocked up 55,000 Ukip votes


the incumbent Conservative voting to the incumbent Conservative voting to


leave, Ukip is on the ballot paper. You are going to stand on your party


or collars and it is absolutely right the electorate know where


stand. I don't think it's a great stand. I don't think it's a great


idea for people to be weighing things up. I don't think it helps


our democracy. Targeting seats especially with a high-profile


candidate isn't unusual. In south Surrey the National health action


party wanted to unseat the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The Greens


agreed not to put up a candidate and some local Labour activists wanted


to do the same. They told the BBC, we never win, we've never got any


hope of winning. The next day she and two others were excluded from


the party. The Greens said they were best placed to try to unseat the


Tories and ask others to stand aside. People want us to do grown-up


politics and to recognise that if we want to avoid a massive Tory


landslide we need to do that and not wake up on June nine and wish we had


done things differently. You can't step up an election. Our voters want


just going to a pen we point out. It is not enough to just be against the


Tories, you have to give positive reasons that is what they will to


do. The Greens are big supporters of strategic alliances to tackle what


they see as an unfair voting system. Like Ukip, they have agreed not to


field a candidate in mid Dorset and North pool, asking voters to back


the Liberal Democrats instead. It was put to me that they were


interested and the next thing I knew, they had said, the most


important thing is to unseat the Conservatives, and that will help,


standing aside, she is prepared to do it. But do deals work? In some


seats it will be an uphill struggle. Jeremy Hunt got 60% of the vote


here, and many conservatives are defending large majorities just like


that, which could be hard to overtime. -- overturned.


Next, two of the South's hospital trusts have been caught up


in a cyber-attack against the NHS - and been locked out


Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust says it's working


with the ambulance service to minimise the impact


It's asking people to think twice before going to A and E.


The Royal Berks Hospital in Reading says its patient discharge


system is affected - it's currently relying


There'll be major disruption for drivers this weekend


during essential roadworks on the M4.


It's been closed between junction 12 at Theale


and junction 13 for Chievely since nine o'clock this evening.


It won't re-open until early Monday morning.


All traffic's being diverted along the A4 with severe delays predicted


It's hard to detect, and has one of the lowest survival


Now a surgeon from Southampton's been given ?1.4 million


Fewer than a fifth of people with oesophageal cancer currently


I was really pleased that I gave it a good go.


You know, it's another touch of normality -


John Goham from Hampshire completed half the London Marathon this year -


But John has got oesophageal cancer, or cancer of the gullet.


If only 15% of people that are diagnosed survive


beyond five years, that seemed like a really low percentage.


And that's where this lab at Southampton Hospital comes in.


Thanks to over ?1 million of funding from Cancer Research UK,


scientists are examining these cancer cells so they can


So what we do is the cell comes in the bottom here,


that's the tiny blob, and then the DNA bar-coded bead


The cell is exploded and the genetic information in that cell


is captured on the bead, and we process thousands of cells


from each tumour to understand the biology of the disease.


It's also hoped that Tim and his team will find new ways


At the moment, surgery is long and invasive.


Patients like John have their oesophagus removed


Surgery can last for up to nine hours.


I'd like to do myself out of business.


Doing surgery for oesophageal cancer is demanding for the patients,


It takes six to nine months to recover from.


And I don't have to operate on these people and if we can


target treatment better, then I am happy to stop.


Yes, we have got a few marathons planned, haven't we, John?


John's cancer treatment still continues.


He's hoping the work down the road at Southampton Hospital will see


That's it from the news team - we're back tomorrow evening at 6:15.


Right now, Sarah Farmer's here with your weekend weather.


Thank you. We have some rain in the forecast for this weekend. Tonight


we have one or two showers and store but most of those on the light side


and generally there will be quite a bit of cloud and maybe a few holes


the cloud but patchy rain starting to work its way in. A mild night


with the temperature at 10-11. A little bit of wet weather first


thing but some decent brightness and through much of the day, some bright


and sunny intervals and the odd chance of a shower cropping up but


lighter than the showers we saw today. Given some sunny breaks the


temperature could claim to 1718. Enter tomorrow evening, we will


start to see a band of wet weather arising from the south-west, and


that is with us through the overnight period into Sunday. It


clear through to the east so Sunday is set fine with sunny spells and


showers, Monday some A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have had. It brightened


up into the afternoon, early evening. The north-east of Scotland


and England


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