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Hello. Six, so it's goodbye from me -


On Spotlight tonight: The moment a passer-by smashed a car window


I was bashing the window like that, finally it caved in.


of distress, but the RSPCA has cautioned against taking


Also tonight: The huge scale of fire damage to our wildlife.


Why experts are warning it'll take ten years for this


The first pictures showing the full extent of the devastation


after a fire a stately home in Dorset.


And there has been plenty of talk about this cold blast of air from


the north. It will last a couple of days and the risk of some overnight


frost. A man in St Ives says he'd do


the same again after smashing the window of a parked car


where he believed It happened during recent warm


weather, when he says the animal The RSPCA says it can't condone


people taking similar steps and they could face prosecution


for criminal damage. The man who smashed the window says


he's happy to pay compensation. He's been speaking to our


reporter John Henderson. This was in my car, this bar and the


car was there and I was bashing the window about five, six, seven, eight


times. Finally it caved in. Clive thinks the spaniel was inside the


vehicle for well over an hour. You could feel the heat coming out of


the car. The car was red-hot. Clive thinks the spaniel was inside the


vehicle for well over one hour. He was lying on his back with his legs


in the air. The RSPCA says it cannot condone people effectively


committing criminal damage, but... People have been known to take it


into their own hands, sometimes it has work well and sometimes it


hasn't, but please think of the implications that could arise from


your actions. The charity says if people feel they need to act in


similar circumstances, they should ensure they have witnesses or even


filmed the incident. If I get a bill for it, I will pay for the window.


Just what had to be done had to be done. We have had lots of reaction.


Nigel says, well done, a car quickly fills like a greenhouse on a sunny


day. Police might have been far too late. Darren says, leaving dogs in


cars should be illegal. What would you have done? Contact us and join


the debate. A common in East Devon badly damaged


by fire will take ten years to recover. 100 acres of Woodbury


Common were destroyed yesterday. Hamish Marshall is there for us


tonight. Today we have had a chance to see the damage. There is still


best month of smoke in the air and very much black in this part of the


common. 100 acres affected. This is what it looks like at this time of


the year. The fire could have been worse. During the fire in the


afternoon, this area was being cleared by firefighters making a


fire break to try to stop the flames going further, but they still manage


to affect 100 acres. From the air you can see the full extent of the


damage caused to Woodbury Common. More than 100 acres charred and


burned. An area of outstanding natural beauty scarred for some time


to come. Whilst some animals like birds got away, others did not.


Those that are less mobile would have been slower, so reptiles would


have had a difficult time. Some would have survived, they would have


gone underground, but many would have died, I'm afraid. Amanda Taylor


Bashford was on the comment yesterday and took these pictures as


she watched the fire advance at speed. You could hear the trees


crackling and banging. I saw one tree being engulfed in flames and


then stop burning in ten seconds. As the fire was coming towards us you


could hear this for of the flames as well as a real crackling of the dry


branches setting alight. The smoke and flames could be seen from miles


away. Where the smoke was centred, we could see the flames as well.


Fire crews were still here today ensuring hot spots did not reignite.


The man in charge of fighting the fire says the five injured men are


OK, but fires like this need to be fought out" is. We think we had


firewalls of about four metres high, you can feel the wind on me at the


moment. It is moving rapidly so that is why we have to be careful. We do


have fire plans in place for this area and we do a lot of training


about how to deal with fires of this nature. The area will recover but it


will take up to ten years. The cause and where the fire started are


likely to remain a mystery. Some people have been saying today, is


this a major problem? There are some differences. This was 100 acres.


Burning land is in a much smaller in area. It takes place before the end


of March before nesting birds have made their nests. There was one


firefighter in the sky feeding information down to the firefighters


on the ground. That made a big difference because this fire moved


quickly and they were able to get that aerial view to tell them where


it was going and how they fought it best they could.


In Dorset, the BBC has taken dramatic aerial


For the first time, it shows the scale of the damage


Conservationists from Historic England hope to be


Police say a 68-year-old local man arrested following


the blaze has been released and investigations continue.


Our Dorset reporter Simon Clemison has been speaking to Jenny Chesher


from Historic England, who worked on refurbishing


You don't have to look for the destruction


Stories of the English Civil War, of hundreds of years of history now


And it is not clear Parnham House is out of woods yet.


After the fire spreads through a building, often


the interior structure will have been completely consumed and this


leaves the external walls and features like chimneys


and gables and pinnacles very vulnerable.


The other thing to be aware of is the level of water penetration


that will have occurred in the building and that will also


weaken the structure considerably, so there are serious risks


The scene just over a week ago could hardly have been more dramatic.


Conservationists say only when they gain access


will they be able to tell if there is any further danger.


They fear much has already been lost.


From the photographs that have been available,


it looks like the damage is very extensive.


That has a tremendous depth of history and it has some


very important features, some of them very fragile


like the early glass, ancient staircases, beautiful


panelling - 500 years of fine craftsmanship


A lot of it is very fragile unfortunately and these sort of fine


finishes are the things that are most vulnerable under fire.


To be one of the finest manor houses is something


A grade one listing making this a rare gem.


With Elizabethan origins, most of the current design is down


to the regency architect John Nash, who also worked on parts


These houses were built to last, but the restoration will take


Once the property has been made safe and people can get into it safely,


then there is a painstaking salvage operation and we can generally


agree a salvage strategy, because there may be precious items


there that possibly can be reused or repaired,


There were tonnes of stone tiles on the roof of that building,


so it will be a complete mess inside, everything will be jumbled


up together, it will be charred, so it is a very painstaking process.


For now, this is still very much the centre of a police


investigation, but the salvage efforts should soon begin,


Historic England aiming to be on site this week.


There have been big fires at other big houses in Dorset and they have


The hope is that Parnham House will do the same.


Scientists say they've made a major discovery in understanding


The illness affects around 7,000 people in the South West.


Now scientists from Exeter have been working with a team in Canada


and say they hope their findings will pave the way


Our health correspondent Jenny Walrond has been talking


to one woman who developed MS in her twenties.


I was in the swimming pool and my hands started to feel really


numb with pins and needles and the actual feeling of my hands


Trish first noted symptoms of multiple sclerosis when she was 28.


Eight years later, the disease forced her to give up work.


MS is an autoimmune disease and it is a disease of neuro inflammation.


Sales of the immune system can leave the capillaries in the brain and


then they target the nerve cells within the brain and they can chew


away at some of the protective layers of the nerve cells. One of


the problems with MS 's scientists do not fully understand the disease


and so treatments focus on the symptoms. Scientists here at the


University of Exeter said they have made a new discovery which could


help change that. They believe an underlying defect in brain cells


could be responsible. People with MS have a high level of a protein which


causes cells to become poisoned. This protein we believe is involved


in causing damage to the nerve cells and we need to know a lot more about


how the nerve cells are damaged, because if we can stop the damage we


can stop a lot of the symptoms. The hope is this discovery could be used


to develop new treatments for multiple sclerosis and other similar


diseases. That is welcome news to Trish. Once they find out what


causes MS, that is the only way we can go about curing it. It will put


a lot of people's minds at ease. Now a roundup of other stories


making the news in the South West. There are concerns for the welfare


for a missing 13-year-old girl Anastasia Groom has links to Taunton


and Exeter and officers believe it's likely she's in one of these two


places, or somewhere She's described as white,


around 5ft 1in tall, of stocky build with dark hair


with red colouring, worn The jury in the trial


of a Bulgarian man accused of murdering his former partner


in Exeter, has today heard from three of the victim's


former work colleagues. The court heard that


Gergana Prodanova told other workers at the Great Western Hotel that


Kostadin Kostov beat her Mr Kostov denies murder


and the trial continues. Police have launched


an investigation into a suspicious fire at a Torquay hotel,


early yesterday morning. More than 100 young farmers


were staying at the Bancourt Hotel while in the resort for their annual


convention and had to spend the rest of the night sleeping on the floor


at the Riviera Centre. Police are treating it as arson


with intent to endanger life. Three people suffered


minor injuries. Plymouth's Labour group says


renewing the Trident nuclear programme is key for the city


and the party is committed to it. It follows comments


from the Conservative Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon that


Labour would pose a security risk if elected because of


Jeremy Corbyn's opposition It's being called one of the most


challenging jobs in society today, and figures reveal hundreds


of vacancies for children's social Amid warnings of the impact


on vulnerable children and families, councils across the region


are stepping up efforts to encourage more people to consider


a career as a social worker. Like any journey, to a job but for


children, social workers, it goes -- what goes on behind doors is what


matters. It is a tricky situation. It is damp if you do and damp if you


don't. Dealing with families is delicate and you have to be


sensitive and it is tricky to get it right all of the time. Their


professions battled a negative image after a series of high-profile cases


like that of baby P. Nationally there is a problem of bringing


people into children's social work. It is probably one of the most


challenging jobs in our society today. According to figures, across


the south-west there are nearly 300 vacancies for children social


workers. Alex is one of 33 new recruits taken


on in the last five years in Cornwall where they run their own


training programme and now Cornwall is getting involved in a government


bursary scheme with 11 other Southwest authorities that offers a


14 month FastTrack scheme. You have the added value of the different


resources and perspectives. We have to be honest as well, we have to


make the most of what we have got and by pooling all resources and


expertise, it is an opportunity to give people in Cornwall and


opportunity to train and work with children and families. This year's


round of the scheme is open in till early May with authorities


encouraging applicants to come forward.


The football season is building to a nail-biting finish,


The lasers illuminating the seafront in Weymouth and why some


want to return to the light bulbs of the past.


Onto sport now and there's good news and bad news from the weekend.


Torquay United have nearly pulled off the great escape for a second


year running and after Saturday's win, their destiny is now


Exeter City left it very late to keep their play-off hopes


on track, while Plymouth Argyle gained ground in the


Just a few miles from the white cliffs of Dover


Well, higher than they have been for the last couple of weeks.


His header just before half-time putting them ahead


against a team chasing promotion, but the battle for league survival


proved to be the stronger motivator and Torquay doubled their lead


and it was that man Williams again finding the net.


Minutes later and Dover pulled a goal back.


The two-goal cushion gone led to a nervy finish


and despite a late chance, Torquay held on and are now out of


The battle for survival is almost won.


Exeter City have been living off late chances,


but when David Wheeler's scuff somehow evaded the visiting keeper,


no-one at St James Park was expecting a comeback from Morecambe.


And it took something special from Kevin Anderson


That is how it stayed until stoppage time and it would not


be an Exeter City game without a late goal.


Reuben Reid won the penalty and drilled it home.


Liam McAlinden's amazing run ended with a third,


Exeter could do Plymouth Argyle a favour next week when they play


The Pilgrims are now just two points behind,


Six goals last week, but a very different story


This effort from Graham Carey was as close as any for Argyle.


Luke McCormick was certainly the busier of the two keepers.


Not that he could have done much about this if it had


An uneventful match but another point gained


Could the fans even be cheering Exeter City next week?


It was a top weekend for Plymouth Leander's Ben Proud,


who took two British titles and two British records in 24


hours at the British Championships in Sheffield.


He beat his own record to retain his 50m freestyle


title in a time of 21.32, with his clubmate Tom


Fannon finishing well in second to take silver.


Then Proud won the 50m butterfly in a time of 22.8 seconds.


Devon boxer Tommy Langford's dream of becoming a world


champion suffered a major setback this weekend.


The 27-year-old from Bideford put his unbeaten record on the line


in Leicester against the much-feared Georgian Av-tandil Kurts- idza.


In the fifth round he was knocked down by a left hook and the referee


Before this Langford had seemed to be ahead on most


The fight was for the WBO middleweight interim title,


with the winner taking on world champ Billy Joe Saunders.


There was disappointment in the London Marathon


for Devon's Jo Pavey, who was trying to qualify for this


The 43-year-old was forced to retire at the 16 mile mark.


She said she wanted to carry on, but from about 13 miles her


And finally, the Plymouth Raiders season is over after they failed


to make the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.


They lost their last six games which saw them


Good news and bad news. It is a roller-coaster that sports bulletin.


Thank you. Now, many seaside holidays are not


complete without an evening time Most resorts decorate them


with lights all year This is how Torquay still looks


during a night-time stroll. Weymouth used to have a very similar


appearance, but when the borough welcomed the Olympics,


it decided to replace the fairy lights around the bay


with bright green lasers. But should they have been so quick


to dispense with tradition? Dated, dilapidated. In Weymouth at


the beginning of the decade, the winds of change were blowing and it


was decided a traditional seaside look had had its day. But only a few


years after they disappeared, the borough council is now looking at


whether the fairy lights should be brought back. It would look really


pretty and be nice for everybody to see. It is a traditional seafront so


it would look nice with the very lights. They are part of the history


of Weymouth. It makes the whole promenade look festive. There has


been a lot of pressure to return to the past in part due to delight


replace them. No matter how they might look like a steel frame, these


are lights. Green lasers beamed through fog and rain with mixed


response. They were quite nice and bright. I think they were really


cool. Either serve the fairy lights because they are more traditional as


far as the breach resort is concerned. Both are nice. Why can't


we have both? The local authority is still looking at how to eliminate


the seafront, but dispensing with the future may prove just as tricky


as dispensing with the past. Something a little more


light-hearted. A seagull may have bitten off more


than he could chew when he stole some false teeth from a seaside


bench in Devon. The feathered-felon,


more commonly known for stealing chips, snapped up the abandoned


gnashers in Torquay. A picture of the garrulous gull


was shared widely on social media. A post on the Spotted Newton


Abbot Facebook page said, "Unfortunately anyone missing them


will need to contact the seagull Oh, dear! What a disappointed


seagull hoping for chips! Let's move on. Time for the weather. Good


evening. We have been talking about this cold spell of weather. It will


probably last one, two days. Ahead of the front bringing that change,


some quite is testing cloud formations. -- interesting cloud


formations. The cloud is not thick enough to produce a fuchsia hours.


It will clear tonight and opening the door to Arctic air. We will not


see the huge swing in temperatures that other parts will see, but it


will feel colder tomorrow. There will be some sunshine and quite


sharp showers, but quite a high risk of frost forming tonight. That cold


air is heading quite a long way south. It will help to northern


Spain by the middle of the week. Quite a big change for many. A lot


of cloud capable of producing a fuchsia hours. That introduces the


colder air as it sinks southwards and the Arctic air will be with us


tomorrow and Wednesday. Around the top of this area of high pressure,


more cloud coming from a slightly less cold direction, so temperatures


back up Thursday and Friday and high-pressure looking pretty close


and possibly for their weekend ahead. Let's look at the detail for


what will happen right through this evening will stop let's have a look


at some of the pictures where there was some flowers out at this time of


year. Everything is getting into leaf. Pretty good at this time of


year and most of the trees are now out so it looks like we will see


some fine weather to look forward to, but some of these spring flowers


will be in for a shock as we see that frost turn up both tonight and


also tomorrow night. The detailed then for overnight tonight, we have


got high-pressure coming in at the end of the week, but this cloud is


producing spots of rain this evening. It sinks southwards. No


real rain on it for those that need it and once it clears the south


coast, that cold air will arrive. We are looking at a frost overnight


tonight with temperatures between -1 and two or three degrees. Lots of


sunshine tomorrow. A fuchsia hours. By the afternoon, some of the


showers turned out to be quite heavy. Ten, 11 degrees, it will feel


more like six or seven. The forecast for the Isles of Scilly. Sunny


spells. Times of high water. And for our surfers, more waves but they


will be rather choppy along the north coast because the winds are


northerly, four or five. But we start to warm up towards the end of


the week and towards the holiday weekend. Have a good evening. That


is all from us for now. There will be an update at 10:30pm tonight and


we are back tomorrow evening. From everyone, good night.


There are times in the life of a nation


when the choices we make define the character of our country,


times when people stand up and demand real, significant change.


we have the chance to shape a brighter future for Britain


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