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Good afternoon, I'm Lewis Coombes with your news in the South.


A convicted murderer from Weymouth is on the run after breaching


Police are looking for Jamie Frater, who was jailed for life in 1993


for stabbing a teacher to death in Bournemouth.


Frater has previously escaped from prison on two other occasions.


The public are advised not to approach the 43-year-old


More than 100 anti-Donald Trump protestors gathered


in Southampton this afternoon to highlight their anger over


It tied in with other women-led protests across the world organised


as a show of solidarity and call for equal rights.


Today was President Trump's first day in office after winning one


of the most divisive political campaigns in US history.


To think that he's got so far just makes my blood boil.


I think it's also the fact that he's got no political


experience at all because, at the end of the day,


He is protecting the values of the richest people in the country.


We need to build bridges, not walls, I think is the essential thing.


We generated so much interest so, yeah, Southampton was united and I'm


so proud of Southampton for turning out today.


20 tonnes of aid collected by a Hampshire charity


Volunteers from the Portsmouth group Don't Hate, Donate got a big


response to their appeal for supplies to help people


who've lost their homes in Syria's civil war.


Last night, all the aid was packed ready for its long journey.


Box by box, all of the aid supplies were passed along a human chain


and stacked in the shipping container in which it'll be


transported to its final destination in Syria.


You want to do anything you can and this is something that I can do.


For me, it's demonstrating the best in humanity.


People are hearing and then the word's spreading,


People have donated blankets, clothes, food and medicines -


many motivated to help after seeing TV reports of the misery caused


I think it was probably because I spent most evenings


watching the news in absolute despair and I felt like I had to do


Everybody from all communities came together and I think it's just shown


that love coming across and that willingness to help as well.


The Portsmouth-based charity Don't Hate, Donate used a big event


in the city's Guildhall Square to publicise its


The aid will be distributed by inexperienced team in Syria.


So we work with British humanitarian aid workers


on the ground over in Syria, and they are ready.


They've got a fantastic team in place and they distribute


it to the most needy on the ground there.


The charity is now planning to send another consignment of aid


Steve Humphrey, BBC South Today, Portsmouth.


Onto sport and, in the Premier League, Bournemouth came from behind


Goals from Joshua King and a late strike from Benik Afobe helped claim


a point for Eddie Howe's side, who are now without a league win at


In the Championship, after Brighton's victory last night


kept them in the hunt for promotion, Reading failed to keep up


with the pace, losing 3-2 away to play-off rivals Derby County.


In League 1, MK Dons came out on top in an eight-goal thriller


against Northampton while Oxford secured an impressive 4-0 win away


The weather put paid to Portsmouth's game at Crawley in League 2 -


And it was a cold day for most of us.


Here's Bee Tucker with your weather forecast.


We've had a bit more cloud push in through this


afternoon so I think, for some of us tonight,


We can even see a little bit of drizzle, perhaps even some sleet


I think there will be a few breaks tonight so, rurally,


And that does mean we do run the risk of seeing some ice


on the roads first thing tomorrow, some mist, shallow fog.


I think it's a slow burner so it will start off


We should see more sunshine developing


So a bright afternoon, marginally less cold than today.


And it does stay settled as we head through the week,


mainly dry, quite bright, but rather cold.


And a reminder that our current affairs programme Sunday Politics


will be talking to the recently departed leader of the Isle of Wight


Good evening. It does not get warmer. If you check the UK as a


whole, it has been one of the coldest days so far. The hard frost


to come in areas where it stays clear, parts of East Anglia, the


south-east, fog across Scotland, at West, a change, showers and parts of


Wales and England, some snow on high ground as well. Meanwhile, down


under through the early hours, Andy Murray will be getting ready for his


next match in the


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