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Hello, good afternoon, I'm Tom Hepworth -


The top stories this lunchtime:


A man from West Sussex is killed in Syria fighting against Isis.


A fare deal or being taken for a ride?


Protests at some stations as passengers are landed with price


And the show must go on - the opera in need


A 20-year-old man from Chichester has been killed


in Syria fighting against so-called Islamic State.


Kurdish forces say Ryan Lock died in an assault on the IS stonghold


Our home affairs correspondent Emma Vardy joins me now.


Ryan Lock went to school in haven't. about what happened?


Ryan Lock went to school in haven't. We understand he was a chef here in


the UK, with no military experience before travelling to fight in this


area. We understand he travelled to Syria in August last year, but told


friends and family he was going on holiday to Turkey. He later revealed


on Facebook he was in fact on his way to Syria to join up with the


Kurdish militant group, YPG. He's not the first person to do this, a


number of other British volunteers have gone out to Syria to fight the


so-called Islamic State of their own accord. The YPG confirmed his death


in a letter to his family. He was involved in the liberation of


a village, near al-Bab, from Isis. But was then bombed


by Turkish aeroplanes. He lost two of his


very close friends. But then, after that,


he seemed to be more motivated, and actually requested to be


transferred to a unit that was involved in the ongoing


operation to liberate Raqqa. What has this family had to say?


His family are said to be an absolute grief. His father described


Ryan as a caring and loving boy who would do anything to help anyone. He


said his family have asked for privacy to grieve. Ryan's former


school also told us he was a well liked people. It's important point


out that the British has been warning strongly for some time


against any travelled to Syria, and particularly want against getting


involved in any sort of foreign war. It's difficult to verify the


numbers, but it is thought that Ryan Lock is the third person from


Britain to be killed fighting against so-called Islamic state in


Syria. Burglars have made off


with a safe containing ?15,000 CCTV images show the men


forcing their way into Cafe Parfait on Above Bar Street at around


7:30pm on New Years Day. Police want anyone with any


information to get in touch. There have been protests at railway


stations across the South this morning as passengers have been hit


with the annual rise The union-backed Action For Rail


says some passengers are spending up to 14% of their income


on a monthly season ticket. For most people, it's


the first day back at work. If you travel by train,


it's now more expensive. I've been commuting for nearly ten


years now, and it's just gone up It might make the difference


between me taking the train, which I'd rather, because it's


better for the environment. The average increase of 2.3%


in fares will mean the average cost per passengers will


go up by around ?80. That means if you're


travelling from Winchester to London Waterloo, it will now cost


you just under ?5000. If you're travelling


from Reading to London, That's the same as


Guildford to London. And as for Chichester to London,


it'll now just cost Today, campaigners are staging


protests at a dozen They say public ownership


would be better than This is purely a retail price index


rise, which is effectively pegged to the additional


prices that we're paying for the goods that we receive,


and the prices that If you're commuter, often


you don't have a choice, so you've got to take


the train, probably. But for some people, it probably


will affect their decision. Especially if the price


of petrol comes down, because that's this thing they're


measuring it against. The Government says it's spending


billions modernising the railway, and that wages are growing


faster than fares. A Dorset charity opening


a new children's hospice in Wiltshire says it's


struggling to find staff. Julia's House already provides


respite for more than But it says a shortage of paediatric


nurses has made it harder to recruit the staff needed


for a new hospice in Wiltshire. Set in beautiful Hampshire


countryside, a semi-derelict mansion called The Grange has hosted operas


for nearly 20 years. When the resident company moved


on it seemed the music might stop forever, but now a new team has


taken on the venue, Music is in the air once


again at The Grange, an exotic-looking mansion


in the heart of the World-renowned countertenor


Michael Chance is leading the team. For years, Grange Park Opera


were the resident company. But after lengthy negotiations over


the lease, they moved on last summer, taking


with them their seats The new tenants, Grange Festival,


are raising ?3 million It's a challenge, but we see it


equally as an opportunity. Because the theatre has been left us


in its rather empty state, Seat prices will range from ?10-185,


with dining in the shabby chic The previous tenants,


Grange Park Opera, are building a new theatre


at West Horsley, in Surrey. So is there enough demand for


two country house operas? We're here, this has


been here for 18 years, and our predecessors are building


an amazing new opera house, an hour and a quarter away


from where we are. And I think there will be


in expanding audience. It won't be the same


audience choosing, oh, As well as money, practical


donations are welcome too, as the company kits out backstage


rehearsal and dressing rooms. You put out a call and said,


we need fridges, we need a piano. And you get phone calls


and e-mails saying, oh, we're just clearing out our house,


and we've got all that stuff. With continued support


from volunteers and donors, the team is confident of performing


in a fully furnished theatre Lets get a look at the weather


with Holly Green. A very cold start to things


this morning, -6 degrees For many of us though,


a lovely start. You can see some frost


here as the robin tiptoes its way But for many of us,


it has been a nice start. Sunshine and a bit more


cloud, working into That will thicken a little


bit more, I suspect. For the many us, especially


for the south you are, it should be nice afternoon,


plenty of bright skies overhead. Feeling chilly, highs


of around 6 degrees. As we head into tonight, that cloud


does tend to thicken further. It could thicken enough


to give some patchy rain But most of us


overnight will be dry. The breeze is tending to pick up,


and that combination of breeze and cloud stops most of us


from falling down too far tonight. These are typical temperatures,


a patchy frost is a We head into Wednesday


on quite a cloudy note. A bit of rain, in general though,


are mostly dry day. The best of those appear


in the afternoon, An improving picture for tomorrow,


temperatures a shade higher But with those clear skies, it does


mean a cold one for tomorrow night. A chilly day, but plenty of sunshine


around, a bright picture. More cloud rolls in for Friday,


and come Friday afternoon, some outbreaks of rain


working their way in from the north So a mixed picture over the next few


days, but a fair amount of dry That's the latest,


thanks for being here. We'll be back with South Today


at 6:30pm, here on BBC One. From all the lunchtime team,


have a great afternoon. Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks?


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