21/10/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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A "dangerous" and "deceitful" woman who was said to have a "fascination


with fire" is starting 14 life sentences tonight.


Karen Pedley started a string of fires around Cornwall -


one in a nursing home caused the death of a 96-year-old resident.


She was found guilty of one count of murder and 12 of arson


Gladys Roe was sleeping peacefully here in 2008 when Karen Pedley set


the curtains in her room on fire. Karen Pedley later attempted to


rescue the 96-year-old from the fray but was driven back by thick smoke.


Gladys Rowe died if few days later. The prosecution said that K`ren


Pedley's fascination with fhre started in 1983 when she was


rewarded with a clip on Concorde for saving her family as their home was


gutted by flames in Bedfordshire. Truro Crown Court was told that


Karen Pedley started a string of fires between 2002 and 2010 in


Cornwall. Three were sent hdre. One here. And another at this house next


door to where Karen Pedley lived. The prosecution said it was


miraculous no one else died in the fires she set in police say she is a


dangerous woman. She has shown a great level of deceit. A dangerous


label. -- a dangerous lady. She has put people in the local comlunity at


risk of serious harm and indeed killed an elderly lady locally. The


defending lawyer said his client never meant to kill anyone `nd was


obsessed with rescuing people after her success in 1983. The cotrt heard


that Karen Pedley wants to die in prison.


The Nigerian sister of a desperately ill Dorset woman -


who was refused a visa so she can donate her stem cells


in a life-saving treatment , will now be allowed to travdl


May Brown who lives with her daughter and husband in Weylouth has


The Medical Director who ignored a damning report on a gynaecologist


at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has been struck off


Dr Robert Pitcher ignored the conclusions of four


200 former patients of Mr Jones have taken legal action


Four decorated senior marinds have been given a four


month prison sentence, suspended for a year,


for failing to stop junior ranks beating new recruits


It happened at a Commando Barracks at Bickleigh.


Two of the senior marines h`ve been dismissed from services


A South West rival to the Northern Powerhouse has been


launched in a drive to attr`ct investment and create jobs.


Business leaders, companies, MPs and councillors have bedn


meeting to draw up a charter for economic growth in the region.


From the summit at Exeter University our home affairs corresponddnt


Hunters brewery are a relatively new company,


Which is why they are joining the attempt to set up


I believe as a region, regional businesses need to stick


together, all work together to make things better in the region.


The south-western powerhousd was launched today with the pinstripes


of business, but also polithcians, universities, conservation


groups and all led by one of the region's biggest companies.


The Northern Powerhouse, the Midlands Engine


You think you can achieve something with this?


The point of this is to galvanise the business community,


to articulate about what we want from government.


We have devolution happening across the whole of the


UK, we want to make sure the south-west


gets its fair share of


The plan is to draw up a ch`rter of what the region needs


from the government, including improve road and rail


links and high-speed broadband internet.


But the government say the key to winning new investment


I already back the south-west, it is already a powerhouse,


Many of the regions have a devolution deal


with government, getting Central control over transport,


My door is open to south-west businesses and


The charter for the Southwest and it's businesses will be


presented to the Chancellor in the next few weeks-timed for just


before his Autumn Statement on the economy.


This is an ambitious plan to form a real


presence of the south-west on a


What it actually achieves only is apparent when the


Chancellor sets out his invdstment plans in the next month.


A teenager from Devon is looking to make more history this wdekend


after becoming the youngest ever British Rallycross Champion.


In his first season driving Supercars, Dan Rooke


from Holsworthy, sealed the title in the penultimate race


of the championship, breaking a title that had stood


since 1989 - as well as becoming the youngest Rallycross Chalpion.


On Sunday he has the chance to complete a unique


double by winning the end of season Grand Prix.


Time for the all important weekend weather forecast now - here's David.


Hello. Good evening. More qtiet weather for us, both tonight and


tomorrow. A change as we move into Sunday with much more of an easterly


breeze developing. Mostly fhne and dry. Early frost and fog cldaring


but also some sunshine to enjoy as well. Not too bad. A change on


Sunday. This area of low prdssure gets closer through the day tomorrow


and squeezes the isobars quhte a lot by the time we get to Sundax


lunchtime. East or North East winds becoming gale force and the winds


ease as we move into Monday. There is all so a weather front there are


so be potential for a lot more cloud and the risk of some patchy rain.


Light winds overnight tonight and largely clear skies means another


cold night, another one where we will see frost and also somd fog


forming and temperatures just a couple of degrees above fredzing.


After that cold start and in places misty, it should brighten up and we


will get sunny spells. Some cloud getting to the west coast of


Cornwall for a time and top temperatures of 12-13dC. Thd outlook


as we head into Sunday is for a windy day with the risk of some


showers, particularly along the south coast and then potenthally


some overnight rain Sunday hnto Monday. Those winds drop at the same


time and on Tuesday it is a little warmer and brighter. Have a nice


The next update from the Spotlight newsroom is at 5.35pm tomorrow.


sunshine to be enjoyed. Louise Lear has the national forecast now


though. Good evening. Heading off to bed


wondering what is in store for the weekend? Pretty much what we have


seen this week. Today we had a fair amount of cloud around and a few


showers coming in off the North Sea coast. Topping and tailing the


country, there was some beautiful spells of sunshine. It was glorious


in the Shetland aisles this afternoon and down towards Cornwall


as well. As for the weekend, it could start off on a chilly note


with some patchy fog and frost, but then hopefully we should see some


sunny spells coming through. The showers always likely to be out


towards the east. The showers continuing this evening and


overnight. Further west under clearer skies yet again, we could


see the temperatures falling away and we could see some patchy fog


which may well be slow to lift away first thing. In rural parts,


temperatures will dip close to freezing so it's going to be a


chilly start to Saturday morning, particularly if the fog lifts


slowly. A


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