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And Theresa May has said she will publish her Brexit


Wayne Moores was killed in a hit and run -


now his family call for drunk drivers to be charged


Accused of trying to assasinate Donald Trump.


The 20-year-old from Surrey imprisoned in America


And trapped in the ice - days of sub zero temperatures that's


A couple from Hampshire whose son was killed by a drunk driver say


a consultation about tougher penalties doesn't go far enough.


Motorcyclist Wayne Moores was 28 when he died after a hit and run


The driver was given a six year prison sentence.


The maximum possible penalty for drivers who cause deaths


through dangerous or careless driving under the influence


of drink or drugs is currently 14 years.


But in practice the average sentence given is just under five years.


The Government is considering introducing life sentences


but Wayne Moores' family say all such cases should be


Deeply spiritual, had a huge sense of fun.


Wayne Moore's parents remember a son lost at the age of 28.


He died after being knocked from his motorbike by a drunk


that. -- nothing can prepare a that. -- nothing can prepare a


parent for seeing that. Every day that vision comes in to my mind. I


saw it myself. The driver was given


a six-year sentence driving while under the influence


and served half of that in prison. Wayne's parents feel the current


wording of charges and penalties given don't reflect


the seriousness of road deaths. What message does it


give to the criminal? "Don't worry, you're


just bit careless. No!


It is people, it is lives! Why, when you get in a vehicle


and you drive drunk, and you kill somebody,


why is that not manslaughter? The government is consulting


on whether the maximum sentence for such crimes should be increased


from 14 years to life. Wayne's parents believe that needs


to be backed up by tougher A move they believe would change


attitudes and perhaps save lives. It's too late for us but it is for


other families. Briony, what has the Ministry


of Justice had to say about this? Well we asked the Ministry


of Justice for an interview instead they gave us a statement which says:


"We are determined to make sure those who kill whilst driving under


the influence of alcohol or drugs That is why we are consulting


on plans that will see the maximum sentence for a number of offences


in this area increase No direct answer there


to the question raised by the Moores family over whether these kind


of cases should be treated as manslaughter -


which would be a big legal change. The consultation closes


on the first February - the ministry says it is keen to hear


from all interested The consultation closes


on the first of February - the ministry says it is keen to hear


from all interested parties and its response


will be published by May. Four Dorset schoolchildren have


been taken to hospital - over fears they had taken cocaine


at school, believing Police were called to


Broadstone Middle School in Poole on third January -


but they hadn't actually taken any. A 32-year-old man has been arrested


in connection with the incident. A Southampton man's been shot


dead in a Thai resort. It's reported by the Bangkok Post


that father of two Tony Kenway was killed in the drivers seat


of his red Porsche in the car park The Foreign Office has confirmed


it is in contact with local police. The mother of a man from Surrey


accused of trying to assassinate Donald Trump says she's looking


forward to him coming home so he can 20-year-old Michael Sandford


from Dorking went to a Trump rally There he tried to snatch


a policeman's gun. He later said he wanted


to shoot Mr Trump saying Michael Sandford, who has


Asperger's syndrome, was sentenced to 12 months


in prison, but has been told he'll be released in May


because of his good behaviour. Our reporter David Allard has been


speaking to his mum Lynne and he asked her what her reaction


had been when she was first My heart stopped beating


now just burst into Over the subsequent


months when Michael was in detention, what was


it like as a family? I couldn't even speak


to him for five weeks. Continuing to be so far apart has


been tremendously difficult, too. Ultimately the judge at the


sentencing was sympathetic to his mental health issues


and he was given 12 months. What do you hope will


happen when Michael is I hope he gets to come


home to his loving He will have a lot


of care that he still needs and medication


and support but he has a second chance in life


to go forward and make


something of himself. Southampton play the second-leg


of their League Cup semifinal, Claude Puel's side may be


without captain Virgil van Dijk who was injured


against Leicester on Saturday. They go in to the game


with a 1-0 lead. We are in a situation, of course,


I think it is not sufficient to stay just one goal up.


And it would be important to score. Days of sub-zero weather have led


to long stretches of the Kennet Many narrow boats are trapped


in the ice, unable to move. It's also causing problems


for the Canal and River Trust - which is trying to keep its winter


maintenance and repair These boats are going nowhere any


time soon. While the frozen layer is not especially thick driving forward


in these conditions risks forcing up sheets of ice, potentially damaging


to both boats and the banks. It also hampers efforts by the canal and


River trust to carry out routine repairs like here west of Newbury.


If the ice reaches a certain thickness then it does cause


us problems with moving boats about in it, obviously.


We can recreate a plough wave in front of us, of solid ice,


So it causes problems with moving boats and also because locks


are mostly Grade II listed structures, we have to use


authentic materials, we have to use lime mortar


and you can't lay lime mortar below certain temperatures.


The springboard arrived on site before the waterway frauds and they


are hopeful the eyes. Long before it is needed elsewhere. -- crane boat.


While the eyes looks solid and places it is deceptively thin and


others and it is a warning not to step on to it. -- the ice.


And now the weather with Holly Green.


We have had a lot of fog around for today


but that has led to quite an


It's been sent in by weather watcher Dorset Phantom.


It is formed in much the same way as a rainbow


except because the water droplets in fog are that


it causes of a white colour as opposed to


The reason we are getting so much fog is high-pressure has been


in charge but as that increasingly slips into the Continent for


tomorrow we have a cold southerly or south-easterly coming up and


We had a lot of this fog and low cloud around.


A bit about this coming through here and there into


parts of Hampshire but in general a fairly murky picture.


The mist and fog will lift up a bit as we the


afternoon but it does then to stay fairly cloudy and grey.


Temperatures struggling underneath the cloud.


As we go into the night the cloud thickens further.


It could get fit enough to bring a bit of rain and


drizzle and maybe even a few went to the valleys and snow but it


The risk of some ice as we head through


tonight into tomorrow morning as well.


A very cloudy start to tomorrow and could


Writing up a little as a day goes on but it


will feel pretty bitter, especially for you are exposed to that breeze.


Cloudy with a bit of rain for Friday and the risk of some heavy thundery


Hopefully brighter and dryer for Sunday.


The next regional news is at 6.30, more on the BBC News website.


Should've seen Hillary's face. She was stood there with Bill.


Because she's going to an event to celebrate


a job that she didn't get and the person closest to her, to reassure


her, to tell her it's going to be OK,


is a person who's already had that job.


Yeah. She must be thinking, "Where can I go?"


It's just pain, but it doesn't feel like pain,


it feels much more violent, dark and exciting.


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