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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


On their way to Wembley - Southampton make history at Anfield


after beating Liverpool in the EFL Cup semifinal.


The cabbies being made to pay more to use this station taxi rank.


And digging deep - the astonishing find


Thousands of Southampton football fans are planning a trip to Wembley


after their team stunned Liverpool to reach their first major cup


final. Today, the club announced they are in talks which could see


the investment, Chinese company. Our sports editor is live at Saint


ladies this lunchtime. Over two legs, Southampton were very much


their underdogs against Klopp's Liverpool. But they came through


pretty comfortably. They want 1-0 at fortnight ago and again this time.


The fans went home very happy and looking forward to their first final


in this competition since 1979. They was defending really deep,


but we got them on the counter. When Shane Long went through,


I was praying he'd put it in the back of the net,


and he only gone and done it. Of course, we can, any


team can win the Cup. We haven't conceded a goal yet


in this competition, so come on, let's go,


we can do this. Their opponents will probably be


Manchester United at Wembley. The last time, Southampton were the


underdogs again that they beat Manchester United. The man in charge


spoke to me this morning. We should've been two or three goals


up the first leg and like most football people, I thought,


one is not enough, And yet the tactics


by Claude Puel were perfect. And to finish off with that


ball, that was the icing Shane Long has fired


them into a 1-0 lead. For the first time since 1979,


Saints are going to go to Wembley! News off the field


for Southampton, too. This morning it was confirmed that


talks with a Chinese investment firm known as Lander Sports had continued


and the company was in talks to take Katharina Liebherr, the club's


owner, gave a brief statement saying only that any potential partnership


would have the best interests of the club at heart,


she also shared fans' joy at reaching Wembley saying February


26th will be a brilliant day. Taxi drivers in Winchester are


complaining at what they describe as an unfair kick in the wallet


from South West Trains. Cabbies are angry at a big increase


in the cost of a permit to use Steve Humphrey reports


from Winchester. The big complaint among taxi drivers


here is that the fee from South West Trains for them


to use the taxi rank outside of Winchester Station has gone


up from ?308 in 2009, One of the drivers who is upset


at the increase is Barry Hussey. Very angry, because we can't


increase our fares, but South West Trains can increase


the fee that they charge us. You were telling me that the taxi


fares haven't increased March 2011 was the last


time the fears went up. So you don't mind paying,


but you want something The same as they do


with the train passengers. 2% or 3%, in line with inflation,


but 10-15% a year is Well, South West Trains have told us


that, as the number of people using the station has increased,


taxi drivers have actually had an increased share of business,


and they say that the fee is less Steve Humphrey, BBC


South Today, Winchester. Plans for a combined authority


for Solent and an elected mayor because the council's couldn't


agree a way forward. The government's said it can't


give the money to just The leader of Hampshire county


council says remaining as one whole county delivers value for money


for the taxpayer, but the Portsmouth city council leader told us she's


'deeply disappointed'. Archaeologists have discovered three


almost complete Roman buildings under a West Sussex


city centre park. The find in Chichester includes two


large masonry houses. Well, let's go live now


to Sean Killick who is there and Sean it's survived


hundreds of years? Yes, for generations, the people of


Chichester have been playing here and having picnics, unaware of what


was beneath their feet. Now they know, and it's thanks to David. He


used a ground penetrating radar machine to carry out a survey of the


park, and slowly, on his screen, he found the complete foundations of


the Roman buildings. You can see on the screen, and vertical slice of


the ground, so I could see what was going on under there. But it's


difficult to see from the little but we were looking at to see exactly


what's going on, so we need to download it and put it together to


see what's going on. What was your reaction when you discovered it? I


came back and did some more. Chichester district Council and the


local archaeological group carried out a test dig, and they actually


dug down and looked into the ground, and they found what they believe to


be actually the remains of these grand houses that were left in by


someone of great importance. They say it's a really unusual discovery.


It's no surprise to find Roman town houses in a Roman town, but what


surprises the completeness was then a town that has been so occupied


over the years, that most of the archaeology has been destroyed. It


wouldn't be surprised to find this in some more remote places, but


defined in Chichester, where people live and in a park where they play


cricket is just amazing. They hope to carry out small scale excavations


later in the year to find out more about the people who once lived


there. A Berkshire woman has raised funds


online to buy a new bike for a stranger who left a note


saying their bike had been stolen. Rachel Thomas saw the note stuck


to an empty bike-rack Its author Alex said they'd


saved up a year for it. The note said Alex would wait


by the bike rack at 6pm each day this week, hoping it


would be returned. Well, it's a pretty forlorn looking


little note, as you see. Everything I read just made me feel


sad for the person, really. And that's what motivated


me to do something. You can find out what happened next


on South Today tonight at 6.30. It's ever so cold out there,


we've got a bitter wind, and that's really making it feel


ever so nippy indeed. Now, we've had cold air pulling over


the continent and it's coming Still, as we push into


the afternoon, after quite a cloudy start for most of us,


it should brighten up a little bit, I think further north,


across the likes of Oxfordshire and Berkshire, it will tend


to stay fairly grey. But it's those temperatures that are


really the talking point, I think. Some spots not picking up


beyond freezing for today. And although further south,


those temperatures are a bit higher, because of this brisk


southeasterly, they feel much colder than these numbers


might otherwise suggest. As we push into the night tonight,


we tend to find any Starry skies overhead and that means


the likelihood of some frost. Into the early hours,


the risk of some rain or drizzle, which could lead to some ice,


and we could see a few wintry flurries in the mix as well,


but they really shouldn't amount These are our low temperatures,


so it is a cold one as we head There is a risk of some


ice around initially. Fairly cloudy skies,


any brightness in short supply, And then come the afternoon,


we start to see some outbreaks that These are our top


temperatures for tomorrow. They are bit higher than today,


it will feel like a chilly picture. Some uncertainty about


the detail into the weekend. Some bright spells on Saturday,


but also the risk of Outbreaks of rain for Sunday,


but some uncertainty But it should be just


that little bit milder. That's all from us this lunchtime,


we back at past six tonight. Thank you for watching. Have a lovely.


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