18/03/2017 South Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South of England.

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I'm Jo Kent with your news in the South.


They're designed to keep out dogs, but instead are preventing


wheelchair users from entering a play park.


Metal grids placed at entrance gates in Gosport have led one father


to start a campaign to improve play facilities for children


Earlier, I joined Daniel White and his daughter


Ten-year-old Emily wants to be more independent, but when she went


to meet her friends at this park, she could not get in.


When we first came here, I thought that it was going to be


all good, and when we came here it was really bad.


Please make it possible so everyone can come in.


She had to go back and get her parents to help.


She is old enough to come out on her own without us,


tied to our apron strings, so it would have been


When we came in, saw the cattle grid, it was like, oh,


The front wheels of her wheelchair get stuck in the grid.


The council told the family it is there to stop dogs getting in,


but our experiment showed it is not always effective.


Gosport Borough Council told us it has taken the family's complaint


very seriously and it has looked into what happened.


It says it is disappointed because it has worked hard in recent


years to try to improve things for people with disabilities.


It says it is inviting the family to become part of future


decision-making by joining the local disability access group.


If we all work together, things will get done,


I think that is very gracious of them, to try and initiate


One of the main things they would like to do is make sure


play areas in general are more accessible to children


with disabilities, as once in this park, there is not one piece


I think all parks in general should be made to be completely inclusive


and accessible for children of all abilities, because all


They all like to get outside, regardless


As for the access issue, Emily and her family say a simple


gate could fix the problem, allowing Emily to join her


friends while keeping four-legged friends out.


A man and a woman have been charged with conspiracy to murder


It follows a serious assault in Ryde last November that left


26-year-old Louise Spence and 49-year-old Anthony Booty


More than a hundred soldiers from Wiltshire have arrived


The 5th Battalion The Rifles, based at Bulford Camp on Salisbury Plain,


are the first of 800 UK troops that will eventually be deployed.


They'll offer defence for eastern European members in case of any


2,000 cyclists pedalled into Reading today.


They'd cycled 40 miles from London, finishing by the River Thames


The ride is organised by the British Heart Foundation


and helps raise tens of thousands of pounds each year to fight


Somebody said they would give me 20 quid if I would wear this.


It was a bit windy, but it was all right.


Probably the best bit is just getting started with friends


The worst bit was the big hill in Henley.


Well done to them. Rather than than me. -- rather them.


Both Bournemouth and Brighton are currently playing


In League One, Swindon conceded twice in the final five minutes


MK Dons eased their own relegation concerns with victory over Coventry,


and an injury-time winner saw Oxford claim the points against Scunthorpe.


In League Two, Portsmouth, who are third, lost 3-0


Now for a look at the weather with Dan Downs.


It's been a rather cloudy and breezy weekend for most so far.


We hold onto that cloud through the night, some mist


and some fog patches around as well, and we keep those


The chance of some outbreaks of light rain


Temperatures staying mild tonight, not dipping much


Tomorrow starts off much the same, rather cloudy, one of two brighter


breaks a possibility further east, and we still have a chance


Temperatures reaching highs of 12, possibly 13.


Not a great deal of change into Monday.


Colder but brighter with some showers on Tuesday.


Hello, the mild areas going to be with us into next week. Things set


to be