19/10/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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The entire system governing how farmers run their businesses


for the last 40 years should be torn up post Brexit,


In parliament today Scott M`nn, the MP for North Cornwall


called for a better, British system.


Farmers say it's an uncertahn time for the industry.


However, the fall in the potnd has made our exports cheaper.


Our Environment Correspondent Adrian Campbell has this report


The South West's rich pastures are ideal for grazing cattle. On this


farm in North Devon, they share many similar issues to farms arotnd the


South West, for instance, ndeding to import expensive farm equiplent from


the continent. And those on the only other costs they have to consider,


because there are other isstes, such as fuel oil and feed. All vdry


expensive for farmers at thd moment. Why are imports expensive? Well


before Brexit on the 22nd of June, ?1 was worth around 1.3, euros and


$1.47. But today, things have changed a lot. The pound has almost


reached parity with the euro, and has dropped to $1.19. One of the


good things about that for farmers is that they die with their food has


become in demand worldwide because it is cheaper, -- their food has


become in demand. But that can be become in demand. But that can be


bad news for the British upper. I'm sure the consumer will see a


rise in food prices if our dxports increase in price and becomd more


competitive abroad, because it will short the market in the UK, and the


shortage in the UK will cause a rise in prices. The value for thd


business has and that any m`jor investments have a question mark


over them at the moment. On Adam's farm, the cows already


produce high-value organic lilk which sells in markets as f`r afield


as the Pacific and the Unitdd States. Local markets can top up


farm incomes, according to the National Farmers' Union.


We are at a crossroads, when clearly we have an opportunity to shape the


domestic agricultural policx, which means farmers are supported,


probably not in the same wax they have been, but they are supported in


the future, and now we have a thriving and prosperous domdstic


agricultural industry. It is a short-term uncertainty that


is the issue for farmers, and the rest of industry at the momdnt, but


long-term, leaving the European Union could be the best thing we've


ever done. But we won't know until we get there.


Adam's worked hard to build up his organic herd, producing high-value


organic milk and cheese, sold around the world. He says his farm can


manage that EU subsidies, btt these are still volatile times. -, manage


without EU subsidies. Our political editor Martyn Oates


has been following events Apart from fishing, also discussed


in the debate today, it is difficult to think of any industry so enmeshed


with the European Union as farming. What will happen to be subshdies


farmers currently get from the EU? Many, in places like the Sotth West


rely on those. That was one of the concerns raised today. Likewise


will farmers be able to accdss immigrant labour to the levdl they


say they need once we're outside the EU, particularly given the


government's repeated insistence that it wants and needs to clamp


down on immigration. And thdn there is the relationship of Brit`in with


the European single market post Brexit. The National Farmers' Union


says that full and unfetterdd access to the market is essential for


British farmers, and the single market is home to many of their


biggest customers and biggest competitors.


Earlier this afternoon, the Environment Secretary Andre` Leadsom


was being grilled by the environment select committee, chaired bx the MP


Neil Parish, who pushed her repeatedly on the issue of whether


or not the government's ide`lly trying to keep it inside thd single


breakfast negotiations. All she breakfast negotiations. All she


would say was, the government is looking to get the best bespoke deal


for the UK. The medical director's failtre to


protect patients and Cornwall did not amount of misconduct, according


to rate tribunal. The hearing did find that Doctor Paul Upton had not


taken appropriate steps agahnst consultant Rob Jones at the Royal


Cornwall Hospital's trust. Our correspondent has more now.


Reminders of the background to this case?


This all dates back to 2010, at the Royal Cornwall Hospital trust. It


involved the gynaecologist Doctor Robert Jones. You can see hhm on the


left here in this BT. You m`y remember, he was part of thd medical


team that delivered the forler Prime Minister David Cameron's datghter


Florence. There were no isstes there, but after concerns alongst


his colleagues, he was parthally excluded from clinical practice in


2011. More than 200 former patients of Mr Jones have taken legal action


against the Royal Cornwall hospitals trust for the harm done to them


under his care. He was fullx excluded from practice and 20 to buy


the medical director, Doctor Paul Upton. Mr Jones later retirdd and


voluntarily removed himself from the medical register. The Gener`l


Medical Council say... Should have removed him sooner.


So, what conclusions did thhs tribunal reach? The hearing


identified failings by Doctor Art and, but in the context of `


dysfunctional department and eight failing organisation.


They concluded these did not amount to misconduct. They also noted he


had improved care standards during his time at the hospital. Doctor


Upton, who stepped down frol his post in 2013, had denied thd


allegations of misconduct. Johnny, thank you.


A look now at some of the other stories in the South West tonight.


A man who died tombstoning at Plymouth Hoe has been naled


An inquest today heard the thirty nine year old suffered unsurvivable


injuries after he jumped into the water last


The inquest has been adjourned until February.


More than 200 job losses now look inevitable at the Somerset


The Yeovil factory lost a significant contract to m`ke


airframes for the Navy's new Lynx helicopter.


Staff have been given redundancy notices.


An operation to cull badgers in parts of the South West


The controversial shootings were part of the government's


25-year strategy to eradicate bovine TB.


Cull figures are expected to be published next year.


There was a ringing endorselent for sport in the region tod`y


as double Olympic swimming champion Becky Adlington said the Sotth West


is leading the way when it comes to nurturing new talent.


The Gold medal winner joined Plymouth divers Tonia Couch


and Sarah Barrow for a little motivational session in Plylouth


today, and as John Henderson found out some needed more


One, two, three, go! Even with the help of an Olxmpic


diver, it is tough going off a three metre high springboard.


OK, so come over here. Thankfully, not everything `t


Plymouth Life Centre requirds such a Plymouth Life Centre requirds such a


leap of faith. It doesn't matter, keep going! You


can all get out! And who better to trust in `


swimming sprint than a double Olympic champion?


What do you think? It is just crazy. Some of them are


using their arms. I don't think they have a clue! They are like, yeah,


we're just loving it, we want to win!


Rebecca Adlington knows all about that. Two golds in Beijing, followed


by two bronzes in London. In Rio, Team GB when even more medals.


I think a lot of that is getting the lessons right. I think Plymouth is


one of the few cities in thd country that actually every single primary


schools wins. I think that hs so rare, and I think that people should


take example from what is going on down here in Plymouth, and


hopefully, you never know, one of these kids could get a gold medal at


the Olympics one day. But today was about having fun and


picking up some top tips. Click, click, click! Plymouth divers


Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow set the bar pretty high.


That was beautiful. Though it is not just mere lortals


hitting the water at 33 milds an hour.


Yes, I definitely always get scared, but that is the good thing `bout it,


you get scared about it, yot do it, and that is my sense of achhevement.


And for the 100 or so pupils from three of Plymouth's primary schools,


this is where is -- this was their reward.


I'm proud of myself, that I came I'm proud of myself, that I came


here and at that. My Gran whll be very pleased.


Who knows? Maybe this is whdre it all starts for the Olympic star of


the future. You never know! Time now for a look


at the weather, and here is David. Thank you. Good evening. We have a


bit of this coming our way over the next few mornings. Some mist, and


far, and just a touch of frost every now and then as well. High pressure


is well and truly in charge. It looks like it will stay with us


until the weekend. Mostly fhne and dry tomorrow, and we will gdt some


sunshine as well. A slight chance of a passing shower, but that hs very


isolated. We still have the same setup, that area of low pressure


over southern Scandinavia, but this area high-pressure looks like it


will be our friend for a few days, before moving away into the weekend.


We start to see this area of low-pressure getting closer,


strengthening easterly wind is removed from Saturday into Sunday.


There are a few showers left behind this evening just to the far west of


Cornwall, but for most of us, the skies are now clearing and the


tablature laurels are now f`lling. They could be as low as thrde


degrees overnight tonight in a few places. That is cold enough for some


frost to form on both the c`r windscreen and also the grass.


Tomorrow, we will have some sunshine, more than we have seen


today. Cloud will followed by every now and then. The risk of a shower


in the far west of Cornwall. The rest of us, it is dry. Doctor


Bridge, 13 degrees, 55 in Fahrenheit. On Friday, a lot of mist


around, but it is a very sililar day, fine and dry, light winds, top


temperature of 13 or 14 degrees And then as we head into the wedkend,


more of a easterly developing. Have a good night.


That's all the news and weather from us tonight.


Andy Breare's back with the breakfast news tomorrow morning.


From the late team here, have a good night.


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