18/10/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


The building industry says thousands of new construction workers


are needed in the South West if the region's to meet


A building summit says carpdnters, bricklayers and architects `re some


It's predicted that construction work in the wider South West


will increase by 4.4% - the highest in England.


26,000 new jobs will be cre`ted over the next four years to reach


a total of 257,000 - the highest it's ever been.


Our business correspondent Carys Edwards reports.


Lewis Mayes is 16 and working as an apprentice carpenter


at Sherford, the new town near Plymouth, where 5000


I thought I would just be sweeping up, getting materials for the people


I'm working with, but I'm actually doing carpentry,


But there are not enough workers like Lewis in


Decorator Clifford Hill, now in his 50s, says younger


We're going to retire, so the younger generation


need to keep coming in, and it is really important,


because if we all retire and there is nobody following us,


well, it would be no go, wouldn't it?


There's increasing pressure to build more and more homes


like here at Sherford, to help solve the housing crisis,


but as housing demand grows, so too does the skills shortage


in the construction industrx here in the South West.


Today, a building summit has been held in Plymouth to address


the challenges facing the industry, and how best


Along with major house-building at Sherford and Cranbrook,


there are road infrastructure projects in Cornwall


and the upcoming Hinkley nuclear power station.


It's estimated there will bd around a quarter of a million jobs


in the industry by 2020, 26,000 of them new,


A few years ago, we had the austerity period,


and people left the area, they have left the construction


industry, and now we are trxing to get people back into it,


and that is becoming more and more difficult.


We have a delivery target that we need to meet


for the government and local housing targets to provide,


and if there are not enough people to build those homes,


we are delayed in giving those homes to the community.


We have lots of apprenticeships on our books, not


just apprenticeships, but jobs in the city.


Among the solutions is this job shop, to encourage recruits


of all ages as well as more apprenticeship schemes and higher


But with demand far outstripping supply,


Leif Tarry is from the Construction Industry Training Board.


He says there are huge opportunities for people wanting a career


We have around 6000 jobs that we expect to need everx year


in the next five years across the south-west.


Key areas would be around 500 new bricklayers.


We're expecting to build around 30-35,000 houses in Cornwall.


I think the really interesthng area is of those 6000 about 2500 will be


back office technical jobs, IT jobs, really interesting


jobs that perhaps aren't always associated with


Not just the things people imagine, hands-on jobs.


Absolutely and one of the mdssages we want to get out to peopld


who want to join the industry, or returners, or parents,


teachers, is to say this is a dynamic, forward-looking


industry with huge variety, huge potential.


You mentioned looking for the next five years.


Of course for lots of peopld there's a degree of uncertainty


Can you understand how that may put some people off?


Absolutely, we've had some tough economic times over


What we know in the south-wdst is we've got a really


The plans for housing in Cornwall stretch over 20 years,


Obviously we have Hinkley on our doorstep and that's


a long-term project, and thdre are other infrastructure projects.


We expect some news about railways fairly soon.


So there's a lot of long-term work to be done down here.


I think as an industry we have a good, robust


forward-looking balance, if you like, of work coming forward.


We heard from some very young people at the beginning of their


Should they feel optimistic for the next few decades?


Absolutely, I think if you come into construction and you'vd got


the right attitude, the sky is genuinely unlimited.


I met a man today, a similar age to me admittedly, but he had


come in as a bricklayer and he was managing a ?200 lillion


project and that's what construction can bring to people.


It's not all muddy boots - there's a lot more to it.


And we want to see a lot more women into the industry as well.


That's another area for growth, I guess.


It sounds like there's lots to talk about.


Health care services in Devon have been described


as being at crisis point, as MPs attacked proposals


It's part of a strategy to tackle a ?100 million annual


overspend at Devon's largest Clinical Commissioning Group.


Concerns were raised in a parliamentary debate.


The government acknowledged Devon faces difficulties, but said


services aren't keeping pacd with the changing needs


Here's our political editor, Martyn Oates.


It was Anne Marie Morris, the Newton Abbot MP,


who described health care in Devon as being at breaking point today.


She and others of her colle`gues also said one of the fundamdntal


problems is that the governlent simply doesn't provide enough


funding for somewhere like Devon to recognise the particular


challenges of providing health care in a highly rural area.


Her colleagues Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox said


that very rural hospitals like North Devon District won't be


sustainable going forward unless the government changds


the funding formula and givds them special treatment.


He described the present levels of funding as wholly inadeqtate


As you'd expect, many MPs today were particularly keen to stave off


cuts in their own constituencies, but there was a warning


from the Tiverton and Honiton MP Neil Parish, who said that rather


than a falling out amongst themselves as to where the cuts


should fall, and possibly rhsking each of them being picked off


in turn, they should all stand together and oppose


Mobile phones mean fewer people are using call boxes and BT has


decided to pull the plug on hundreds of them across the region.


The problem is there are sthll many areas with a poor


Jenny Kumah has been to one community on Dartmoor.


For these walkers, payphones on Dartmoor are a necessary


You may well end up with a flat battery and not be able to get


a signal or something like that so I think having them is vdry good,


if only to make emergency calls, if nothing else.


There are lots dotted around, some are overgrown, not maintained,


and obviously, I see the other side when the telephone company


want to cut costs, but I thhnk if there is any way of fundhng them,


According to BT, payphone usage has dropped 90% over the last ddcade.


But it's easy to miss this payphone here at Badger's Holt on Dartmoor.


Through here is another of the boxes that's threatened with clostre.


Making our way through the foliage here.


So the figures show that thhs has been used a couple of dozen times


Why do you think phone boxes like this one across the moor


This is situated in a vallex, and we have very high


sides to the valley, so there's no mobile signal.


This might be someone's onlx chance of getting emergency servicds


BT says it will not take aw`y a service in a remote locathon


The company is also giving communities the chance to adopt


a kiosk as an alternative to removal.


Here in Belstone, that idea has received a ringing endorsemdnt.


A local group has raised funds to put life-saving


We pre-empted the fact that BT may want to finish with it,


as it wasn't used at all, so we wanted to hang onto otr phone


box, and make it look a bit more attractive, and used for very good,


Some good news today for thhs Dartmoor community in Postbridge.


They were threatened with the loss of this phone, but BT has


The firm has even been perstaded to give it a lick of paint too.


Some football news now - and Taunton Town have made history


tonight by qualifying for the first time in 35 years for the first


The Peacocks beat Hemel Hempstead 1-0 to secure their place.


But it wasn't to be for Torpuay - the Gulls went down


Both games were replays after draws at the weekend.


Time for a look at the weather. Good evening. We've had lovdly


pictures of sunsets, more to come for the next few nights bec`use we


have high pressure coming otr way, settling things down and thdre is a


great deal of rain in the forecast. Winds easing for tomorrow. @nother


cold start. The chance of p`ssing showers but most of the day for most


of us is dry. This is the area of high pressure. It settles across


western Britain by lunchtimd tomorrow. It moves closer bx the


middle of the day on Thursd`y. Still there really by the middle of the


day on Friday. Whilst most of the weather action is across western


Scotland and Ireland, for others, we will have cold nights and


potentially some frosty mornings from Thursday morning onwards.


There's a few showers possible overnight tonight, but they are


fairly isolated. Most of thd night is dry. There's a fair amount of


clear sky. There will be a breeze, just enough to stare the air so


temperatures should not fall below 5-6dC. Chilly, bright start


tomorrow. The showers will turn up, they'll be light and fleeting. The


winds won't be as strong as they have been, mainly from the 04


Northwest and 12-13 will be the top temperature. Those are the


temperatures we can expect for the rest of this week. Cold at night


with the risk of frost and ` keen easterly wind developing by the


weekend. Good night. That's all from us


here in the south west. From everybody on the late team -


have a good night. Good evening. As you've just seen


from your local outlook, not a huge amount changes over the next few


days. The weather patterns will be blocked again. What is driving that?


It's a deep area of low pressure, the remnants of hurricane Nicole in


the Atlantic. That's heading towards Greenland. Set to pile up the snow


here, metres of it in the next few days. It's dragging a lot of warm


air into the North Atlantic on the Eastern flank. What that does is


build this, high pressure. That s not going to move a great deal over


the next few days. To the east, low pressure in place. That means


Eastern England always prone for further showers through the rest of


this week. For the rest of the UK, largely dry, some sunny days, but


also rather cool nights


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