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There are renewed hopes tonhght that Plymouth Airport,


is one step closer to re-opdning following today's announcemdnt that


Heathrow says it's set asidd ?10 million within a region`l route


development plan that would only go ahead on the condition that


Plymouth Airport closed at the end of 2011 amid public protests,


having lost its flight slots to London.


It was down to less than 100 passengers a day.


Those fighting to reopen it are pinning their hopes tonhght


on Heathrow's commitment to supporting new routes


across the regions if it got a third runway.


Heathrow would benefit from billions of public funds to support


the expansion of the airport and that's great.


But it can't be done at the expense of the regions and their colmitments


to offer airports like Plymouth future access must be honoured.


Newquay airport says it will benefit from the third runway.


I think the most important part of this decision is the accdss


which Cornwall will be given back into Heathrow in future.


Being able to connect Cornw`ll both for import and for export


at a global level, being able to reach far East Asia,


being able to access the Americas in the most


Plymouth offers synergies for Newquay.


I see a future of Plymouth and Newquay working together very


much more positively and collaboratively.


They offer very different m`rkets and they are doing a very,


very different thing at Newpuay than we intend to do at Plylouth.


Flybe, who operate out of Exeter, have told us that any final decision


on expanding Heathrow must hnclude assurances that it becomes ` hub


It has called on the Governlent to make sure Exeter routes `re made


available to operators of rdgional aircraft at affordable pricds.


So, what the people living in the new homes at the airfield may


be wondering tonight is what happens next?


What we do know is that in the Plymouth plan


which is being finalised by Plymouth City Council,


the airfield itself is earmarked for aviation use


Devon and Cornwall's Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer is under


It's because of comments he made in a BBC interview last month


about the election expenses inquiry into his Police and Crime


Commissioner Alison Hernanddz, a former election agent.


They both deny any wrongdoing as our Home Affairs Correspondent


The two most senior figures in policing in the Devon and Cornwall,


Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and his boss the Police and Crime


Commissioner Alison Hernanddz are now both under investig`tion


The complaint concerns commdnts made by Mr Sawyer in a BBC interview


He was asked about the ongohng enquiry into Ms Hernandez over


allegations she failed to properly declare General Election expenses.


There is going to have to bd some recommendations about electhons


I think MPs are talking abott that, because this is taking


Democracy is important, so if it requires time


If democracy goes, we are all in a difficult place.


But it's costing the taxpaydr money that ideally would have been


The complaint was made by Adrian Sanders, the formdr


He was defeated at last year's General Election


by the Conservative Kevin Foster, who Alison Hernandez


Mr Sanders says the Chief Constable was wrong to comment


Well, you can't make a statdment like that unless you have


some background detail, and that background detail


would be the evidence that has been gathered in.


Now, he is not in a position to be looking at that evidence


being gathered in for reasons that are obvious.


His boss is one of the people being investigated for


In a statement, the office of the Police and Crime


In the interests of transparency a decision was taken for an


investigation by a different police force. This is being undert`ken by


Gloucestershire Constabularx. The office of the Commissioner will then


determine whether the compl`int is upheld and what, if any, action is


required. The Chief Constable


would not be interviewed. But in a statement,


Mr Sawyer said... "I am aware about a complaint


about comments I made "I welcome an independent


investigation and look forw`rd "to hearing the outcome


in due course." Both Shaun Sawyer and


Alison Hernandez strongly The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital


says it is trying to get more details on allegations of fhnancial


problems at the hospital whdre its Julie Hartley-Jones is due to start


as Chief Executive in January. From Exeter, Hamish


Marshall reports. Well, this is a story from the other


side of the world which has The Cairns and Hinterland Hospital


and Health Service in Queensland has Now, its board resigned last month,


and an independent report h`s found it is on course to overspend


by 80.5 million Australian dollars this financial year,


with the debt being blamed on rising costs of new and expanded sdrvices


and budgeting issues. Now, the link to here


is that the boss in Cairns was Julie Hartley-Jones,


who will take over here at the Royal Devon and Exetdr


Hospital in the New Year. Now, the RD which itself has


a deficit of ?20.1 million in the last financial year,


says it is aware of the reports from Australia and it is in the


process of establishing the facts. It wouldn't say whether the issue


was addressed at the job We have so far been unable


to contact Miss Hartley-Jonds. Police officers searching for a body


after a severed foot was fotnd in a Cornish wood say they've


discovered further remains. The police dive team has also been


called in to search a streal in Nansvallen Woods


on the edge of Truro. The police have linked the finds


to a missing man, 39-year-old Lee Gilbert,


who was last seen in June. Health managers in Cornwall have


issued another appeal for pdople who have suffered sickness to stay


away from hospitals, after the Norovirus has closed


an entire hospital ward at Treliske. NHS Kernow says once


the bug reaches wards, it can lead to cancelled opdrations,


delay recovery and prevent other There's anger in Torquay tonight


after the announcement that the seaside town won't be


getting any Christmas The Chamber of Commerce has taken


over the running of the lights from the council, but despite


a fundraising campaign it s`ys it Our South Devon reporter John Ayres


has been following the storx. This is what Torquay normally


looks like at Christmas. Torquay is one of our


region's bigger towns. The shoppers here expect


there to be Christmas lights. Sadly this year there


will not be any. Facing huge cuts in times


of austerity, Torbay Council handed the responsibility of the lhghts


over to the Chamber of Commdrce Torbay Display has provided


the lights for 30 years but the contract was put out


to tender and given While this row has run on the money


to pay for it hasn't been r`ised. I am saddened for the town,


because it means that the income for all these traders behind me


is going to fall drasticallx. That might mean job losses,


shops might close. Developers might take one look


at Torquay and decide they don't After losing the contract


Torbay Display removed its wires But the Chamber was not expdcting


that and is now faced If you have another company come


in and put their equipment on our structures and our epuipment,


obviously it comes under our insurance, so the best way


is to have a clean sweep. We haven't damaged any buildings,


just unscrewed the eyebolts, which can be screwed in agahn


if you should so wish. All of this is seen as bad news


for local businesses. We have to go without lights


and I think that will be an awakening for our traders in this


town to pull together for 2017. If you look at the number of shops


there are in Torquay, and they all put 30 quid in the pot,


there's your lights. They have made a lot of mistakes,


somebody made a mistake somdwhere. The result is there is no


Christmas lights. For a lot of people it


means something. The Christmas spirit


won't be so great. The fear is all of this will damage


the reputation of the town. Although the Chamber insists


there will be lights next ydar. Time for the weather. David is here


with the forecast. Quite mild at the moment. Also quite misty. That mist


and fog has already formed. This was this morning. A cracking picture.


Thank you. The fog is already starting to reform and becole quite


thick in places. If you havd a journey to make the bursting of the


morning and allow extra timd. Poor visibility. It could be rather


reluctant to clear. Not much wind over the next 24 hours. It picks up


a bit in the afternoon. Oncd we get a bit more of a breeze hopefully it


will allow some sunshine. At the moment we have one weather front


crossing the Northern half of Britain. To the south and area of


high pressure which will be with us for a few days. Here tomorrow,


Thursday, Friday, into the weekend. Keeping things relatively sdttled


but quite a high risk of more mist and fog. That has already started to


form over a good part of his first of England. Temperatures of aid for


nine Celsius overnight. Tomorrow a very slow but gradual clear`nce


Great start, misty. It will brighten up. And the afternoon a better


chance of sunshine with 14 or 1 the top temperature. Although wd have


high pressure a lot of cloud could be trapped in it so it could be


rather grave of the rest of the week. Have a good night. Th`nk you.


The next news and weather is at 6:25am but from everyone on delayed


team, have a good night. settled and on the mild side. Nick


now has all the national weather. Hello. Autumn is the season of


change, most noticeably with those autumn colours on display today in


Buckinghamshire, as photographed by one of our weather watchers. Always


helps when there is blue sky above. Our weather is always changing


regardless of the season. One of those changes is taking place, we


are losing last week's Easterly winds and now a westerly wind. That


means it's turning milder by day and night but it does mean the return of


Atlantic weather fronts, especially to north-western parts of the UK.


The reason, high pressure in Germany and low pressure Iceland. Here is


the first of those weather fronts for Scotland and Northern Ireland


through the night, the first part of tomorrow. There isn't a huge amount


of rain associated with this. Could see rain over the hills of northern


England and Wales as the night goes on. The odd shower clipping Sussex


and Kent. A lot of dry weather for England and Wales. It's mild here,


it's milder across the northern half of Britain compared with last night.


But the further south you are the closer to that


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