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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


The top stories this Monday lunchtime.


Cancelled flights, delayed ferries and crashes on the road as freezing


The parents calling on the Government to


test all pregnant women for an infection that can be


And pressures of a night shift, why more


than 40% of junior doctors admit to falling asleep at the wheel.


Freezing fog and ice has led to major travel disruption


In Dorset, there'd been over a dozen crashes


The weather also led to delays on ferry services and at Gatwick,


Live to Southampton Airport and our reporter Lewis Coombes.


And, Lewis, plenty of delayed and cancelled flights there too ?


That's right, it's hard to believe but behind me is what usually is


just a bustling regional airport but note flights in or out today at the


moment due to the fog. They did get a couple this morning but the


problem is that aircraft can't land and pick up passengers. Some have


been shipped by bus to Bristol and Bournemouth airports to try and get


them to their destinations while others have had to wait in the


terminal. I just caught up with one family, they left Dorset at three


a.m., excited about going to Disneyland Paris and their plight


could be as late as PM. Also problems at Gatwick, planes on the


runway for up to two hours and one person on one of them was a BBC


reporter Paul Moss. This flight is now two and a half hours later and


still nowhere near taking off as far as I can tell. The problem started


with the fog, which delayed the flight by two hours but as


passengers decided they wanted to get off, presumably because it


wasn't worth making the journey, Gatwick seems to have found they


don't have stabbed to scored passengers back to the terminal, so


there are further delays, which means more passengers want to get


off the plane and means further delays and no sign of the party


whatsoever. Lewis, what impact have we seen on the region's roads?


Widespread disruption there as well. Dorset police reported they had 14


incidents before nine o'clock this morning, so a big impact on the


commute. Last Monday, just to accidents. In Hampshire, a number of


serious incidents, a nine car crash on the M3 this morning and also


elsewhere a number of different incidents. The ferries, if you have


been trying to get to or from the Isle of Wight, you would have


struggled. The Lymington to Yarmouth service has been suspended with


Wightlink, the Portsmouth to Fishbourne service is running the


two hours delay while the red -- services are running a two hour


delay. Today is a good day to stay inside and not try and travel


anywhere. Families from the south have given


a petition to the Government asking for all pregnant women to be tested


for a infection that's A quarter of a million people have


signed the petition. Group B Streptococcus


is a bacterium carried by one It can lead to meningitis,


sepsis and pneumonia. Jo Bevan from Basingstoke was two


weeks overdue when she found out I was due to be induced


on the Thursday, only to find that Later on that evening,


I gave birth to Faye. I was also very, very poorly


because I had contracted I was in hospital for about five


days with septicaemia. An Iranian court has been accused


of the "needless waste" of the life of a Hampshire mother,


after her prison The husband of Nazanin


Zaghari-Ratcliffe learned yesterday that the appeal


against her five-year sentence on what's been described


as "security-related charges". Richard Ratcliffe says his


high-profile campaign to get her


released must continue. The latest row by conductors is


causing disruption for passengers on southern Railway, but less than


usual. The company says it is running seven in ten services. Paul


Clifton is here. That's not far of the normal service, is it? Southern


service even on a good day is the worst in the country. Today is


perhaps 15% down on a normal southern day. The RMT Union calls


the strike rock-solid. Southern is certainly running more trains were a


second member of staff. The union says it is happening six times more


often than promised but that is three more trains a day. The biggest


changes that drivers are routinely operating train doors on the


majority of services. Driver controlled operation, in railway


speak. That is not the same as driver only operation. Most trains


have on-board supervisors. Bottom line is that during an M Magda


Linette RMT strike, most trains can now run. They are running to


Portsmouth and Southampton for the first time on a stroke play and some


passengers are through to London instead of having to change. One


member of the RMT has been sacked in Sussex. It is claimed she bullied


other union members who wanted to work on strike days, but she is


appealing against that dismissal. What about the talks between the


drivers and the company? Three days of strikes this week by drivers have


been suspended. The two sides met for three days of peace talks last


week and are meeting again today. The other union, the RMT, is


excluded from those talks so it's drivers will strike tomorrow. There


are 1,000 drivers in the Aslef union, there are 12 in the RMT, so


the company says it will run a full timetable tomorrow for the first


time in nearly two months. Paul, thank you very much.


More than 40% of junior doctors admit to having fallen asleep at the


wheel of their cars on the way home. The BBC's inside out programme has


investigated the impact that working night shifts is having on staff


across the South. It's 8am and junior doctor


Sam Jayaweera just finished another Really, really busy,


erm, quite stressful, I cover intensive care and we had


a full unit of patients. All right, so, if you'd


like to come through to To see how working nights


affects her driving, we've gone to the Transport Research


laboratory in Berkshire. Fatigue is a huge


road safety problem. Our own perception of our fatigue


tends to lag behind reality and by the time we've realised it,


we've already made a very serious mistake which could have


led to a collision. Sam is put through series of tests


on a virtual motorway. Just 19 minutes in, she starts


having micro-sleeps. Micro sleep is a slightly longer


blink, up to 15 seconds in duration. For Sam and all drivers,


the results come as a wake-up call Inside Out is on tonight


at 7.30 tonight on BBC One. A miserable start for many of us


across the region, let's find out if it is said to get any better with


Emily. It's been a rather chilly start


to the week, it's going to remain quite chilly over the next few days


and some fog proving quite slow We have got some sunshine breaking


through, but we are looking High pressure is with us


at the moment, very light winds, that means that fog will reform


quite widely through tonight. It does remain dry over the next few


days, we should see a bit more in the way of sunshine later


in the week as well. So the best of the sunshine


is to the west, some more cloud to the north and east,


some misty, foggy conditions lingering through much


of this afternoon. Particularly, we have


got the mist and cloud, remaining feeling cold,


highs of 3-5 degrees, seven or eight Celsius


at best in any sunshine. And through tonight,


the fog will reform We're also looking at a widespread


frost through tonight and freezing fog could well be a hazard


through tonight and for tomorrow morning, temperatures down


to minus two or minus three Celsius. So tomorrow, they'll be frost,


some locally dense fog and some Quite slow to clear as well for many


places and it may linger locally More cloud through tomorrow as well


adding to the chilly feel. Still those light winds and highs


of up to eight degrees. A bit of a change for later


in the week, though. From Wednesday onwards,


the winds increase so mist and fog should become less of a hazard


for the second half of this week. There will be some cloud at times,


particularly Wednesday and Friday. A little sunshine through


the day on Thursday. There will be the risk still of some


overnight frosts but it does remain That said, we are back with you at


6:30pm. Thanks for your company, enjoy your afternoon. Goodbye for


now. a free five-a-side tournament


that's for everyone. For more information,


go to the Get Inspired website. If they have a fear of water,


God help them. To break someone physically... Agh!


..is not a problem.


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