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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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In the south-west tonight - the speeding on Dartmoor,


which has been described as horrific.


They go down here hell for leather and it is a complete cross-section


of people, lots of old sports cars of people, lots of old sports cars


and motorbikes anything but they do drive incredibly fast.


Some drivers have been clocked at more than twice the limit.


Also tonight - the grass is greener together.


The thinking behind the electoral pact to try to defeat


We'll take a look at the region's most marginal seats.


A court hear claims this woman's body was dumped


in a suitcase near rail tracks - her ex partner denies murder.


And made for movies - the Valley of Rocks film set


bringing a boost to business in North Devon.


Speeds driven by some motorists on Dartmoor have been described


as horrific, with some stretches of road becoming racetracks.


An electronic warning sign, which also records speeds,


reveals that a quarter of motorists were exceeding


It showed drivers travelling at 80, 90 and 100mph.


The highest speed clocked was 117mph.


The Dartmoor National Park says the findings are frightening warning


The Dartmoor National Park says the findings are frightening,


warning that livestock are often roaming


In a moment, we'll hear from the Dartmoor Livestock


First, this report from Kirk England.


Somewhere to enjoy a slower pace of life, but not everyone visiting


Dartmoor is taking things quite so easily.


The sort of driving we see down here, particularly down


the straight past the pub, is like a racetrack.


And it's a complete cross-section of people.


Lots of old sports cars, motorbikes, everything.


But they do drive down there incredibly fast.


This new speed warning sign measures how fast people are driving.


The highest we've had so far, in the last six weeks, is 117mph.


To think that people are driving at those sorts of speeds


across Dartmoor on unfinished roads, where we've got ponies,


sheep and cattle wandering across the road, is quite horrific.


The data shows that a quarter of drivers


around Dartmoor are breaking the 40 mph speed limit.


These visitors couldn't believe some of the high speeds


Well, I think it's really irresponsible and why


would you want to drive at that speed when you're in


Surely the whole reason for being here is to see the view?


Why would you want to go at those speeds?


It's not known whether the person recorded driving at 117mph


The National Park says police patrols are being stepped up.


Well, this is one of the roads on Dartmoor where people have been


clocked going at speeds which would be against the law even on a


motorway. It's a particularly long, straight section of road between


post-bridge and Morten Hampstead. The speed sign is up there and will


flashes when people are going too fast, one of several put in place by


Dartmoor Livestock Preservation Society and parlour is from the


organisation. 170 mph, what do you think about that? It is madness, I


am shocked people are driving at these speeds when animals are


grazing at the side of the road. We have seen on the drive over, lambs


right across the roadway. Absolutely, I came up the hill and


lambs were skipping on the road and unless motorists slow down, they


will be knocked over. What are the implications for livestock with


people driving at these speeds? Bashir, we had a animals killed, we


are up to 25 last year. They will be obliterated, won't they? Unless you


are witness to an RTA involving livestock you don't understand the


injuries they suffered. I am often called out in the night and deal


with an injured animal or have to put an animal down. Do you think the


message on speed is getting across the people on Dartmoor? I think we


need to keep on with the public education, awareness, publicity but


overall, it is really simple. When entering Dartmoor, please slow down.


Thank you. These signs only hold data on speed, not on registrations


or driver, so people will not be prosecuted but we are told the


police are increasing patrols here on Dartmoor.


The body of a missing Bulgarian woman was found dumped in a suitcase


near the railway line in Exeter, a jury has heard.


Gergana Prodanova had only been in the UK for eight months,


when she was allegedly murdered by her violent former partner


Scott Bingham reports from Exeter Crown Court.


Gergana Prodanova was reported missing by colleagues


at the Great Western Hotel in Exeter on the 8th of August last year.


Police conducted searches and door-to-door enquiries


in the Mount Pleasant Road area of the city, where the couple


The body was discovered in a suitcase dumped


The jury were told that Gergana was killed by her former partner


and the father of their three children, 43-year-old


Kostadin Kostov, who had followed her to the UK


Prosecuting, Simon Laws QC said the defendant's motive


It was, he said, old-fashioned jealousy.


The court heard Gergana was in a new relationship,


but still shared a flat with Kostadin Kostov.


The jury was shown images from CCTV footage of Gergana making her way


back to the flat at 8:16pm on the 4th of August,


And of Kostadin Kostov heading back to the flat two hours earlier.


After she went to that flat, the flat with just him in it,


said Mr Laws, Gergana Prodanova was never seen alive again.


Kostadin Kostov claimed Gergana had flown back to Bulgaria


after receiving a phone call saying her mother had died.


Gergana had no reason to disappear, said Mr Laws.


She disappeared because she had been murdered.


Kostadin Kostov denies murder, the case continues.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of arson


It follows a fire at a house in Boslowick Road in


Police in Somerset are warning that drug dealers from big cities


are targeting vulnerable people in rural areas to set up


The force says it dealt with around 20 cases in and around


Weston-super-Mare and Yeovil last year alone.


Police in Dorset are appealing for information after a Roman


sarcophagus was vandalised in Poundbury.


The artefact was damaged sometime between 11 o'clock on Saturday


night and the early hours of Sunday morning.


The lid has been removed and is damaged beyond repair.


The Green Party is proposing electoral pacts with other parties


in order to defeat south-west Conservative MPs in


The Greens have offered not to put forward a candidate in the region's


most marginal seat - Plymouth Sutton and Devonport -


to help the Labour challenger to Conservative incumbent Oliver


It's offering the same arrangement to Anne-Marie Morris'


Liberal Democrat challenger in Newton Abbot.


And there's speculation the move could be offered in St Ives -


another Conservative/Lib Dem contest.


Here's our Political Editor Martyn Oates.


And I hereby declare that Oliver Colvile is duly elected


to serve as the member of Parliament for the said constituency.


The 2015 general election result in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport


handed defending Conservative MP Oliver Colvile a second victory,


but by just 523 votes, with Labour snapping at his heels.


This time, the Green Party is offering not to contest the seat,


hoping that will make it easier for Labour to unseat Mr Colvile.


I think the whole of the Green party is looking at it and in Cornwall,


as well as across the rest of the south-west, there


is an interest in how we can work together to make sure


that the Conservatives are not the dominant party


A similar deal is being offered to the Liberal Democrat candidate


opposing Tory Anne-Marie Morris in Newton Abbott.


opposing Tory Anne-Marie Morris in Newton Abbot.


The ideal seat for such an arrangement could be St Ives.


The Liberal Democrat Andrew George would have held the seat last time


if he'd received all the Green votes as well.


Unsurprisingly, perhaps, he's keen on the idea this time.


I think that people understand that you have the vote intelligently,


you have to kind of compromise and have to consider how you can


use your vote most effectively and across much of Cornwall,


and indeed across the south-west as well, the Liberal Democrats


are in a very strong second position to incumbent Conservatives.


But help could also be at hand for the Tories -


in Cornwall, at least, where it looks as if Ukip


might not oppose three Brexit-backing Conservative MPs.


If we were to stand in Camborne, Redruth Hale, like where I stood,


and took 6,000 votes, I would not like to think


that we would let a federalist in instead of George Eustice.


One thing the Greens and Ukip have in common is campaigning for a more


With no obvious prospect of that being delivered,


it looks as if they are finding creative ways to deal


with the system they feel they are lumbered with at the moment.


And Martyn Oates is with me now. We are very early in the election


campaign and this is already an interesting development. Yes, there


has been talk of this so-called progressive Alliance, some of all


elements, the Greens, Labour Party and Lib Dems deciding they have much


more in common than they do with the Tories and having some sort of


combination to oust Tories. We saw this in action in the recent


Richmond Park by-election in London, where the Greens didn't stand a


candidate and the Lib Dems went on to win. I talked to the green leader


Caroline Lucas, she said that this will apply to a handful of seats but


listening to Doctor Greene, the South Devon party chairman there, he


is implying we could hear more announcements locally and I think


the striking thing, as you say, we are only a couple of days into the


campaign. Just a quick off the mark they are in targeting the specific


seats and getting on with it. What you think the likelihood is that


deals will be struck? Clearly what the Green Party would like is an


equivalent exchange, so for instance, in Devon, that would be


Labour not standing a candidate in Totnes, a constituency where the


Greens have quite a groundswell of support. Now, it seems clear,


though, that up to a point that doesn't matter. In other words, the


candidates, I think, anyway, whether candidates, I think, anyway, whether


or not they get something back from the other parties. Labour have said


they are not interested in something formal, Joe Micawber in saying


Jeremy Corbyn saying that but Jeremy Corbyn saying that but


although income, they have said there are informal talks. The


pivotal says the are not standing -- pivotal says the are not standing --


in topless, they say it And Martyn will be here with more


reaction and analysis on this and all the election news so far


on the Sunday Politics this weekend, at the later time


of 3:15pm on BBC One. Still to come in


tonight's programme: An education in construction -


the competition providing lessons And these were the conditions


on the River Dart today. How long will the dry


weather continue? To walk for the very first time


after being in a wheelchair for six years is a dream come true


in itself, but to complete a marathon - well, it's


almost unbelievable. But for Spencer Watts,


a Devon motocross rider who was paralysed in an accident six


years ago, that's the plan. He's hoping to complete next year's


London Marathon and, as he explained to Janine Jansen,


it's all thanks to a new Spencer Watts was paralysed


from the waist down in a motocross When I had my accident,


surgeons were telling me you will never ride again and I just


wanted to prove them all wrong. His solution was to tuck his legs


behind special bars It was nerve-racking at first,


but the most important thing with motocross is you have


to put your leg out Obviously, I'm not able to do that,


so that was a real big thing to take on and not knowing how I would be


able to react to that, and just rely on my upper body,


it really was hard. Recently, he was demonstrating these


robotic legs at a charity evening. Suddenly, the auctioneer started


getting people to bid for Spencer. I was lost for words,


I was all evening. Never for one minute did I think


that that sort of money would be Spencer says the first time


he walked was incredible. It was really strange and it felt


like I was going to fall over. It is like my whole body is floating


in the air because obviously It is a real strange


feeling but each time, You've got a watch, and you tell


the watch what you want to cause you simply tell the watch


if you want to stand To be up at that height again


and walking alongside my children, it's great to be able to walk


to the park with them. Really strange, just a climb down


stairs again is amazing. Nothing seems to stop


this young man. Since his accident, he's got married


and had two children and now that he can walk


at three miles per hour, Well, he wants to complete next


year's London Marathon. Good luck to Spencer


and in Spotlight tomorrow, we'll be hearing from some


of the south-west runners taking part in this year's London Marathon


taking place on Sunday. Some sports news and four


Exeter Chiefs players have been named in the England squad


which will tour Argentina this year. It's a first call up for 20-year-old


scrum half Jack Maunder Jack only made his Chiefs


debut this season. They're among 15 uncapped players


who've been selected. They join Henry Slade


and Luke Cowan Dickie and will head Some pictures proving very popular


on the spotlight Facebook page, baby giraffe has been born at Paignton


zoo. The new arrival came into the world yesterday morning and staff


don't know if it is a boy or a girl. The giraffe house is likely to be


closed for a few days but visitors may just be able to see the baby


this weekend. You can see why those pictures are


proving popular. We're often hearing about the need


to build more houses, but will there be enough


construction workers Well, efforts are underway to find


the next generation of builders and, today, some of the region's most


talented trainees went head to head in a bid to reach the national


finals of a competition. They were joined by hundreds


of school children who also got to have a go at some of the skills


needed in the building trade, Spotlight's John Danks reports from


South Devon College in Paignton. Year five pupils from Roseland's


primary school in Paignton get On hand to help are tradesmen


Chris and Julian from At that age, they might take


a liking to it and start pursuing it, so we think it is a very good


idea to get them going that young, And if they are very unlucky,


they might get to work When you are trying to scrape it in,


it gets stuck to the side of the wall and you have to get it in the


centre. You think might be interested in construction? Maybe.


But the real focus is the regional heat of the Skillbuild competition.


Around 100 construction trainees from colleges across the south-west


are competing for a place in the national finals.


Win or lose, if you can get it on the CV, it is fantastic and just


taking part is quite fun as well, so it's very good.


Looking at the joints, the craftsmanship, the way


they work, if they are working in a safe manner, so we cover


Six traits were being contested and for the trainees, the chance to


build the foundations for a successful career.


It's a massive kick start of their careers, so from here,


they can go on to the regional final and the national final,


which will be held later in the year in Birmingham.


If that goes well, there will be Euro skills and then World skills,


which will be in Russia and the winner of that comes back


to the UK and has a fabulous future ahead of them.


When it comes to plastering, it looks like these kids have it


covered. The south-west has provided


incredible backdrops to film over the years,


and there's about to be another. This latest production coming out


later this year could provide a big It's a psychological thriller called


Winter Ridge and it's being shot entirely on location around


Lynton and Lynmouth. Spotlight's North Devon reporter,


Andrea Ormsby, has been on set. Tense and emotional,


two of the main characters in a scene near the end


of the movie, but the location, can't help being the star


of the show. What an incredible location


Valley of the Rocks is. Just has that kind of cinematic look


that you get in North America, It doesn't really feel


like it is a really small town, it has that grander scale to it,


so as soon as we came I knew it was where it had


to culminate and end. They scoured all over the UK, Wales,


Norfolk, the Peak District, all rejected the minute they set


eyes on Lynton and Lynemouth. And it was the perfect


location for us to do a film like a psychological thriller


in this area, it is quite ominous, it is quite dark, gritty at night


and shiny in the day, so it has got nice


contrasting landscape. Adjust your radio mic and then


we will be able to shoot! The movie centres around Matt's


character Ryan Barnes, He is joined by Game of Thrones


star Hannah Waddingham. The thing that always strikes me


about Game of Thrones is the crew are so gung-ho and have such passion


for it and these guys do. From the writers on this,


to the directors, if you do a low-budget film and the script


is good enough, you all join and have the same passion,


so it is not ready that dissimilar, and have the same passion,


so it is not really that dissimilar, except we are just trying to do it


on a tighter budget. Keep rolling, guys,


keep quiet, everyone. Having the film set here


is a real coup the locals. Having the film set here


is a real coup for locals. The whole community is,


because everybody's been involved. Everybody I speak to are either


an extra or their property is being used in some way


or their garden, or their view. And it's just created quite a buzz


and a film like this, I mean, it really could mean the most


wonderful bookings coming in for our bed and breakfast hotels


and our restaurants. And not only are locals playing


extras, one is officially listed I seem to have found myself


as acting location manager. I don't know why, but I guess


that'll teach me to pick up I mean, he rang me and asked


if I could think of some locations that the film company had asked


for and I came up with some answers and the next thing I know,


I'm included in the crew. Work experience is also on offer


for local youngsters. I've been on set watch, which is


looking at the equipment outside. I've been helping with the actors


and seeing that they are OK in between the takes and I've been


helping with backgrounds Filming has just started


and the crew will be here With a worldwide release later this


year, everyone here is hoping Well, from beautiful scenes in North


Devon to another one now. No better way, David.


I will clear off, look! That nose.


Sorry to spoil it. Good evening. Yes, you have been taking smashing


pictures again. The last few days, some of the photographs we have been


receiving have been brilliant, this is one of our weather watchers.


Rather more cloud in Somerset, Kingsbury Episcopi whether cloud is


pretty extensive and produced a spot of drizzle in the afternoon but no


visible rain and Bluebell starting to come out in Dorset, fantastic


pictures. Tomorrow is very similar, lots of cloud around at times but


also some sunshine and still fine and dry. The setup hasn't changed


very much, we still have high pressure in charge. Some subtle


changes in the amount of cloud, there are weather friends travelling


down from the north over the next two or three days. They will change


think somewhat. Not tomorrow, that is very similar to today, variable


cloud at times and then some sunshine and then a front comes


towards us on Saturday, that will keep a lot of cloud for the rest of


the day but still dry and by Sunday, that will have moved away so Sunday


is also Brighton dry but this weather system coming in on Monday


and into Tuesday, quite a bit change associated with that. Not only a


drop in the temperatures but finally, some appreciable rain. This


evening is a fine evening, the cloud patchy in nature. This was earlier


today in Dartmouth, where our cameraman Jeff took the slow journey


across the river. Some lovely weather here, it has been more


cloudy today that the South coast but the Sun has come back out and it


has been pleasantly dry and mild today, with temperatures even a bit


higher than we have seen today for tomorrow, so tomorrow similar with


patchy cloud around, enough clear skies overnight to allow


temperatures back into single figures, so not as cold as it has


been but certainly low enough, six or 7 degrees the minimum


temperature. For tomorrow, another very similar day, patchy cloud


coming and going, largely dry, some decent spells of sunshine and


temperatures climbing up a little bit higher than they have been


recently, up to 15, possibly even 16 degrees, 61 in Fahrenheit. For the


Isles of Scilly, a quiet day, gentle winds and a fine and dry spells of


sunshine. The times of high water... And for those surfing, it has been


disappointing this week, the ways haven't been very big but they do


pick up as we head for the weekend and into the early part of next


week. The coastal waters forecast, variable winds, no more than a force


two or three, fair with good visibility and slight seas. This is


the forecast as we head through the weekend and into next week. Nothing


too tricky at the moment. Monday, the winds pick up a little bit and


some point through the day, some light spots of rain out of a weather


front coming in from the north. What will show you tomorrow is choose a's


forecast and it will be a bit of a shock because there will be some


rain on the forecast. Have a good evening. We had to have


some rain eventually, I suppose, didn't we? That is all from us


tonight, thank you for joining us. Our late users at 10:30pm and we are


back again at 6:30am tomorrow. Good night.


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