14/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


There's a warning tonight about the use of glue traps to catch


pests after two owls became stuck in them.


The animals are being cared for at the West Hatch


This one was unable to move its wings and wouldn't have survived.


The RSPCA says glue traps cause unnecessary suffering to pests


The charity is urging people not to use them.


His primary wing feathers were stuck into his own flanks here.


He had quite a few feathers missing on


Without us intervening and actually washing the


glue off, there is no way he would ever have flown again,


so he would have slowly starved to death or died


It's been a busy day on some of our roads,


as people make the most of the Easter break, but two years


through Bodmin Moor isn't quite over yet.


It had been hoped work at Temple would be completed by today,


but Cornwall Council says the problems won't continue


It's been said that it's the only stretch of single carriageway


on an A-road between Scotland and Cornwall.


We have been promised that it will be open in time for the main


holidays in the summer, which is, you know, good news.


It just would have been great news if it was open today.


About 2,000 people have turned out in one town in Devon


as people across the South West have taken part in traditional


Good Friday processions through the streets.


Early Christians in Jerusalem would walk what they believed


was Jesus' final journey carrying the cross.


Many worshippers now act out their own Easter


stories in towns and cities as Harriet Bradshaw


A brutal story told without shying away from the drama of betrayal,


We try to make it realistic enough for people to get a


good sense of it, to be moved by it, but not too realistic that they are


It was estimated a couple of thousand were


in the crowd, with about 100 costumed actors and 70 crew.


And at the heart of a tale that is centuries


old, it was a young actor who took on the role of Jesus.


Just like when you go on the stage in any other


production, you do get that stage fright, when you see so many people


before you. But it does give a sense


of purpose to the way you were acting.


Suddenly, you realised the meaning behind the words you were


saying, so in a way, it sort of emboldened you, gave


you confidence and an understanding of how everything fitted together.


Thought to be the first Passion play for the town in living


memory, but a tradition that could continue.


Everybody was a very good actor, I thought.


I liked about the play, when the guy screamed when he


got pricked by the sword in his cheek.


I thought it was quite powerful, and nice that


I thought that the last bit was very well done, and very emotional,


And the tale of Jesus' death isn't without his resurrection,


touching upon the theme of hope that will be celebrated on Easter Sunday.


Born in Dorset he shot to fame predicting the results of football


A bit of fun at the time, but octopuses are very intelligent,


and John Ayres has been discovering there's now some proper research


into their thought processes at an aquarium in Torquay.


The point of dropping plastic bricks into this tank is to see if Octavia


can find her way through to the food.


The test is repeated, and each time, she gets quicker.


She may not be as famous as Paul the Octopus,


What I could not really grasp about Paul,


the World Cup octopus, is how he could distinguish between the


technicalities of the Netherlands team and the flamboyance of the


Spanish, or indeed, how he was able to watch the matches under


But the difference with this is that the testing is


actually real, and they believe that octopuses have intelligence similar


Student Meghan Davitt is carrying out research for her veterinary


She is measuring how long it takes Octavia to work


Two of the puzzles that I am using for the study,


a simple one is clip-lock boxes and screw-top containers,


so she really has to figure out how to get into these boxes in order to


get her food, and then I will present these challenges a few


weeks later to see if she has learned how to do it, and the time


They are inquisitive, they can work things


out if we give them puzzles and things.


It is just things that they have developed in the wild to


Obviously, they have got that, and we need to keep that busy


Her ability to do these puzzles has been


entertaining the crowds this Easter holiday.


Meghan will be carrying out a number of research projects for


these animals to help with her degree.


Plymouth Argyle must wait for promotion from League Two


after drawing against Portsmouth at Fratton Park late this afternoon.


it did look like today was going to be the day.


Plymouth Argyle knew a win today would secure promotion, as long as


other results went their way. And they started well, after this flying


header from Jake Jervis puts them in front. But Plymouth moved from


Portsmouth piled on the pressure. Portsmouth piled on the pressure.


Eventually, a goalkeeping error allowed Portsmouth to equalise. The


Green Army will have to keep the champagne on ice for now. The


Pilgrims need one point from four games to guarantee their place in


League 1. These are the other results today.


Torquay United are now just four points from safety with two games to


play. The weather may not be summer


heat of last weekend, Hello, and a very


good evening to you. Now, this Easter weekend is set


to be a little fresher than last weekend, courtesy of this area


of high pressure, which is drawing a north-westerly flow into our part


of the world through the course This evening and tonight,


we will continue to see the cloud building, and we do have a few


outbreaks of rain in store as well. That rain will be patchy


and will tend to come and go through the course of the night,


overnight temperatures down to around 10


degrees. First thing tomorrow morning,


we will have some cloud lingering, some patchy outbreaks of


rain for the morning, but gradually clearing through,


the Channel Islands seeing that ease away


by the Later in the afternoon,


seeing some holes in that cloud, some good sunny


breaks, and temperatures peaking at around 13 Celsius through the course


of Saturday afternoon. Taking a look ahead


to the remainder of the bank holiday weekend, and it is fine


throughout, really. It looks like through


the course of Sunday we will stay dry, one or two holes in that


cloud yet again, so some bright An odd shower or two


as possible, Monday, and it looks like we will have


a frost overnight in to Tuesday I will be back with more as part


of the BBC's News at 10. To think that this time last


weekend, temperatures were in the 20s. They got up to 25.5. Much


cooler across the country this weekend. And this headline is true


for the weather next week. That cool air stream from the north will


persist. The mild air tries to get in, but never really wins. What have


we got for the rest of today? The rain we had across Wales earlier


will move southwards, but once the rain reaches you, it will be much


lighter. Across many


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