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Tonight on Spotlight: Emergency traffic chaos,


a congestion busting challenge and speeding issues in Dorset.


Tonight, we're at the roadworks where police had to be called


in to get ambulances, staff and patients


My dad has taken the car, we have walked part of the way to get mum


here on time and we are still late. villagers want the traffic


permanently slowed down. One community has even paid


for its own scheme to tackle speeding after the council said it


couldn't afford to. The eight-year South West water


dispute resolved after we featured They listen to me and they said


sorry, it should not have happened. We want to put it right.


as Bodmin Moor bids for special dark sky status, we'll assess what it's


Roadworks outside one of the region's hospitals


have been causing chaos according to commuters.


The work outside North Devon District Hospital has affected


At one stage the hold-ups were so bad the police had


to be called in to help direct the traffic.


Our north Devon reporter Kirk Engalnd has been to take a look


at why the roadworks have been so disruptive.


Weaving around the traffic and through the roadworks.


An extra challenge for ambulance drivers on their way in and out


But it's not just paramedics feeling the strain of this engineering work.


It is locals, staff and patients too.


We've come from Ilfracombe for a hospital appointment for Mum.


It normally takes us 20 minutes to get from Ilfracombe to hospital.


The tailback is way before the junction we come out of.


We have got out of the car and walked, because my dad has taken


the car, and walked part of the way just to be able to get Mum


The gridlock filmed by local Carl Chivers.


Even at rush hour, things were not as bad as this today,


but there is still concern about all of the disruption.


Ambulances tailing back down here, patients, members of staff that


The NHS is already under a lot of pressure as it is and to have


this kind of situation happening outside one of the locality's main


health care facilities, it's unacceptable really.


The engineering works are to put in a new roundabout,


but Devon County Council says it will help ease congestion and help


Things look like they have improved since last week's reported chaos,


but there are still many weeks to go before the work is done.


Well, roadworks are one reason for traffic queues,


In parts of the South West, congestion is a permanent problem.


Exeter is one such place and researchers warn if nothing


is done, the city won't cope with the predicted 14,000 extra


Well, the search is on for solutions and a ?15,000 incentive


is being offered for the best ideas to halve the number of large


vehicles in the city and how to get people out of their cars.


If you are given the cash, how would you get Exeter out of a jam?


The problem is, new predictions say the number of people


living and commuting here is going to skyrocket


in the next ten years, and if nothing is done,


researchers predict the city just will not cope.


It is why a community interest company is offering cash for ideas.


Such as ones that will get us out of our cars and end


But for those of us who know the roads and how busy they actually


It's achievable if we want it to be achievable.


Today, just in the greater Exeter region, just on fuel,


as consumers we spend half a billion pounds a year.


If we were able to divert that investment for one year,


then we could see the world's most extraordinary public


It is not possible just to do that, it's a step change.


But if people want a different way of getting round the city,


and I think they are close to being so fed up with how


things are today, that if it is what we really want,


then yes, it is possible to do it in ten years.


Exeter City Futures is hunting for innovation or inventions


to invest up to ?15,000 in a project to boost business backed


The opportunity from there is to work with other investors


to develop those ideas further, to roll them out in the city


and then hopefully deliver them at scale.


The solutions they come up with could be anything


from using new technology through to using data to change


the way that we make decisions about design and infrastructure,


so it will be interesting to see what comes out of it.


It can be a cycle share business or a piece of new technology.


Whatever the new ideas, it is hoped they will play their part


in reducing the thousands of extra car journeys that will be added


And next to Dorset, where the long campaign to save lives on certain


The BBC has discovered there are about 200 places


in the county where people are waiting for road schemes.


Some villages have now taken it upon themselves to pay for speed


The county council says it can only afford a small number of the schemes


each year and it insists it prioritises cases based on safety.


This is the pace of life in Winterbourne Hampton.


A village keen on this sort of horse power, not that


which comes with a national speed limit.


There is nothing to stop you from driving through here at 60


Now, you probably wouldn't want to - the road is rather


narrow, it twists, it turns, there is a brook to my left


and if you go too far over, you'll probably end up


The problem for villages like this is there is no law to say


they must have a 30 mile an hour limit.


It is something the government recommends, but the final


decision is left to local authorities.


Here they try to persuade the county council with


their message and the messenger in fitting form.


When did you last see a petition handed in on horseback?


But campaigners were told the council cannot afford


I looked at the Department for Transport guidelines, it does


say 30 mph should be the norm in villages,


it's quite specific on


a lot of points and I thought, well, this is a village that time forgot,


we'll just fill it in, put the justification through and it


In fact, there are around 200 places in Dorset that are trying to


change the traffic in their area in different ways like other villages.


Here they are paying for new speed plates themselves.


We felt that by putting a 20mph zone in,


it would really help in terms of getting people to at least


realise they need to go at a sensible speed.


Do you think yourselves and those in Winterbourne Hampton should be


If you do not do it yourselves, the chances


Dorset County Council only has around ?50,000 year for these types


Even then, they say a speed limit might not be the answer.


Everybody perceives speed in villages as being absolutely


horrendous, but when you go and do speed checks, the results are


startling, because we generally find there is not that much speeding at


all and there are only a few vehicles going over the speed limit,


and quite frankly, those are the people


that really do need to have


more education and no amount of speed limits are going to stop


them doing the unsociable thing that they


The council accepts there are many areas where road


safety needs addressing, but for disappointed


residents, it seems the


answer might lie a little closer to home.


Earlier today, we asked you for your tips on how to solve


He thinks we should all simply give way in turn and not have


He says, "You can see this peaceful anarchy break out whenever traffic


lights break down and when turning off traffic lights has been


trialled, it has brought a transformation in congestion,


Maryvonne emailed to suggest a European solution to easing


She says, "When I lived in France, they used


to have temporary flyovers to ease the traffic.


They were metallic and as they were made of sections adaptable


And Pam suggested, "There are only so many jobs in Exeter,


so the answer has to be to prevent any further development


Employers should be financially encouraged to either start up


or move their businesses to the outskirts."


And you can join the debate on email, Twitter or Facebook.


Dozens of students held an anti-Fascist protest march


through Exeter University today after a swastika was


scratched into a door, along with a "Rights


Last year, there was controversy after Exeter students were pictured


wearing T-shirts with racist and anti-Semitic slogans


In his first interview on the issue, vice chancellor Steve Smith told


Spotlight he welcomed the march, as he was appalled by


the carving of the swastika and condemned it unreservedly.


About 100 students joined the march against fascism through the campus


of Exeter University. It was organised after a swastika was


carved into a door with a rights for white sign nearby. We want to take a


march to the perpetrators and showed them jokes are not OK and it will


snow balls into real-life fascism. It is important, however this barge


will not be enough to change events worldwide. It is important for us


though. The march is about raising solidarity with Jewish people but


overall creating an atmosphere of antiracism on-campus. In his first


interview, the Vice Chancellor told me he would not tolerate


anti-Semitism. As soon as we found out, we were appalled. We condemn it


unreservedly. It doesn't fit with the character of the institution,


this is a very friendly place. I have been racking my brains, I


cannot think of a single complaint we have received from a Jewish


student. Students held a rally with a series of anti-fascism speeches.


There have been instances of anti-Semitism in other universities.


All have generated negative publicity. Anti-Semitism is becoming


an increasingly uncomfortable issue in higher education. Exeter


University say their investigates indicates it may have been a deeply


offensive attempt at a joke. Possibly parodying a television


show. Plymouth City Council has turned up


the pressure on campaigners planning to re-open the city's airport,


leaving them just five years The airport, which closed


in 2011, had been protected But in the latest local plan ,that


date has been revised to 2022. Developers have put forward


proposals to build a garden A planning inspector is expected


to decide its future in the autumn. We believe there is no need to


develop Plymouth airport for housing employment uses. There is sufficient


land in the Plymouth area to meet the needs of this city and the wider


area. We are certain the Plymouth airport site should be reserved for


aviation activity and we need to work towards bringing back an


airport use. The South West's sky at night could


be a potential boost to tourism. Later we'll see how Exmoor has


befitted from dark sky status And the skateboard art


project to raise funds It's not every day we report


on the resolution of a battle which had rumbled on for


nearly eight years. You may remember a couple of weeks


ago, we visited Ray Hill, He had a very large and disputed


water bill which, at one stage, was more than ?10,000,


but after our report, Our environment correspondent


Adrian Campbell has Ray Hull who farms near Tiverton has


been keeping a close eye on his water meter for years. He told us


his normal hill is around ?1200 a year. But in May 2009 he was sent a


bill for more than ?10,400. He told us that after complaining to South


West water, they cut the amount by around half but that still left an


outstanding amount of around ?5,500. Now the company has cleared the


disputed amount and things have returned to normal. Since you came,


South West water sent out an important chap along with his


colleague and they sat and listened to me and they said, we are very


sorry. It should not have happened, we want to put it right. Ray


struggled with his water bill over many years and it wasn't helped by


the fact that his farm is on top of a hill, a long way from the mains,


but in the end, there was one thing to do. If you have a problem, you


have to shake the top of the tree not the bottom. South West water


told us they have resolved the disagreement. It should not have


taken eight weeks let alone eight years but this is where we are. I


think everybody should check their meter at least once a week because


it is expensive if you waste water. Now, if light pollution is limited


and the skies are clear, this is the sort of dazzling display


provided by the night sky. Exmoor already has special status


for its dark sky and now Bodmin Moor It's hoped it could


help boost tourism by Our reporter Tamsin Melville has


been to Exmoor to see what effect the special international


recognition has had Switching off to send a message on


light pollution. The people of Dulverton were family on board when


Exmoor became the world's second dark sky reserve five years ago.


This official international recognition of the top-class quality


of Exmoor's night skies seems to be as popular as ever. So many people


in light polluted areas that it is wonderful for them to come and see


the wonderful skies. Getting children enthused about the stars is


said to be one big benefit and shops are happy with the footfall. We as a


business are aware of a lot of people who come down here for dark


sky. That is young families, other people, so it is one of those things


that has broad appeal and has attracted people to the area. An


area with a lot of light pollution might see thousands of stars. Here


on Exmoor you with cedar tree billions of stars. Tourism is


getting a boost with holiday accommodation businesses offering


telescopes. Gazing. It is a bragging right for people to talk about and


to make them proud of their area. But it has genuine benefits in terms


of bringing tourists to the area. And now the top quality of the night


sky recorded by exports -- experts in Bodmin Moor has experts reaching


for the stars. Cornwall councillors were discussing a bid for the area


to apply for this stock Skystrator is. In Cornwall we have some of the


darkest skies we have in the whole of the UK. We do not have a


designation yet but one would hope that if we have Bodmin Moor, other


places will follow suit. This is a great way of preserving something


historical, cultural that we can pass on to future generations. It


isn't just Bodmin Moor looking to follow in Exmoor's footsteps. There


are also plans for West Cornwall and the Isles of Sydney. -- Isles of


Scilly. It's time for the sport now


and Natalie's here with some good All four of our main rugby sides won


on the road this weekend, In the Premiership, a hat-trick


from James Short saw Exeter move level on points with Saracens


in second as they overturned a half-time deficit to beat


Worcester with seven tries. The others came from


Gareth Steenson, Olly Woodurn, Rob Baxter said his wingers


were fantastic and even though he was disappointed to have conceded


so many points for the second week running, he was pleased


that the Chiefs had maintained Plymouth Albion ground out a tough


20-18 victory at Loughborough It was refereed by Exeter's Sara Cox


- the first time a woman has taken By all accounts she did a good


job and got a round of applause from the players


in the clubhouse afterwards. That's six wins out


of six for Albion. It wasn't the best of weekend's


for our League Two football sides, Plymouth Argyle stay second


in the table after missing out Our South West teams managed


two draws and a loss Plymouth Argyle made the 800-plus


mile round-trip to Hartlepool and came back with the points


to show for it, although it Despite a bright start


which could have seen the Pilgrims go in front,


it was the home side Rhys Oates reacted quickest to score


after Luke McCormick parried former But the Pilgrims kept creating


chances and it was a magical strike from on loan winger Matty Kennedy


that brought Plymouth It was the Scots's third goal


since joining the club from Cardiff. It could have got better


for Derek Adams's side as Ryan Taylor had an effort cleared


off the line late on, but in the end, they had


to settle for the point. Closer to home, Exeter City


are still looking to get back to winning ways


after they could only manage a draw against an in-form


Stevenage at St James Park. The Grecians went close


in the opening stages through Troy Brown and Ollie Watkins,


but it was the visitors Veterinary winger Jobi McAnuff


was allowed too much space by the City defence and finished


well past Bobby Olejnik. Paul Tisdale must have said


something at half-time as city Reuben Reid got his first in five


games, diverting a Lloyd James cross The draw keeps Exeter City


in the play-off places. At the other end of the table,


Yeovil made the relatively short trip to Cheltenham and were undone


by two second-half goals. Defender Tim Platovitch rose highest


to head James Rose's free kick into the net and it soon got worse


for the Glovers when Matt Butcher caught Kyle Wootton in the area,


giving the referee no choice. Billy Waters, who missed a good


chance just nine minutes earlier, took the resulting spot kick


and sent Arthur Krysiak the wrong way, securing a vital three


points for his side. The Plymouth Raiders had a weekend


of mixed fortunes finishing with a dramatic late win over


Cheshire Phoenix yesterday. But they were beaten


by Surrey Scorchers on Friday evening, in a game


that was broadcast live The Raiders kept in touch


with their hosts early on, but the Scorchers proved too much


and eventually took the win 99-75. The Raiders are now fifth


in the BBL Championship with their next game on Friday


against the Worcester Wolves And finally from me,


congratulations to 22-year-old Jack Bowyer who plays


for Sticker Football As of this weekend, he has


scored a hat-trick in each He plays his football


in the Peninsula West Division and that's not all -


he's now scored a total of eight Have any other players stunned that?


There are some in the Wolverhampton area who have done the same. We


wondered if Jack was a record breaker but there are some good ones


around. We've covered many art


projects on Spotlight - sculptures made out of bottles found


on beaches, village lampposts adorned with knitted jackets -


and now skateboards have been turned into works of art by a group


of artists in Plymouth. 18 boards have been transformed


at Studio 102 and they're now being auctioned to raise money


for the Devon Air Ambulance. As Jane Chandler reports,


each one has a unique design with the idea to stop people


throwing things away. The wheels have come of these


skateboards and they are now headed in a new direction. This bench is


seven different skateboards that I have fashioned together into


something more functional. I have sculptured a bench because they have


a background in sculpture. Although the artists are not skateboarders,


they are sympathetic to their spirit of freedom. I found some words


online that inspired me. We are skateboarders and nothing big or


small can stop us except purples. I have this vision of kryptonite and


pebbles. It's a mixture of mediums using spray paint and paint pens.


The natural grain of the board is sanded back and I left that to give


it a nice effect. I am a fan of sci-fi and pop culture so I thought


I would reach out to that group. It is designed to look old and crunchy.


Lots of fine metal I covered in black paint. I am very proud of it.


If you want one of these boards, you have until the end of the week to


bid for one. We were talking about stargazing


earlier on. Let's see if we have clear skies for that. Probably not.


On the good side it is mild. We have had temperatures of 15, 16 degrees


today, that is pretty mild for February. More of the same tomorrow.


This week starts mild, there is some rain around, it becomes increasingly


windy and then it cools down. The reason for the web being relatively


mild is this westerly wind coming off the mild sea. This is the middle


of the day tomorrow, by Wednesday there is not much change. But a


developing area of low pressure on the same weather system brings windy


conditions across cars on Thursday. It could be quite a windy day with


gale forced winds. Overnight tonight, we continue with spots of


drizzle. The mist and the low cloud. It will be a similar start to the


day we have seen today and a mould might to come. This was earlier


today where our cameraman tried to get some clearer skies, but as you


can see, that layer of cloud is pretty leaden and it has been with


us for much of the day. Some of the cloud is low enough to sit on the


tops of the coast and low enough to sit over the tops of the hills and


Morse both tonight and tomorrow. It will be mild tonight with


temperatures of ten or 11 degrees. Tomorrow is the same sort of day,


patchy drizzle, brisk westerly winds, temperatures of 12, 13


degrees. Temperatures could get higher up to 14 or 15. For the Isles


of Scilly, Misty at first. Breaks in the cloud later in the day. Here are


our times of high water. For our surface it is rather choppy.


Westerly winds for much of tomorrow and Wednesday, whipping up some


pretty big Cs. Not very clean and the coastal waters forecast has the


winds westerly with the risk of drizzle and the possibility of sea


fog patches vote tomorrow and including Wednesday. Thursday we are


watching quite carefully. It will be a windy day, rain in the morning,


brighter in the afternoon, colder but also brighter on Friday. And


that is all from us this evening but I am back just after 10:30pm. Good


night. You're sponsored to swap


clothes? I don't get that. Maybe you wear your mother's


clothes? Cool. Yeah, finally. What? I don't get it, what does she wear?


No, no... Like, she wears someone else's.


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Do another one. So, like, you get sponsored to let


people lick stuff off you for a day. Ugh. No, but, like, you get these


flavoured... Not going to happen. You take a selfie and post it on


social media or whatever, and then people have to pay


to guess who it is? That's a no-brainer,


we love the secret selfie. 'For better ideas,


get your free fundraising kit now.' Alex and Steph are on a mission


to help people


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