25/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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The words today of the Assistant for the news where you are.


Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police.


It's over the force's failure to adopt a scheme that was started


within its own area to help children exposed


In the past year Operation Encompass has been adopted by 19 other police


forces across the UK, as well as being rolled


Devon and Cornwall Police say a new computer system five years ago


I don't remember anything for three days.


I had lumps at the back of my head like I'd never felt or seen.


Blood in my hair, on my ear, it was just awful.


Out of all of that that is the worst part.


Hard for a parent and more importantly really hard for the


This victim's son was one of the first in the UK to have the


It's a simple scheme where if the police attend a case


of domestic violence involving children the


school is contacted by nine the next day and can give that child support.


Today's presentation by the charity to high level members of the Devon


and Cornwall force had a commitment from them


to relaunch the scheme in


Professional embarrassment is a difficult thing


to admit sometimes because we all want to be seen as professionals


On this issue we haven't been on top of our


Fixing that is really important for us but it's not


important because I need to stand in front of teachers and hold my head


up high, it's important because I need to look


at communities and know that children's welfare is being


promoted through what we are doing, not that


it's being neglected through


Five years ago Devon and Cornwall police joined


forces with all the Plymouth headteachers.


But when a new computer system was brought in the


This journalist has covered plenty of


There wasn't the will at the top table.


There were people who thought it was not a bad


idea but I think there were people who just dismissed it.


And when the computer glitches came in, because


effectively Devon and Cornwall Police bought a duff computer system


that didn't do what it was promised to do, they were able to lean back


and say that was the reason it has fallen apart.


Obviously we are sad that it hasn't happened earlier than


this but happening now is better than it not happening at all.


And we really are looking forward to working with the police in Cornwall


to get it rolled out here as soon as we can in the new autumn term.


While 19 other police forces are already


part of Operation Encompass, Devon and Cornwall's Chief Constable says


he is committed to adopting the scheme.


Road and rail services in Plymouth were brought to a standstill in this


evening's rush hour after a 30-tonne juggernaut got stuck


It's not the first time the bridge has been hit by a truck


and as our reporter Scott Bingham explains, there are now calls


for improvements to signs and markings to give


Free at last after a three hour operation to extract it.


The articulated lorry was finally hauled


from the bridge outside Plymouth's main railway station just after 7.15


Unfortunately the truck at 16 foot has gone under the


Clearly there is a six inch difference.


It has got part of the way under and then


There was widespread disruption as roads and railways were closed.


Network Rail apologised for any delays and alternative transport was


laid on to get these Cornwall-bound passengers home.


They said there has been a vehicle stuck on the bridge again.


There was a similar incident a couple of weeks


ago on the 10.45 train, which meant I was not back until


It's been a very long day for me today at work.


But hopefully I'll get the next taxi,


The lines were reopened after engineers had


Tonight it was declared structurally sound.


There is a warning sign on the bridge up


there and there is another one on the approach to this road.


But police have told me today they plan


to speak to the council about improving the signage and giving


Police say the driver of the lorry has been


There are calls tonight for the consultation on a blueprint


for future housing needs to be extended because people have


struggled to use the website to express their views.


Some residents in Modbury fear their concerns won't be heard


Where new homes should be built will never be without controversy


Concerns have been raised about the difficulty of submitting


comments about developments in Plymouth and South Devon


These people in Modbury say it is time-consuming and unnecessarily


complex to enter views to the council's consultation.


The consultation as it stands now is not fit for purpose


We have got increasing numbers of reports coming


saying they are extremely frustrated and incensed that they cannot


To submit comments to the online portal you need


It is asking for my name, e-mail address, username, password,


But residents say this is not the difficult part.


That is posed by the next stage in the process when they start


Once you have registered then you can log on and start


Once you have saved it in draft form you can't go back to revisit it,


you cannot find where you have drafted it.


You are either back to square one, or giving up.


We are concerned that people will be giving up


but we need their views to be heard because they all have strong views.


Plymouth City, South Hams District and West Devon borough council told


They want to reassure people they can also e-mail their views


or send in a letter by the deadline tomorrow.


Any late comments will still be passed to the planning inspector


and will be considered at their discretion.


There are now calls for an extension to the deadline.


People in the South Hams need more time to make a comment.


In order to do this we need an immediate extension


of the deadline on Wednesday the 26th, to allow those people


The ball is now in the council's court.


Now, they are the elite, but two Royal Marines have started


a challenge that'll see them run 16.64 miles every day,


The all-important team photo before the challenge gets under way,


but for these two corporals, today is the start of 100


consecutive days running a very precise 16.64 miles.


Aiming to run at the right pace, at a reasonably slow


Just been resting the last week or so, trying to stay injury free.


I am going to take each day at a time.


Hopefully that's how I will get on until the end.


Although getting across to the start line was their first hurdle.


We have set off from the Mayflower steps, we are now en route


Once on dry land it was time to start running.


1664, it's nothing to do with the beer, it is the year


We'll be going round every unit in the corps and Army units that


So they will be the face of the corps for the next 100 days.


They will get support from everyone they meet and they will be sort


of dragged along and pushed uphill if they need to be.


Their journey will take them across the region over the next


few days raising funds for the Royal Marines charity.


At Exeter Chiefs they will run the match ball


After Honiton to Lyme Regis on Sunday, they will start heading


north before hopefully ending at Buckingham Palace in August.


But tonight they will be enjoying a well earned rest in Looe.


Time for the weather. It has been cold. But it is not often we see


Plymouth has had the highest temperature of any around the


country, but that happened today. But that was not everywhere. The


other feature of the weather is just total year and clean the air is.


Fantastic visibility in many locations. In excess of 30


kilometres in some places. Tomorrow, more showers to come. Tonight


showers will fade away and become isolated by the morning. Mostly


confined to the far West of Cornwall. Where the sky is clear


that is where we will see the lowest temperatures. Another frost is


possible tonight with temperatures close to freezing tomorrow morning.


Tomorrow, some morning sunshine. Showers at the start of the day in


West Cornwall. For the rest of us, for half a day, it is fine and dry


and perhaps less windy. A view showers in the afternoon with


similar temperatures. Thursday, slightly less cold are arriving. A


few spots of rain and chisel. Temperatures start to rise as we


head towards the end of the week. It is also a later right then as well.


Thank you. That is all for now. Join us for our breakfast bulletins


tomorrow morning. Good night. Good evening. Another cold night


lies ahead after what was a chilly day for swathes of the UK. This is


the Highlands of Scotland. 25th of April and lying snow.


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