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Hello. I'm Allen Sinclair.


An 11-year-old girl has appealed for thieves to return a precious


link with her late father. Firefighter Alan Bannon


was killed seven years ago during the infamous Shirley


His daughter Abi, who was five at the time, kept his iPod,


and found comfort listening to his favourite songs.


But it has been stolen from her mum's car.


Anjana Gadgil has been to meet Abi and her mum Charlotte,


who told us what the iPod, and the music it


MUSIC: Another Brick in The Wall by Pink Floyd.


When you grow up, you grow up listening to your parents' music,


their soundtrack, and it helps form your like or dislike of music.


When I gave Abi Alan's iPod and she started listening to it,


I was actually so pleased that she liked it.


He was a firefighter who was killed at Shirley Towers in 2010,


so he was killed on duty, tackling a quite


How often did you listen to the music on that iPod?


It had my dad's favourite songs on it.


Like, rock songs. AC/DC, Pink Floyd was on there.


It was another link to my dad. It was like a musical hug from him.


I can remember what he looked like, but I cannot remember his voice.


So, the music was like him speaking to me.


I mean, I feel very guilty. It should not have


been left in the car. But the car was on my driveway.


We could find the music again, but it is the fact that it


I would just really like them to bring it back.


Put it through the door. Or take it up to the Holy Saviour


Church, the one with the steeple, and just hand it in.


I just want it back because...it's his.


Oxfordshire Fire Rescue Service is advising people in Goring


to stay indoors, as thick, acrid smoke spreads from a large fire.


It broke out in agricultural buildings at Mount Pleasant


Eight fire engines are at the scene, as well as specialist units.


A World War II coastal defence on the Isle of Wight has been saved


Steel props have been used to support the failing concrete


It is one of 11 bunkers built to guard the Solent.


Historic England has funded the repairs, allowing


the Forestry Commission to carry out work, to prevent the fort


Football now and Oxford United are through to the fifth


round of the FA Cup, after a stunning victory over


Newcastle, who sit second in the Championship.


Kane Hemmings opened the scoring just after half time.


Curtis Nelson made it two with this header into the bottom corner.


And the match was finished off by Antonio Martinez.


A great win for Oxford at the Kassam Stadium.


But there was a shock defeat for Championship leaders Brighton,


Brighton opened the scoring with a Richard Towell


Lincoln then scored twice in the second half -


one penalty and one own goal - before finishing it off with a


right-footed shot from Theo Robinson.


In the Championship, Reading have reclaimed third place,


after a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Cardiff City at the Mad Stad.


In League One, Swindon were beaten 1-0 by Bristol Rovers,


while MK Dons won 4-0 away against Peterborough.


In League Two, Portsmouth lost 1-0 at home to Exeter.


Some sad news from racing this afternoon.


The Grand National and Gold Cup-winning horse


Many Clouds has died, just moments after winning


The horse collapsed after upsetting odds-on favourite Thistlecrack


On to the weather now and Emily Wood has our regional forecast.


We have seen a few showers through today.


Some showers will continue overnight.


Particularly close to the coast. the odd heavier shower around.


There will be some dry and clear weather through tonight, as well.


Temperatures down to 1-2 Celsius 1-2 C by tomorrow morning.


There will be some brightness initially tomorrow, as well.


But that will disappear as it clouds over through the morning and further


outbreaks of rain as the day progresses.


Also, the risk of some low cloud and hill fog.


But it also continues to turn milder.


High temperatures of 9-10 Celsius. Into next week, remaining unsettled.


Rain at times on Monday and Tuesday, but also remaining mild.


Meanwhile, there is more on the BBC News website.


Hello. If you don't like the cold weather, it certainly felt a lot


better for you today, at least across the southern half of the UK.


Still pretty chilly in northern areas, even some sleet. When we see


this transition from one type of weather to another, we get a lot of


variable weather. That's what we've had today that is what is on the way


tomorrow. Sunshine and showers today, and tomorrow will be quite a


mix as well. Lots of clouds in the Atlantic ready to come our way. The


short term, just bits and spots of rain in the western areas, some rain


in the North least. Cold enough for some ice to form in Northern


Ireland, northern England and parts of Scotland. In the south it should


be frost free, all in advance


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