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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Tonight, the inquest into a death on a holiday island.


Josh Clayton's body was recovered from rocks off Scilly ten days


A jury hears there were no signs of drowning or of an attack.


Also tonight: An outbreak of birdflu - a strain of the virus has been


confirmed in swans at a site in Dorset, another case has


Go the Green Army - Plymouth Argyle saves the day


on Sunday for what could be a lucrative FA cup run.


Pilgrims fans are still celebrating and now relishing the prospect


I have lost my voice, I'm sorry about that, but I am ecstatic. It


was something else. Something else. The death of a Taunton man who went


missing in the Isles of Scilly in 2015 remains a mystery,


an inquest has heard today. Josh Clayton had been working


at a cafe on the island of Tresco. The 23-year-old's body was pulled


from the sea ten days after he was last seen


at a staff party. Spotlight's John Danks has been


at inquest and sent this report Josh Clayton was last seen at around


145 on the morning of the 13th of September 2000 and 15. He had been


at a party on Tresco where he worked. Ten days after his


disappearance, his body was discovered on a small island north


of Tresco but how he died still remains unclear. A friend sick


pathologist said there were no obvious signs of injury on his body.


Neither were there signs of drowning. He recorded the cause of


death as an ascertained. Toxicology reports done no trace of drugs in


Josh's system. He had consumed alcohol that evening. The family's


barrister asked the pathologist of a bloodstained shirt was analysed. No,


said the pathologist. Asked if it was possible that an assault may


have taken place, no came the reply but there was no sign of one. The


family travelled down for the inquest which is due to run until


Friday. Almost a decade after bird flu


was confirmed on the Dorset coast, the disease has reappeared


in the same colony of swans. The bodies of nine of the animals


at the world famous site at Abbotsbury, near Weymouth,


have tested positive Tonight, another case of the illness


in a wild bird has emerged Steve Humphrey has spent the day


at the visitor attraction in Dorset. It is the second time in nine years


that bird flu has hit this one are re-. Signed to save the virus is


being spread by wild birds first in Europe now in the UK. ET dead swans


have been found here, twice the normal number.


Confirmation of the presence of the bird flu virus


here at Abbotsbury Swannery came after ten dead swans


were sent for tests - nine tested positive for the H5N8


Very concerned for the birds. It is not a threat to humans generally,


that has been confirmed, so that he is the good thing but it is a very


serious condition for the birds. It does strike the long once


particularly very hard. So far this winter around 80 swans have been


found dead, double the usual number for the winter. Back in 2008, the


Swan Ory was hit by an outbreak of the more virulent H5N8 strain when a


series of precautions also put in place. Totally different strain


which they then thought might possibly commute to humans.


Perversely, we lost unless the birds then than we have this time. At the


start of December, the Godman ordered poultry farms like this one


near Weymouth to bring their free range chickens indoors and to take


precautions in a bid to stop the virus spreading. They say they are


disappointed that DEFRA did not tell them about the presence of the virus


are a few miles away. We had that from our vet that we liaise with and


over social media. You want more information? It is not good enough.


Already keeping their chickens indoors has led to a car in egg


production. 20% of what we normally get so for us financially, it is


quite a big impact. The measures imposed to restrict the spread of


bird flu will be in force until February 20. The Food Standards


Agency says the virus does not pose a food safety issue for consumers.


They say thoroughly cooked poultry and eggs are safe to eat.


Hospitals across the region remain under huge pressure tonight.


The Royal Cornwall is still at level 4, formerly known as black alert,


whilst Torbay, Yeovil, Derriford and the Royal Devon


and Exeter hospitals are all on level 3, formerly known


Against this backdrop there's increasing concern over plans to cut


The Royal College of Nursing says patient safety could be put


at risk and it could lead to increased bed blocking.


They also warn that staff will need more training to care


More from our health correspondent Jenny Walrond.


Our community hospitals are much loved but across Devon,


Beds in Cornwall and Somerset are also at risk.


Instead we are told people are better off


Some of those beds at risk of closure or here at


Those behind the proposals say they can care for nearly four times


as many people in their own homes for the same cost as running


an impatient community hospital unit such as the one here.


But the Royal College of Nursing says its staff would need proper


training to move from working in hospital to the community


and that there are concerns of the impact on patients.


You will have people staying in acute hospital beds


because that is a safe place or you'll have people kept at home


in their own homes with insufficient support to keep them safe.


My concern is we will have people who are alone and without having


appropriate nursing or domiciliary care to be looked after in a way


which you or I would want to be looked after.


Two separate consultations have been running on the plans for Devon.


Health commissioners for new Devon CCG say


they will analyse the responses from their consultation,


but that it it is a proposal to provide care and support at home


and in the community and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.


But those whose local beds face closure will not


This is a new hospital, it's only 12 years old which is new compared


to the likes of Tavistock, for example, built


This is state-of-the-art and it would be criminal


to close the facilities that we have got here.


We are living longer but often with ill health and the dilemma


of how we care for elderly and frail people with the funding available


Now a round up of other news in the South West tonight.


A young mother from Devon who had a rare and aggressive form


Kim Jenkins, from Christow, was featured on Spotlight just


before Christmas after her local community raised thousands of pounds


Her husband Tom said she passed away on Saturday night peacefully


A sick fisherman has been rescued from a boat in French waters


and airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital.


The UK Coastguard winched the man from the vessel, which was 100


nautical miles south of Newquay early this morning.


His condition wasn't thought to be life-threatening.


Work has started in the North Devon village of Braunton that


Large parts of Caen Street are susceptible to flash


floods after heavy rain, despite defences being improved.


The last major flood affected dozens of homes


The work will improve drainage to allow flood water in Caen Street


The Devon economy had a ?4.2 million boost last year thanks


A report today says the prestigious race saw more than 250,000 people


lining the 93-mile route to watch some of Britain's biggest


cycling stars, including Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark


The government has today announced a new contract -


worth more than quarter of a billion pounds - for Leonardo


The deal will see the company, previously known as Agusta Westland,


providing service and training support for the UK military's


But while the government says it will safeguard up to 500 jobs,


the union says it does little to safeguard the long-term


future of the Yeovil site, as Clinton Rogers now reports.


The minister in charge of buying things for the Armed Forces came


to Yeovil Town to trumpet today's announcement for the local


economy and in particular the workforce here.


It is a deal that will secure the cutting edge aircraft


for the Royal Navy and for the Army and I know will support hundreds


of skilled jobs right across the south-west.


It is all about these helicopters, the Wildcat.


62 of which were made in Yeovil for service


The contract is valued at ?271 million and it's


essentially for the maintenance of the helicopters for the next five


years, but what was announced today is just the latest stage of a 30


year contract that was signed back in 2012, so critics argue


it is really recycling old news and that in any case,


what this place really needs is new orders for new aircraft.


And yet last year the Ministry of Defence decided not to let


Leonardo build the new Apache attack helicopter, preferring


That went to America and this almost feels like it is second best.


The aircraft in this production shed are here


Right now there are no new orders but the company says it is talking


Not firm orders yet but like any business,


we know where the customer is and we know what their


requirements are and we're working hard to land those orders this year.


There remains a question over the equipment used to make


the airframes for the Wildcat amid suggestions that could be moved


Even then the equipment is actually owned by the British government.


The minister says no decision has been made yet.


Coming up next: How a trip to the barbers could


And we will be looking back at Plymouth Argyle's fantastic day at


Anfield and looking forward to their FA Cup replay against Liverpool.


You may remember a visit to a barbers in Torbay last year -


This one offers clients, suffering with depression,


a place to talk, and due to its continued work


and success, it's now hoping to expand the service


The Lions Barber Collective is made up of people who provide a listening


ear while cutting hair and their ambitious plans


for the future come on the day the Prime Minister promised more


Rick Edwards has been to see how the idea is already


Taking care of your appearance can make you feel better about yourself.


A chip to the barber can give you a lift but not in the way you can fix.


As you can tell, I don't need a haircut but these days there's more


than one reason to visit. Statistically more men are more than


likely to die from suicide than anything else under the age of 45


and this barber has decided to do something about it. Men chat to the


barber is often more frankly than they do with their doctors. Paul has


previously attempted suicide. Coming here has helped him open up about


how he feels. You are in an nonclinical setting, it's quite laid


back, there is a good atmosphere in Tom's in particular. It is easy to


talk to him. He asks questions and he gets quite a lot of information


out of you that allows him to help you and guide you to what you need.


This began because Tom Chapman lost a friend to suicide. When we started


it was one of those things that I said if we could save one person, I


would be more than happy, but so far, personally, there have been


four people that we have helped and I feel we have saved lives there and


I said that was massive. These hairdressers are not councillors but


they have received training to know what to look for. It is very one to


one, you are very involved. Physically you are changing them


usually for the good and then if you could do that mentally as well and


have that sort of discussion, there is the connection. By becoming a


charity, they hope to train more hairdressers to recognise mental


health issues and hopefully do their bit to help save lives.


It's time for the sport now and the match a lot


Plymouth Argyle and Liverpool of course - and now we've got


another one to look forward to haven't we, Nat?


Yes, and we heard this afternoon when the replay


at Home Park is going to be - it's next Wednesday the 18th January


Argyle are set to make ?1 million from their cup run when they add


in the takings from this replay, after yesterday finished 0-0.


Almost 9,000 fans travelled to Liverpool.


Hamish Marshall was with them at Anfield, but now he's at Home Park,


What a difference 24 hours makes. It is pretty quiet this evening, it


wasn't at Anfield yesterday and it will not be quiet here in nine days'


time. A week on Wednesday is the date for that FA Cup third round


replay. What a result from Plymouth as they ensured that the five times


European champions are coming to Home Park for the first time in


almost 55 years. Seldom has a game with no goals


been so well received. The faces of the travelling


Green Army telling the story. And back in Plymouth,


the fans enjoyed the almost Never has a 600 mile


round trip felt so worthwhile. Our little West Country team


did everybody proud. I've lost my voice, I'm sorry


about that, but I'm ecstatic, Had Jake Jervis converted


Plymouth's best chance, it could have been even better,


but a replay is a win-win. The Premier League giants coming


to Home Park and a big payday for the club and a reality check


for the superstars. Not as luxurious dressing


rooms as they are here, even though we are in a Portakabin,


but from that point of view, Liverpool thought they could win


without some of their Surely they can't


run that risk again. They did really well,


so they deserved it and obviously They deserved it and now we've


all go there and try to do better. Today, fans were already


at Home Park in the rain trying I thought before we went up


yesterday that a draw It will be the maximum


crowd we can get. There will be a huge


demand for tickets. In my lifetime I can't remember such


a big match at Home Park. There are a lot of Plymouth


fans and Liverpool fans Now bring on the game


no one wants to miss. This week-macro there will be queues


and people camping out trying to get their hands on tickets. Exact


details of how and when they are going on sale have not been


revealed. The crowd well the summer over 15,000. Liverpool are entitled


to 50% of the tickets, around 2500. When you think there were almost


9000 Argyle fans at Anfield yesterday, not that many more are


going to get to see the game at Home Park. Those that do over how they


might to remember. As you may have spotted there,


Argyle Chairman James Brent enjoyed the day out at Anfield


as much as anyone else, but he's back in the South West now


and joins us from Exeter. Have you found it hard to


concentrate being back at work today? No, it was a great day out


yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it overnight and did a couple of


interviews this morning and then have been at work today. Focused on


the challenges on the NHS. ?1 million. What are you going to spend


it on? New players? No. We have reviewed the budget for the current


transfer window with Derek. We are looking at strengthening the squad,"


is doing reasonably well at the moment. The door is open if we need


to strengthen further. Did you play for Detroit to boost your revenue?


-- drawer. No, we play to win. Derek and that squad does not turn up to a


match to have an occasion, they turn up to when and beforehand, it wasn't


that far away from pulling that off from right at the last moment. When


are we going to know more about the tickets? We will note very shortly.


I was hoping I would be to say something, but we will be able to


tell people very shortly and as always, our members get priority


allocation so no members need worry that they will not get a ticket. Did


you meet Jurgen Klopp yesterday? I did meet him. I passed him in the


tunnel and he was very concentrated on what he was doing, we passed but


I saw he was very focused on check our squad but he did not check it


quite well enough. Well done. Thank you for talking to us and we will


see you soon. Away from the football now


and Exeter Chiefs missed the chance to inflict a rare home defeat


on Premiership champions Saracens. New laws brought in last week to try


and reduce head injuries were again under the microscope with the hosts


reduced to fourteen men early on. It is up there with the toughest


fixtures in club rugby and if you don't believe me,


just ask Geoff Parling who was Richard Barrington saw red


for the shoulder challenge and home skipper Brad Barritt has since been


cited for the initial tackle. It took something special


for the Chiefs to make Jack Nowell plucking a crossfield


kick out of the air with one hand Flanker Don Armand look


like a winner when he burst through. Sadly, same corner, different result


as the ball was knocked out of his grasp as he went


to ground it. And they were made to pay


in the second half as Saracens showed just why they are champions,


scoring late on to force a draw. And finally from me, here's


a candidate for Try of the Season. It came in Redruth's National Two


South's match with Chinnor. Alex Ducker set off from his own 22,


regaining his chip ahead before putting on the after-burners to beat


another three defenders Redruth went on to win the game 20


9- tall. Fantastic! Good weekend of support all round. The draw for the


next round is coming up this evening. BBC Two, seven o'clock. It


is number 17, Plymouth Argyle at an Liverpool's ball. So frustratingly


could not watch it unless you had the right channel. That his life.


One wonders what sort of whether they will get next week because if


you believe anything in the press, apparently, we are in for a lot of


snow. Is that true? It would be nice. The children would love to see


some. I cannot see us seeing a lot. Don't believe everything you read.


It is getting colder. Next couple of days, little change in the weather.


After this Wednesday it starts to cool down. The bigger problem will


be the risk of quite widespread frost developing from Wednesday


night onwards. We have had some rain today, that is now moving through


and behind that, for a time, clear skies. As we move through the next


two days, a lot of cloud and another weather front. Some quite frequent


showers associated with that. Then a more definite change to colder air


coming in from Greenland, Iceland through Wednesday night and


Thursday. Thursday, we are in too much colder air and an increasing


risk of the show was turning wintry. The rain that has been falling today


has now gone on for a time he had clear skies which means temperatures


will get into single figures but the show with will come along quite


quickly. Fairly isolated showers through to the early hours of the


morning and in a few places, temperatures might get as low as


three or 4 degrees. Not quite cold enough for a touch of Frost and


tomorrow will be quite a cloudy day. Frequent showers. For a time, some


more persistent rain and then somewhat drier. But we do keep a lot


of cloud so don't expect too much sunshine tomorrow. O'Driscoll


north-westerly wind but still relatively mild with temperatures of


ten, possibly 11 degrees. For the Isles of Scilly, here generally


quite cloudy. Quite blustery with a view showers. It does stay rather


grey. Times of high water at Penzance to 20 4pm... And the


forecast for our surfers, very messy conditions with the onshore winds.


See temperatures nine, 10 degrees. Sheltered surf along the south


coast. There is an coastal waters forecast. The wins West,


north-westerly. Good to moderate visibility. Wednesday we start with


morning temperatures of ten or 11 degrees. By the end of the


afternoon, back down to eight or nine. And a lot of cloud around on


Thursday, capable of producing a roof show was. Temperatures down to


six or 7 degrees. Just 5 degrees on Friday and there is a warning for


parts of North Devon and more western coastal regions of Cornwall


of some of the shouters turning increasingly to sleet or snow but


amounts of snowfall are likely to queue at this stage small. Do not


get too excited. If you would like to know who Plymouth Argyle could


face in the next round of the FA Cup, the draw is taking place on BBC


Two refuelling at this time. Goodbye for now.


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


we've run at almost completely 100% capacity.


We've got lots of patients now competing. There's no beds.


I do the right thing all the time in this job,


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