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Good evening welcome to Spotlight. membership. That's all from the BBC


A country divided, and counties divided.


As article 50 is triggered we look at the uncertainty


I think that we really haven't had it fully explained to us. They are


talking about maybe even leaving the Queen. We don't know what it means


for our personal lives or business lives and I think everyone would


like some clarity. We're live across


the region tonight. We're in Ivybridge revisiting this


devon family who celebrated And in Cornwall with the man whose


mission it was to leave the EU Also tonight a major set back


for the Festival of Remembrance. We'll reveal why the annual


Royal British Legion service And a winning partnership -


one boy and his dog selected to represent Great Britain


in a European Championship. When it came through, I started


welling up, so I feel pretty proud of me and Aston.


It's just over nine months since the South West voted -


along with the rest of the country - to leave the EU, today


as you've probably heard, the formal process of exiting


In the biggest political decision in a generation nearly 53% of people


Tonight we'll be hearing from those who have been waiting


for this day for decades, and from those who never wanted,


Every pub is a place to settle an argument, the side press in Torquay


was trying its best during the campaign. A patent for in and a pint


for out. But after Theresa May officially started the process of


exit from the EU, it was a little more muted. After the last vote on


Europe in 1975, easy maths on the Isles of Scilly, questions have


rumbled on about whether Britain should come out of the club. The


move to put the decision to the people brought campaigner is waving


the in and out flags. Or pasties, to the south-west. As summer game,


things got heated. It was no cooler inside. I am descended from


migrants. The south-west has cast its vote and like the rest of the


country, the region has voted to leave the European Union. But where


one question was answered, others arose. Among them, will be


Government ban foreign fishing boats? How will billions of pounds


in grants for corn will be replaced? And what about the huge migrant


workforce? We caught up with some people in April the shop. I don't


think that Brexit will affect me. Bullish people are coming here a lot


to work in factories or does work like normal people and now it is


going to be more difficult. -- Polish people.


Well, that's the view in Dorset, and our political reporters


Tamsin Melville and Anna Varle have been out assessing what


today means for people in the rest of the region.


First to Tamsin who joins us from west Cornwall.


I am in an incredibly wet and windy Cornwall this evening, one of the


many places that voted to leave back in June. In fact, one constituency


area alone, Truro and Falmouth, voted to remain. So now that the


negotiations are about to get underway, what is it that voters in


Cornwall want to see from is accessible Brexit? I have been


speaking to some of them to find out.


protest against the European Union in the form of the Maastricht


This Penzance-based campaigner has got a file full of


clippings and letters detailing his opposition


A founding member of Ukip in the 90s, during the 23rd


was something he thought would never happen.


With history now in the making, for him, a


It is a self-governing nation, electing our


MPs who pass laws over us, governing ourselves in our own courts and


making our own decisions with the MPs being responsible to the people.


He grew up with EU Regulations, and 25-year-old fishermen James Roberts


was an enthusiastic leave campaigner.


Unhappy about quota management and access to fishing


What we are hoping is for this to be extended to the 12 mile.


Fast forward nine months, and he is anxious that Brexit does


now deliver on things like a 12 mile British


waters limit and self-management within 200 miles.


If they don't secure what we have now, if they don't secure what we


should be managing, you know, the 200 mile limit.


It has taken this long to get to a point to have this


chance, I can't see it happening again probably not in my lifetime.


Cornwall has voted 57% - 43% for leave, despite the decades of EU


The constituency of Saint Austell in Newquay happy


highest proportion about voters in the county.


And it seems immigration control will be a key test of Brexit


The hospitals are on its knees because of


So do you think the UK Government is going to


It is into uncharted waters as the exit


Well, one of the key issues in Cornwall since the referendum has


been that EU funding that has been flowing into the county for the past


couple of decades to boost the economy. What will happen to that


short-term but also long-term weather that will be replaced or not


by a Westminster Government is sure to be a key priority for Cornwall,


as these negotiations go on in the coming months.


Anna Varle is in Ivybridge in Devon - one of a handful of places


Anna, Ivybridge has long had an affinity to the EU hasn't it?


Well, as you said, the South hams is one of the few places that voted to


remain. Here in Ivybridge, the allegiance goes back 40 years. In


fact, over there in Victoria Park, the French Maher came and planted


trees when the town held a week-long celebration when we joined the


economic community. I have been finding out exactly how people you


are feeling today. The year we began to


move closer to Europe. From the cars we drove


to the shops on the high Here in Ivybridge,


the bunting was out. How else do you welcome


in a new era? And our cameras were there


as Europe rolled into town. As part of the film,


we featured a family who More than 40 years on,


we are back at the breakfast table


with the same couple. Coming out, I am very


sad to come out. But it isn't the same


club that we joined. You have got to believe


that, haven't you? The village as it was then


were so keen on joining, it was one of the only places


in the country to hold a week-long Fashions may change,


but for many, attitudes have They believed in


Europe and still do. And I think it's very


sad what has happened. They were so excited


about joining the common market, they even


wrote a song about it. But then, as now,


there was uncertainty. The man who organised those


celebrations was Mr Condon. I think that it hasn't been


fully explained to us. They are talking now


we are going to even lose the Someone suggested she should become


the Queen of Europe. Well, perhaps this


might be possible, I And today, there is


a sense of d j vu. We don't know what it means


for our personal lives. We don't know what it


means for our business lives, and you know,


I think everybody would like some


clarity, so it is difficult to celebrate when you don't know


what you might or might not be I am sure we will look back


and perhaps not in my time but in 20 or 30 years'


time we will look back and say this is one


of the greatest things we have


ever done, surely. Anna Varle reporting there,


and our Political Editor Martyn Oates has been assessing


the mood in Westminster. Well, the Prime Minister in a


statement to the Commons earlier today said that she wanted a deep


and special relationship with the EU, post-Brexit, and the ability to


trade as freely as possible with the EU. That is something which will be


watched closely by businesses and on our part of the world also


particularly by farmers and fishermen, of course. I am joined


now by two of our MPs. The ardent Brexit supporter and an equally


ardent remain campaigner, Ben Bradshaw. I say to both of you, the


Secretary of State for extremely EU has essentially said that what we


would like post-Brexit trade wise is really what we have now, something


as good as what we have got now. Labour is also saying the standard


you said the Government for this negotiation is to achieve trade why


something as good as the situation we have got at the moment. That is


impossible for both of you, isn't it? I don't think it is impossible.


But I think we are talking about something which works better for UK


plc, because the talent we have at the moment is that the bureaucracy


of the regulatory system with fishing. We really do have a


challenge because we do not have our fair share of access. With Bonnie,


we have a system which does not really work so we have the ability


to be the increase productivity and trade. In terms of access to the


single market, the chief negotiator has been absolutely clear. Britain


cannot be given as good a deal in trade terms as it has got as a


member of the EU. What we have to remember is that the EU itself has


said that in the next ten years, 90% of the training opportunities are


outside Europe and that is the problem. That was what was holding


Britain back. So of course we will negotiate with the EU and of course


it is perfectly possible because it is in their interest actually more


than hours to get a good deal, so I think no problem, but it will be a


matter I think of the emotional and the political not upsetting the


clear economic argument and producing a win- win for both.


You're absolutely right in your question because David Davis said in


January that we will have exactly the exact same benefits. Those were


his words. When we leave the EU as we have now. That is going to be


difficult to live, not least because of the most things that has happened


snag is that Theresa May's first demand any talks about the divorce


and the future relationship running parallel has been outright rejected


by all the other member states. They are determined that we need to


settle our liabilities and the issue of EU citizens and British citizens


and the Northern Ireland border question before there are any talks


about a future tracheal soap the main plank of negotiating strategy


has fallen apart. I clearly do not agree with that in the sense that I


think the Europeans will see sense. Do not enter in negotiation with one


part of the deal and without the other. When this gets underway, is


there not a risk that issues that are important like farming and


fishing that are nationally small issues will not be in the


foreground. These will be considered. I do not believe that


will happen. The other thing to point out is that the gravity as we


have time. We have the two years. But at the end of those two years,


one other was a threat of going back to WTO, we may well still have zero


rates because... Agriculture and fishing has faced some of the


highest tariffs if we fall out of the World Trade Organisation and we


export the majority of the fishery catch and most of our farming


exports go to the single market so tariffs will be a disaster for


exporters but also for consumers because prices will go up. The


reverse is true because we actually import so much and we are paying


very high rates on that. 90%. We have to leave it there. Needless to


say, like everybody here, we will be following this step-by-step over the


next two years. Thank you very much. Now a brief roundup of other stories


making the news in the South West. John Earle, a former BBC TV


presenter and Jackanory storyteller has admitted sexually assaulting


a boy almost 60years ago. 87-year-old Earle of Upton Pyne


near Exeter carried out the offences between 1957


and 1961 when he was He has been told he could face


prison and must sign The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust


says admissions are up ten per cent and it has a hundred patients


who cannot be discharged as care Its advising people to use


GPs, minor injury units Derriford Hospital in Plymouth


says its also busy and is using its social media pages to ask


people to consider other services if its not


emergency care they need. Exeter based Flybe has


been fined ?70,000 3.3 million unwanted emails


to people who'd opted out They were sent last August


asking people to update marketing preferences


and personal information. Flybe has apologised and said it has


taken action to ensure it Persistent wet weather has delayed


the start of swailing on Dartmoor. The controlled burning


of overgrown gorse can only take place between October


and the end of March. At Haytor its only


just got underway. Rising costs have forced changes


to a major Royal British The Devon Festival of Remembrance


has been held for 25 years but it'll be replaced by a concert


at a smaller venue in As Hamish Marshall reports,


the main reasons are reduced ticket sales and the cost of hiring both


Exeter Cathedral and the Band It is one of the most high-profile


ways that Devon marks the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in


combat. But there will be no Royal British Legion Devon Festival of


Remembrance in 2017. The band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines is a big


attraction at the festival, but it comes at a cost. ?1800 as the


Ministry of Defence charges organisations including the British


Legion for outside appearances. It says that is according to Government


policy, but it contributed to the festival making a loss. ?1800 is a


lot of money, especially for remembrance. If it was for a flower


show or for a county show or something like that, I could


understand. But not for remembrance. It is really not in line with the


idea of remembrance. Another big cost is the new ?3000 to hire Exeter


Cathedral. The cathedral, which has its own well-publicised financial


issues, told as it works very hard to keep costs for concerts and other


events held here to a minimum. But staffing and other costs involved in


keeping the building open beyond its normal opening hours do have to be


covered. So in November, the smaller venue will host a lower budget


concerts, focusing on youngsters. The young people of this country or


the people who are going to continue and we looking forward to a terrific


concert with a lot of participation of children. And the hope is to


reinstate the larger scale festival in 2018. To mark the centenary of


the end of the Great War. The wife of a former


Plymouth-based Royal Marine convicted of shooting dead a wounded


Taliban fighter says he has always regretted his actions


and if he could turn back time Alexander Blackman is to be freed


after his murder conviction Today his wife Claire


told our Somerset Correspondent Clinton Rogers they wondered


if the day would ever come. The whole four and a half year


journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster and we have


obviously had some wins along the way but we have had a lot more let


downs and disappointments and those were the days when we really


wondered if we would get here. When you spoke to your


husband after the He is a man of few words


and I think, to be fair, it took most of the day


for the decision to really sink in. Obviously, in prison he's had time


to reflect on that day. He has always wished


that he could turn the clock back and act differently in that


situation than he did. He has always regretted


his actions and he has always held himself


accountable for them. How hard you think it will be


to adjust for both of you? I listen to people who advise me


that there will be a readjustment period and I am sure that is true,


but I suppose over many other couples we have the advantage


of readjusting from every tour he's ever been on, albeit this


is a considerably longer tour than the others,


but neither of us are We are very much


looking forward to it. He is coming out largely


because of what you have I've heard the title


lioness applied to you. Does this sit comfortably


on your shoulders? I haven't really had


a chance to think And people ask me often why and how


I have done what I have And I don't really


have a good answer. And somebody needed


to fight to get the justice that he received yesterday and if


that has to be me, then so be it. Some sports news now and almost


a decade after the race, Devon runner Jo Pavey has been


awarded a World Championship medal. The 43-year-old finished


the 2007 10,000 metre However she's now set to receive


the bronze medal after the athlete who finished ahead of her was found


guilty of a doping offence. More south west success now


and the Thomas Hardye School who we featured on Friday has


produced an incredible performance today to win


the National Schools Vase final. The team were clearly not suffering


any Twickenham nerves. The under-15 side from Dorchester


blew their opponents away running in seven first half tries


to lead 45-0 at the break. The second-half was a more even


contest and the Thomas Hardye School eventually ran out winners


by 67 points to seven. In Plymouth, the count down


to Armed Forces Day began when the flag was presented


to the city in an unusual way. Former Royal Marine Mark Ormrod,


who lost three limbs in Afghanistan, accompanied the standard by landing


craft across the Sound Then, by way of a weapons vehicle


and zip wire, it was handed This year's event on June 24th


will include parades, displays and an air show


and is expected to attract more An 11-year-old boy from Cornwall has


become the youngest person ever to be chosen to represent


Great Britain in the Yes, Will Bacchus and his


best friend Aston are Earlier this month they got


to the finals of their category at Crufts and in July they'll be


in Luxembourg as part of Team GB in the European


Junior Open Championships. Our reporter, Andrea Ormsby's been


to see them in action. So I'm going to send


him into the tunnel. Run this way and then


I'm going to pull him And then I'm going to


send him through here. five-year-old cocker spaniel Aston


have been training together for four He will eat whatever


he can get his paws on and he is just very cuddly, noisy,


and a lovely friend to have. And they are doing


very well together. They got through to


the finals of their category at Crufts and now


they have been chosen by Team GB, making


Will When it came through,


I started welling up, so I feel like pretty proud


of me and Aston, so yeah... But Aston hasn't always


given him cause for He used to run out the ring and go


to burger vans and the worst one was when he ran out of the ring


and destroyed a cake stall and he So my mum had to go and pay


for them after we put him He's prepared to take


on a challenge. A lot of people may have


given up, but having worked through it, he has actually


got a very strong bond and a lovely, And it is that bond


bringing success. He has tried so hard


to get this far. He never gives up, even when the dog


was raiding cake stalls and burger He kept on going and


perseverance has paid off now. In July, Will and Aston


head to Luxembourg for Can really see the love


and affection they have. Congratulations to Will and Aston,


but also a special mention for our reporter Andrea who was also


the camera operator racing That's our very own North Devon


reporter Andrea Ormsby - there she is, with her camera


following the action We should enter her


into a competition! Give Aston a run for his money.


Let's see what the weather is like. We saw some very blustery


conditions. It looks a bit rough. All very


disappointing today. We are not the only ones who have experienced it.


Across the region, it has been great and dismal. We that low cloud and


health and mist and Mark. Our cameraman went to Dartmoor today


because you can see the low cloud and rain and drizzle as well. Quite


a brisk wind around as well. Beginners for tomorrow is that we


lose the moist south-westerly flow that we had today and we start to


produce a little bit more of a southerly wind. That should help to


bring some slightly drier, slightly warmer air across us. Hopefully some


improvement for some others tomorrow and hopefully for many others losing


scenes like this. Work tomorrow, slightly warmer. There will be some


rain around. Western fringes are most likely to see rain. For many


others, a dry day and a brighter day as well. Low pressure is dominating


in the Atlantic. High pressure sits across France and that is how we


keep those weather fans at bay. This is today. This is tomorrow. Not a


lot of change but slightly more of a southerly as opposed to a


south-westerly. Hopefully a better day on the cards. Into Friday, the


cold front moves through. Pressure conditions for Friday and we keep


the pressure conditions into the weekend. The risk of some heavy


thundery showers on Saturday but with high-pressure developing by


Sunday it should help to clear off the showers and it should be dry. As


it has not been out there for today. Spells of rain coming and going,


heavy bursts in some places. Cloud as well. We continue to see rain on


and off through the night tonight as well. Some of it could be quite


lively. The brisk wind continues. Bob around tonight as well. All of


that keeps it mild, with temperatures staying in double


figures into tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, it could be down early.


The good news is that with that southerly wind, the brain wants to


work its way further westwards all the western fringes will have a


disappointing day. But in general, for many of us, a dry day and bright


and also warmer. Medium and high level cloud around at times. A warm


feeling day. 16-17 C. Except where you keep that rain and the Isles of


Scilly is likely to be one of those places. A blustery day with that


rain at times and temperatures here is a good bit lower, I suspect.


These are the times of high water. And these are the waves for surfers.


Fairly big. Clean conditions here with that southerly wind coming in.


For the coastal waters, the wind will be southerly. Some patchy rain


around at times. A largely dry picture for many of us but we have


got a moderate to rough seas state and that could increase to very


rough later on in the day. This is how it is shaping up over the coming


days. Not too bad overall. For many of us, a decent day for tomorrow.


The further west you are, you will have those outbreaks of rain. Mostly


dry on Friday. Just like showers. Temperatures taking a tumble. Heavy


and thundery showers on Saturday. Some sunshine away from the showers.


Openly drier and brighter for Sunday. Back to you.


More on some of her stories on our Facebook page including Aston and


Will and also dog agility. Good night.


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