12/03/2017 South Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South of England.

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Good evening, I'm David Allard with the news in the South.


Traders in a Berkshire town say they're worried


by what appears to be a new police policy towards shoplifting.


At a meeting with Hungerford Town Council, a Thames Valley Police


officer said they would not routinely turn out to incidents


where less than ?100 worth of items had been taken.


The police have since tried to reassure traders


but some have been left confused and concerned,


It was here at Hungerford Town Hall that councillors were told that


under a so-called new delivery model, police would no longer turn


particularly those of goods worth less than ?100.


I think it was a bit of a shock, obviously.


There are a number of smaller retailers I know


that are not on the breadline but they struggle from time to time and


?90 worth of stuff stolen from a shop could well


Hungerford has a host of independent traders.


The owner of this antiques arcade was concerned to hear he may


not get help dealing with a shoplifting incident.


If the police are not going to come out for anything under ?100,


if we do have somebody, how do I handle it?


Do I hold onto him and then phone the police or do I take him down


to the police station or what do I do?


It is very grey so that is the reason I was surprised


Hungerford lost its police station over a year ago


so there were already fears about a lack of police presence.


Now the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner says


he will raise the comment about shoplifting policy


If we didn't investigate shoplifting up to ?100,


If people shoplift and nobody does anything about it,


So I totally disagree with that comment and I will be taking it up


But I'm sure that was not the intention.


Thames Valley Police have now tried to reassure the town council


They say that the reference to ?100 was arbitrary and does not


But they go on to say that clearly police attendance at incidents


is prioritised according to the prevailing threat or harm


to people and property and the associated risks.


They also say any suitable lines of inquiry will be pursued.


A man's been arrested following a fire on the roof of Guys Marsh


64 inmates had to be moved to safety after the fire broke out


Dorset Police say a 29-year-old male prisoner is being questioned


on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life.


The first of more than 100 wind turbines has been installed


this weekend eight miles off the Sussex coast.


Work is continuing night and day to construct the Rampion


offshore wind farm, which will provide electricity


for more than 340,000 homes from next year.


Each tower is 80 metres high, and each turbine


Search and rescue teams have been training in Wiltshire this


weekend in a huge exercise, designed to test how they respond


Recent figures show police in England and Wales receive a call


every 90 seconds about a person who's gone missing.


This is a mock-up of a search for a high-risk missing person.


He's a 46-year-old man and this morning he left a suicide note.


The police have traced him here - Coate Water Park in Swindon.


More than 100 members of the emergency services and voluntary


They are searching land and also this vast expanse of water.


There is a huge lake here in the park.


To narrow down such a search, they rely on statistics and research.


One in five missing people have mental health problems.


We are using an international database to look at what they are


likely to go and areas they are normally found in so we can


target our resources on the right places as early as possible.


Calls about missing people are rising.


Wiltshire's Chief Constable is the national police


There is a lot more people that are trying to pull vulnerable


young people away from their families.


There are so many pressures on people within society.


The hardships, people living in deprivation, people who are


Those add up to a toxic mix of pressure in our society and is


probably the reason why we are seeing a huge increase in the


With a higher demand on rescue teams, they're aiming


In this practise exercise, the fake subject's found just in time.


They hope, as a result, real lives will be


Time for the weather with Holly Green.


It's been a bit of a miserable Sunday but at least we have some


Starry skies developing overhead and it turns quite chilly.


In fact, we could see a touch of frost for some prone cold spots.


A nippier start tomorrow morning than we have seen of late but also


Good spells of sunshine through the course of the morning


and a little bit more cloud tending to wend and as we head


A mild day as well, temperatures getting up


to 14 or 15 degrees, maybe even a shade higher.


After that, cloudier skies develop for Tuesday


Our next news is tonight at a 10:20pm.


Hello, the weather was hit-and-miss today across the UK, bit of


sunshine, a few spots of rain, the skies are clearing