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Tonight: Police embarassment over news teams where you are.


the computer failure that's stalled a scheme to help children dealing


I am professionally embarrassed. If I could reach into the machines and


rewire them I would. Also coming up: The superfast


broadband which has come to a halt. It could be the end of the line


for faster internet in one community because of a dispute between BT


and an Earl. The backseat passenger box


of tricks designed to make us And find out why these Royal Marines


are running 16.64 miles every day for the next 100 days.


Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police.


It's over the force's failure to adopt a scheme that was started


within its own area to help children exposed


In the past year the project called Operation Encompass has been


adopted by 19 other police forces across the UK, as well as


Devon and Cornwall Police say a new computer system five years ago


is to blame for the collapse of its own involvement


I don't remember anything for three days.


I had lumps at the back of my head like I'd never felt or seen.


Blood in my hair, on my ear, it was just awful.


Out of all of that that is the worst part.


Hard for a parent and more importantly really hard for the


This victim's son was one of the first in the UK to have the


It's a simple scheme where if the police attend a case


of domestic violence involving children the


school is contacted by nine the next day and can give that child support.


Today's presentation by the charity to high level members of the Devon


and Cornwall force had a commitment from them


to relaunch the scheme in


Professional embarrassment is a difficult thing


to admit sometimes because we all want to be seen as professionals


On this issue we haven't been on top of our


Fixing that is really important for us but it's not


important because I need to stand in front of teachers and hold my head


up high, it's important because I need to look


at communities and know that children's welfare is being


promoted through what we are doing, not that


it's being neglected through


Five years ago Devon and Cornwall police joined


forces with all the Plymouth headteachers.


But when a new computer system was brought in the


This journalist has covered plenty of


There wasn't the will at the top table.


There were people who thought it was not a bad


idea but I think there were people who just dismissed it.


And when the computer glitches came in, because


effectively Devon and Cornwall Police bought a duff computer system


that didn't do what it was promised to do, they were able to lean back


and say that was the reason it has fallen apart.


Obviously we are sad that it hasn't happened earlier than


this but happening now is better than it not happening at all.


And we really are looking forward to working with the police in Cornwall


to get it rolled out here as soon as we can in the new autumn term.


While 19 other police forces are already


part of Operation Encompass, Devon and Cornwall's Chief Constable says


he is committed to adopting the scheme.


A row between BT and a Devon aristocrat has left a whole village


The 5th Earl of Iddesleigh wants the cables buried to protect


the view across the valley in Upton Pyne near Exeter.


BT says it's been unable to come to an agreement with him.


As Kirk England reports, many local people are furious


as most of the engineering work to connect the village has


And people are asking me what is it there for.


We have got the cabinet here, we have got the fibre


There is just one gap of four poles, four


The crucial fibre cables have already


Local, Bob Upton, shows me the fields where it's not happened


You can see four poles from the brow of the hill up


on the left here, 600 metres down to where


the poles come above the


The land is owned by the fifth Earl of


Iddesleigh, who says he would prefer the cables were buried as any


telegraph poles would ruin this unspoiled valley.


I suppose in the interests of keeping the countryside


looking pretty for everybody, then nobody would want telegraph poles,


but it's not the case that they are the only


telegraph poles in the


There are telegraph poles everywhere and four more surely


Lord Iddesleigh says he hasn't ruled out still allowing poles to be put


BT says it's made every reasonable effort to come to an


But it could all be too late anyway as


the contract for phase one of the broadband


roll-out in Devon has now


That this will just be frozen in aspic and


we'll be left without superfast broadband, leaving as in the dark


A public meeting next month might speed up the negotiations.


There are calls tonight for a consultation on a blueprint for


future housing needs to be extended because people have struggled to use


the website set up to take their views. Residents fear the concerns


won't be heard because the process of registering them as too complex.


The council has reassured them their comments will be noted.


Where new homes will be built will never be without controversy but to


date that is not the point. Concerns have been raised about the


difficulty of submitting comments about development in Plymouth and


South Devon through the website. These people see it is


time-consuming and unnecessarily complex to enter views to the


consultation. The consultation as it stands now is not fit for purpose


for the wider public consumption. It is true it is not. We have got


increasing numbers of reports coming from the residents saying they are


extremely frustrated and incensed that they cannot put their point


over. To submit comments to the online portal you need to register


your details. It is asking for my name, e-mail address, username,


password, I have put all that in. But residents say this is not the


difficult part. That is posed by the next stage in the process when they


start putting in the comments. Once you have registered then you can log


on and starts omitting your information. You can see that in


draft form. Once you have seen the contract for new go back to revisit


it, you cannot find where you have drafted that. You are either back to


square one, or giving up. We are concerned that it will be giving up


but we need their views to be held because they all have strong views.


-- views to be Herod. The borough councils told us: They want to


reassure people they can also e-mail their views or send in a letter by


the deadline tomorrow. Any later comments. They passed to


the planning inspector and will be considered at their discretion.


There are no calls for an extension to the deadline. People need more


time to make a comment. In order to do this we need is an immediate


extension of the deadline on Wednesday the 26th, to allow those


people to make their comments. Rail services into Cornwall are


returning to normal this evening. They have been suspended this


afternoon after a lorry got stuck under a rail bridge and honour. A


reporter is light at the scene. What is the latest? They are


suspended again, those rail services. You may be able to see


behind me, and probably hear it as well, this huge recovery track is


just about to try and pull this articulated lorry, which has been


stuck here under the deal with Reg lack carrying the mainline into


Cornwall, since 4.15 PM this afternoon. They need an earlier


attempt to politically, they took the air out of the tyres, but the


track was stuck fast. The railway is close again. It reopened briefly


with trains moving at reduced speed across the bridge. It is close again


while this operation is ongoing. There is some disruption on the


road. This side of the carriageway was closed both sides. One lane was


open earlier. The main disruption was on the railway. I spoke to some


passengers there earlier. We have heard there has been a vehicle stuck


on the bridge again. There was a similar incident a couple of weeks


ago. That is the case of waiting for taxis. It is a bit of an


inconvenience and stop it has been a very long day for me today at work.


Hopefully if we get the next taxi, we will be home. And supper will be


on the table hopefully. This is not the first track to be stuck under


here. There is some concern about the signage. There is a sign on the


bridge, and one further back on the road, but this seems to be a feeling


that they may need to approach the council and get them to improve


signs, to give drivers more warning about this pledge. -- bridge.


Technology developed in Exeter to improve driving and cut pollution


has received almost ?1 million of funding from the Government.


The money will be used for further research into the effectiveness


of a device called Lightfoot which - as Harriet Bradshaw


has been finding out - tells the driver when they're


But it's attracted a large pot of Government


One that's going to bring more jobs to the region.


And the aim is to bring this gadget to the


consumer market to make people drive better.


The Lightfoot technology is an advanced piece of automotive


It plugs into the engine and it listens to how the


It helps guide the driver in real-time to


stay within the sweet spot on the engine.


The sweet spot is where we get maximum efficiency for minimum


And staying in the sweet spot means you are using less fuel


and it invariably means you are driving more smoothly


which means you are a safer driver as well.


It's one of a number of devices being looked at by


insurers to cut claims and reduce premiums.


But if you don't drive within the sweet spot you get warned


A nudge to say, watch out you are heading


And other organisations are working on the


Our key focus is around securing the technology.


More importantly it's on client data,


how customers and clients use the Lightfoot, and protecting their


privacy, and allowing safe data sharing.


The data it gathers might also tell us more about how to


You can see where build ups happen, where you have issues


with bottlenecks et cetera, that's just a start, then what


you do is you start to predict the future.


I'm not sure I'm an elite driver yet.


It's being tested in an extended pilot with the hope of bringing


it to the general public within months.


For some youngsters in Cornwall, football isn't just


a kickabout in the park - it's an attempt to steer them away


from drink and drugs and stop them fighting.


PL Kicks is a nationwide community programme backed


Since 2008, Plymouth Argyle has been running it in the city,


and says it's helped to cut crime and anti-social behaviour


The club is now taking the idea to some of the more


From Redruth, here's Denis Nightingale.


Liam has been excluded from two schools and been in trouble


I'd be getting into fights and having trouble around the


There's quite a lot of trouble around here all the time.


Redruth North used to have a dreadful reputation for crime and


Hard work by local people means life for youngsters is much


Can we have greens that end, oranges that end.


Plymouth Argyle say giving youngsters something to do


I'll take one example of an estate where crime


A total of 80 girls and boys have taken part in the sessions since


last November. I have come here to stop myself from arguing and


fighting. When you play football you can take your stress out on the ball


instead of other people. Confident that PL Kicks is a winner, Plymouth


Argyle and I looking for financial backing to spread it across


Cornwall. A centre which cares


for unwanted Exmoor ponies and saves them from slaughter says


it may have to close in The Exmoor Pony Centre is launching


a public fund raising campaign and is warning that if it


has to close ponies on the moor may If it weren't for this sanctuary,


these Exmoor ponies would probably have ended up being slaughtered for


horse meat. But now the future of this place is under threat as it


struggles to make ends meet. It is critical at the moment because of a


lack of funds. We are finding ourselves in a position where we


will have two cores at the end of the summer if we can't find the


extra income. The Domesday book has references to ponies on Exmoor at


the 11th century. They have had a chequered history, apparently almost


becoming extinct in World War II when soldiers used them for target


practice. And it is the gun that probably would have been the feed


for these ponies. The leaders who have no use for male falls often


slaughtered them explore alternative home can be found. This centre on


the edge of Exmoor has been that alternative home for around 300


ponies since it opened 11 years ago. Here the team them and move them on


new owners. I adore them. Volunteers who support the police say they fear


for the future of unwanted Exmoor are poorly is that this place is


forced to shut down. To see the ponies from falls grow into adults


and go on and have a future, it is fantastic. There are no plans to


kill these ponies, even if this place does cause. The centre says


they will be taken care of somehow. But there will be no new intake.


Survival of the next generation is uncertain.


How you would feel about running 16.64 miles every day,


Well, that's what two Royal Marines from the South West are doing


as part of the 1664 Global Challenge.


as the year the Royal Marines were formed.


Today was Day 1, and they were setting off from


We sent our reporter Heidi Davey along to meet the team.


The all-important team fulfil before the challenge gets underway, but for


these two corporals, today is the start of 100 consecutive days


running a very precise 16.64 miles. Aiming to run at the right place, at


a reasonable pace for endurance. Just been resting the last week or


so, trying to stay injury free. You are feeling confident? Yes. I feel


all day. I want to get Day one out of the way. I am going to take each


day at a time. I don't think that far ahead. Every day just keep


plodding along. What flew so I will get on until the end. Although


getting across to the startling was their first hurdle. We have set off


from the Mayflower steps, we are no en route to Torpoint for the


starting line. Once on dry land it was time to start running. Left,


Right, left, right. 1664, stuffing to do with the beer, it is the Royal


Marines were formed. -- it is nothing to do with the bear.


Their journey will take them across the region over the next few days


raising funds for the Royal Marines charity.


At Exeter Chiefs they will run the match ball into the stadium on


Saturday. After Sunday, they will start heading north before hopefully


ending at Buckingham Palace in August. But tonight they will be


enjoying a well earned rest. A very well earned rest by the look


of it. Now, many artists spend years


of hard work trying to make it But for one 16-year-old from


Plymouth, it's Four months ago Izzie Anson sent


this demo of herself singing to the Radio Devon


programme BBC Introducing. Well, since then Izzie has


been chosen by BBC Radio 2's Jo Whiley to play


Cheltenham Jazz Festival tomorrow. What an amazing voice. What is it


about a jazz in particular that you like? I have always loved that.


Growing up listening to Nina Simone, anyway nice, Ella Fitzgerald. Your


voice sounds nicer -- your voice sounds older than your years.


How did this southern road to stardom begin? Where did they pick


up on your talents? BBC introducing picked up on my talent at the end of


last year. I sent one of my tracks into ABC introducing and they played


it on Round Table. And it got a good response which I was not expecting.


And you have already recorded out in Nashville, how did that come about?


Last year I was just putting covers up on Facebook and YouTube, and my


dad knows someone who is a producer in national, and I didn't think he'd


be interested, because I didn't think they were very good, and he


messaged me, and said that they want to come out to National. But so that


started. I went out and recorded the songs which are on my EP. You are


currently juggling all of this with studying for GCSEs. How are you


managing that workload? It is a lots. But my family are very


supportive, helping me gets to all my gigs. It is a busy time of year


for you. What do you hope to achieve in the future? Just writing music,


that is all I really want to do. And this big opportunity tomorrow with


the Cheltenham Festival, how are you viewing ahead of that? Very nervous


but really excited. I really hope it goes well. Thank you. We look


forward to hearing from you again at the end of the programme. Thank you.


And before that let us get the weather forecast. There has been


hailstorms, sleet, snow, freezing cold, so where better to put David


Dunn on the roof? I am not coming up here again, it is


freezing, but a smashing view. We are up on the roof. A lovely view of


Plymouth Sound. Good visibility today. Visibility has been excellent


because of the Arctic area, the clean air, not just here, but all


around the course of Devon we have had good views.


You can see the show workload in the distance. There have been showers,


not every where, but some have been intense. Over high ground they have


been falling as sleet, maybe even snow.


We had some sunshine and Plymouth. The showers only turning up this


afternoon. There is one behind the camera man that looks like it'll had


our way. Let us look at what is happening the next 24-hour is. We


have had some good temperatures. Thomas has been the warmest place in


the country today with 12 degrees. Elsewhere, temperatures no more than


or 9 degrees. The other thing is just who clean the air is. These are


the visibility is that we have seen today, well over 30 kilometres for


most of our locations, and that fine clear area continues, but it also


brings the risk of wintry showers. This is Exmoor from earlier. They


fear a dusting of snow. Tomorrow, there will be more frost overnight.


There will be showers. Hopefully sunshine in between. Like we have


seen today. Hopefully it will feel a that is warmer. You can see the


extent of the cloud, it is speckled cloud, and that is the show workload


that we are seeing this evening. The area of high pressure is in the


middle of the Atlantic, northerly winds tonight and tomorrow morning.


Relatively cold wind until later in the week. Then we start to see a


change to milder air. There is the satellite picture in more detail.


More to come overnight. That will feed away in the second half of the


night. Still -- overnight temperatures close to freezing.


Tomorrow a chance of a shower, and a chance of good sunshine to enjoy.


Along the course we will see the best of the temperatures, nine, ten,


even 11 or 12. Largely dry conditions. The chance of if you


passing showers. Winds are from the north or


north-west. Can I come inside no, please?


Go on, then. Thank you. And thank you for joining all of us on


Spotlight tonight. And no, here is Izzie Anson, to play


as oats with her song Storms. -- to play as out.


# I can see why you would just walk away


# You said that you don't need me, baby


# But you never leave me # You will always stay


# I have no reason to love you, baby # But when I close my eyes your


voice # Always a strange, strange thing,


to fall in love with someone who doesn't know what love is


# I never thought I would understand but now I know why storms are named


after men #.


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