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Welcome to Spotlight on a big night so it's goodbye from me,


for one of the South West's leading football clubs.


Plymouth Argyle get another crack at Liverpool in the FA Cup


And we're going to be live at home Park as 17,500 fans pour into the


stadium. We'll also be hearing from members


of the Green Army who'll be watching Also tonight - alarm over


an early morning wake up call. Fireman were stood there wearing


their suits with their helmets and gas masks.


Residents were forced to leave their homes,


following an arson attack in Newquay.


The settlement that is being proposed for Devon schools is


Furious MPs condemn funding plans which could leave


many of the region's schools worse off.


And back with the family of a much loved Somerset nurse -


the World War One autograph book signed by the patients


Final preparations are underway at Home Park ahead of Plymouth Argyle's


third round FA Cup replay match against Liverpool tonight.


It's a sell out match - Argyle's Chief Executive telling us


that he could have sold double the number of tickets


But this is much more than just a football match.


The game is also providing a major boost for Plymouth's economy.


In a moment we'll be live at Home Park but first


John Henderson reports on how the city has been


Anyone for today's big match scarf? Today's souvenir match scarf. Game


on! The football match that's a great shop window for Plymouth. With


my binoculars down at the front, looking at the two warships sailing


out this morning. Beautiful. Travelling fans have packed the


city's hotels and began thes. -- Bed city's hotels and began thes. -- Bed


Breakfasts. A lot of money coming in, a lot of new blood. People


coming back for their summer holidays. They say Plymouth is a


hidden jewel and I think it is. Good advertising for the town and it has


filled up all my rooms. For one business, the icing on the cake. A


sugar rush for the boys, giving them the energy to score that goal


tonight. Tickets were hard to come by but just as sweet. These are my


initials, 08 is for Steven Gerrard, my favourite player. And obviously,


everybody knows the Kop. No price for guessing which team this


Plymouth taxi driver is supporting. I've been getting a lot of grief.


There's a lot of the full support is in Plymouth. Even those that aren't


going are excited. It's nice. But little buzz going on. The Reds are


here but Plymouth is united in green.


Well the excitement is building at Home Park.


And we'll be back with her later in the programme.


Seven people were forced to leave their homes in Newquay


early this morning after an arson attack on their building.


A fire had been lit against the front door with police


saying if the flames hadn't been spotted by a neighbour,


the consequences for those living inside could have been far worse.


The seven people who live in this building divided into two flats


were given just minutes to leave after the fire brigade arrived


that had been started against the front door.


The Fire and Rescue Service had attended after being alerted by a


resident who saw flames outside the front door. They put out the fire


promptly and evacuated to seven persons. Police are treating this as


suspicious. The police say the fire was lit on the outside of the door


but the flames quickly made their way through the door and there is a


strong smell of an accelerant such as petrol.


This couple live in the ground floor flat.


They then say their first thoughts were for their new kitten.


There were fireman with their suits and their gas mass, they said we had


to get out and get our stuff. And is there anyone else in the house. It


was very much a panic. It could have been a lot worse. I think it was


Lynn upstairs who found out what was going on. We were lucky that she got


up at 6am. If it had started earlier, it could have been more


dangerous. The police believe the fire


was started between five o'clock They want anyone who saw


anything suspicious in St Thomas' Road


at this time to contact them. MPs are warning they'll vote


against the government's education plans unless more funding


is provided for Devon's schools. The county has always received


one of the lowest amounts of cash per pupil and schools had hoped


things would improve in proposals But analysis obtained by the BBC


shows more than a third of Devon Okehampton College is one of those


which stand to lose out. It will have a detrimental effect to


everything we try to do. Whether that's extracurricular


opportunities, potentially class sizes will be affected, staff


allocations will be affected. There is no good news in this.


Devon's MPs debated the issue at Westminster today.


Conservative Gary Streeter was one of those with a stark


If this educational funding settlement does not change,


in relation to have in schools, if there is no significant uplift,


whatever format it comes, whether in six months,


nine months, 12 months' time, I will vote against it.


Because the settlement that is being proposed


for Devon schools is simply illogical and unfair.


All this week we're shedding some light on the pressures on the health


service to find out what effect they're having


So-called bed blocking is one of the main sources


It's when patients remain in a hospital bed even though


It cost south west hospitals more than 15,000 days


Most of the patients were waiting for care to be


arranged for them elsewhere, but providing that care


is increasing the demands on our local councils.


They're warning they don't have enough funding to pay for it.


Our health correspondent Jenny Walrond has been investigating.


When social care works well, the need to use other health


Chris Head from Connor Downs has motor neurone disease


and says his care package enables his wife Jacqui to care


They are widening every door in the bungalow so I can get the wheelchair


through without colliding with the doors which I have been doing for


the last few months. Know that people in their own homes with the


right equipment is helpful to everybody in the longer term.


But not everyone has such a good experience.


The main cause of so-called "bed blocking"


in our hospitals is the wait some people face


getting social care packages arranged to enable them


And that has an impact throughout the hospital.


Nigel Charles has non-Hodgkins lymphoma and spent 13 hours


on a trolley in Derriford hospital's emergency department


after experiencing a pulmonary embolism.


He says he was told a shortage of social care


It makes you really cross. It's not the fault of the hospital but the


broader social care system which has inadequate funding. Thinking, I


could be properly taken care of. In particular, I have observed, there


are lot of old people around me. That is what really upset me. Older


people stuck on trolleys for hours on end.


Derriford hospital says its emergency department is seeing


unprecedented demand and that staff try to make patients as comfortable


And problems arranging social care can means patients


at the Royal Cornwall Hospital's emergency department


also sometimes spend 12 hours or more waiting for a bed.


We know that most days over the winter, we've had over 100 patients


who been medically fit for discharge just awaiting additional social


care. That has a knock-on effect for patients in A who need to be


admitted to hospital. It's easy to see the impact that a lack of social


care has. But authorities warned that they don't have money to pay


for it. Many authorities are not confident they have the funding to


fulfil their legal responsibilities this financial year. Even more are


not confident about the next financial year. While the government


says it is giving more money for social care, it is difficult to see


the problem going away any time soon.


On tomorrow night's Spotlight some of the key decision makers


in the health service in the South West


will be here for a special debate which we'll continue


after the programme live on our Facebook page.


You don't have to have a Facebook account to join the debate.


Just go online to facebook.com/BBCSpotlight


And our local radio stations are also debating


the state of the national health service tomorrow.


Join Laurence Reed on BBC Radio Cornwall at midday -


and you can have a chat with me on BBC Radio Devon from one o'clock.


A book in which soldiers drew pictures and signed autographs in


honour of the nurse that cared for them has just been returned to her


family. Violet's book is full


of touching letters. "I wish you all the best


things of the world." Iris Simmons founded 40 years ago


and has treasured it since. She is very tender


and caring to the men But determined to return


the book to Violet's family, Researchers found Violet's grandson


and they met for the first time. I was just so pleased that somebody


had gone to all that effort to track me down to let me have


something that my long lost grandmother


owned, who I know virtually nothing about,


to return it to me, and it's Iris was living there


when she found her book. Strangely, Iris and Mark now


live within a few miles Stranger too, Dave


discovered Violet's old home I've lived all over the place


and settled in this area and didn't even know that this


was on my doorstep. It's been really good


to find all this out. Firstly that the book has been


recovered by family and will be, hopefully, in the family


from now on. Violet died in 1972


but her life's work lives If you've just joined us,


it's a big night for one Live now to Home Park and Natalie's


there with all the news 17,500 fans are expected


to be here at Home Park tonight for the game -


many of them have made it already. But there are many many


more who won't be here - some of them are in far flung


corners of the world. I've tracked a few of them down -


from Afghanistan to the USA to Australia and New Zealand -


all members of the I will be watching in Kaboul,


Afghanistan. I'm from Perth Western Australia, here is my mum Sue and my


dad Mike, and we are all going to be watching the game against Liverpool


on Monday morning at 3:45am. I'm Claire and this is Kevin and we will


be watching from the beautiful island in Honduras. I'm going to be


watching from Mick Ugen USA. My name's Andy Soper, I'm calling from


New Zealand. I'll be watching from 5am tomorrow morning. I'm very


passionate with the North Argyll. I'd rather be there in real life.


He's the reason I'm so Argyll mad. He took me when I was seven and it


has carried on from them. How does it feel to be so far away from the


big game? It's so frustrating. One of the best feelings is to look at


the app on my mobile phone and to see the next game is Liverpool


against Plymouth Argyle. I've considered flying home on a couple


of occasions. Unfortunately, losing at Wembley. I was never able to make


it. It's a great thing that they are airing on screen here. Not only one


game, but two, and maybe three if they beat Liverpool. I've told my


mates that I won't be at golf because this is far more important.


Did you watch the first game at Anfield? We were on the edge of our


seats. They took so much pressure in the second half but they worse


magnificent. Were hoping for more of the same on Wednesday. We had a


slight problem with the electric for the last five or six minutes so we


didn't know the result until it came back on again. The one thing I miss


more than anything is the trip from hail up to Argyll. I would eat my


pasty, watch the game with my mates. Block three, C 92. It's a close


game, really exciting. At 3:45am, it's hard work. It will be a mid


afternoon kick-off for me with the time difference. Everything will be


on hold for me. Albee watching the game, really excited. Albee back in


a few weeks. I'll be home for the next round match. Can they do it?


Come on, Argyll! Such lovely people and it was fantastic to talk to them


all. If you are watching the match anywhere unusual, take a picture and


post it on our Facebook page. Keep it clean though.


Now let's see now how the managers are feeling.


The superstars landed in Devon this morning,


But how many of their big name players will be


In the first match, three players who cost Liverpool more


than ?60 million pounds between them,


were brought on to try and break the deadlock - to no avail.


The manager has no regrets, but there's a big hint


We want to win the game and go to the next round. So, you will see it.


Probably, it will be different to the team that we had in the first


game. But that's not 100% sure. Have to wait a little bit.


His opposite number has a much more simplistic approach.


You've got to go and enjoy the match. It's just another game. A


very good spectacle for everybody in the city but as a footballer, it's


11 against 11 on the park and you never know what can happen. Well


said, Derek Adams. Did you know that here in Plymouth,


Liverpool fans have a meeting place where they can go and


enjoy games together? It's Porters on the Barbican


and tonight it's welcoming new visitors who've made the trip


from Merseyside and have stopped off there for a pasty before


they come here to Home Park. Hamish Marshall has


been to meet them. The atmosphere is building here. The


flag says it all. This is where the Liverpool fans of Plymouth com to


watch the match. Some of them are able to get to home Park tonight.


Steve, you're the landlord. How big is this? Over the last two seasons


it has built and built. Whatever game is on, we have a great time.


They are nice people. You've been out of Liverpool for a while but you


are still a fan. I've been here 42 years. Supporters do a fantastic


job. It's a home from home. How's it going to go tonight? I firmly


believe it should be 3- 02. But Argyll did really well. I'm really


pleased that they got the money for the replay but I honestly think that


we'll win 3-0. Scott, what do you think will happen tonight? Any win


is fine by me. I know a lot of locals and if they win, I won't hear


the end of it. How nice would be to get home before midnight? It's


brilliant. Normally, I wouldn't be home before midnight. Tonight, taxi


home, five minutes. It's brilliant. I'm just heading up to home Park to


join you up there. But those here in the pub are going to have a


brilliant time. It sounds fantastic. There are loads of famous people


here. I've seen Steven Gerrard, Neil Warnock. I've got some more famous


people. John Houston. You are here to work for five live. Did you


expect to be here for the replay? I don't think any others expected to


be here. I have to say, you've deserved the right to be here. A


wonderful defensive display from Plymouth. Derek Adam Scott his


tactics spot on. Financially, they will be in a better place for the


replay. I feel it will push them on. League 2, second at the minute, this


is a fantastic boost for the club. Great atmosphere, isn't it? It's


brilliant. A pleasure to be here. Not only the Argyle fans. The


Liverpool fans. People have spent a whole day coming here tonight and it


is a big game for both clubs but it is huge for Plymouth. They deserve


it. They've worked so hard to get here. Ryan, you are injured. Are you


gutted to be missing it? I am gutted. But I'm pleased to be here


watching and involved in the club today. You are both summarising for


radio Devon. Are you looking forward to it? I've done it all season and


it's been really good, keeping my mind close to the team. He's had a


blinder every game. Don't get used to the radio, we need you back,


pitch. John, who do you think is going to do it tonight? The FA Cup


is stoked traditionally with shocks and upsets. It can happen. You saw


Lincoln knockout Ipswich last night. Already, six Premier League clubs


have gone out. It can happen. You have got to dream. I think Liverpool


will be too strong on the night. They will play with a strong front


three but Plymouth will give it everything and it won't be a stroll


in the park for Liverpool tonight. I'm hoping for an Argyll win. It's a


tough test. It would be memorable. Fingers crossed. And, Ryan? No goals


during the game but late on somebody can nick it. That is my guess. They


have all got jobs to do here so I am going to let them get on with it.


From here at home Park, but to you in the studio. What an exciting


night. Don't worry if you cannot be there.


BBC Radio Devon will have full commentary from seven o'clock


and you can also follow the game online.


And we'll be live at Home Park in Spotlight's late news


for all the reaction to tonight's match, that's at half past ten.


I'm not a big fan of football but even I am quite excited. One of our


viewers is excited about daffodils in full bloom.


It's been very cold but quite a lot of sunshine. Starting with the


football, it's going to be very cold tonight. But on an extra pair of


socks. By the end of the match, temperatures could be close to


freezing. It's going to be a chilly night but hopefully one from the


players and spectators. More frost tonight than we've seen recently. It


is cold. Six or 7 degrees, the top temperature for most others. -- for


most of us. The fog is trafficking slowly back four as. It may act as a


focal point for a fuchsia hours. The overall picture is a big area of


high pressure. A lot of settled weather to come. Not everyone has


had sunshine today. The four northern parts of Devon and Somerset


have kept the cloud. For most others, quickly it's going to turn


frosty. There will be a fair amount of frost tomorrow morning. A range


of temperatures along the coastline. Two or three degrees above freezing.


You don't have to go far inland to find temperatures in the minus


numbers. Another lovely day with sunshine helping the daffodils to


come out in bloom. But it is cold. Just a bit more of a breeze. An


easterly wind developing. If you want to set your barometer, a very


settled pressure at the moment. Thereafter temperatures. On the


thermometer, possibly 8 degrees but it will feel colder. For the owls of


Scilly, fine and dry with sunny spells. Cold wind from the East.


There isn't a huge amount for surfing at the moment.


This is the outlook as we head right through the weekend. More cloud


developing on Friday. Still quite cold. We will start to see a lot


more cloud creeping in. Cold at night. The main story is a dry one.


Finally, a lovely sunrise from this morning in the Channel Islands. Have


a good evening. That's all from others. From all


others, come on Argyll! Good night. Hello. I hope you're well.


I really do. Because if you're not, then chances


are the NHS won't be able to look after you as well as it should.


And that's wrong.


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