11/03/2017 South Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South of England.

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It has to be that man, the coach, Eddie Jones, about to win the Six


Nations More than 60 prisoners


were evacuated from a jail in Dorset last night after a large fire


was started by an inmate. It's believed he climbed


onto the roof of HMP Guys Marsh, near Shaftesbury, after complaining


about a change of The fire began around


8pm last night. We understand a lone prisoner


climbed onto the roof, ripped off some tiles


and then took off his clothes 64 prisoners in the block


affected were taken Emergency services were called


and the prisoner was brought down He has not been arrested,


and the police have described this Guys Marsh houses some


600 prisoners, Last year mobile phone


pictures appeared showing inmates enjoying alcohol,


drugs and steak dinners At the last inspection in 2015,


an inspector said that prison staff here had all but lost control


and the prison was in crisis. They said that gangs


were operating openly, and that there was a very high level


of violence associated with 50 fires are reported each week


at prisons in England and Wales, and the number's


doubled in two years. Opposition politicians blame


cuts in prison staff. One of the biggest,


and the quickest, things they need And while they're trying


to recruit them, they're not A member of the independent


monitoring board at Guys Marsh told us that the arrival


of a new governor last month and extra funding had


led to improvements. She described this incident as sad


and not reflective of what's now Police are investigating the death


of a man in his 20s in Southampton. Officers were called


to Gilpin Close in Thornhill They found the man


with chest injuries. A woman's been arrested


following the death The 75-year-old


was found at a property Police are treating his


death as unexplained. Flights at Southampton Airport have


been delayed because of a shortage Landings and take offs


were stopped for three, NATS, which controls airspace,


said staff sickness was to blame. Cyclists in Berkshire have been


celebrating the completion of work to upgrade an outdoor circuit used


by hundreds of local people. improving the floodlights,


fencing and track at Two thirds of the funding


came from the council, the rest from British Cycling,


which declared the track unsafe The place got closed down,


and it really impacted us, our kids, But the response was just


tremendous, and now, to be surrounded by the safety


of the fence, and have the lighting I started racing


when I was about six. I was a very big fan of


Victoria Pendleton, You've got Laura Trott, of course,


and so they were the sort We want all the communities now


to be able to use it. Obviously, the future stars,


but also people of all ages and all abilities,


cos it is a safe environment In football, Bournemouth


secured their first win of the year in a rollercoaster match


against West Ham. Josh King and Benik Afobe


both missed penalties - before King went on to score


a hat-trick, netting a 3-2 victory Highlights on


Match of the Day later. In the Championship Brighton's 3-0


win over Derby last night put them level on points


at the top of the Championship In League One, MK Dons


drew 2-2 with Rochdale. And a fantastic result


for Portsmouth, OK, let's see what the weather has


got in store for the rest of the weekend.


We've got some outbreaks of rain heading our way,


but we have also got some sunshine to come in the forecast too.


Now, through the night tonight, we've got our cloud lowering,


bringing some patchy outbreaks of rain, some mistiness,


But it is mild, lows of around 8-9 degrees.


A bit of a damp and murky start, though, to tomorrow morning,


Brighter for a time around lunchtime, but then another weak


weather front moves in, bringing thicker cloud and a few


It is a mild day, but temperatures are lower than today.


Into Monday, we have got some sunshine around for a time,


a bright day, but cloud tends to thicken after that.


That's how it is looking this Saturday evening. We are back


tomorrow evening. Goodbye for now. Good evening. Some of us managed to


get some decent weather today, not everybody but some of us. Lovely


picture from a weather watcher in Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, and


in Northern Ireland we have the warmest day of the year for Northern


Ireland, 16 Celsius. The Southeast a little warmer weather cloud broke


up, 18 Celsius, but we have also had some light rain, and if anything


this coming even in the clouds will thicken up again in some areas, so


for a number of us it is going to be a cloudy and damp night. Mild at


around nine or 10 degrees. Tomorrow, a mix of