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Tonight, the Plymouth Argyle striker branded a rapist.


David Goodwillie and a former team mate in Scotland are ordered to pay


?100,000 in damages to a woman who says she was too


Also tonight: Operations cancelled at the last moment.


We'll investigate why thousands of patients are having surgery


called off on the day it was due to take place.


We don't want tenants to be ill and we certainly don't want council


houses looking that way, so our job now is to thoroughly investigate


what is going on in there, find out the causes and put it right.


to a mother's claims that damp in her council home


Taking the plunge in plunging temperatures.


We'll meet the swimmer preparing for her next icy


Wellies, a working farm and making waves on a right


A Plymouth Argyle footballer has been branded a rapist by a judge


in Scotland and ordered to pay ?100,000


David Goodwillie has not been convicted in a criminal court,


but the judge in the civil case said he accepted evidence given


by the woman that she was too drunk to give consent.


Today, Argyle said the 27-year-old striker -


who played for the team at the weekend will not be


available for selection for tomorrow's FA Cup match


Preparations at home Park for tomorrow's FA Cup match against


Liverpool. But this player will not be starting. David Goodwillie, who


began his career at Dundee United. It was there that Denise Clegg


claimed he and his team-mate David Robertson and raped her in 2011. The


men were not prosecuted. They were sued and this morning a judge at the


Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled in her favour and order the


footballers to pay ?100,000 in damages. It raises questions about


why there was no criminal prosecution. If the Crown are going


to take a criminal case forward they must ask, have we have evidence it


approved to a jury beyond reasonable doubt that this happened? A civil


case is different. That is can we come is the judge on the


probabilities? It is not the same question being asked in the two


cases. Experts say could lead to far more victims of rape coming forward.


Most rapes reported to the police never make it to court. That can be


devastating to the person who was reported the crime. This gives


another option. It is the first civil case in living memory and


people will see this case I think there is that the way I can try and


get justice and validation that what happened to me was raped and it was


wrong. In a statement, Plymouth Argyle said a note of the judgment


and added that they are way to the full report which they said they


will consider in detail before making any comment. Until such time,


David Goodwillie will be selected to play for Plymouth Argyle. -- will


not be selected. More than 5,000 operations


were cancelled on the day they were due to be carried out last


year in the South West. NHS England says the numbers


are low, but a BBC investigation as part of our Inside the NHS


coverage, found the cancellations had risen by a third over


the past five years. Here's our health


correspondent, Jenny Walrond. For Barry Neil, just getting around


is a daily struggle. He was born with a rare


debilitating condition. The pain in his leg was so bad,


he decided to have it amputated. His operation was


cancelled three times. It was painful,


obviously I wanted to get I just take it as it


comes, you know? I just sit back and think,


just get on with it. Plymouth Hospital's NHS Trust said


it is a difficult decision to cancel any patient's operation and that it


recognises the inconvenience and It said the time


the hospital had faced unprecedented and sustained demand


from emergency patients. And Barry's experience


is not unique. Last year, more than


5,000 operations were cancelled on the day


in the south-west. And that figure has


risen by around 30%. And all of those


cancellations were for Things like they lack


of beds, of staff, admin number whose conditions


are increasing in more treatments we can


offer those patients, there does need to be more money put


into the health service so NHS England says the level of


cancellations remains low at just 1% out of the millions of operations


performed each year. While the experience


can be frustrating and upsetting, Barry


doesn't blame the NHS. There's no two ways


about it, they just cannot manage with the influx of people


that are wanting beds or whatever. We're going inside our NHS


all this week on Spotlight looking at the different


pressures it's facing. And we'd also like to hear


what you think, the various ways And on Thursday, some of the key


decision makers in the health service in the South West will be


here for a special debate which we'll continue after Spotlight


on our Facebook page. On to other stories around


the south west tonight. A 46-year-old man has appeared


at Exeter Magistrates' Court today It follows a stabbing


in Exeter on Sunday, in which a 30-year-old man


suffered The accused has been remanded


in custody to appear next The identity of human remains found


near Newquay last August has been Police say they are treating


the death of Darren Rhys The 45-year-old, who lived locally


but was originally from Wales, A Dorset charity which provides


support for very young children with special needs is facing closure


after 25 years because A lottery grant awarded


to The Dorchester Opportunity Group A Big Lottery Fund spokesperson said


the grants are "not designed to be There's growing pressure


on National Police Chiefs to pick up the full bill for a police operation


in Devon that was ordered There's concern policing


here could suffer if not. More than a million pounds was spent


on the operation as part of a long-running investigation


involving the Security Services. The amount is the


equivalent to 2,800 days of policing, but the local


force has been left With the details, here's our Home


Affairs Correspondent, Simon Hall. In Devon woodland, an investigation


involving MI5 and Scotland Yard. Searches were carried


out by local officers inquiry, which also took


in Northern Ireland Devon and Cornwall should be able


to recover the cost, but it isn't clear that they'll get


all the money back and at a time of cuts,


that is causing concern. I think we should get the money


back for this operation because the money should come from


Central Government, so they should I think we should get the money


back into the community, It was a nationwide


event, wasn't it? And if we have to foot the bill,


poor old Devon and Cornwall are It was such an extensive operation


that Devon and Cornwall had to call The next biggest sum


was the own officers' overtime, then came hotel


accommodation and catering. Devon and Cornwall


needs the funding. We've got other operations for local


policing and therefore it is a disgrace if there's any argument


about us funding what was a Forces can apply to


the National Police Chief Counsel for spending on major


counterterrorism operations But they're not guaranteed


to get the money back. In a statement, Devon


and Cornwall Police told us they were confident their


spending on the operation would be reimbursed by the end


of the financial year. The police chief's Council said


the claim from Devon and Cornwall was currently


being processed. A serving a Royal Marine,


Ciaran Maxwell, was charged with terrorism offence


following the searchers. A young Somerset mother has told


the BBC her children are being made ill by the damp,


mouldy conditions She says Taunton Deane Council


has repeatedly ignored The council has told


us it will investigate Coming to my son's bedroom. As you


can see, the wall is mouldy. Charlotte Hardy said she can all


live like this any longer. And should not have too. It is


disgraceful. This is where her two children aged one and two sleep.


There is mould next to their beds. Every time she wipes it away, she


says it returns. You say your children's health is suffering? It


is. I've taken them to the doctors with Cox calls and ear infections in


my health visitor is asking me why I'm taking them so often and why are


they getting so it all the time. I will show you my bedroom now. She


says the answer to that is it is in every room you look in and Chile


moved in three months ago. She claims on one occasion the council


told that open all the windows and turn the heating up to get rid of


the dam. While we were filming here, perhaps coincidentally, there was a


surveyor sent by the council who was taking a detailed look at all the


damp and mould. He told us there were definitely structural problems


with the building, probably connected with faulty cavity wall


insulation. The pictures don't have a good story. Today, a council told


us while he couldn't comment on the individual case, that there were fix


any problems. Would want tenants ill or council houses looking like that.


Our job now is to investigate what is going on in there, find out the


cause and put it right. Now, shall we just wants to know when and when


will they fix broken shower, which she has told them about, because of


the moment, she has ten p per children in a plastic toy box, which


she says is far from easy, especially when your child is


learning difficulties. -- when your child has learning difficulties.


A Devon man is taking his campaign about living with dementia


Norman McNamara has made the film, Norrms, to raise awareness and show


how people with dementia can still live happy lives.


It will be shown at the Sundance Festival in Utah.


Diagnosed with dementia in his 50s, Norma McNamara was horrified at how


little people knew about the condition.


He started the Purple Angel campaign and even canvassed


It started with a Memory Cafe and local shops signing up


Now, there are ambassadors worldwide in more than


There are films out there and to be honest, they are


Because to be honest, it always shows the bad side,


and of course there is a bad side to dementia, there


But we wanted to show the positive side and how there is life


And also how people can actually live a good life after


Norman's partner Elaine has seen good times as well


She's seen how making this film has helped him.


It helps because it keeps his brain active.


It has got something for him to do and you're not thinking about what's


wrong with you, but about other people.


And when we set off with the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance, we


have the Memory Cafe, but the idea was if we can


dementia and their carer, that was job done.


Norrms was filmed both here and in the USA.


I was probably one of the first Dementia Angels, Purple Angel


The second or third, maybe the first, I don't know.


I interviewed Norman, I was running an online talk


show called The Dementia Project and I had Norman on as a guest.


But it all came together and the Purple Angel


started and it's amazing what the man has done.


As part of the campaign, many hospitals in the US now give


patients a Purple Angel wristband, so when they go missing, people know


This is not about labelling people or showing


people up or putting them in a box, but helping them.


We love the NHS, especially in Torbay and we will


carry on knocking at that door and they'll say yes, hopefully.


Although not officially sanctioned by some


dementia bodies, the Purple Angel campaign is huge, with thousands of


Norman hopes the film will spread


Now swimming outdoors probably isn't high on your agenda in January,


but for some people, including our next guest,


Pauline Barker is an ice swimmer and later this week


is leading a team out to Poland for a rather chilly competition.


Welcome to Spotlight. Why do you want to swim in icy cold water? Ones


used to date, it is quite pleasant. Getting in is the hard part, but the


camaraderie of the event and once you're there, you end up with a


smile on your face. We have photos from the event last year in Poland,


with the temperature at minus 17. Tell us a bit about the competition


are what you have to do in these conditions? It was about minus 17.


This year it will be a little bit warmer, minus nine. , Easier than!


The water will be about two degrees. For the main event, it is a one


kilometres event, the longest swim but we do. There are also shorter


events of 100 metres and 250 metres for those who don't want to go the


full kilometre. You did well last year, didn't you? Yes, I won the 500


metre event. That took about 12 minutes. There's a serious side


though, isn't there? We all know the shock bodies can go into an exposed


to cold water and people even die from hypothermia. So, how do you


adapt to the bitterly cold temperatures? How do you prepare?


Folk cold water swimmers, we to acclimatise. When we first start-up


we tell people to state in the water for one minute for every degree of


temperature. 10 degrees for ten minutes and so on. You can stay in


for longer and longer as you get used to it. The trick is not just


the swimming, but how you recover afterwards. We should point to


anyone wearing a wet suit, are you? Just a normal swimming costume. No


wet suits, no hats and gloves, just a swimming costume. This is very


different to your day job, isn't it? Yes, I work in a bank. So my spare


time IIS swimmer. I've always been a swimmer and I swim -- swum the


channel and I had to learn how to acclimatise to the cold vendor. It


is becoming quite popular is wild swimming, in the south-west. Is it


good place to train? The best place to train for this sort of thing.


There were lots of wild swimmers in and Cornwall. I run a group. It is a


social group and there are 7000 people in that group watching it,


swimming with others and it happens all over Devon and Cornwall. People


should take an organised group, shouldn't they? Yes, it's always


safer to swimming company. There is guidance on the website. -- to swim


in the company. Swimmer with friends, it is not just compatible,


but safer. Good look in Poland. Rather you dummy! -- a rather you


than me! The Princess Royal


donned her wellies during Princess Anne met workers and users


of two charities and opened Spotlight's Andrea Ormsby


has spent the day Arriving by helicopter with a big


wave from the youngsters touring A big day for them and for


this pig, Licquorice. A good old brush


from the children to Wellies are the order


of the day here. What was most exciting, meeting


Licquorice the pig or Princess Anne? It's the most wonderful way


to celebrate Farms For She's been a long-term supporter


and it is always great to have support to help us raise our profile


and this is really nice to have her here today, celebrating the end


of our 40th anniversary year. The Princess was here


this morning to help celebrate 60 years of the Highbury


Trust which helps those with I would like to say thank


you and I think she's It means so much to


the Highbury Trust. It is an incredible


organisation that encourages It highlights who they are and helps


people take notice. Also on the royal schedule today,


an official opening of the new 50-metre Olympic Legacy


pool at It was great to meet


a member of The combination of 15-odd years


of the vision to bring the 50-metre pool for the community to


benefit from and for swimming across A city is about to try and hold


its nerve as Plymouth Argyle face Premier League giants Liverpool once


more in the FA Cup. Manager Derek Adams today said he's


not changing his tactics as the top flight club comes to Home Park


for the third round replay. Ahead of the big match tomorrow, our


Sports Reporter Andy Birkett has met up with a Pilgrims legend


to get his take on it all. Eye taxi of a home part? Do you know


where you're going? Not from on this way? No, from Liverpool. Scouser?


Yes. Bubble man? Yes, read. I'm not a balloon. One just read, you are


agreed. Where does your loyalty lie for this game? I was born and bred


in Liverpool, but I have lived in Plymouth a long time and I will sit


on the fence. You are a cult hero here at home Park. What was it about


this place the majors so successful do you think? After the initial few


games, the fans took to me and like most strikers that can score goals,


you become a bit of a cult hero and you can go to Liverpool, they've all


got goal-scorers, but every year, I seemed to do well Plymouth and I


loved it down here and when you are playing well and scoring goals, it


became one of those things. The fans seemed to like me and it's been like


that ever since. Your star was a lot different to the way people start


today in football, wasn't it? Yes, it was Blu-ray competition in the


Liverpool Echo. Collect 20 vouchers, send them off to the paper and


hopefully get a trial, which I did. I went to six or seven trials and


from 10,000 children, I got down to the last 20. I was watched by the


Liverpool staff and ended up playing in a five a side which we would 5-


nil and I scored all five is goals. The next night, I was asked to


become a trainer. You are not just asked by any manager were you? Yes,


I was asked by Bill Shankly. It was a privilege to have been signed up


with him and get to know him. Without picking a favourite, but


you've already said you fence sitting, can Argyle win? Yes, they


can, without a doubt. They defended so well at Anfield and got the right


result. If they keep without defence and create chances, anything can


happen. It has happened before and it will happen again.


BBC Radio Devon will have full commentary from


You can also follow the match online and we'll be live at Home Park


Nine or 10 degrees at the moment of our sea temperatures. It is warmer


in the sea than it is our side though. We have some grey weather at


the moment. Tomorrow, there's a chance of brighter conditions. Some


may try and work through the cloud. Try and light winds. A quiet week.


Not much rain. Not much sun either. More of a chance to see spells of


sunshine tomorrow. Across the Channel, there's a good deal of


clear sky. That will merge further north overnight tonight. There's a


weather front is the cloud we now have. Is moving to the north of


those tomorrow. It's allowing clearer skies to develop. Belly


comes back down on into Friday. -- then it comes down.


If you want to set your barometer at the moment, it should be reading


about a thousand and 37. Let's look at the cloud from today. It's broken


quite nicely across eastern parts of England. That's clear sky will


gradually move westwards. We will see clearer skies across Dorset.


Maybe not into Devon, but even south of Somerset, they might get a


glimpse of the stars and quickly, much lower temperatures. This was


earlier across Dartmoor. There's been a lot of hill folk. It doesn't


make for much of an atmospheric scene, look up cross and I think it


will be a similar scene tomorrow. The southern part of Dartmoor may


start to see more breaks developing in the cloud. But for all of us, is


still feels cold. Overnight tonight, the cloud clears. Parts of East


Somerset and into the east of Dorset. Further west, stubborn


cloud, still capable of producing drizzle. Temperatures of 3-4 . To


the east where we see the sky is clear, there will be frost with


temperatures of -1 possibly. Some of brighter sky and clearer weather


will drift along south coast. Here is where we will see the best of the


sunshine. The cloud is stubborn further north. Similar temperatures,


8-9 . Light winds. More breeze. We should get some sunny spells as


well. A brighter day compared to earlier today. Times of high water


on the screen now. The outlook is a dry one and perhaps


a little brighter. There will be a Spotlight of the


data 10:30pm. We are back tomorrow at 6:30pm with a build up to the big


match. Join us though. Goodbye. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States...


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