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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


Tonight, future proofing our rail network this Christmas.


This is all about getting a 21st-century railway in this region.


Great Western Railway, we are seeing the biggest upgrade in a generation,


and to do that properly, Network Rail has got to do this work.


Network Rail warns passengers to plan ahead as major London hubs


close down for essential work over the holidays.


Also tonight, the goal which could be worth more than ?500,000.


Plymouth Argyle secure a lucrative FA Cup tie against Liverpool.


We'll have ticket details for the big match.


Are squirrels really to blame for this?


We're in Cornwall where hedgerows have had to be hacked.


And the next stop in our festive journey across the region.


South West rail passengers are being warned to plan ahead


as London stations Paddington and Waterloo face


Network Rail is carrying out its biggest ever


programme of maintenance from Christmas Eve onwards.


It says it's confident it can avoid a repeat of the chaos two years ago.


So what does it mean for travellers over the Christmas period?


Well, Scott Bingham is live at Plymouth Railway Station


Yes, the annual Christmas journey. The nightmare when commuting trips


for last-minute shopping and to see relatives all combine in the last


couple of days before the break. Add to that the prospect of rail


closures, and busy road and air routes, and it is difficult to see


how bad things will get this year. And whether they will be worse than


usual. Network Rail has warned train


passengers they face a crescendo of train maintenance over


the festive season, as it undertakes its biggest


programme of works ever. 24,000 staff from its orange army,


who famously repaired the track at Dawlish,


will be laying new track and signals at 200 projects across the country,


mainly for Crossrail They will be anxious to avoid


a repeat of the Christmas chaos two years ago,


when work overran at But they say lessons have


been learned since then. Passengers are now being advised


to plan their journeys The advice is, firstly,


where possible, to travel early. So get those tickets


from tomorrow if you can. If you cannot do that,


then London Paddington is closed from Christmas Eve


to the 29th of December. Trains will travel in and out


of London from Ealing Broadway, from where there is access to


London Underground. Or, as there is no step free


access at Ealing Broadway, an easier route for people


with disabilities or with bags and luggage maybe to change


at Reading for Waterloo. But what is also closed


on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and there are reduced services


on the 24th and 27. Many passengers and their families


we spoke to today said they had I'm not sure what exactly


they've had to do, but I know they're aware of it,


and doesn't bother them, so they've obviously found


some way or another, I've rented a car and I will


drop it at Heathrow. What about alternative


modes of travel? Well, motoring organisations see


tomorrow and Saturday are likely And Exeter Airport says they expect


to handle 20,000 passengers over So what do the train


operators have to say? Well, our Transport Correspondent,


Paul Clifton has been talking to somebody


at Great Western Railways They are looking at the overall


travel picture ahead of the festive period.


Is this going to be worse than usual? If it was a panto production,


we would all be shouting back, oh, yes it will! On the road, the people


who monitor traffic jams cannot work out whether tomorrow will be the


busiest day of the entire year, or whether it will be Saturday, and one


of the Saturn Avenue companies calls it karma get in. At least we know


what is going to happen on the railways. Why close your main


station? This is a key opportunity


for Network Rail to do It effectively will allow us to run


the brand-new trains And there's big work


for Crossrail going on as well? Crossrail work is happening,


but the big impact on Plymouth are the new trains that we're


going to be delivering there. And what is actually


important is that customers, for the majority of services,


will have no problems at all. It's just if you're travelling


directly into London. Now, when you did this two years


ago, the work overran. The contractors did not tell


Network Rail, Network Rail did not tell you, you could not tell


passengers, and tens of thousands I can't say for definitely


it won't happen again, but things have certainly


got considerably better. We have not seen an overrun


like that since, and I think everyone is very vigilant to make


sure that doesn't happen. Thank you very much indeed. On the


roads, we are told that 12 million cars will be running on Saturday.


That is one third more than normal. The usual bottlenecks, the M5, the


A303. I hate to be the harbinger of Doom And Gloom, but you have been


warned. The advice again is to plan ahead


where possible, but it would seem, if you have to get away over


Christmas and New Year, there really is no escape. It makes me glad I'm


spending Christmas at home this year!


Me too, thank you, Scott. Details of Plymouth Argyle's big


match coming up, first a brief look Two men have appeared


at Exeter Crown court charged with the murder of 30-year-old


James Woodhouse. His body was was found


in a wheelie bin last month. Brett Edwards of Okehampton Road


pleaded not guilty. Thomas Killen of North Lawn Court


didn't enter a plea. Their trial will take


place next summer. The 89-year-old pensioner from Devon


who put an ad in his local paper looking for a job has just completed


two full weeks work at a restaurant. Joe Bartley from Paignton said


he was dying from boredom Last night he celebrated


as the Cantina held People on the beach at Cawsand have


been treated to a festive surprise When their Landing Craft


hit dry land yesterday, the beach was invaded by the armed


forces dressed in Christmas outfits. Plymouth Argyle can look forward


to a very Happy New Year after securing themselves


a lucrative FA Cup tie with The Pilgrims beat Newport


in a replay to make it to the third round -


a game which could be worth That's more than twice


Argyle's operating profit Natalie's been at Home Park to find


out about plans for the big match. Yes, I'm in the boardroom here


at Home Park, where it is looking very festive indeed,


and it is true to say that Christmas came early


for Plymouth Argyle last night, when they beat Newport


1-0 after extra time. As that scoreline implies,


it was a very tense game, not pretty, but with a stunning


reward right at the end of it. In a minute, we're going to find out


all the details of how fans can get to Anfield,


but first our reporter looks back Argyle started with a bang, and came


close to taking an early lead. Suddenly, Craig Taylor's


header picked out the Plymouth's star man also


had an early sighter. This time, though, his shot drifted


the wrong side of the post. Newport rarely threatened, and even


Father Christmas seemed unimpressed We all know it is not the time


of year to upset him! Into the second half,


and with a trip to Anfield within touching distance,


nerves were starting to creep in. Jordan Slew just could


not take his chance. Argyle could have won it in normal


time, another effort well saved, A Newport handball gave the visitors


the opening in extra time. They wanted it, but he


could not make it count. The visitors got a second chance,


and another penalty. This time, Carey was not


going to let anyone else take it, and he made no mistake to send


Argyle into round three. It means a great deal


for the football club, It was not pleasing on the eye,


and the pitch was cutting up, and it was about the grit and grind


of a cup competition. It is to get through, we have been


able to do that tonight, On Sunday January 8th,


the players will reap the reward for that hard work when they head


to Anfield to take on Liverpool. And the question everyone


is asking is how can fans Well, the Chief Executive


of Plymouth Argyle can tell us. Martin, you have had a series


of meetings today about it. Give us the details,


if you could, please. Yeah, I mean, we had a conversation


obviously first thing this They have allocated us just over


8100 tickets for the game. Clearly there is going to be


substantial amount of these tickets, but we're under obligation to allow


members to have first We will be doing that over


the Christmas weekend, we will be putting some


of the tickets online, and then on Boxing Day


we are planning to open at 9am so that members can come along


and get their tickets Are you expecting it


to be very busy? We will be very busy on Boxing Day


and beyond, I'm sure. The game against Wycombe,


followed by the game against Crawley,


there is going to be a lot ?500,000 this match is supposed


to be worth four Plymouth Argyle. What are you going to do


with that sort of money? It is certainly going


to be a lucrative match. I'm not sure exactly how much money


will be forthcoming, but we have got a lot of projects


that we're working on here at the club, not least


of which is trying to get promotion out of this division,


so we will be discussing as a board how we're going to allocate


the money as we go forward. It is an incredible


windfall, you nearly Last night's game was touch and go,


missed penalties and the like. Well, it was certainly very tense,


and it looked for a while as though it was going to go to a penalty


shoot out, but thankfully David Goodwillie managed to draw


the foul from the Newport defender. And Graham Carey put


the second penalty away, It was a very tense game


but I was always confident Exeter drew against Liverpool


the same time last year. Do you think Argyle can do


the same thing and bring Well, I think Derek and the team go


into every game with confidence that they are going to get a result,


and I've got no reason to think Tactically we will be spot-on,


and if we can get them back Absolutely delighted,


it's going to be one of the biggest games in the club's history,


let's face it, so you can't fail OK, Martin, thank you very much


indeed, and that's it It's pantomime time at theatres


across the South West, Lesley Joseph and Duncan James talk


about Snow White and the seven dwarfs.


And as the Spotlight Santa Express steams on to Bodmin we'll find out


how the railway brought benefits to a famous country estate.


Squirrels have been blamed for the devastation of a mile-long


stretch of trees on the A38 between Dobwalls and Bodmin.


The Boconnoc Estate, which owns the land,


says the overgrown beech hedging along the Glynn valley had to be


chopped down because branches were dropping onto the road.


The richly verdant Glynn Valley near Bodmin stimulates the senses


of any motorist travelling along the A38.


That was until, during overnight closures of the arterial route,


saw a swathe of beech trees of more than a mile long cut


Obviously, to have done them as it should have been done,


cutting out the larger ones and allowing smaller ones to grow


so that over the years they are coppiced,


The estate who owns this land says they cut the trees


because of squirrel damage and the danger of branches falling


Wildlife experts say squirrel populations are so vast


here that the amount of damage to trees with them ripping off


the bark to get to the sap below is a real problem.


Nationally, squirrel damage to forests is costing more


This, on top of larch disease, ash dieback and sudden oak death,


causes poses a real threat to our green and pleasant land.


The Forestry Commission says it supports what it


describes as a coordinated, targeted and locally


delivered control of what is increasingly seen as a pest.


Baking has become a favourite past time for many after the huge success


But in one village in Dorset volunteers have decided to combine


learning how to make bread with helping others.


The project based in Sutton Poyntz near Weymouth gives people a chance


to practise their kneading and cooking, and the end products


are handed over to charities who are supporting the homeless


Our Dorset reporter Simon Clemison has been meet


Right, ladies and gentlemen, today is our last meeting before


Christmas, and we're going make a centrepiece is mystery lunch. --


Christmas tree. It must be particularly lonely at


Christmas, being on the street and on your own. It must be great to


feel people care about you. Are you making bread?


You concentrate on meeting the dough. The smack needing the dough.


We have at least one day where we bake in our kitchens and take them


down somewhere where homeless people need food.


You have busily been baking bread on a larger scale, but is it the


simplicity of baking for someone else that draws so many people in?


Yes, these bakers love to make bread in their own homes. They want it to


be a special craft that they have learned, and they are passing it on


to someone who really needs it. This is just a white loaf, it has


been put into a Platt. Hopefully today it will go off to


one of the charities, and one hopes that they will get to eat it.


Right, marvellous! It shows people that they are being


thought of. To those who do not always appreciate and respect the


nature of some of the people that use our service.


We have got to say thank you to the bakers at some point.


Snow White, seven Devon cream tea eating dwarves


Plymouth's Theatre Royal's pantomime is well underway and believe you me,


It's a family tradition for many at Christmas so Victoria took


to the stage to speak to two of the stars who are thrilled


Well, being a Christmas baby, I went to pantomime every year


I absolutely loved it, but shows certainly have changed


if you're going to meet any dragon, this is the one to meet.


What do you think of the show so far, Dillon?


Let's go and meet some of the characters in this pantomime.


Lesley Joseph, Duncan James, thank you for doing this for us.


If you look at the set, which is absolutely glorious,


but as an audience you see wonderful dancing, you see real comedy,


you see magic happening, you get dragons going out


of the audience, and as an artist you can pull the audience and,


you can let them laugh, you can make them cry.


And it is a wonderful theatrical experience,


It must have had to change over the last so many years, though,


because it has to become more relevant for people.


There is so much on television, so much to do these days.


But ours is quite traditional, isn't it?


But what is really lovely also is some of the first time kids have


actually had an opportunity to come out of the house and actually


We are consumed their television programmes, in front


of the television, it's very difficult, especially, to drag kids


So for a lot of them, this is their first


And you know an awful lot about Devon.


I grew up and did all my schooling down here, so I'm a local boy,


I got all my school friends coming to see me during this run.


Quite nice to be here? It is nice to be here, I'm spending


Christmas where I used to live, and we are staying on the beautiful


Plymouth Hoe. It is so stunning and beautiful here. We went out last


night. We went to the Dolphin. Love all that.


It was great to be among all the locals and felt really special.


I have to ask you both, tricky question, being in Devon, jam or


cream? Absolutely, cream and then jam.


I'm the other way round. Jam first and then the cream.


The Spotlight viewers will go mad. I'm not sure now. I'm nervous unless


I said the wrong thing. Thank you so much for talking to us,


we really appreciated. Fancy starting the cream tea debate


all over again! Now for the latest in our series of


visits on the steam train. Now it's time to take your seat


on the Spotlight Express once more as we visit another of the region's


festive steam trains. We're back in Cornwall


tonight on the Bodmin The branch line was built


in the late 1800s and runs close to the Lanhydrock Estate


which is celebrating All aboard the Spotlight estate! --


express! We have been running this now for


about 30 years, so in fact, you have got generations coming along,


because I used to bring my children, and last Sunday my children brought


their children. The rail line skirts the Lanhydrock


estate, whose Victorian owners benefited when it was built. When it


was determined that Boston Parkway was going to be the station, it


effectively cut the town of -- Bodmin. And it wasn't until the


branch line was established between Ottoman Parkway and Baldwin town, --


Bodmin Parkway and Bodmin town. He was financially compensated because


he lost money, but he also had the extension to his private drive taken


up to Bodmin Parkway, which was paid for by the great Western Railway.


Inside the house, all the trappings of a well-to-do Victorian Christmas.


Christmas was huge, and there are records of the family coming down


from London or from Cambridgeshire to come down to have a proper


Cornish Christmas. Back on the steam train, and these


children have an appointment with the man in red and white.


A robot and low in the dark dinosaurs.


Presents delivered and children happy, this one is redundant branch


line now fully connected to Christmas. -- once redundant.


Well, Christmas is drawing ever closer, tonight is mine and Justin's


last Spotlight together before the big day, so I thought it


would be a good opportunity to catch up on all our seasonal fun.


Knit and Pearl the Robins are here, as is Leigh the Christmas tree.


There have been many fun festive moments over the last few weeks,


including one which nearly caught us out!


Now, you may think you know all there is to know about famous


reindeer at Christmas, the red nose, the sleigh guiding, but you have not


met Bertie from Somerset. With a tide of his ears he delivers


a thank you gift, in the shape of a box of mince pies. There they go


again! Bertie the blue nosed reindeer, he will be in Taunton on


Friday for an event celebrating the work of local charities.


Thank you! Anything else? We laughed at that, didn't we? He


has been working hard for an aged charity in Somerset, and he has been


travelling on the M5ever since the last week. And here he is! In the


studio. I didn't know... !


A bit of a surprise. You go to his back end, because I


have got a Christmas present for you. Do you ready? Are you ready?


There is your Christmas present from me, just in. Merry Christmas.


I genuinely did not know that was coming!


We have been keeping it a secret from you all day. We thought we


would cheer you up this Christmas will stop what do you think? What


wisdom -- what present have you got? A chocolate log! Lord Dear.


Bertie the blue nosed reindeer in the studio.


And thank you and much to everyone who sent business cards and


Christmas gifts -- Christmas cards. Thank you very much for remembering.


Lots of people have written from all over the UK, expat who tune in to


Spotlight from all over the country and Europe. Let's see what the


weather is great belike for the few days.


Looks like we're grey to have a mild and grey Christmas, because there is


all cloud screaming in the Atlantic. Low-pressure arriving tomorrow,


Christmas 2016 likely to be windy and mild. We do have a warning from


the Met Office about the strength of wind for tomorrow. Before we get to


Chris was, we could have costs of up to 50-60 mph. That area of low


pressure has been given a name, it has been cold Barbara. It travels up


towards Scotland and arrives through the day tomorrow. The strongest


winds will be in the northern half of the country, but once this


weather have -- front arrives, it brings heavy rain and lively gusts


of wind. That moves through, and by the time we get to Christmas Eve, a


blustery west, south West wind, relatively mild, briefly some


sunshine, generally cloudy. Chris was day itself, no chance of


anything wintry -- Christmas. We will have an unusually mild crisp as


day. -- Christmas Day. We will see some of the strongest


gusts of wind, but they will ease and become more westerly is that


weather front goes through. The cloud and showers we have seen today


will probably continue this evening and overnight tonight, but in


between the showers we have had an awful lot of fine weather, which is


nice, and some sunshine. Our cameraman enjoying lovely sunshine


at this estuary. It has been quite a pleasant day, a good day to be out


and about enjoying the fine weather. And the sunshine. It will be


different tomorrow because of the strength of wind and the rain coming


in. No chance of seeing those temperatures that could give us any


frost, although temperatures tonight will fall, a lot of the showers will


fade away, we will get clear skies later on tonight, so a touch of


frost briefly by tomorrow morning. Temperatures starting the day


between 2-4 . Briefly some sunshine in the morning, but quite quickly


the clouds streaming in and the weather front arriving. Gusts could


be 30, 40, even 60 mph in that rain band. It clears from the West later


in the day, with a top temperature of 12-13 . There is the forecast for


the Isles of Scilly. Windy with rain for daytime, then turning much drier


as that weather front goes through. The times of high water...


Big waves for surfers, and perhaps the cleanest surf will be along the


north coast, because once the wind gets going, that is likely to be


very messy indeed. The coastal waters forecast


reflecting the strength of wind. Christmas eve is going to be


blustery, rather cloudy, with a few showers, and Christmas Day, mild and


breezy. Have a good evening. Thank you stop I usually know


everything in the running order, but not this evening!


Can't believe I managed to keep it a secret Alde! That all from us today.


Have a wonderful Christmas, look forward to seeing you in the New


Year. Happy Christmas, good night.


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