20/10/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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The man who attempted to blow up a definite restaurant with hole-made


nail bombs has died in prison. He carried glass bottles loaded with


nails into the Giraffe rest`urant. It was the day terrorism cale


to Devon, with much of Exetdr city Nicky Reilly attempted to sdt off


three nail bombs in the Gir`ffe restaurant, among the dozens


of customers enjoying One of the bombs partially detonated


in the toilets, as Reilly attempted to arm it,


but he was the only one injtred I was there at the Old Baildy


when Reilly admitted attempted murder and attempting to colmit


an act of terrorism. He was sentenced to life in prison,


to serve a minimum of 18 ye`rs. The judge told Reilly it was sheer


luck nobody had been killed in his attempted attack,


which was intended to terrorise After serving eight years in prison,


Nicky Reilly has died, She said she was too


upset to comment further. Former Devon and Cornwall Police


Assistant Chief Constable Bob Spencer, who commanded


the emergency response to the attempted bombing,


told us, "My sympathies go to his family and loved ones,


but Reilly did attempt to commit a terrible crime and justicd


had to be done in terms of him receiving


a long prison sentence." Police believe Reilly


was encouraged in his plot He had learning difficulties


and Asperger's syndrome. Kim Reilly always maintained


that her son was vulnerable and preyed upon by terrorists


who pretended to be his fridnds But Reilly himself showed no remorse


and he was carrying viable bombs, which if they had detonated here,


as he intended, would have caused Disgraceful - that's what stpporters


of a former Royal Marine from Somerset convicted of killing an


Afghan insurgent are saying about the review of his case. Al Blackman


is serving a life sentence for the crime. Clinton Rogers has bden


speaking to his wife. You know, focused on keeping


the campaign moving forward. For the past three years


Claire Blackman has been calpaigning She was heartened when the Criminal


Cases Review Commission dechded to take a fresh look at his case


but that was almost a year `go. We want to have confidence


in the decision when they rdach it but, that said, this is another


ten months that Al is not home and the waiting


is the hardest part. In 2013, former Sergeant Al Blackman


became the first British serviceman to be convicted of murder


on the battlefield since His life sentence was for shooting


a wounded insurgent in Afgh`nistan. His action and his words


leading up to it were But his supporters, who havd very


publicly campaigned for his release - this the last time


they took their protest to the streets of London -


say he has been harshly tre`ted for a moment of madness


on the battlefield. Among them, the bestselling


author Frederick Forsyth, who is highly critical of the body


reviewing the case. I have been bewildered by the fact


that they have dawdled and dawdled, very slowly passing the doctments


from desk to desk The Commission says the criticisms


are unfair, it is treating the case as a priority but it is a complex


one with a large volume of written One of the main platforms


for an appeal now is that the lesser charge of manslaughter


on the grounds of diminished responsibility was never considered


at the original court marti`l. A decision on that, whenever it is,


will determine how much longer the former Royal Marine will spend


in Wiltshire's Erlestoke Prhson His wife says the campaign


to free him will continue. Whatever it takes, whatever it


costs, we will not lose our vital rail line through Dawlish. The


promise today from Transport Secretary Chris Grayling on his


first visit to the region shnce taking up the job. I asked him what


commitment he could give to Network Rail's new option. The engineers


have been working for long time on the best approach. I'm lookhng at


this very carefully. There `re two issues around here. There is a


substantial project that is going to take some considerable time across a


complex piece of engineering to secure it for the future. I'm


concerned also about the imlediate future and how we make sure the


danger of what happened to xou is ago is kept as low as possible. We


are approaching another winter. What assurances are you seeking that we


won't see a repeat of what we had a couple of years ago? I want to see


all the potential precautions that we can take taken. We cannot remove


all risk. That is not possible. I want to be assured that the team at


Network Rail are doing all they can to make sure the route remahns open


in the short term and then we will address the longer term. Thd


preferred option emerging from Network Rail, building the line


further out into the water `t a cost at half ?1 billion. If that is


decided upon, can you give ` commitment to government support


financially for that? We ard away away from deciding on the fhnal


scheme. This has to be disctssed locally. There is a very silple fact


here. This is a really cruchal link to an important part of our country.


There is no way this or any other government could allow a situation


where that link could be cut off for long-term or permanently. Transport


Secretary Chris Grayling. A woman from Cornwall who became fascinated


with fire after saving her family from a burning house as a child has


been found guilty of killing a 6 and woman. Karen Pedley frol Redruth


verdict at Truro Crown Court. She verdict at Truro Crown Court. She


set fire to curtains at the woman's home. She will be sentenced


tomorrow. Britain's first shx star resort is coming to North Cornwall.


The founder of Alton Towers is behind the project and todax


planners gave the controversial scheme to go ahead. Plans include


luxury lodgings and facilithes near Weybridge.


And this is what they're all waiting for, the Corkscrew...


After steering Alton Towers to big success back in the '80s,


this man wants to take a project in Cornwall to similar heights.


This project is the finest of its type in the UK,


Developer John Broome has already rebranded and is revamping


the former Crealy theme park near Wadebridge.


Now planners have given him the go-ahead to turn these `cres


of Cornish farmlands next door into what he says will be


The vision - more than 200 holiday lodges, a tropical pool,


restaurants and activities centre, and claims of more


But while most of the planndrs may have been convinced,


worries from some living ne`rby about the reality of what it will


There are a lot of people who think this will be economically vdry


positive but equally a lot of residents are very concerned


about the scale of the development, the visual impact, traffic lovements


along very narrow lanes in this area, and the use of


what is good-quality agricultural land over therd.


And a mile or so down creek is this B restaurant where the


Tomlinson family moved a few years ago from the Midlands.


We moved down to Cornwall for the idyllic dream


of being in the countryside, the peace and quiet.


I think the environmental ilpact as well as the infrastructure, the


John Broome was behind an attempt to turn


Battersea Power Station into a mini Las Vegas 30 years ago.


Leaving County Hall today he says he is


confident this venture will proceed and things can get moving


Time to check on the latest weather forecast. David is here with the


details. It's already turning quite chilly and by the end of thd night


we will have some frost as well as for to contend with but oncd it


shifts it will be a quite nhce day. Some sunshine as well. This front is


beginning to weaken and by the time we get into the second half of the


weekend, low-pressure down to the south develops into a big bdast and


it will bring a strong eastdrly wind and eventually outbreaks of rain


Sunday night and into Mondax. At the moment, everything is quiet, still,


missed beginning to form. There will be some fog in the morning `nd the


day starting just above fredzing in some places. The mist and fog should


lift readily that for the rdst of the day it is pleasant enough, quiet


and temperatures getting up to 13-14d. A bit of a change as we move


into Saturday. Showers developing along the coast. The breeze starting


to freshen. By the time we get to Sunday, quite a windy day whth rain


overnight and into Monday. There's more news, weather `nd


travel in our breakfast bulletins beginning at 6:25am tomorrow.


Temperatures up into double figures. The outlook, mostly dry for the next


few days. Now the national outlook. Good evening. We are likely to the


all colours of the autumn, tomorrow, fog could be an issue. Today, West


has been best. Beautiful sunny spells breaking through the cloud in


western areas but running down through North Sea coasts again, a


frequent rash of showers. Some coming further inland but look at


this picture, a typical story of the Norfolk coast this afternoon, choppy


seas and rather threatening looking skies. It stays breezy through the


night here and showers die back towards the Norfolk and Suffolk


coast. Elsewhere, clear


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