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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


from space to Sussex - Chichester astronaut Tim Peake


returns home to visit an exhibition about himself.


Also - helping them to treat themselves -


the new therapy for teenagers who self-harm.


And teed off - the golfers angry after their


practice range closes because the council decided


He's the man from Chichester who swapped Sussex for space.


Astronaut Tim Peake is back home this lunchtime to see an exhibition


Major Tim was the first British astronaut to live


on the international space station for six months last year.


Today comes as he's announced he's going back on another mission.


Live to Sean Killick now and Sean Major Tim's old school had


mounted quite a campaign to get him to come home, hadn't they?


It was a bit surreal coming in and seeing your own life history


on the board in front of you but the exhibition


It documents the mission but more importantly,


it educates people about human space flight, what we are doing,


why we are doing it. That is one of the most


important messages we are trying to get across.


Very strange to see half your life on display?


It is quite strange as well seeing some artefacts here that I had


with me and clothing I wore in space, it is very unusual.


How clear was your view of your home area, the south of England?


What could you make out? What went through your mind?


I had to wait for a sunny day to be able to see from the space station


and having launched in December, I had to wait quite a long time


before the weather started to improve over the UK.


It was fantastic to be able to look down and have a great


You are so detached from planet earth but to get to see where you


grew up is quite surreal. How has your life changed since you landed?


The post flight period is exceptionally busy. The most


important thing for us is the scientific data. That is why we have


the space station programme. Being able to get back to do outreach and


PR is important as well but obviously, that has to take second


priority to the science. And being priority to the science. And being


based in Houston makes it difficult to get back to the UK so everything


takes it's time during the post flight period. You might be going


back in the next few years, what are your thoughts? I am very excited


about the prospect. There is a fantastic space programme going on.


The European Space Agency is very active in giving its astronaut


opportunities to go back for future missions.


A 60-year-old man from Sandown has been arrested


A 45-year-old woman from Cowes was taken


to St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight yesterday afternoon.


She was found by officers seriously ill at a house in Gurnard.


The RMT union says its members are meeting this weekend to discuss


whether to call more strike action as part of its ongoing dispute


12 train drivers who are members of the RMT have walked out today -


the last day of action scheduled so far.


Four more Dorset councils have voted in favour of plans


for the county to be carved up into two unitary authorities.


Dorset County, Weymouth Portland, West and North Dorset districts


Poole Council also voted for the move on Tuesday.


Dorset's other councils vote by the end of next week.


If the new structure is approved, it would go live from April 2019.


Services have been held to mark Holocaust Memorial Day


In Oxford, members of the public and councillors gathered


for a special ceremony at the town hall, marking the anniversary


of the liberation of Auschwitz at the end of the Second World War.


John Fieldsend, who now lives in Thame, remembers Hitler coming


We locked ourselves into our flat, but there were these huge


And I can still remember that voice talking about "Der Juden,


der Juden, der Juden". And that memory.


It is firmly locked in the back of my head,


Teens who self-harm are being offered a new form of therapy


in Buckinghamshire - and it's showing early


Dialectical behaviour therapy - or DBT - uses techniques


like mindfulness to help young people in distress


to treat themselves. Sophie Sulehria reports.


Over the past year, Milton Keynes CAMHS has rolled out


a new type of therapy, called DBT, which aims to help young


people who frequently self-harm or have attempted suicide.


The treatment programme runs for up to a year and works on a new way


of addressing emotional crisis, using therapies such as distress


We do distress tolerance where we have skills like the Tip


skills where you do things like temperature, so you have


a change of temperature. So you could have a really cold bath


or shower and it brings a different sensation.


The programme costs between ?70,000 and ?100,000 a year.


Historically, these are the kinds of young people who come to CAMHS


who end up coming to A multiple times, who end up being admitted


to inpatient units for long stays. They might end up being transferred


to adult mental health services when they turn 18.


So hopefully, this is going to stop some of those things happening


A busy golf practice range in Reading is to be


closed down next month - much to the frustration


The privately run facility is on land owned by the council,


and it's exercised its right to end the lease early.


Even on a dreary January week day, the Leaderboard


It is a place golfers of all ages and abilities come to practice.


Operated by the same firm for almost two decades.


The lease was renewed only a year ago, but without warning,


Reading Council announced last month it was ending the agreement early.


I think people are just surprised and disappointed because there isn't


another range anywhere near in Reading.


I don't think there was any consultation about this


This is one of the new attractions Reading Council plans to put here.


A high ropes adventure climbing facility, together


with archery, laser shooting and ironically, minigolf.


There will also be a new outdoor education and activity classroom.


In these days of obviously budget constraints for all councils,


we have to make the best use of our assets and that is what we're


doing here, we are putting in an activity centre that we think


will be fantastic for children and families and also relocating


our play service which will both save the Council money and also


It is thought that most of the small number of staff will be made


redundant when Leaderboard closes in three weeks' time.


Now time for the weather with Dan Downs.


Our weather turning more unsettled as we head towards the weekend.


This morning started off drier and brighter and rather


crisp for many of us, as this as Weather Watcher


picture from Chris shows. It has been clouding over since then


and it continues to cloud up during the afternoon.


Some patchy rain moving up from the south.


We have a weather front crossing during the next 24 hours


which will draw up some showers from the south.


Particularly western areas, into Dorset, seeing those showers


Quite patchy in nature but spreading to more parts later on.


And into the night, it stays rather cloudy and damp


Temperature-wise, today, we're looking at highs of around 8,


So quite a grey evening, some low cloud around,


that rain continuing to spread during the evening to


As you would expect, under that cloud, temperatures


tonight not dipping much below 4 or 5 degrees.


Still some showers initially but gradually things start


to improve from the west and become drier and brighter,


with some sunshine at times in the afternoon, perhaps.


But always a chance of some showers and they could be heavy and perhaps


even thundery at times. Feeling that much milder tomorrow,


temperatures reaching highs of 8 or 9 Celsius.


Beyond that, it stays rather unsettled.


Temperatures into double figures by the start of next week.


Some rain around for much of Sunday and then it continues to be


unsettled into the first part of next week as well.


The next regional news will be at 6.30pm.


The FA Cup fourth round, next weekend, across the BBC.


It's incredible, the changes that have occurred in just 50 years.


Oh, my goodness me, I don't like the look of that.


The Robshaws are going back in time again...


Feel a little bit overwhelmed at the moment.


How people did this every day, I don't know.


Calf's head. Leave the teeth out of it, won't you?


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