19/03/2017 South Today

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South of England.

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Good evening, I'm Jo Kent with the news in the south.


Human trafficking is happening around us, but would you recognise


That's a question shoppers have been asked in Portsmouth this weekend,


by a charity raising awareness of modern day slavery.


It's estimated that 20,000 people are trafficked


into the UK every year, but it's a very hidden crime.


This is Maria, just one of thousands of people working in Britain


Brought here by a wealthy family, she was forced to work


She managed to escape, but many others can't.


Which is why the organisation Stop the Traffik wants us all to be


on the lookout for signs of such abuse.


It's about equipping the community and the general public


with the ability to understand that this does exist.


You are looking for anything that looks a bit untoward,


people that might seem a bit malnourished,


people that feel may be afraid if they are doing agricultural work


They might not be wearing the right equipment,


they might not be taking breaks, so it's so varied.


Activists are using this giant gift box to illustrate the problem,


on the outside it looks like a present, people


The reality, depicted inside the box, is a different story.


This is an important and unacceptable crime


that is taking place in our community that we must deal


with and it is important that we join together in partnerships.


If they're something that gives you concern,


we will take that information, treat it confidentially and we


It's thought only one in five people living in slavery


here are ever discovered, but better public vigilance could be


A man has been arrested after a series of armed robberies


Two people were assaulted and food, alcohol and cigarettes


were stolen from a Co-Op store, a service station and another


The 23-year-old suspect was arrested following a car crash


on the M3 in Hampshire, and was found to be


Hampshire technology company has signed a multi-million pound deal to


provide medical monitors Furby Armed Forces.


When there's a serious injury in battle, time is rarely


on anyone's side but the aptly made Tempus Pro monitor is designed


to buy patients and medics precious minutes, even hours that can make


In Monty Python terms, it's a machine that goes ping.


You can just use it for pulse and blood pressure but it does lots,


For example, I can transmit the data about the patient to the next level


of care so the hospital is ready to receive that casualty and can see


It will be used by all Armed Forces but it's more


Medical tools can be plugged in to do things like ultrasound


or complex operations and the ?14 million deal


with the MoD is not only big for those on the front line but also


It is helping sustain 16 high-quality engineering


and professional jobs in the Basingstoke and also


manufacturing jobs and as a result of this contract and other things


we've been doing, we've hired another 20 engineers


This will save lives not only because it's got real


utility as a bit of kit, but because we are capturing


all that data, can analyse it and see if we can


Nearly 500 monitors have already been deployed with twice that


still on order and given its early success, the Tempus might not


remain an exclusively military piece of kit for much longer.


Onto football, and Southampton lost 2-1 at Tottenham Hotspur


in the Premier League First half goals from Christien Eriksen


James Ward-Prowse's reply for Saints in the second half proved


Well the rain held off for the 15,000 runners who took


part in this morning's Reading Half marathon.


This was them setting off and well done to all of them,


but it looks like we may see some of that rain tonight


After a mild entered the weekend, things are turning colder into the


new week. Some rain is moving into the region spreading to all parts


during the night and low cloud, mist and fog. A mild night and


temperatures dipping no lower than 10 Celsius. A cloudy day tomorrow


with heavy breasts of burying at times. -- heavy bursts of rain that


time. Once that rain clears through, this guys could turn colder. The


chance of some frost rerelease. A brighter day on Tuesday with some


sunny spells and their chance of showers and some heavy ones. We are


back later at 10:20pm. Have a good evening.


Hello. For most of March so far it has felt quite mild and springlike


but we are in for a bit of a shock next week as we