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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. takeover offer for Unilever.


Tonight on Spotlight: The random act of kindness


We are just overwhelmed with the support that when there are such


generous people out there. It's amazing.


Life for Stanley and his family has been transformed,


thanks to the generosity of a local garage and anonymous benefactor


Also tonight: speaking out for the first time.


One man's powerful account of the abuse he suffered as a child.


I want closure on this. I want to be able to put it to bed and say that


it happened and there is nothing I can do about it and get on with the


rest of your life. Hoping to carve out his career


again, the Devon skier recovering from revolutionary surgery talks


to us about preparing And a singing sensation,


the teenager from Cornwall who's gained a devoted worldwide


following. Daisy Clark will be


here to sing live. We begin the programme tonight


with a story of generosity which has made a huge difference


to a terminally ill Devon boy. We featured two-year-old


Stanley Murphy from Newton Abbot He has Tay Sachs disease which means


he can't move and suffers seizures. His parents were struggling


to transport him to appointments as they didn't qualify for help


under the Disability Living Allowance because Stanley


is under three-years-old. Well, after we featured their story


an anonymous benefactor and a local Hamish Marshall has been


back to see the family. Little Stanley suffers


from Tay Sachs disease. He can't move much, has seizures


and needs constant monitoring. This was a couple of months ago,


when getting him to the car If you want to go out for a walk,


you know, to the seaside or something, it's not nice,


knowing that you're going to cause a seizure


putting him in the seat, Emnma and husband Kevin had been


refused government help for a motability vehicle as Stanley


was not age three or above. They now, though, have a special


buggy and an adapted car. He doesn't have a seizure


when we put him in the vehicle or take him out of the vehicle,


so he is much more comfortable. It's a lot easier for us to go out


and about as a family and also we don't have to compromise


on which equipment we take with us, We don't have to leave anything


behind that he is comfortable, Just wheel him in, lock him down,


make sure it's secure and off we go. Just to see him comfortable in


the car, driving around is amazing. Funding for the vehicle


came from a local garage and an anonymous benefactor,


who was annoyed that the system wasn't helping a young boy


because of an age restriction. Just so grateful, just


absolutely so grateful. We're just overwhelmed


with the support when there's such generous people out


there helping us. Stanley's life may be


limited, but it seems that Now to a development


which could help to ease A new operating theatre and a suite


for day surgery have The new facilities are run


by a private company but will treat NHS patients and it's hoped


the extra capacity will mean an additional 1,000 operations


a year will be carried out. Our Health correspondent


Jenny Walrond had a preview. This is our new endoscopy suite


where we will be looking to treat in excess of 3500 NHS patients every


year. As of today a new theatre and day surgery suite at peninsular NHS


treatment centre are literally in operation. It is treating NHS


patients, but is run by an independent provider, care UK. You


choose to come here, you choose to have your elective surgery and


choose the date you want to your surgery here so we can almost


guarantee you will have the surgery on your date of choice.


There are currently 136 operating theatres in the South West 's main


hospitals and while this is not a huge increase in capacity for the


region the centre hopes to perform an extra 1000 operations per year.


Our main acute hospitals are facing a lot of pressure from emergency


patients and social care shortages. In the last three months of 2016


more than 1100 operations were cancelled in the hospitals of the


South West. More than one in ten people still hadn't had the


operation four weeks later. While the idea of private providers


carrying out NHS work is not everyone's cup of tea, some


patients, including Chris and Nick Harris, jumped at the chance. We


were given an appointment and came to see a surgeon and he assessed


everything there and then and said you need an operation, your


decision, have it or not, and that was it. Within weeks, in, done,


finished. It comes down to choice. Patients have the right to pick


where they are treated when they are first referred and this expands the


choice of little further. A man from Cornwall has given


up his right to anonymity to tell Spotlight how he was drugged


and abused as a child. In his moving account,


which you may find upsetting, Justin Stubbings describes how


he was injected with a drug which left him unable to move


whilst he was a patient So far almost 100 people have


contacted the police to say Justin Stubbings lives


a quiet life in Cornwall Back in the 60s he was a patient


at a psychiatric hospital, Aston Hall in Derbyshire,


after he had attempted The superintendent


psychiatrist at Aston Hall One night Justin Stubbings says


he was taken to a small padded room He injected me in this


arm with sodium amytal, then he injected me in the other arm


with something that And then placed a pad over my face


and dropped ether underneath my nose and then I fell backwards


into sort of semiconsciousness. He said I'm going to take


you back to your childhood. He would take me back


to a memory where my brother And I was screaming and rolling


about in trying to stop this from hitting me


and I remember that vividly. Did it feel like you were


being hit at the time? And I can remember putting my hands


behind me to try and stop When he woke up he found


his hands had been tied Medical records show that


Justin Stubbings had been injected with sodium amytal,


described as a truth drug, but even then there were concerns


about this treatment as it had never The police in Derbyshire have now


interviewed almost 100 people who say they were illicitly drugged


and abused as children They say they are now reviewing


hospital records and seeking There were people shuffling


about with big scars where they had had lobotomies and there's


a guy down... I looked out of the window


and there was a guy down in the exercise yard


in a straitjacket, screaming. And I didn't know if I was ever


going to get out of there. That's how they described me,


"a slight, timid boy." Doctor Kenneth Milner,


who had no training as a children's psychiatrist, worked at Aston Hall


for almost 30 years before he died. Justin Stubbings says that he hopes


that by talking openly about his experience


he will encourage That was Eleanor Parkinson speaking


to Justin Stubbings. A man's body washed up


at Perranporth has been identified by police as that


of Stephen Lloyd Thomas from Truro. Emergency services were called


to Perran Sands last week. The 43-year-old's death is being


treated as unexplained by police. Police are appealing for anyone who


saw him before his death to contact him. -- to contact them.


Plymouth rider Jonathan Tiernan-Locke has retired


from professional cycling, citing a lack of motivation.


Now if you were travelling between Shaldon and Teignmouth


today, you may have wondered what the diversions were about.


For the first time in almost 15 years, Shaldon Bridge was opened


for some essential maintenance and our reporter Paul Brennan was


Diversions in place, hi-vis jackets on, and everything


Now, although the bridge is rarely open these days,


there is a legal requirement to ensure that it stays


in good working order, should it need to be listed


in good working order, should it need to be lifted


to enable the passage of vessels through.


Slowly and carefully the section on the Teignmouth side is lifted,


with cranes in place to support, but it's the pure muscle power


of these two chaps that crucial to this task.


We tried to do this work about last October but unfortunately


there was something went wrong with the winding mechanism so we had


Local historian Viv Wilson gathers material to mark this replication.


Local historian Viv Wilson gathers material to mark this rare occasion.


She has written extensively about the life and times


The opening span of the bridge was essential to the river life


and a tremendous amount of industry that was flowing up and down.


We had the granite, the clay, all sorts of minerals


from the Teign Valley and that throughput place was


After just two hours the job is done and everything is shipshape.


Let's see if it's another 15 years before the bridge opens again.


The weekend may have started for many, but for one


Roy Handford still puts in six days week.


He'll be telling why he has no plans to retire.


And Daisy Clark is in the studio with us. The Cornish teenager who


posted her song on social media, only to be offered a contract. That


really is something to look forward to.


It's time for the sport now, and Natalie's here with


The Leyton Orient captain Liam Kelly has yet to respond to a charge


of violent conduct which was brought by the FA yesterday.


It relates to an incident at Home Park earlier this week


when a ballboy was pushed to the ground in front


The 27-year-old midfielder could face a lengthy ban.


His reponse was expected by 6.00pm this evening.


The hearing should be taking place right now.


Back on the field, the Pilgrims will be keen to return


to winning ways when they make the near 800-mile round


Exeter City host Stevenage, while Yeovil travel to Cheltenham.


In the National League, Torquay face Barrow.


If you can't make the games you can tune into your local BBC radio


There are no Six Nations games this weekend which is a bit of a bonus


for the Exeter Chiefs with a couple of returning internationals,


as they travel to Worcester, having not lost in the Premiership since


When the teams met earlier in the season the Chiefs put more


than 50 points past the Warriors, scoring nine tries in the process.


But Worcester stunned champions Saracens last weekend and should


provide a much tougher challenge at the Sixways tomorrow.


We are both really fighting for something. Worcester are fighting to


prove that they can climb out of the relegation zone and accelerate


forward as a club and we are fighting because we want to


consolidate a place in the top four and they want to be back in post


season games and that makes for a really good fixture.


Elsewhere, the Championship resumes after a week's rest.


The Cornish Pirates face a trip to second-placed Yorkshire Carnegie,


Plymouth Albion will hoping to give the students a lesson


A professional skier from Devon has become the first person to have


revolutionary surgery on both his knees.


Jai Geyer has had internal knee braces fitted in the hope he can


return to the sport he loves quicker than expected.


His injuries were a year apart, and he's now doing well


So is he ready to pull on a pair of skis again?


I'm a little way off doing that, although I am hoping to put skis


That is kind of as soon as you can possibly do it.


Obviously the skis are very aggressive on the knees


and on the joints but with all the conditioning and


the rehabilitation, we can make everything very robust and off-load


the joint and get back to action as soon as possible really.


Your ambition was always the Olympics in 2018,


we're a year away, is that completely off the table?


If you are looking at the preparation in an Olympic cycle,


what's the best I can do in these four years to build up to this?


Doing both knees in the middle back-to-back seasons is an awful


preparation that I came back successfully from my first


injury and I qualify for the World Championships


so I know what it takes but at the same time the time window


You were featured in The Times last week, a the photo shoot,


That was amazing, really bizarre experience and very much


outside my comfort zone but the team there at The Times were incredible,


But the photographer there did a great job and I was really happy


Actually behind-the-scenes I spent nearly two hours


that day in ski boots, completely naked for that


and in fact there's a guy who was cut out of the shot


at the end who was holding me up to get in that position.


What he visioned was an action shot, so to try and recreate


that was going to be quite a challenge at we got


Really I am continuing to focus on my rehabilitation.


I go back to Scotland to see Professor Gordon Mackay


who was the surgeon who did the operation on my knee.


His pioneered a new method, an amazing method which really


accelerates the healing, so I go back up and get another MRI


and then I go back to London for my rehabilitation


at Bisham Abbey and continue the hard work.


Well, good luck and hopefully you'll get where you want to be.


And finally basketball, and if you're a Plymouth Raiders fan


you might like to know that their game against


the Surrey Scorchers this evening is being streamed tonight on the BBC


Tip off is at the Surrey Sports Park is at 7.30pm.


That is the sport. Foxy will be having a good time tonight.


Now on average we spend 47 years of our life working,


but for our next story we're going to hear from a Devon man who's


Roy Handford may be 94, but is still working six days a week


Our reporter Andrea Ormsby has been to see him.


Meet Roy, the 95-year-old dishwasher boy. My worst thing is my eyesight.


But you can see enough to get the nice and clean? Yes. I. I hope I


have. He works with his daughter and granddaughter at the Green Lantern


cafe in Torrington. What is it like working with all your family? Nil it


is nice. Lovely. You have to say that! He has to say that. I enjoy


it, that's why haven't retired. Everyone loves him, all over the


world to get fan mail. He has had letters from Australia and New


Zealand and all of that. They come into the cafe and this in pictures


they have taken in the cafe back with a letter. He has his own little


fan club. Guild how you getting on? Nice to see you again. Roy enjoys a


chat with the customers and he will tell you about the time when he was


in the Royal Navy and he helped to transport shall -- troops to shore


in the D-Day landings. We transported the troops across and as


fast as we could be got back again and then we were drafted in to take


the Yanks across. This is Roy 's second job, he started his first


when he was 14 and he didn't miss a single day until he retired at 65.


He started here one week later. I have just looked after myself, more


or less, that's all. I have got no secret. It's just that I have never


smoked or drunk in my life and that is it. Roy starts at 730 every


morning and does at least a ten hour day every day but Sunday. He can't


wait to get back to work. He never smokes and never drinks.


That is the secret. A teenage singer from Cornwall


is on the verge of international stardom after almost six million


people around the world watched an online video


of her singing in her bedroom. Just five months ago,


18-year-old Daisy Clark posted her acoustic version


of Olivia Newton-John's song It was spotted and shared


by the talent platform Well, today the single


has been released by We'll be speaking to Daisy


in a moment, but first here's a clip OK, this is my attempt


of an acoustic cover This has been my head all day


so we'll see how goes. And we will hear more of that song


in a moment. Is this what you expected after that posting? Not at


all. I had the craziest time ever with people contacting me and say


they loved the song but totally good. Very good. How did it come


about, the moment that we saw there? What made you sit down in your


bedroom and recalled that song? I have always loved grease and


performing arts, singing, dancing, acting, all of that stuff and it was


near my mum 's favourite film and we always love to watch it and the song


had just been in my head. I literally just sat down and pressed


record and uploaded it and then music round saw it when I uploaded


and they were amazing. They give young artists like me and amazing


platform and exposure to get their music out there. Presumably that


wasn't your aim. We went aiming to get picked up in that way? It was a


happy coincidence. It is or was been my aim with my career to be a


songwriter, be a singer and just kind of get my music out there so it


just came with it and it was amazing. All of the papers are


saying you have only left Cornwall twice in your whole life but surely


this is not true. When I spoke to last November on radio call will you


are heading up to London then and you come to Devon now, so it must be


a bit of a social whirl for you. There are a lot of articles saying


stuff but I have been outside of Cornwall before but obviously it is


very small in Cornwall and we are not big travellers. I have been to


places only a few times. I have been to America are a couple of times but


that has all kind of come with YouTube and performing. Next week is


very busy for you. Most definitely. This is one of the busiest weeks


with the song coming out today, it is crazy. We wish you well without


me know you are going to perform it live for us in just a moment and


with virtually on playing it and I haven't been able to get my head --


haven't been able to get out of my head ever since. We look forward to


hearing you in a moment. First we will see what the weather has in


store for the weekend. Holly has the forecast.


Thank you very much. It is finally Friday, thank goodness and it has


not been as nice today as it has been over recent days. Some of us


have seen is a brightness but for many of us it has been cloudy and


grey overhead. To the north of any high ground we have seen the cloud


breaking up more, for example here in Okehampton. This weekend we keep


the mild feel but the air is quite moist and it is largely dry. There


could be a bit of rain but it is more likely to fall overnight and we


could see a bit here and there. Cloudy for the most part and some


bright spells are likely to come through at times. The high pressure


stays in charge. Week weather fronts push in and we could see a bit of


rain by night and there could be mist and fog at times as well.


Fairly cloudy but bright spells here and there. Overnight we have the


risk of low cloud and the fog patches forming. A bit of showery


there and for most of us it stays there and for most of us it stays


pretty mild. Tomorrow morning it could be a murky start. The mist and


fog should lift. North of Exmoor and Dartmoor we could see Sunny spells


coming through and those areas have the best chance of that. A bit of


rain. Not much of that but it would come to the north coast later in the


day. It is mild and we expect temperatures to pick up to 12 or 13.


A cloudy day for the Isles of Scilly tomorrow with the risk of showery


rain but not in any great amount. These are our times of high water.


The waves along the north coast are bigger than we have seen for wild.


Conditions and a southerly wind but choppy on the south coast and six


feet here. Southerly winds of three to five and it will fear west


south-westerly later. Occasional mist and fog patches will reduce the


visibility to poor or very poor at times and the sea state is moderate


or rough. This is how it shapes up as we head through the next few


days. I know it doesn't look very inspiring but bear with me. We have


got milder in place and it gets milder at the beginning of next


week. There are rumours of 16 or 17 degrees for the beginning of next


week but it won't be for us, but we are in the same mild air mass. On


Sunday the best chance is to the east of any high ground but


elsewhere sunny spells could come through as well. It will be largely


dry and any rain is likely to be on Saturday night or Sunday night.


Overall the winds are quite like so when sunshine comes through it


should feel fairly pleasant and quite a lot like spring. Mild into


the beginning of next week but turning cooler and more typical


towards the middle of next week. Thank you very much.


That is all from Spotlight tonight but now for a real treat we have


Daisy Clark singing live for us, her version of Hopelessly Devoted To


You. Have a good weekend. # guess mine is not the first


heartbroken. # my eyes are not the first to see


-- cry. # I'm not the first to know there's just no getting over you. #


I know I'm just a fool who is willing. # had to sit around and


wait for you. # but baby can't you see? # there's nothing else for me


to do. # I'm hopelessly devoted to you. # but now there's nowhere to


hide since you pushed my lover side. # I'm out of my head. # hopelessly


devoted to you. # hopelessly devoted to you. # hopelessly devoted to you.


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