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Welcome to Spotlight. so it's goodbye from me


Tonight: as a young father fights for his life in hospital,


an emotional appeal from his girlfriend.


If anybody knows the slightest detail of anything, please, do it


for hours. David for his son. Look at that little boy.


Jason Bunce was hit by a vehicle in the early hours of Saturday.


Also tonight, building a better future for a little


It is going to make such a difference to Daisy's life. It is


going to change her quality of life while she is here with us.


Daisy has a rare and incurable disease.


Tonight we meet her family, and the people donating their time


Cleaning up on the seabed following the damage that litter


is causing to rare coral off our coast.


The substantial reward on offer for a family's missing pet.


The emotional appeal for help tonight from the girlfriend of a hit


and run victim who's fighting for his life in hospital.


25-year-old Jason Bunce was hit by a vehicle in Kingsteignton


in the early hours of Saturday and is now in an induced coma.


In the last arrow Jason's girlfriend has pleaded for anyone with


information to make themselves known to the police as he fights for his


life in hospital. Noah's father Jason is fighting


for his life in Derriford Hospital. In the early hours of Saturday


morning Jason Bunce was enjoying We don't want him to think he didn't


have a father. In the early hours of Saturday


morning Jason Bunce was enjoying a rare night out in Kingsteington


when he was the victim Jason is a fisherman -


who's only dream is to a have a family -


loves the Exeter Chiefs. You promised you are going to take


him to his very first rugby match. And you agree to play in any field


with them just throwing a rugby ball round in a field. Father and son.


The 25-year-old suffered head injuries - he's


His family are desperate for the driver to come forward.


It isn't as hard for you to do to give yourself and as it is for me to


look at my son laying totally look at my son laying totally


lifeless in a bed. He is totally out of this world. Don't be a coward.


Carrots are callous. Please, I urge you to give yourself up.


19-year-old Ashleigh is urging Jason to fight.


Just keep fighting. Think of your son. Think of Noah. Think of


yourself. Think of me. Think of your mother. Just think of everyone.


The kindness of companies across the country is helping


to make life better for a little girl from Plymouth with


Dozens of building firms are joining forces to renovate a house for four


Daisy has been diagnosed with an inherited chronic illness


Spotlight's Janine Jansen is live at her house this evening.


It has been a bit busy at the? And how lovely to report on an uplifting


story. Tonight it is very quiet but earlier today there were dozens of


builders here. Ripping out the old before the new. Earlier today I made


Daisy and her mum. It has been a good day for them but also a very


emotional one. For-year-old Daisy Palmer has a very rare disease which


affects just one in 4000 people. She is wheelchair-bound. The whole


family have had to move out of their House because there is a huge


renovation project taking place to make their home wheelchair friendly.


This is a bit like planet's own DIY SOS. I think it is absolutely


brilliant to see the time that and the tee-mac that is going on. It is


overwhelming. Ten o'clock, D1, and mum Emmy can hardly her eyes. It is


overwhelming. Half the House was gone and in my guarding. We knew


that balls were coming out but we didn't realise that the kitchen was


going and all the other things that are on my front lawn. Dozens of


companies have offered to help out. Everything is right out, walls are


down. It is good. It is nice that we know that it is going to someone who


really deserves it. There will be ramps and a heist and he left up to


Daisy's bedroom. It means a while. It will make such a difference to


Daisy's world. It will change her quality of life for the time that


she is herewith as. It is going to make life easier for heart not to be


isolated. It is hard to move from room to room. The project is


expected to take ten weeks. Daisy will think she has got her very own


palace. If I say the words to you, project manager, and you are a fan


of the apprentice, you might recognise this chap. You are the


Project manager behind this. How much you think this helps you.


something I have embraced. How something I have embraced. How


difficult has it been to get support for this project? Support has been


coming thick and fast from fellow Plymouth people and businesses. We


willing to donate building materials willing to donate building materials


or time. It has been heart-wrenching to see it. Why did you want to get


involved? I was approached and I genuinely thought it was going to be


another, are you an apprentice, can you come and do those's opening


actress packet of an envelope. I came down and was history. I felt


compelled to get on board and do what I can. I am a dad myself. Daisy


has epilepsy so she cannot have a stairlift. We're pitting his


2-storey extension on the back which will House a left which will get up


to the bedroom. There will be a heist system throughout with Daisy's


dad doing everything at the top. We are trying to add as many things as


we can. And ramps? Yes. There will be ramps at the front. Very good


luck with that. It is a 10-week project. We will aim to be back here


at the 10-week point to see Daisy's face when she sees her new home. We


look forward to seeing the finished result.


A protected coral which thrives in the waters off Devon and Cornwall


is being damaged by rubbish and litter entering the sea.


The evidence presented by scientists from Plymouth University,


shows hundreds of rare pink sea fans being ripped from the seabed


after becoming tangled in discarded waste including clothes


In a moment we'll hear from the South West charities taking


the matter of clearing sea-bed litter into their own hands.


But first our environment correspondent Adrian Campbell


reports on the damage being caused to a jewel in our ocean.


Dappled light on a Cornish beach and something catches the eye,


These are rare cold water corals, but more widely found on the sea


They are common on rocks like these rocky reefs.


If you imagine those underwater, they can be covered in these sea


Jason Hall-Spencer is a professor of Marine biology at


A massive pile of debris has come up out of the bay after storms over


the last couple of years and inside almost every single lump


like this you get these things called sea fans.


So that, that's a fan there, isn't it?


All of this has been hanging that bit there, is that right?


Yeah, and you can imagine something that is trying to hold


There's another bit of it there, look.


It looks a bit like wood but it's not wood, it's the same


stuff your fingernails are made out of, and it tries to glue the animal


to the rock but once it gets wrapped up in debris like this,


the sinking debris then tears it off in bad weather.


A lot of it is monofilament nets that they put down,


they are gillnets, they are actually set on the sea bed to catch


fish, and it won't rot because it is made of plastic.


But this is everybody's problem, isn't it?


Everybody, different stratas of society,


It is not just fishermen, not just anglers.


It is anybody who drops litter into the sea.


Parts of the south-west have already had restrictions on certain types


of fishing and other activities to try and help protect slow-growing


sea fans in our waters, but all of us have a responsibility


There is a very simple message we have all learnt today


which is basically don't litter our beaches.


The charity World Animal Protection says that nearly six


and a half million tonnes of fishing gear are lost in


In Cornwall, a group of volunteer divers are doing their bit to clean


up the seabed and have raised funds to buy their own rib so they can get


Spotlight's Louise Walter joined them this weekend.


Blue sky, clear waters, bouncing through the waves near Mousehole.


But look below the surface and there is a different


Injuries can be really quite horrific.


We have cases of strangulation, wounds can lead to


It can lead to the kinds of injuries that can lead to a


painful, prolonged suffering and sometimes even death for the animal.


Even small pieces can have grave consequences.


This is monofilament net, probably from a gill


It is a very small amount of lost gear , but a


It is a very small amount of lost gear, but a


and what happens is that the


through the flesh like cheese wire and causes really


That is what's spurs these volunteers on.


At the dive site, it is time to go under.


Here, there was odd bits of net caught in rusty


Now we know how much is down we can take some lift bags,


Later on, Fathoms Free are able to release the net.


But these materials take hundreds of years to biodegrade.


Other pieces of ghost gear could be haunting our waters


Still to come in tonight's programme, all the sport


with Natalie, including Gareth Bale, Delli Alli and now


Exeter's Ollie Watkins - the new young Footballer of the Year.


And temperatures exceeded 20 degrees for some of us over the weekend.


A bit of a drop in those values for today though,


but find out how it's looking as we head towards


the Easter weekend a bit later on in the programme.


Mention the Freemasons and you might be forgiven for thinking of rituals,


But in their 300th anniversary year, they want to dispel that myth.


Well, The Grand Masters of Freemasonry in Torbay were keen


to show us why they're a force for good, and as John Ayres reports,


the secrecy and suspicion is actually more about discretion.


Behind closed doors, this ceremony is derived


from the biblical story of King Solomon's Temple,


but the secrecy didn't begin until the Second World War.


It came about because Masons were persecuted by the Nazis.


These days, the Masons are much more open about what they do.


Celebrating 300 years, today they unveiled their banner which


will pass through their eight provinces in the south-west


The general public are curious, sometimes suspicious,


so the Masons are forever having to answer questions.


It's difficult to explain, but it's about


the principles of helping others and looking after people discreetly.


We've got a circle of friends within my lodge.


When we meet, the ladies then go out for a meal as well,


so there's that side of it as well, so the ladies have got know each


other as well and we've got some friendships which have gone back,


you know, 20 and 25 years that have been in and around


There are female Masons but they're a separate organisation.


The handshake is never to be used outside the lodge.


Today, they're announcing first aid kits for village halls


around Devon, but what are these weird


The whole point of this initiation where you roll up one trouser leg


is to prove that I'm male, that I'm not shackled by chains,


ie I'm not a slave, and that I come poor and penniless -


But for all the pomp and charity work,


there's one thing that people always feel about Masons.


They're worried that many are senior people in public life


and they might use their contacts in an inappropriate way.


We do not like it when we hear this, the thought of people


If they do, they will be severely disciplined.


If we get to hear of it, they will be disciplined


and possibly have to leave our order if that was the case.


Freemasons, we are told, come from all walks of life,


so long as they meet the criteria of being a good person.


A family from Devon is offering a ?500 reward


He's called Jeremy and he's brought joy and comfort to the Rayer family


as the father's been battling cancer.


Jeremy, a 14-year-old Exmoor cross, hasn't been seen


And it's not the first time he's gone missing,


the 14-year-old Exmoor cross has been seen.


To not have any information or any sightings for two weeks is a really


long period of time and we're worried that he has been taken


and he may have been moved quite a considerable way


and he may have been sold on as well, so we're asking for people


all over the south-west to keep an eye out


and let us know if they think they've seen Jeremy.


He's been with the people4ponies charity since he was a foal.


They lend him out to families and he's been


He such a big part of the family and to have no idea


where he is, what happened to him, we don't know if he's hurt


We just don't know where he is and we're all just gutted.


His disappearance couldn't have come at a worse time.


Over a year ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer myeloma,


which is a bone marrow cancer and a tumour snapped a bone


in his spine so he now uses crutches.


And having Jeremy has just given me real comfort that I can go out


and spend time with him and have a little bit of normality


in what's been a really, really stressful time


I don't know, I don't know how we're copying, really.


The Rayers describe Jeremy as a real character, cheeky


and lovable, but the charity says he'll be very anxious.


He does have separation anxiety, he doesn't like


We don't know if he could turn up at a market,


he could be sold on, we don't know if he's being looked


We just really want to know where Jeremy is.


Jeremy disappeared from the Morwenstow welcome area on the


He's 12 hands, brown with a black mane and tail.


A ?500 reward has been offered to help bring Jeremy home.


It's time for the sport now and Natalie's here with some


is following in some very illustrious footsteps.


He's been named as the EFL's Young Player of the Year -


a title Gareth Bale and Delli Ali have held in the past.


The 21-year-old forward has helped Exeter into the play off zone


You know, like I said, quite a few players


have won this award, you know,


so hopefully I can follow in their footsteps.


But even the new Young Player of the Year couldn't stop Exeter


slipping to a surprise defeat at St James Park.


who could be just one win away from promotion.


This was supposed to be straightforward.


Crawley had nothing to play for and Argyle had the best


Crawley took the lead, and wasn't he happy about it?


The home side stayed happy into the second half


Ryan Taylor linked with Antoni Sarcevic


The penalty decision quickly changed the mood.


Graham Carey has been in top form of late


and the Irishman put Argyle level from the spot.


The pilgrims had only won twice this season after conceding


the first goal and when James Collins was sent off


with ten minutes left, they seized their chance.


Well into stoppage time, Taylor was put


through on goal and he lashed home the winner


to send the 1600 travelling supporters into a frenzy.


Another big step closer to League One.


Back in Devon, traffic congestion may have delayed the start


of Exeter City's match with Newport, but Tom Owen-Evans soon found


himself in acres of space before unleashing an unstoppable shot


Then, as City went in search of a reply,


the congestion returned, this time, in Newport's penalty area.


Nine players, including the goalkeeper, held firm


They tried to go through and then go over,


However, with many of the teams around them also losing,


this hasn't been too damaging to their play-off hopes.


It does mean Yeovil are now only seven points


Francois Zoko's eighth goal of the season,


the only highlight for the Glovers


in their 3-1 defeat against Portsmouth.


Here's how things stand for our rugby teams.


Exeter Chiefs have guaranteed themselves a place in


the Premiership play off semifinals after another win.


Sadly the Cornish Pirates and Jersey won't be in the Championship


play-offs after they both lost at the weekend.


Exeter are still in second after a nail-biting encounter


in a game in which the lead changed hands five times.


Five tries did the job and it finished 38-34 ensuring


It was a tough old game and Bristol almost came away with the win.


The Chiefs next game is against Harlequins,


Their destiny is now firmly in their own hands


with just three rounds of battle remaining.


Plymouth Leander are celebrating after finishing second


in the National Arena League Cup Final yesterday.


They were ranked fourth going into the competition


There were some fine performances in this team event with several


individual victories, including Laura Stephens,


Leander used the competition as race practice for


the British Swimming Championships which are being held


A charity rugby match is taking place at the end of April in St Ives


It's been organised by Anthony Stevens - with a V -


and will raise money for Parkinsons in memory of his father


He's not too worried about how good a player you are,


We want to arrange a side like we did years ago where every


member of the side is a Stevens, spelt the right way.


We need 18, 20 minimum because nobody's going


We're all a little bit older in the tooth these days,


so ten minutes on, ten minutes off, swap and chop, different positions.


Somebody come on with the oranges and the water, oxygen!


So, what we're trying to do is do that for a full 80


against a team called the Carbis Bay all-stars.


Should be a dream for the commentators, shouldn't it! Stevens


passing to Stevens passing to Stevens.


What a great try by Stevens! Thank you.


Time for the weather now and what a fantastic weekend it was. Holly is


here. More good news? Not quite the return to temperatures


we had this weekend which exceeded 20 degrees in places but some


sunshine over coming days, C can't complain about that in April, can


you? Hello, good evening. We had very nice weather through the


weekend. I think on Saturday, the best of the temperatures was along


the north coast. 20 degrees in places. On Sunday, it's all switched


around. Cooler conditions coming to the north coast and more clout here.


The south coast, again 20 degrees or so but just 30 degrees there in


Bude. We have had a bit of a drop in our temperatures. Style sunshine


around, our cameraman, Tristan, took a trip out earlier today whether


were decent spells of sunshine. Just some cloud bubbling up there. The


Cumbrae monuments they looking lovely in the sunshine. You can see


the cloud is quite... Very deep, quite squeezed flat and that's


because we have high pressure in charge. It tends to squash and


reasonably flat. It will do that at times as we head to this week. Many


others, the sunshine extending across the region. It has been a


decent picture and we continue with that whether overcoming days but we


hang onto this cooler feel. Not a return to the kind of temperatures


we saw this weekend, but some bright spells to be had and a little bit of


rain in general not too much. That is thanks to the high pressure


sitting just to the rest of us. At the time being, that is keeping


weather fronts at bay. Into Tuesday, the best of the sunshine will come


tomorrow. For Wednesday, a week weather front pushes towards is in


the afternoon which could bring some rain for a time. Thursday, a couple


of showers but mostly dry and another weather front head towards


us for Good Friday and come the afternoon, a few spits and spots of


rain but a decent amount of usable weather. This is the picture so far.


We've had somehow whether cloud bubbling up but is in race


conditions out there. For many of us, that cloud has died away now.


Clear skies overhead, bree is becoming increasingly light which


may allow mist and fog patches to form. Quite chilly, locally down to


full single figures so there could be ground or grass frost here or


there is we head into tomorrow morning. Any Mr Fogg should


literally readily and it should be a decent day. Good spells of sunshine,


a light breeze then today just a little bare whether cloud bubbling


up again but staying dry tomorrow and temperatures could sneak a


little and higher. Maybe 14 degrees tomorrow but again, a bit lower than


it was over the weekend. A nice day to convert the Isles of Scilly,


sunny spells staying dry and again, light winds. These are the hat times


of high water. Fairly small waves across the surface, just one or two


feet with generally clean conditions. This is the pick out at


sea, variable winds, Mimi Norton of Westerly, three or four, good


visibility and conditions there's a bad picture. This is how it looks


over the coming days. Tomorrow bringing the best of the sunshine.


Maybe a little rain on Wednesday and on Friday afternoon. Showers on


Thursday. It looks quite cloudy there but there will be Britain at


times. But the all-important Easter weekend, we hang on to be cooler


feel with the north-westerly. Sunshine, some showers but hopefully


not too many. I'm pleased with more clout as I got


burned over the weekend! That's it from us but the late news will be at


10:30pm. Good night.


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