21/12/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Tonight a former Royal Marine convicted of murder is refused bail.


Al Blackman was jailed for that killing, but had hoped to be


Three cheers for Al Blackman! Hurray! Foray! Ore!


We'll have reaction from Sergeant Blackman's wife.


Why this housing estate is leaving residents frustrated,


and driving delivery couriers around a two-mile bend.


Frantic bidding for Christmas lunch; we're live at this Turkey auction


to find out why it's enjoying a revival


And defying the odds after her shock arrival,


the summer-born reindeer christened at Christmas.


He'd hoped to be home with his wife and family for Christmas,


but this evening a former Royal Marine from Taunton


who is challenging his murder conviction has been told he'll have


Sergeant Alexander Blackman, who served with Plymouth-based 42


Commando, is appealing against a life sentence


He'd applied for bail, but late this afternoon


that was turned down judges at a Court Martial


Our Somerset correspondent Clinton Rogers reports.


Surrounded by vocal support, Alexander Blackman 's wife walked


into the Court of Appeal with high hopes her husband might be home for


Christmas. We are obviously disappointed. Two hours later she


walks out disappointed but still hopeful for the forthcoming appeal


hearing. Earlier this month at the criminal cases Review Commission


decided to appeal -- referred the case back to the Appeal Courts that


is the most important step to getting the conviction and sentence


overturned. Blackman 's legal team had applied for bail pending that


hearing, which could be as soon as January. We now know that until it's


heard the former Royal Marine Sergeant will stay in prison in


Wiltshire. In his hometown of Taunton it was a decision that got


reactions. Absolutely should have been allowed out for Christmas, I


think it's a travesty of justice. To have had a bail now at this at this


stage would approve -- would presume the appeal is going to be won and I


don't think you can do it. Disgusting, I think I feel sorry for


his family and it should be let out straightaway. An MP who has been


part of the campaign of support for Marine A and visited him several


times in prison says that Blackman will not be too disillusioned. We


will meet again tonight. Not an entirely happy man, he would rather


be at home, but at least he knows a few weeks' time it could be all over


one way or another. A former Royal Marine colonel told me this


afternoon that unquestionably Blackman had made a mistake in


shooting dead the wounded Taliban insurgent, but others may need to


take some of the blame. Yes, he has failed, but I think to an extent the


system has failed. Did we look after him properly? Did he know except you


couldn't do and if he didn't then there was a failure in the system


because we should have made sure that he did, and if he was under


stress, as some of the reports suggest, then the system I think


should have picked up and supported him before. So he -- so Claire


Blackman will spend another Christmas without her husband but


there are hopes that 2017 could produce a more positive legal


produce a more positive legal outcome.


Next tonight, a community divided by a fence.


It cuts a housing estate in half, blocking one of the roads


which is not only frustrating residents, but quite


literally sending delivery drivers around a bend,


So who is responsible, and who is sitting on the fence?


I am on my way to visit a lady called Jean


who is having problems with deliveries because when


drivers, with their sat-navs or the maps they are following,


come down this road, they suddenly find that this is in the way.


And getting to the other side of this fence is quite some detour.


Well, that was the shortest way around and it is


Dubbed the Berlin Wall. Nothing can get through.


Don't know where to go for this part of Carhaix Way.


People on this side who have small children, there is a little hole


in a hedge that is actually very tricky to get through.


That is what they have to come through to be able to walk.


Otherwise, if they have transport, they have to get their vehicles


A number of different developers have built on this estate


with their own individual planning permissions, but even though these


neighbouring developments are meant to join the two ends of Carhaix Way


up, there is approximately a one foot difference


Kaylea has also had problems with deliveries.


One driver who was on the wrong side just gave up.


Rather than coming back around or calling us,


the delivery driver left the ticket on the fence and took a picture


of the actual ticket and then actually said that unfortunately


Buses, bikes and pedestrians are supposed to be able


Both developers insist they carried out their developments exactly


as stipulated in the planning permissions, to the letter.


So I asked the local planners, how could this happen?


They did not really answer that question but they did tell me


that they are meeting with Devon County Council,


the highways authority, in the new year to discuss how


'Turn around when possible...' For now, and certainly this


Christmas, delivery drivers are going to have to cope


with what is in front of them and find a way around.


Now a round up of some of tonight's other news:


Two men have been jailed for the murder of a pensioner in Cornwall.


72-year-old David Alderson was found dead in a pond at a disused mine


Kevin Cooper from Carharrack was sentenced to 28 years in jail.


Trewen Kevern from Falmouth was given a 20-year sentence.


Devon and Cornwall Police say they're investigating allegations


of historic abuse within football clubs in the South West.


They say they relate to non-league and junior sides.


Plymouth Argyle, Torquay United and Yeovil Town say


they're not aware of any allegations involving them.


That's also understood to be the case at Exeter City.


95% of households across Devon and Somerset should have access


A company called Gigaclear has been awarded four out of six publicly


funded contracts to roll out broadband to remote areas


The police are urging people to think twice before


Officers say a large number of calls are still being received


Call handlers in Dorset dealt with more than 34,000 calls


An IKEA furniture store on the outskirts of Exeter has


The city council approved plans for the store to be


built south of the A379, near Newcourt Way.


The development includes plans for 220 new homes.


Drones are on many a Christmas wish list this year,


and it seems not just as toys for boys.


South West Water is planning to buy them to carry special cameras that


can spot water leaks in the ground, as part of an effort to stem


the flow of more than 80 million litres of water that pours


A precious resource, but it is estimated more


than 80 million litres of water a day are lost through


The amount would fill about 32 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


But flying in this technology could help.


We are currently working with Exeter University to develop


thermal sensors to be able to help detect leakage using drones.


So, a field like this could have a mains running underneath.


Because it is underground, we cannot see it.


Potentially, by using the thermal sensor, we would be able to fly over


and there would be different temperature signatures


which could potentially detect leakage or problems with the pipe.


And the lab results so far are looking good.


But when we pan across to where we have simulated the leak


and the soil is wet, we see a strong contrast between


We can export this technique by attaching smaller thermal


cameras onto drones, flying pipeline networks that carry


South West Water's drinking water, and demonstrating will be leaks


in that drinking water supply network might be so that then


South West Water can come in and fix those leaks.


Test flights using thermal cameras are expected in the spring.


The humble cauliflower is set for something of a revival


after being named in the latest list of so-called superfoods,


having been identified as packed with vitamins


And that's good news for growers in Cornwall where millions of caulis


Packed with vitamins and minerals, the humble cauliflower is good


for your heart and your brain and is now being hailed


This is where most of the UK's cauliflowers are grown,


David Simmons has been growing vegetables all his life


and his business produces 14 million caulis a year.


Two thirds of your daily vitamin C diet is in three


cauliflower florettes a day so you don't need oranges,


It is packed with other vitamins, K, folic acid and things like that.


It is one of the most versatile vegetables that you can imagine.


And community cook Sanjay Kumar is going to show us how


versatile it can be by making a festive cauliflower pancake.


We are making a vegan pancake, using some green pea flour,


which was also grown in Britain and then adding some


vibrant colour through it by making the pancake batter using egg,


Whisk the egg, the flour and the water in a bowl and then


add anything you want, especially the cauliflower,


so there are three different kinds of cauliflower and especially


with children it works in treat because it is a nice way of hiding


vegetables into your dish and for vegans it's a treat


because you've got lots of colour in it and lots of nice


vegetables which can become a part of your five a day.


Cut your pancake up into festive Christmas shapes.


Cornwall's got the fantastic maritime climate that's


We can grow cauliflowers here 12 months of the year,


where other parts of the country just can't do that.


So good for the farmer and good for our diet.


The perfect recipe for this Cornish industry.


All the sport still to come tonight, and of course


the weather with David, plus:


Welcome aboard the spotlight Express on the South Devon Railway.


With carols in the carriages, we head on a journey bringing


In new prison Abbott a thousand birds are going under back hammer,


including turkeys, and they are all being gobbled up.


Sport now and Andy's here on a big night for Argyle.


Plymouth Argyle kick off their FA Cup second round replay with Newport


The teams couldn't be separated at Home Park more


than a fortnight ago, despite Newport playing most


There's a lot at stake as a lucrative trip to Anfield


to take on Premier League giants Liverpool awaits the winner.


Argyle's form has picked up again since the first tie and they go


There is an awful lot riding on any game.


It is something we want to try and progress.


The reason we are here in this next round is because we were good


enough to beat Mansfield in the round before.


And we'll have highlights of tonight's match in our


Some cricket news, and Somerset have named Tom Abell as their new captain


The 22-year-old, who's from Taunton, becomes the youngest skipper


Abell, seen here on the left, takes over from Australian Chris Rogers


who retired at the end of the summer.


Jim Allenby will continue as one-day captain.


You may remember we showed you some pictures of the Cribbar wave down


As impressive as that was it's nothing on what you're about to see.


This was the Nazare Challenge in Portugal and the moment


Tom Butler, who's from Newquay, came a cropper on a


He was helped from the sea and taken to hospital after this,


Get well soon is all I can say after that. A terrifying force of nature!


Time now to jump back on board the Spotlight Express.


All this week we're journeying around the South West on some


Tonight Johnny Rutherford is riding with the South Devon railway,


where there is a real community feel, as people who like to belt out


a tune or two get together to sing Carols Down The Line,


raising money for charity as they travel along the tracks.


Welcome aboard the Spotlight Express on the South Devon Railway.


This is no ordinary train ride, this is the chance to


Yes, you have to be willing to sing your socks off


I started Carols Down The Line along with my wife about 20-odd years ago


and we've run it virtually every year since.


We love Christmas, it's a lovely celebration and we're going


to have a good singsong when we get to Totnes


and the Exeter Railway Band have come to provide the music.


Carols Down The Line is a return fare


running between Buckfastleigh and Totnes, stopping at stations for


We ran it to support various charities over the


years and National Children's Homes and Action For Children and


there's a lady runs a charity for the Gambia and we have supported


We have raised, I don't know, ?20,000 or ?30,000 over that time.


A few tunes by the track and then it's on to the next stop.


The train, as always, must run on time.


The whole community, not only from Buckfastleigh,


but from all over South Devon, and even beyond, come


together and various organisations, various groups, churches, history


groups, car groups, anybody, the whole group come together to


We will sing number 30, In The Bleak Midwinter.


Even with the constant rain, in tune with the song, the


We've been about three or four times and we love the atmosphere.


It really is fantastic and I love singing carols


Make new friends and see old friends.


The atmosphere was really, really nice and friendly.


Brussells sprouts, parsnips, pigs in blankets,


Whether you like a goose, or nut roast, many will buy


the traditional turkey this year, but if you haven't already ordered


one, as luck would have it there are hundreds going under


the hammer tonight in Newton Abbott in a bidding tradition that


We can go live now to our reporter Clare Woodling.


Good evening. Bidding is going on around the clock and certainly


farmers who have reared these turkeys will be delighted as there


is a rip roaring trade going on with the bird being sold about every 20


seconds. It is a vegetarian 's nightmare but for the rest of us it


is a festive foodie fantasy, as I have been finding out. Come foul or


fair weather for some foodies there is no ducking out of a big day like


this. Flocks of people have landed here in Newton Abbot for the annual


dead poultry auction just before Christmas. The main auctioneer has


taken me under his wing and show me how it works. The turkeys and birds


arrived here from about 6:30am on the unloaded the front and the birds


are carried down and put on trolleys and we put them on the tables, all


laid out like this and later on we come along and we weigh them, write


the lot number which is pre-written on a card there and we write the


weights on, that is ?14.5 and the kilo equivalent. Good evening


everyone, hope you have your cheque-books ready. The mayor of


Newton Abbot ceremonially launched proceedings with the first auction.


They will start the bidding? It was summer she had never done before and


she told me she was winging it. It is daunting but I have watched


someone recently toured auction so I took my tips from them and I hope I


can start it off in a good manner as it could be. Sold at 28! It is


another feather in her cap. This is the heaviest turkey for sale here


today and it should feed 20 people and it weighs ?30.5. It will go for


about ?2 pound so that is an easy some! These people came from Wales


to bid on a bird. We have never had a Devon turkey before but we will


see what the taste is like on Christmas Day. It is usually from


Pembroke. I'm looking at the size and the colour and the plumpness of


the breast and I'm taking into consideration how well it has been


plucked. We had a turkey from Newton Abbot last year and we really


enjoyed and thought the flavour was exceptional and so we decided we


would come back and see if we could get as good a turkey again. Those


people in from Cowbridge are among 450 bidders here tonight and come


what may every bird must be sold. I am joined from Clive Morgan from the


auctioneers, why is it tradition so important? We are having an


excellent sale here tonight, it is very important to keep the sales


going. There's poultry using tonight has all been reared locally and it


has been well fed and it has been running out on grass and killed


locally to produce excellent meat and the sale also brings a lot of


people into the town and the town enjoys a spin off from it and it is


very good to see these traditions going. In fact these traditional


sales are improving and people are tending to go for locally produced


food which is one very good thing. Marvellous, thank you very much


indeed. From all of this turkey -based action it is back to you!


Thank you very much. That was a very busy night and we are staying with a


Christmas theme. It's only a few more sleeps


until Santa heads out on his sleigh to deliver presents on Christmas


Eve. Now we all know he's


picked which reindeer will be helping him,


but he could soon A baby reindeer born near Whimple


in Devon defied the odds to survive after her shock arrival


in the summer. She's now become the star


attraction at Cotley Farm, as Emma Thomasson has been finding


out. Sound at the cute animal alarm. This


baby reindeer was born earlier this year and she came as a bit of a


surprise to everyone on the farmers bethought her mum was too old to


conceive. I looked across the field and I thought I saw a baby rabbit


and the reindeer, but when we came close it was a baby reindeer. It was


just amazing. It turns out she had been born prematurely so had to be


hand reared. Mum didn't have any milk and she was so tiny, even if


she had been able to drink she wasn't tall enough to even reach the


teats. Luckily, because we farmers, we had a cow that had carved that


day so she got fell from the coward rather than the reindeer to get her


started. She has grown a lot since then and has now been weaned away


from her mum but there was just one thing missing. She doesn't have a


name. I can think of plenty. How about -- and dancer and brands are


and fix? -- dancer, France and vixen. A local schoolgirl one a


local competition with the suggestion of the name Willow. I had


my new baby cousin born and my uncle and my auntie decided to call her


Willow so I thought it would be really generous to name the baby


reindeer Willow. What better name could a girl reindeer ask for full


Christmas? That's a good choice. Sweet. We will


now see what the weather is doing in the


run-up to Christmas. Edwin Poots for San Siro? We are trying to work out


what way he comes across? He will come from eastern Europe but he


might end up a bit late but he will be their own time despite the


headwind. We have unsettled weather as we move into Christmas. There is


a lot of wind around but thankfully we are a long way from the low


pressure in the north of the country which now has a name. Tomorrow is a


quiet day for all of us with a few showers away and feeling a little


bit cooler. We will have sunshine but the winds pick up overnight.


This was earlier today in Teignmouth, where our cameraman got


a glimpse of sunshine, hazy sunshine, on today, the Winter


solstice, the day where we have the least number of minutes of daylight.


From now on the nights will be shorter and the days will get better


with a bit more sunshine. Today is very unsettled and the pattern of


weather doesn't change much in the next few days. It does get better


next week. This line of cloud has the boundary between colder air on


one side of it and mild moist air along its boundary. It will


eventually move away from us and lie across the middle of Europe. Coming


out of Canada, like an express train is a new area of low pressure that


is racing up to the far north of Scotland. We will see some pretty


lively winds associated with it on Friday. The weather front is


bringing heavy rain through the afternoon on Friday afternoon and as


we move into Christmas Eve it is south-west winds for both Christmas


Eve and Christmas Day and with the winds on the south-west it means


pretty mild air for Christmas Day. We could see temperatures of 14 or


15 so we are pretty sure there is no chance of a white Christmas. The


cloud and the rain in the last few hours is becoming too clear from the


North. With slightly colder air and clearing skies it could turn a bit


chilly overnight with a risk of a touch of frost and a few showers on


the north coast by dawn tomorrow morning. Quite a few places getting


down to zero or 1 degrees. Tomorrow will be predominantly dry with


showers that are fairly isolated with spells of sunshine in between


and generally much light winds that we have seen recently. Temperatures


down on what we have seen recently. Nine or ten or 11 in the far west of


Cornwall. The Isles of Scilly are bright and breezy with sunny spells.


Here are the times of high water. This is how it looks right through


and including Christmas Day with windy conditions and for all of us


it will feel quite mild. Have a good evening. Thank you. The wind has


nothing to do with the cauliflowers, then David! That is all from all of


news later. Good night. Don't you news later. Good night. Don't you


The roads we walk have demons beneath them...


..and yours have been waiting for a very long time.


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