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Welcome to Spotlight. news teams where you are.


Tonight, as we go on air, major disruption after the discovery


People have been moved out of the area after grenades were found


during roadworks in Plymouth. We'll have the latest


live from the scene. Also tonight - concerns


over the psychological In the most worrying cases,


we're hearing from children who really talk to us about


feeling suicidal as a result of seeing things, and that


constant pressure online. We hear from a father


in Cornwall who's launched a petition against one site,


calling it dangerous and addictive The death of Josh Clayton


on the Isles of Scilly - an inquest takes a dramatic turn


after hearing new evidence. And football fever pitch,


as the Green Army gear up to grab One of the main routes into Plymouth


has been closed after suspected World War Two incendiary devices


were dug up at roadworks, and Businesses nearby have been


evacuated after the workers dug up Staff and customers


at Crownhill Retail Park have been told to leave by police officers


after the cordon was set up on Tavistock Road,


near the turn-off Within the last half an hour, some


of the devices have been blown up. Our reporter is at the scene.


Tavistock Road has been reopened in the last few moments. It follows


after around 2:30pm this afternoon, when police and Fire Service were


called out here to Tavistock Road outside the Pizza Hut, where a road


workers who were involved in 15 months' worth of improvements had


dug up eight white phosphorous grenades in a trench down the middle


of the road. A deep and muddy trench at the height of a man, and at


5:50pm this evening, we heard a short, sharp, loud bang, a loud


site, and we saw a plume of smoke and dust, it rocketed up into the


sky and we believe that was the Royal Navy's explosive ordnance


disposal team exploding the devices and making the area safe. The cord


and has been in place for hours and the motorists were on diversion, so


congestion has been bad this evening. As you see behind me, the


cars are now blowing on Tavistock Road and the area is being reopened


to the public. -- the traffic is flowing now.


Welcome to the age of social media - websites and applications enabling


users to create and share content, views, photographs and to social


A digital age which can be all-consuming, something


raising the eyebrows of child protection experts.


They are calling for more research into the psychological impact


It comes as a father from west Cornwall has launched a petition


calling for an end to what he calls "torture" from a feature on a social


So what is Snapchat, and how is it affecting everyday


life for not only youngsters but adults as well?


With an explanation, here's Tamsin Melville.


millions of us of all ages are constantly


checking our social media, getting what experts say


is like a feel-good hit of dopamine to our brains each time


and one dad from Cornwall is taking a stand.


Streaks have become mini relationships in kids' eyes,


with all the ups and downs, and to lose one


He's launched a petition about what he calls a dangerously


addictive feature called "streaks" on a social media app


called Snapchat, which he says is making his teenager withdrawn.


Snapchat sends photos and videos to friends that disappear


Streaks measure daily contact with friends.


It has become very toxic for teenagers particularly,


because it pushes their buttons more so than older people.


We don't have the same need to be accepted.


Teenagers are growing, they are learning, they


learning how to be accepted socially and this has just managed to get


straight into that social acceptance button and it pushes it every time.


Snapchat did not want to comment on the petition, but it says it has


a Trust Safety Team that responds to reports and concerns.


Experts say there is an increase year-on-year of young people


reporting issues with all social media.


In the most extreme cases, constant exposure online and


young people feeling that pressure to be online constantly can cause


In the most worrying cases, we're hearing from children


who really talk to us about feeling suicidal as a result


of seeing things, and that constant pressure online.


Johnny is just hoping that his petition helps raise


awareness of what's a much wider issue.


Andy Phippen is a professor at Plymouth University who studies


children and digital and social media, he is with us now.


Let's talk about the impact potentially that too much social


What does the research tell us so far about the potential


The answer is there is very little research out there.


There are probably two or three people in the country that look


The focus has very much been on predatory behaviour and harm


So when we talk about internet safety it is about making sure


The impacts on mental health are still very poorly understood,


and I think they have to be studied in a long-term way.


But the genie is out of the bottle - social media is everywhere.


Everyone wants to be part of social media,


so how do parents manage it and not completely ban their


I think, in terms of parents, I think the main thing is to start


the conversations early - to have conversations that do not


So I have been reading the paper and I am really worried about this,


therefore I am going to be anxious about it...


Just talk to them about it so they know that if issues arise


What do the social media platforms and operators


How much do they recognise that what they are doing


can become addictive, and put this great pressure on young


people to try to get as many likes or friends as possible


If you were to ask me about five years ago,


I would say that the social media companies aren't doing anything.


I think these days they are responding to the fact


that there can be negativity as well as positive experiences


on social media, that it's not something you can just switch off,


and if it wasn't Snapchat, it would be musical.ly,


and if it wasn't msical.ly, it would be Twitter.


If it wasn't Twitter it would be Instagram.


All of these things have similar social aspects to them,


and those social aspects are just that.


It's a bit like, you know, years ago, it is like going to the pub,


or I get invited to a party and someone else hasn't been invited


to the party and that means I'm more popular than them.


You get to the root causes and it is not about technology but


Research is still at its early stages, then, on what effect it


might have on mental health, but what are your


If this trend continues, where youngsters increasingly have


this pressure to be popular on social media platforms,


further down the line, what sort of effect do you think


I think it could be a major public health crisis.


I think it's something we can't stick our heads in the sand and hope


the platform providers are going to solve.


It's something where we all have to be involved


in the conversation around it and admit our own feelings.


OK, Professor Andy Phippen, thank you very much indeed.


There was a dramatic twist today at the inquest into the death


of 23-year-old Josh Clayton, whose body was found


The jury heard apparently new evidence from one


of the witnesses and were then sent home early in order for the legal


Lucie Fisher has been at Plymouth Coroner's Court and joins us now.


Leroy Thomas, arriving at court this morning to give evidence.


He was working as a painter and decorator on the island


at the time of Josh's disappearance, and along with other locals,


went to the party where Josh was last seen alive.


He'd been involved in an altercation there.


In front of the jury today, he made a number


He said he saw someone he believes to be Josh outside of the party,


having an argument with two or three Polish or Hungarian workers.


He said he heard him ranting and raving that he had had enough


and that he was going to kill himself.


Leroy then said that he left at 2:30am to 3am in the morning,


but on the way back had an intuition that something was not


right, and he went back to check on the young lad


He then said that he could not find him.


Josh's disappearance sparked a ten-day search,


the largest ever seen on the islands.


There were no signs of injury, no signs of drowning.


There were no traces of drugs in his system.


He had consumed alcohol equivalent to two and a half


times the legal limit, and a bloodstained shirt


he was wearing had not been analysed as it was not being treated


Now brief look at other news in the South West tonight:


The Criminal Cases Review Commission has found that the trial


of Royal Marine Alexander Blackman was mishandled.


Blackman is accused of murdering a wounded Taliban fighter.


The conviction could be quashed according to reports in the


Telegraph, the paper claims that the most senior judge has been


criticised by the complaints review commissioned by failing to offer the


military jury the chance to conflict him of manslaughter. -- convict him


of manslaughter. Torquay's inner harbour bridge


will be closed this week, while Torbay Council


replaces its lights .The bridge, which links one side


of the harbour with the marina, It's expected to be


open again on Saturday. A new record's been set


for the number of entries for this Organisers say the 340-boat limit


was reached in just over four The 47th edition of the race


from Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, to Plymouth, via the Fastnet Rock,


will set off on Sunday 6 August. Military life and being away


from family for long periods of time can be hard for all involved,


but a naval wife from Plymouth is singing the praises of a project


which helps keep her husband Reading Force encourages deployed


members of the Armed Forces to read Nicky Broome says it's helped one


of her children in particular deal with the absence of her dad who's


currently away for nine months. We are used to reunions


at Davenport. For children who may not see one


of their parents for most a year, the separation can


be especially tough. It wasn't Mr Stink's


fault that he stank. He didn't have a home and he never


had the opportunity... This book has helped to forge a bond


between seven-year-old Olivia and her dad Daniel,


who was on a nine-month Myself and Daniel were anxious that


Bolivia wouldn't talk to him for the duration of the deployment,


and it's just been nice. She'll talk to him now


after we've read the book, so it's given her that confidence


to overcome the nerves that she had. The project Reading Force sees


children have scrapbooks to write about the books,


and it really has We were always talking


about the bits we enjoy the most. It gave me more opportunity


to talk to daddy. I didn't know what to


talk about or anything I felt really scared about talking


to him without the book. With a lack of video


calls on this deployment, Daniel will be home soon and it's


hoped that the books will help Hamish Marshall,


BBC Spotlight, Plympton. You're watching BBC Spotlight


and if you're just joining us, this is the stage of the programme


we usually get very hungry, which is fortuitous as in a moment


we'll be meeting a woman who could be an award-winning


dinner lady. Expressing yourself in Exeter -


the poetry project which And the Green Army on the march


as the first batch of tickets go on sale the FA Cup


replay against Liverpool. A dinner lady from South Devon


is about to go head-to-head with six others in the hope of being crowned


the best School Chef The challenge is to make a main meal


and dessert and the winner will go on to compete


for the national title. Catherine Deane makes dinners each


day for the children at Yealmpton Primary School,


and has enlisted the help of some This is going to make me feel


hungry. Spotlight's John Ayres has been


to see her cooking up a storm. A lot has been made in recent years


about the importance of school food. Nutritious and healthy meals help


children to concentrate, and hopefully they will lead


healthier lives in the future. So school chefs like


Catherine Deane are putting She is through to the regional final


and is hoping to go all the way. I'm making a fish Thai green curry,


with cauliflower rice, a potato It's an unusual taste but they think


it's rice with a funny taste, because it does resemble


very much like rice. Normally she cooks for 130 children


each day, but the competition means she has to make a main meal


and dessert for 11-year-olds in 90 minutes, and it must


cost less than ?1.30. That's the typical budget


for a school dinner. But in reality, forget the judges,


it's the pupils who really count. Cooking doesn't get


tougher than this. It had a really mild


sort of warmth to it, and it was nice because it


wasn't to spicy. And then the pudding was really


nice because it sort of, kind of, cooled it down,


and it also had this nice and it went really nicely


with the spiced biscuit. The curry is really nice


because it's quite warm. It's quite spicy but the flatbread


cooled down a bit, and the textures went well together and all


the tastes went well together. Catherine has put this meal together


for the competition, She really works hard on behalf


of all of the children, cooking healthy meals and giving


a variety of choice. She's always coming up with great


ideas how we can celebrate different The regional final takes place


tomorrow, with the winner competing John Ayres,


BBC Spotlight, Yealmpton. The National Trust property


Killerton House is appealing to the public to help


with its leaking roof. The building, which houses


the Trust's largest costume collection, needs urgent repairs


to keep the rain out. As Johnny Rutherford has found out,


the repair bill will be ?100,000. Killerton House near Exeter is an


18th-century mansion costing 6400 acres. It houses the largest


National Trust costume collection in the country but at the moment they


are under wraps to protect them from damage.


This is a flat roof and it is leaking substantially. The water is


coming in through the roof and damaging the internal fabric of the


building as well as the exterior fabric. We have been really


fortunate to receive a substantial legacy from one of building 's


long-standing volunteers Lauren Marshall.


That money has helped to get the project started but this don't need


to raise ?100,000. Goal there is a lot of painting to be done, we're


starting the project. The entire project will cost almost


?1 million. The roof has been looking for 15


years, we have a really important collection here, a fashion


collection, and the contents of Killerton House. We have the


opportunity now thanks to this legacy, and hopefully with the


additional fundraising we will make the project happen.


All of your paintings will have to be removed from the wall to conserve


the area. We will replace the lead roof on the


old mansion and we will take an opportunity to undertake masonry


repairs and parapet repairs and chimney repairs, and then


redecorating the outside. Lime wash and painting repairs, so it is spec


and span. The house and grounds will remain


open throughout the project, but the first floor and stairwell will be


closed off. As for the famous fashion exhibition, that will return


in 2018. Some of the first tickets have gone


on sale for Plymouth Argyle's FA Cup third-round replay with Premier


giants Liverpool. Around 16,000 of them will be sold


for the match next Wednesday night. Fans from all over the world are


trying to get their hands on them - if you're among them,


Natalie has details if you're among them,


Natalie has details Here's how it works -


at the moment tickets are being sold to Green and White members online,


on the phone and in person at Home Park -


one ticket per member. From tomorrow at 2pm


in the afternoon, tickets will go on general sale,


but only on the phone or if you go to Home Park and queue up and only


to fans who fit the criteria and have bought a minimum of


five Plymouth Argyle tickets over Prices are the same as for a League


2 match at Home Park. There have been a few glitches,


so a hotline has been set up to help But I watched them go


from good to brilliant to... When it comes to take it,


they could do better. I'm in the lucky situation that I'm


in the queue now, whereas other people who may not have


seen it and are at work They did say they would get


it right this time, but they haven't,


not for me, anyway. No such problems for many others


though as today proved At the moment it is going quite well


because they've got the kiosks open, We are starved of this kind


of match, and it is great for everybody, for the club,


the money... It will be a great


night next Wednesday. I was coming back from Tavistock,


saw the queue at the As you'd expect, Home Park


is expected to be frantic for the next week as fans clamour


to get hold of their keepsake Whatever the result in the replay,


with this FA Cup run worth ?1 million to Argyle,


the club has won anyway. Earlier in the programme we talked


about the downside of apps and social media, but now it is time to


focus on the positive. Now, to get your creative juices


flowing, Exeter has become a virtual poetry city and organisers think


it's the first of its kind The idea came about after


the devastating fire at the Royal Clarence Hotel


at the end of last year. It's hoped the poetry project


will help to capture the emotions of the tragedy and the essence


of the city as a whole. Spotlight's Andrea


Ormsby has the story. There's a lots of walking, stopping,


thinking and walking on again with this poetry project,


all with mobile phone in hand. OK, so exeter.poetrypin.info,


put that in and you will see where the poem are and they are pinned


around, and you can contact the poem that are already in the city


or you can add your own. You push the "add poem",


write your own poem, click submit and that poem then tags


to where you are stood. Chris Jelly is the poet


behind this project. I think people are keen


to communicate in any way they can communicate,


especially about the Creating a Poetry Pin creates this


canvas in the city which people can then stitched their words inside,


and other people can then It turns the whole of Exeter city


into a virtual poetry city. I believe it is the


first in the world. That is quite an


extraordinary claim. We thought, well, that sounds


wonderful because it mixes the creative opportunity,


the professional artists, and the technology, which of course


young people are just A dizzying soul


is spirited away on a soot-tipped dance


in gaslight play. She swept up her shroud


that autumn morn No dampening down could contain


her might as she rose But not a moment longer


could she linger as history The Exeter Poetry Pin Project


will run in the city centre Andrea Ormsby, BBC


Spotlight, Exeter. Somebody else getting the creative


juices flowing is David with the weather. A lot happening. A


complicated story with the risk of snow. We have had several warnings


issued. I will make it as simple as I can but it is a complicated


picture. Good evening. We have cold weather, Arctic are heading our way.


The transition between the males air we will have tomorrow and the Arctic


are arriving then will be fraught. And it will be contradicted by a new


area of low pressure developing on Thursday. Tomorrow is turning


colder. Some showers around and a bit brighter as well. We should see


Sunny spells developing during the cause of the afternoon. Thereafter,


it starts to get very much colder. One layer of cloud approaching us


this evening is bringing milder air overnight, so no worries for the


temperature tonight. This conference should move southwards and by


lunchtime tomorrow it is crossing the channel into northern France.


That opens the door for colder air, but even colder are heading our way,


developing as the weather front comes from the North Down words.


This system in the middle of the Atlantic develops into an area of


low pressure, and meets that colder air. That gives us a headache


because we are not really sure at this stage whether that means the


rain will turn readily to sleet and snow or whether it will fall as


rain. There is a risk at and we continue to talk about a risk,


particularly across Central part of Britain, and we will see in the


south-west of England eventing where the low pressure develops, but a


risk of high ground particularly through the afternoon on Thursday,


of the rain turning to sleet and then snow. And it all moves away


East words and we draw in the really cold air, as we move from Thursday


night into Friday. Friday will be a bit of a cold day but another thing


you will notice is how windy it is. A combination of low temperatures


and Arctic air and guilt force winds means it will feel bitterly cold as


we move to the end of the week. -- gale force winds. Temperatures lower


through the day of thirsty and overnight Thursday to Friday


temperatures like this, many locations getting at or below


freezing, on Thursday night, and there is a risk of some snow and ice


developing. There into Friday mostly over high ground. You can stay tuned


to your local radio if it is causing problems. Tonight there are no real


worries. A lot of cloud around producing a use bits of drizzle,


today has been a great day. This is Cullerton, where we have had a lot


of cloud. It has been misty and there have been spot of drizzle in


the wind. Relatively quiet. The breeze is picking up and that Breeze


will bring with it further outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. -- this


is in Killerton. In mild night with no frost forecast and temperatures


between six and eight Celsius or most of us. Let's follow the


progress of the cloud rolling into night. So outbreaks of rain as I


have mentioned, increasingly windy overnight. That is the picture of


the weather through the night and tomorrow. A brisk, north-west wind,


and temperatures between 6-8 C. We studied a tomorrow with good


temperatures but gradually through the day as the cold front moves away


from us, and the colder air follows, the temperatures are going to start


to come down. A few showers are possible and sunny spells as well.


Not a bad day. It is blustery, especially over high ground and


along the north coast to Cornwall and Devon, so temperatures starting


to come down through the afternoon. Down to six or seven Celsius by the


end of the day, the blustery north-west wind. For the Isles of


Scilly, showers billing cold in that wind. Highest temperature first


thing in the morning, then the temperature continues to drop. Times


of high water here. For our servers, most of the north facing beaches


will be messy with those north-westerly winds. -- for


surfing. The coastal waters forecast, north-westerly six or


seven, showers with good visibility. Onto the outlook and what we will


see as we head towards the weekend. Thursday for most of us we will see


outbreak of rain. The high ground towards the end of the day on


Thursday, we could see sleet and snow. A bitterly cold day on Friday


with some frequent wintry showers, especially over high ground. Cold


and brake on Saturday. Have a good evening.


Thank you. A reminder of a story developing while we have been on air


tonight. One of the main roads in Plymouth was closed for a time this


afternoon after suspected World War II incendiary devices were found. As


we see here, they were dug up and blown up this afternoon, but for a


while businesses in the area were evacuated. That road reopened as we


started Spotlight tonight, so hopefully things in that area on


Tavistock Road in Plymouth are getting back to normal.


Further updates if there are any in our latest news at 10:30pm, but good


night from us. It's back... Let's get ready to


grumble. ..with more belligerence... Can you imagine anything more


diabolical? ..moaning...


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