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I'm David Allard with the news in the south.


A Hampshire man has condemned a court in Iran for rejecting


an appeal against his wife's five-year prison sentence.


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested and later jailed


on what's been described as security-related charges,


when she took their daughter to visit family in Iran last year.


Her husband Richard had hoped a visit by a Foreign Office minister


to Iran last week would help secure her release.


Today he accused Tehran of toying with the lives of his family


and said the campaign to free Nazanin would continue.


It's obviously nonsense, the idea that, because someone


is protesting their innocence, they must be guilty.


And, if anything, I think what they want most of all is to try


There's not much I can do to disrupt that apart from to keep


raising it so I'm sure it's what she would want.


People in Worthing who failed to block a 15-storey development


on the edge of the beach say it will destroy the


The council says it's the only way to regenerate the old Aquarena site.


But many residents believe it will set a precedent for other


high-rise developments along the seafront.


Michael and Jane Janney have been enjoying the winter


This drawing shows their home next to the new development.


What it doesn't reveal is the 15-storey block at its heart


that they fear is about to quite literally cast a shadow


Presumably, when the tower block is up, it will take sunlight


from our balcony from about three o'clock in the afternoon,


This week, councillors took the plunge in granting permission


for the development on the site of this former swimming pool.


Now closed and derelict, nobody denies the site


Local politicians out meeting electors say what's now been given


I think it's a good thing for Worthing and it provides some


I think it's good for the economy as well and, finally,


it's a site that is in desperate need of regeneration and my personal


view is those plans we have seen look really good.


The apartments will sell for between half a million


In my view, there aren't very many people who can afford those


and we could end up with a lot of wealthy people coming from London


or Brighton who just spent the weekends here.


Nobody will be surprised to find that the developers have expressed


pleasure that the decision has gone the way it has.


What they say is they now intend to work with the council and local


people to ensure that what arises from the site beyond us


here is something that everyone in Worthing can be proud of.


The developer has won awards for other buildings like this


on the seafront but, far from pride, many feel this


is a decision Worthing will live to regret.


Around 50 firefighters have spent the day tackling a large barn fire


It's thought cars, including some luxury vehicles,


One witness said a number of small explosions could be heard


Farnborough is the latest town in the South to launch its own


The new half marathon attracted nearly 2,000 runners today and looks


set to become a fixture in the calendar.


It was designed as a post-Christmas run to help people keep up


It's the brainchild of a man who has won the London marathon and says


more and more people are taking up the sport.


It's the biggest growing sport in the country still.


The estimate is something like 1.5 million people taking part


in a running event each year and 800,000 take


That's quite a lot of people, so the demand for events


It was just about enjoying the day and seeing my friends.


Lost about five stone, so just continued running.


Made loads of great friends over the time.


On to football and there was a welcome win for Southampton


Saints dominated from the opening whistle and went ahead


through James Ward-Prowse's first goal in 22 games.


Ward-Prowse's free-kick helped set up the second for Jay Rodriguez,


before Dusan Tadic's late penalty set the seal on a 3-0


Time now for the weather with Bee Tucker.


We've had some sunshine today, but over the last few hours this


afternoon we've had some cloud pushing in.


Further east where we've got those clear skies,


temperatures already rapidly dropping and I think a bit


Further east we'll get a frost and indeed some freezing


So some of us may well stay above freezing tonight.


But many of us dipping to around minus two, minus three.


And that freezing fog, as is the case at this time of year,


will be very slow to clear, if at all, so some parts


particularly through the morning will stay grey, overcast.


For some of us, that fog lingering into the afternoon.


Still some sunshine and that will have an impact


on the temperatures, so under the fog, just


Away from it more like eight or nine.


And it's a similar story for Tuesday.


The risk does become less as we head through the week as the breeze picks


up and it does turn milder into next weekend.


of freezing fog. Already warnings in place from the Met office. I will


concentrate on the fog as we go through the night. It will become


quite dense late on in the night. When you have cloud cover you


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