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Good evening. now time for the news where you are.


I'm David Allard with the news in the south.


A Hampshire man has condemned a court in Iran for rejecting


an appeal against his wife's five-year prison sentence.


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has dual British-Iranian citizenship.


The charity worker was detained on what's been described


as security-related charges when she took their young


It's been nine months since Richard Ratcliffe last saw his wife.


Now he's dealing with another setback in the campaign


There was a sinking feeling when today bad news came.


Her mum and her dad were seeing her in the prison and then,


at the same time, there was this press conference going on.


It's emerged Nazanin's appeal was actually dismissed in a secret


The precise charges against her remain secret,


The first was that she'd been head of recruitment for the BBC's Persian


The second was that she's married to a British spy.


Because of the media campaign that I've been doing and the fact


there was 500 pages in her file of media coverage that we'd done,


so protesting your innocence is what proves your guilt.


Nazanin's supporters have campaigned vigorously on her behalf,


highlighting her anguish at being separated from her


two-year-old daughter Gabriella, who's now living with Nazanin's


Richard says today's news proves Nazanin is a bargaining chip


Now it feels like, gosh, there's a whole new phase and I need


to find some new energy and a new strategy going forwards


Richard Ratcliffe ending that report.


Southern Rail says it hopes to run more than 70% of services tomorrow


despite a strike by conductors belonging to the RMT union.


The 24-hour stoppage is about whether guards or drivers


Aslef, the other union involved in the dispute,


has suspended industrial action planned for this week, and is to


People in Worthing who failed to block a 15-storey development


on the seafront say it will destroy the character of the town.


The council says it's the only way to regenerate the old Aquarena site.


Michael and Jane Janney have been enjoying the winter


This drawing shows their home next to the new development.


What it doesn't reveal is the 15-storey block at its heart


that they fear is about to quite literally cast a shadow


Presumably, when the tower block is up, it will take sunlight


from our balcony from about three o'clock in the afternoon,


This week, councillors took the plunge in granting permission


for the development on the site of this former swimming pool.


Now closed and derelict, nobody denies the site


Local politicians out meeting electors say what's now been given


I think it's a good thing for Worthing and it provides some


I think it's good for the economy as well and, finally,


it's a site that is in desperate need of regeneration and my personal


view is those plans we have seen look really good.


Nobody will be surprised to find that the developers have expressed


pleasure that the decision has gone the way it has.


What they say is they now intend to work with the council and local


people to ensure that what arises from the site beyond us


here is something that everyone in Worthing can be proud of.


On to football and Southampton's match against Leicester is on Match


of the Day coming up next, so if you don't want to know


It was a welcome win for Saints with goals from Ward-Prowse,


Rodriguez and Tadic securing a 3-0 victory, lifting them


OK, let's see what the weather's got in store for the start


Bee Tucker has our regional forecast.


Well, we've had some fairly bright conditions through today


but we've got some mist, some fog already starting to form


out there and temperatures dropping rapidly, so this fog


Some parts could escape without a frost and without the fog


particularly the further west you are.


That fog is going to be slow to clear, if at all.


Thick, dense, particularly through rush hour tomorrow.


There will be some sunshine but the fog will have an impact


on the temperatures, holding them back at just three


or four degrees and any brightness, though, highs of eight or nine.


There's more on the BBC news website and the news channel


Our next updates are in BBC Breakfast just before 6.30am.


Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out


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