26/10/2016 Spotlight


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There are calls tonight for the government to commit to long


term funding for restorative justice.


Campaigners say the scheme, where victims of crime meet


offenders, helps victims and cuts crime.


So I was coming back from town, glanced up to the front door,


Popping out to the shops trhggered a life altering chain of evdnts


But he brushed straight past me and was looking


The man had stolen Carly's iPad from her kitchen.


Known to police, he ended up in prison.


Carly was offered the opportunity to meet him.


The remorse for what he'd done was so evident that he made me cry.


And then he nearly cried because he was crying and hd had


And then he nearly cried because I was crying and he had


actually stolen from us to get some money


What do you think, from his point of view,


Actually, he's valued, he still valued.


Actually, he's valued, he's still valued.


He has a purpose and there are people in place


for when he leaves prison to try and help him.


While Carly's story shows the good restorative justice can do, some


critics question its effecthveness and say it isn't suitable


for all cases, like domestic abuse or sexual assaults.


Providers say they need more certainty.


What we'd like to say to the government is for thdm


to commit to the long-term funding of restorative justice in Cornwall,


so we can find out the true extent of what it can really achieve.


Because we believe restorathve justice can make communities safer.


And that message is getting support from the top.


At the moment, the money I get for that has come from the Linistry


of Justice in its year, one year only funding and wd really


need to be lobbying to ensure we do get it for longer term.


I'm very committed to supporting voluntary organisations


on a three-year commitment of funding and where I can do that


But this Ministry of Justicd funding, we need to be lobbxing


The Ministry of Justice says under the victim's code, all victhms


from Carly can now receive information about restorative


justice and it says its funding structures are under review.


Well Davis Hanson is a Labour MP who sits


He told me how important restorative justice can be


Criminals may break into a house, not know the fact that when they've


knocked over a vase or damaged something, or stolen somethhng,


it is a very precious, personal item to somebody.


It may be, why have I been `ttacked, or why have you picked on md?


It's important that that engagement is there,


but it really is victim centred and it has to be at the reqtest and


And we've heard from Carly, one of the victims taking


part in the scheme here, but not all victims of crimd


I am a member of the Justicd Select Committee and we did a report


a couple of months ago, which looked at the availabhlity


of restorative justice across the country and it's very


What we were arguing is there should be a minimum standard that hf people


want restorative justice, it should be available


and there should be an opportunity for them to participate.


The numbers are very small, but it should be an opportunity


Realistically though, what can be done to ensure


there is the commitment to the funding then?


I think the real issue is for people who are victils


of crime to start to think whether they want to


We need to look at how we ddvelop funding, but also capacity


because in areas across the country, and I'm sure Devon and Cornwall


would be the same, the capacity for trained facilitators to help


support the victim and the offender, is not necessarily always there


But ultimately, it is to trx and ensure the victim has some


closure and some understandhng and the offender understands why


and what they've done, with the hope, ultimately,


they don't reoffend because they see the impact of their crime


on the person who's been on the receiving end of that crime.


We have to leave it there, thank you for joining us.


In the last few hours policd have charged 19 year-old Damon Slith


from South East London, with terrorism offences.


It follows the discovery of a suspicious item


At the weekend, homes in Newton Abbot were evacuated


as a nearby house was searched by Met Police Officers in connection


There's uncertainty tonight at the home of one


Saad Hammad, who joined as chief executive of the Exeter-basdd


airline Flybe three years ago, has left "with immediate effect .


The news straightaway hit the company's share price.


A statement said Mr Hammad and the airline felt it was "time


for a new CEO to lead the ndxt phase of Flybe's long-term development".


Our business correspondent has been watching this today and Neil this


Well, it's knocked 9% of thd stock market value off the companx,


so that tells you this really was a surprise.


It's been quite a day for one of Devon's biggest businessds.


We don't have that many PLCs based down here and there was alrdady


concern amongst the Flybe shareholders about the way the share


And while the company is clearly hoping this is,


in the long-term, going to steady the ship, clearly,


in the short term, it's demonstrably more turbulencd.


The big question then, did he jump or was he pushed?


That really is the ?433,000 question.


All that's been said by either side is that the decision


takes effect immediately and it was by mutual agreemdnt.


Now, Saad Hammad is on gardening leave tonight.


He's going to draw his salary of ?433,500 for the next ye`r.


It was only three years ago Saad Hammad came in and took over


from Jim French, but actually three years is quite a long time


in the rapidly churning world of budget airlines.


What about the employees, the 830 people employed


in the south-west for Flybe, should they be concerned


There has been concern about the outlook for Flybe ever


Back then the share price was well over ?3.


On the plus side, in June this year, Flybe were back in profit


after a lot of of determined cost-cutting led by Saad Halmad


The timing of this announcelent is very interesting,


because in a couple of weeks Flybe are going to come out with their


Those will be watched very closely indeed.


That's really when we get the first proper clue.


A man from Cornwall says he's distraught his driving licence has


been revoked because of a mhnor eye condition which cleared


Kevin Tr'bell needs his car for work.


The DVLA says it has to strhke a balance between road safety


A bluefin tuna weighing around 300 pounds has


It was caught by the skipper of a boat based in Helford.


He posted the picture on Facebook saying they'd thrown


There are three weeks to go until this year's Children Hn Need


and Pudsey has been out about meeting fundraisers.


Today he was in Plymouth taking part in 'Jump for Pudsey' -


a national initiative to get people moving, and raising


OK, are we going to jump together then?


And if you want to get involved in fundraising you can


get all the information you need at bbcchildreninnedd.co.uk.


Don't forget to then share your photos on the


If you are travelling early, you may need to allow extra time in your


journey because the mist and file could be quite quick. It is already


beginning to form. Everywhere will see it across the south-west. Also


some of the airports, it cotld cause problems. Tomorrow it will clear but


it will take all morning before it eventually goes. For those who were


very grey today, perhaps more in the way of sunshine than this afternoon.


High pressure is still with us. It doesn't change very much for the


weekend. It moves east allowing less cold are to come in, but we keep a


lot of cloud on Saturday and Sunday. We had a clearance of the cloud this


evening. It is allowing the temperatures to fall down to single


figures and allowing the mist and fog to fall. We start tomorrow


morning with six to nine degrees. It is a chilly start and grey `nd misty


with a fair amount of fog across Dorset and Somerset. For thd rest of


the day, sunny spells is a good way to describe the weather. I think the


cloud will come and go, simhlar conditions on Friday. Hardlx a


change at the weekend. But hn general, we do keep a lot of cloud.


Have a good night. That's all the news


and weather for now. Join us in Spotlight tomorrow night


for all the pictures But for now that's all


from the late team, goodnight. out the outlook. Temperatures are


looking very promising indeed. Nick Miller has the National forecast.


If you like your forecast to include cold weather, this is not for you.


Temperatures have been heading up, helped by sunshine showing off the


autumn colours. 19 Celsius in Cheshire. Scotland, Northern Ireland


and Wales got to 16 or above. The mild hour feeding around high


pressure from the Atlantic will continue for the rest of the week


into the weekend, even the start of next week. Not a huge amount of


sunshine with it. Colder areas lurking to the north, it will try to




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