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Hello and good afternoon, I'm Tom Hepworth.


Employers are urged to help staff give up smoking tobacco by allowing


A local film maker helps an Oxfordshire


And - unseen history, rare footage of the network


of railways that once covered the Isle of Wight.


There are calls for employers in the south to review policies


on smoking to encourage staff who want to give up tobacco


Public Health England says so called "vaping" has helped more


than a million people stop smoking cigarettes and firms should make


Phil from Southampton was a smoker for 24 years before he discovered


e-cigarettes two years ago and he got a surprise when he went to his


GP... I said I had stopped smoking a year or so ago, he said that I was


now a nonsmoker. Since then, my life insurance forms have been filled out


as a nonsmoker, which is brilliant from my point of view, saving me a


fortune! Public Health England estimates that vaping is 95% less


harmful than smoking. Last year guidelines were issued for employers


who said that they should support people wanting to quit. But, Phil's


employer, like most of the South, does not support the distinction. It


is classed the same as smoking, we smoke in the same shade as the


smokers and so forth, it is the same, they do not see a difference.


I am getting second-hand smoke, which may not be the best thing in


the history of the universe given that I am vaping now. But the chair


of the Royal can tube GPs has said that vaping should be banned in


public places and should not be seen as a choice -- Royal Oak on a dude


GPs. Daily, people are mesmerised, I don't know how quickly it will


change but it has two. For the time being, anyone wanting to make an


informed decision may find that the decision has been clouded.


Train drivers on Southern Railway have cut their strike next week


But as Alsef union members will stop work on Tuesday,


Wednesday and Friday, services will still be disrupted


The union has also announced a further three days


Southern says its a cynical ploy to reduce the impact


It will lay on 200 buses on each strike day.


A non-league footballer's apologised for mocking Bournemouth player


Harry Arter over the death of his baby daughter.


The FA will investigate Hitchin Town player Alfie Barker who made


the remarks on Twitter after the Cherries lost a three goal


Renee Arter was stillborn in December 2015, the Bournemouth


player says there isn't a day that goes by without him thinking of her.


The family of a mother accused of plotting to topple the Iranian


government expect a court will hear her appeal later.


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a British-Iranian charity worker


Her husband Richard, whose family lives in Fleet in Hampshire,


says their daughter Gabriella is having to cope without her mum.


She is getting older, and as she does, she asks questions about when


we are going back to London, where is daddy, where is money? She talks


about prisoners in money's bedroom. -- where is my mummy. She is loved


and well looked after. Many of us imagine at some point


being a star in our own film. It's an ambition Sarah Chandler


from Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire certainly has,


but she cant speak and has That didn't stop her though -


with the help of her parents, carers and a local film maker, she's


starred in a short music video. Following two devastating strokes


as a child, Sarah now lives with static dystonic quadriplegia


and a complete Eye-gaze technology is helping


her express herself. My best friend is my


mum, she is lush! I programmed that last week, I have


to take the credit for that one! But it was the chance to play Ariel


along side of her parents and carers, that has been a real dream


come true for Sarah. I really enjoyed making


The Little Mermaid We spent the day dressing up


and Sarah was on a beanbag, so it meant she got some


physiotherapy, getting out It was so much fun, everybody can be


involved and the families can be Sarah's support workers


both took it in turns. I call it the Pea,


but it is the green suit, all over They were around Sarah as Flounder,


and I was able to take that It's 50 years since the last British


rail steam train ran Today there's just one short line


from Ryde Pier to Shanklin. But the railways used


to crisscross the island. With archive film you've


never seen before, our Transport Correspondent Paul Clifton


looks at how the end of the steam The Isle of Wight once had


55 miles of railways. This is 1928, when trains linked


most towns and villages. From the 1950s onwards,


the lines gradually closed. At the end of 1966, Ventnor died


because the line from Ryde to Ventnor served the principal


holiday resorts on the island, Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor -


and it took Ventnor about 30 years to reinvent itself to become


a destination once again. If you look carefully,


evidence of the old railways A platform that hasn't


seen trains in decades. Once called Whitwell Station,


here it is in 1897. After 104 years, the last steam


train ran on New Year's Eve, 1966. The trains were probably much more


busy than an average house on New Year's Eve,


and as ever, people were very much coming


for their last trip of an era. In reality, the island has


two heritage railways. Unlikely survivors


from the island's past. And there are no firm


plans to update it. They look like a very comfortable


carriages, don't they? And you can see Paul's feature


length report on the BBC Good afternoon, it was quite a


cloudy morning for most but not all of us, a better chance this


afternoon of seeing sunny spells coming through. Pretty but great


looking photos from Weather Watchers, this is a nice scene,


aside from that cloud! That was Hungerford. That cloud is thanks to


this weather front pushing its way through but has it for years, there


will be brighter skies coming in and some colder air coming into night,


tonight will be very cold. This is the seen so far, cloudy with some


holes in the crowd here and there, some of us seeing sunshine and a bit


of rain for us as well. That's associated with this weather front.


Patches here and there, damp for some of us, but that will clear,


bright spells and temperatures average for this time of year. At


the end of tonight, skies clear and that means that it will be cold.


Widespread hard frost on the way for tonight, missed and freezing fog


patches, typical temperatures but it could be as low as minus eight


degrees tonight, a very cold start fought morning. Any mist and fog


should clear, and it should be a lovely and bright day. Winter


sunshine Fort McMurray, a gorgeous day, if you like the bright weather,


-- winter sunshine for tomorrow. On Friday, Al breaks of rain, and it


will be mild as we head into the weekend, good on the most part.


Thank you, we will be back here at 6:30pm on BBC One. See you then.


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


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